Versteckte Umkleideraum Mädchen 50

Versteckte Umkleideraum Mädchen 50
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Dinner Party Aftermath My wife and I had just moved into the neighbourhood a few weeks before. After getting to meet and know the neighbours somewhat, we were invited to a dinner party at one of their homes.

What happened after dinner was amazing and made a life style change for me and my wife in so many ways. It all started on a Saturday night when we were invited for dinner at our neighbour's house next door.

Three couples were also there so we got to meet our other neighbours. George and Joy were the hosts of the dinner. Peter and Janice were neighbours living across the street and Jim and Fran lived on the other side of us. We enjoyed the dinner and conversation. After several drinks and a great meal, the men retired to George's den for cigars and more conversation. After about twenty minutes, George suggested we watch a new film he had just received.

We all agreed and sat down around a large screen TV as George got the film ready for viewing. After turning it on, he joined the rest of us on the large couch. The film opened up with a naked woman standing right in front of the camera with three other women surrounding her.

The naked woman had her head back as one of the other women had her lips glued to hers while the other two women fondled her breasts and pried her legs apart.

I could see one of the women finger fucking the naked woman with rapid thrusts of her hand. The four of them remained that way for several minutes then parted and what was revealed, made my head swim as I gawked in shock at the screen. The naked woman was my wife and the other women were the wives of the men watching the film with me.

I was shocked as my wife were very much a prude and our sex life was sporadic at best. To have three other women making love to her at the same time was unthinkable.

As shocked as I was, it was very sensual and erotic to see my wife in the arms of the other women and what they were doing to her, could only be explained as a fantasy for me.

The women moved towards a bed and soon my wife was flat on her back with the other women surrounding her. Joy leaned down and their lips locked together as their tongues explored each others mouth.

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Janice had moved down between my wife's thighs and was licking her cunt and clit while Fran sucked and fondled my wife's breasts. I could hear the moans and groans coming from all the women as they continued fucking and making love to my wife. I heard some rustling besides me but my eyes were glued to the screen wanting to see what would happen next.

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Joy moved so her cunt became visible and wow, what a surprise. She had a cock, a beautiful cock that was hard and standing straight out in front of her. The next to move was Fran and she too had a beautiful looking hard cock sticking straight out in front of her. Janice then moved and revealed a large strap on dildo sticking out in front of her.

The three women moved around my wife like vipers and constantly changed positions. Janice with her large strap on was now between my wife's legs and while holding them up in the air, was thrusting the strap on in and our of my wife's cunt.

Fran had moved to my wife's head and her hard cock was between my wife's lips. Joy took over sucking and fondling my wife's breasts as she was getting fucked and sucked on Fran's hard cock.

I was still in shock when I turned to look at the other men.

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Much to my surprise, they all had their hard cocks out and were rubbing up and down their shafts while they watched the screen. I realized then that I was very hard too and so I joined the other men in revealing my cock.

I rubbed up and down my shaft as I watched the screen and the four women. They had changed positions once more. Now Fran was fucking my wife while Joy had her cock buried in my wife's mouth. Janice was fondling and sucking my wife's breasts while Fran fucked her with fast short thrusts. The moans and groans had gotten louder and I could hear my wife moaning above the noise of the other three women.

Again, they changed positions and Joy was now fucking my wife while Fran had her hard cock buried in my wife's mouth. Janice continued to suck and lick my wife's breasts. For almost an hour, the three women fucked, sucked and licked every inch of my wife's body and finished of by having my wife on her knees with Janice underneath her with the large strap on in her cunt while Joy, who had a bigger cock than Fran was fucking my wife's ass while Fran had her cock still buried in my wife's mouth.

The four women all came to a thundering climax almost at the same time and the cries of ecstasy filling the room. The screen went dark and I sat back on the couch. It took a minute of two for me to fathom what I had just seen and realize that the other three men were watching me.

I turned and weakly smiled at George before looking down to see that he had taken his pants off and he hard bare cock was sticking up front of him. I quickly looked around and saw that Peter and Jim were completely naked. Before I could move or say anything, George reached over and grabbed my hard cock and started to rub it with his meaty hand. It felt so good that I didn't try to stop him as I watched Jim and Peter moving towards me with their hard cocks swinging as they walked.

Suddenly, George leaned down and I found his hot mouth surrounding my cock. It felt so good that I closed my eyes and leaned back against the pillows.

When I did, I felt the couch move and opening my eyes, I found Pete's hard cock inches from my mouth. Without a word, he pressed his head against my lips and I opened my mouth. His cock slid into my mouth and he started to slowly thrust his hips back and forth, fucking my mouth.

I then felt my legs being lifted up in the air and I was pulled to the edge of the couch. A wet hot tongue licked up the entire length of my crack and after a few more licks, it stopped on my hole and tried to pry into me. I groaned as I came in George's mouth while Peter's cock twitched and I found myself swallowing his hot liquid as fast as I could. Jim in the mean time had entered my ass hole with his tongue and was thrusting it in and out of me while caressing my cheeks and keeping my legs far apart.

After Peter's cock slid out of my mouth, George immediately took his place and I felt his head against the back of my throat. His thrusts were a little faster and harder but I managed to keep up with him while I felt the other two men doing things to my body that I had only dreamed about. While George fucked my mouth, Jim had my legs wide apart and over his shoulders as his cock was poised at my ass hole. I felt his head briefly against my hole then a sharp intense pain as he pushed his cock into me.

I half moaned and half screamed around George's cock as Jim pushed his cock further and further into me. He soon was completely inside me and I felt his balls resting against the back of my thighs. Peter, in the mean time, had moved up and was running his hard cock across my chest, circling my nipples. They seemed to respond to his cock as I felt them harden and soon felt his cock rubbing against them with more furor.

Jim had now started moving his hard cock bask and forth inside me and it filled my canal completely. The pain I had initially felt had disappeared and I was filled with a feeling of fullness.

I could feel his head rubbing against the walls of my canal every time he moved in or out of me.


I had never thought about having sex with another man before this evening and now as what was happening to me continued, I found I was starting to enjoy it. I pushed back against Jim's thrusts and he sped up. Soon I could hear and feel his balls slapping against the back of my thighs with every thrust up into me he made. George suddenly filled my mouth with his hot liquid and I swallowed all of it.

Peter then took George's place and I sucked on his cock while Jim finished fucking me with long and hard thrusts. I felt Jim come inside me and as he exploded, I did too, my cock spewing hot, wet liquid straight up into the air. It landed on me and Peter and I felt George's tongue lapping it all off the two of us. Jim finally slid out of me and Peter came in my mouth. After I had swallowed all his come, I thought the evening was coming to an end. Little did I know as I was turned over and forced to my knees.

George had wiggled under me and someone behind me, helped his cock enter my ass hole. As he thrust up into me, I opened my eyes and found Pete's dripping cock in front of me.

I immediately opened my mouth and he slid his cock into me. I licked around his head and softly sucked his come soaked cock until I felt Jim's cock pushing against my ass hole as George had stopped fucking me. Jim pushed his hard cock into my ass hole and I screamed around Peter's cock. I now had two hard cocks inside my ass hole and they both started fucking me at the same time.

What a feeling. Around the pain, I felt the two heads rubbing against my walls and each other through the thin skin. It started to feel good as they continued fucking me while I sucked on a hard cock. When they came, they came together and I felt a rush of hot liquid running down my thighs as they held themselves still inside me while their two cocks spewed their hot liquid deep into me.

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It only took a moment before my throat was assaulted by hot liquid running down it almost making me gag. I swallowed just in time and for the third or was it the fourth time, I tasted hot man come and loved it.

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The two cocks in my ass hole had by this time slid out of me and I felt raw and sore. I knew that they wanted to continue but I begged off. Several minutes later, the women joined us and after a lot of smiling and hugging, they told us how much they enjoyed the show we had put on and that they wanted to join us next time. Would there be a next time? If my wife had anything to say about it, there would and maybe more after that. This had completely turned her on and she wanted to continue as often as we could.