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{Queen Triada?} Came the elders' thoughts. {We had heard that you and your world had fallen.} {That was a falsehood. As you can tell I and my world are quite well. Thanks to Sam our triad is also whole again, Sam has already freed two of your corner worlds. I am hoping he can yours also.} Triada thought.

{We will do all we can to help achieve this Queen Triada.} The elder replied. Sam sat nearby to see if they were going to need him anymore. {Thantas? Are you going to strengthen them now? Do they have enough strength to go through the process again?} Sam Asked.

{For now I feel that they do. Remember I stated that I couldn't go as fast as I wish I could. That was the reason I started to alter their physiology.

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I am hoping that with the changes I can strengthen them far faster.} Thantas replied. Sam was shaking his head as he thought about the problem. {You are afraid that Triot is going to order you to destroy them. That's why you are working so hard. Why? To what end? We both know that they won't be near strong enough to resist.

They-} {No Sam not resist, survive, I want them to survive.} Thantas' thoughts stated.

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{You're changing them into us aren't you? You're using the hard gene cloning, forcing their bodied to adapt and change. It will fail, you are going the right way, though you aren't doing an entire body scape process. Here,} Sam replied as he felt the information flow from him to Thantas. {I see, strange I was one of the top healers. I have never seen this technique.} Thantas' thoughts stated a little suspicious. {I have had a myriad of memories of late. There were so many failures that this was kept quiet 'til they were certain.

From what I can see, it was not long after you were reported missing. Though I have no real memories of Out Los, this comes through very clearly.} Sam told Thantas. Sam heard Thantas gasp as the flood of new information inundated her. {This. this is an unprecedented solution. I would have never thought of something so simple. I-} Thantas' thoughts said then she was suddenly quiet for a moment. Suddenly all Sam could hear was the tortuous screams of Thantas in his mind.

"So, I thought that you were unsettlingly quiet. This should teach you to remain here as the obedient slave that you are. I had felt that you might be trying to contact others of your race. Too bad that Sam is the only one you THINK that you can rely on.


I'll soon have him as I do you. Then there won't be anymore deaths caused by your repugnant kind." Triot taunted as he turned the pain machine higher making Thantas scream louder. "You will never defeat him he is far beyond me. I hope-" Thantas was replying even as Triot went higher with the pain machine. "You had better hope you can think straight after this." Triot laughed evilly, try to kill him? He'd keep her in constant pain like he used to if need be.


The Cliverstone bitch would learn her place once and for all. Both Drivas and Thellus cringed when they heard Thantas scream. Though they both wanted to help they knew that Thantas wanted them to stay back.

As Thantas had put it, they were nowhere strong enough yet. Then again, Drivas thought as she reached out trying to ease Thantas's pain, only to feel the fringe of it herself. Thellus hurriedly moved to help Drivas then was thrown back by a wall of pain coming in waves. Helpless, Thellus could only watch as Drivas curled into a fetal position.

A moment later she sighed then relaxed. "Don't try that again Thellus." Drivas stated. "You aren't as strong as I am, though I thank you for trying to help. I guess I should take my own advice. I am no where as strong as Thantas, though in my arrogance I thought I could help." Thellus nodded, "Not yet, though I feel we will one day.

We are growing stronger like she wants. We will soon, commander." Drivas looked up from the floor at her best friend. Yes, they would get stronger and help Thantas, they would even if it killed them. Trying to get to a sitting position Drivas felt her head start to swim. Thellus was immediately at her side helping her up. Drivas nodded as tears started to flow from her eyes. She so wished she could do more than watch. The pain she'd felt from Thantas was more than anything she'd ever felt in her life.

Triot laughed harder wallowing in his sick sadistic glee. Ah, the sounds of that Cliverstone bitch's pain were so sweet to his ears. If he could, he'd kill her again and again, making her pain more intense each time. After what she had done all that time ago, he felt the little pain he gave her was nothing in comparison. One moment he was laughing with sadistic glee the next he was against the wall.

Struggling to breathe he could feel the cold energy of the Lord Doctor. {Whatever qualms you may have with the Cliverstone, best be shelved for a more controlled time.

Need I remind you that if she dies we all die.} The Lord Doctor's thoughts echoed through Triot's mind. {Need I also remind you that if she dies you will be the first to be eliminated very slowly. Don't think that your little toys will save you. Unlike the Cliverstones, we are not affected by the shields. Best you remember before I replace you.} Triot was summarily dropped without remorse gasping for air the moment his throat opened.

"I was only punishing her for-" Triot started only to be off his feet again gagging. {You forget who you are talking to!

I KNOW who and what you are. Don't make me regret keeping you around all these centuries. I would gladly destroy you without a second thought.} The Lord Doctor stated. Dropping Triot the male crumbled to the floor still gasping trying to catch his breath. Triot could still feel the raw power of the Lord Doctor in the room. "I will not forget Lord Doctor." Triot stated his voice almost a whisper as he still struggled to breathe. {Good, if we can defeat this new threat then we can destroy these three triads that have reformed.} Triot's eyes went wide, three?

That was enough to set all their plans back to almost two hundred years ago. It had taken a massive amount of personnel to defeat the last three the last time. Looking around Triot reached out feeling the three triads.

A gasp arose from his sore throat. Queen Triada! That bitch had been the leader of the last triad, now he felt that hers was in the center of the three. They might never defeat her again. It had taken a lot of work to get past her. This time she'd more than ready. {Ah! I see you haven't forgotten how to use your pitiful abilities.

Good, there may be a day where you might actually be one of us again. I suggest you get ready; I may have to call on you soon. Also withdraw all your men to the edge of the three triads.

No move against them, the first two are very strong now. Triada is protecting the third.} The Lord Doctor stated before he withdrew. Triot shakily climbed to his feet, his anger helping him to push himself up. Leader or not, he was going to kill the Lord Doctor one day, one way or another. First though he had a few things to do; namely killing this Sam ass. For the moment, Sam was by far a bigger threat than the lord Doctor.

Finally able to walk Triot went through a door that was almost always closed and locked. Inside Triot looked over several of the machines that were there. A new improved gas gun, shaking his head that was worthless now he thought. Sam was more than immune, in fact it seemed he thrived more when it was used on him. Moving on there were several more powerful solid projectile weapon, again he shook his head. That was worthless as well. Next, he came upon several extremely powerful energy weapons, shaking his head those was no good either.

Stopping before an energy draining weapon Triot had to think a moment. Sighing he shook his head, it had to penetrate the enemies skin. As he'd seen more than a few times, there wasn't anything they had used so far that would do that. Next he came upon a few mind booster machines, they had been working on these for some time now.

He himself had already upped his three times what it had been.

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He was nowhere as powerful as the Lord Doctor, though he was sure he was now past the last three of the council. Problem was if he made a move he was sure that the others would attack. Though knowing them they might cheer him on. Sighing he had at least a week before he could undergo another treatment. Next to them there were the improved mind shields Shaking his head they weren't working that well either as Sam had proved cracking the best he had.

The last ting he came upon was a temporary power boost. Shaking his head that had been a dismal failure The last subject's brain had been more than a little cooked. Then again the male had only been a simple Dronditte from the IP home world. Looking over the new tests that had been done, he could see, he was the only one that would ever be able to use the apparatus.

Shrugging he knew it was too soon for him to do that. Even if it doubled his power he'd still be nothing compared to the Lord Doctor. He'd have to tread carefully if the Lord Doctor knew of his machines, he might try to terminate him before he got very far.

Stopping a moment Triot thought of what the Lord Doctor had said. : Don't think that your little toys will save you. Unlike the Cliverstones, we are not effected by the shields.: Triot's eyes were wide, did the Lord Doctor know of all his new machines?

Was he aware of Triot's heightened power? Nodding his head Triot knew he had better go even more careful. The Lord Doctor didn't joke if he was thinking of eliminating him, then there wasn't all that much he could do at the moment. Sighing in anger Triot knew there wasn't much he could do right now, especially with that bitch Cliverstone.

Sam had felt Thantas's pain rushing across the vast expanse to the station again. Again he was met with a wall that he couldn't penetrate. Looking at the shield there was something vaguely familiar about it. Looking closer he was sure of it, damn if he knew why though. Not being able to physically feel it was hampering him also.

Thinking a moment an idea struck him, shrugging he thought why not? Backing up a few thousand miles he again approached the station pushing himself to as much speed as he could muster.

Smiling as the station approached he smashed into the shield as hard as he could. The station was rocked off kilter a moment. Nodding, Sam was pleased, it was as he thought, the action had really caused no pain. Actually he thought it had been slightly exhilarating. Looking over the shield he could see that where he'd hit there were minute cracks. So it was an actual physical shield, though for the life of him he still couldn't figure out what it was made of.

There was also the fact that he was weak as hell against it. Smiling Sam again backed up, this time, he was going to put a hole in it. Triot was still going over all the machines in the room when several alarms started to wail. Then the entire station was rocking off kilter.

"What in the hell is going on!?" Triot snarled into his com. "Sub-Commander! There was a collision on the port side. The Cliverstone shield has been slightly damaged. Reports say that it was the Cliverstone. SIR! it appears that he is going to attempt it again! Orders sir?" The panicked voice on the com stated. "Damn it!" Triot shouted. "I want an infusion of energy throughout the Cliverstone shield, if the bastard breaks it this time it will cost him." There was a series of shouts then the com went dead.

What in the hell was he trying to do? The idiot should know by now he couldn't penetrate the shield. It was the one thing that this Sam bastard didn't have an immunity against. 'Bout as good a place as any to start figuring a way to defeat or destroy him. Pulling up an image of the outside of the station Triot smirked when he saw that Sam had backed off. Looking closer Triot could see that this wasn't the physical Sam.

No wonder the shield wasn't having the desired effect. That's when he saw that saw was accelerating toward the station. The amount of energy he was building up was starting to reach dangerous levels. Almost too late Triot saw that this time Sam was going to get through, damn it! Quickly donning a mind shield, Triot watched in horror as Sam hit the shield with twice the speed and energy as he had before.

There was a sickening cracking, and then a hole appeared in the shield. {Thantas where are you?} Sam's thoughts shouted. {I've made a hole in the shield; I can take you out of here.} {No Sam.} Came the weak thoughts of Thantas. {I am far too weak, though if you can sever a few more.} A great relief flooded Sam's thoughts as he felt Thantas flow into her body. Reaching out he started to snap a few of the remaining connections. Thantas smiled as she felt her body starting to respond more than she'd felt in a long time.

Quickly she brought her power up feeling it start to increase. Ah good she thought I am finally getting stronger. Unfortunately this was short lived as Thantas was again sucked back into the machine that was her prison.

{Go Sam, I have increased a bit, not a lot though I think I can resist Triot more now. For that I thank you.} Thantas told Sam then was cut off as another shield slammed in place. Triot was walking through what was left of the command center. Both of those Cliverstones had killed well over half of the IP on the station.

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Growling he'd have to make a report to the council. As useless as they were they were, at times he could manipulate them for what he needed. Stepping into his conference room he knelt. {Honored council. The station was attacked by the male Cliverstone.

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The female was released for a minute. I am reading that her power has increased another one percent. Half of the station personnel have been terminated.} Triot thought never raising his head. {So, it appears that the Cliverstone male is going to make good on his promise to bring a war to us.} The thoughts of the first councilor stated. {It appears that what the Lord Doctor advised us of is coming to fruition.} There was murmured agreement among the rest of the councilors, which shocked Triot.

As far as he knew, they had never been in agreement about anything. If they were this time, then it would be a monumental occurrence. {It is decided, with the blessing of the Lord Doctor the full force of the collective will unite to destroy this threat.} The first councilor stated. {You not only have my blessing, you have the go ahead to take this Sam out. It will take all the power that you have. He has grown far stronger than the female.} The Lord Doctor said then was quiet.

Mellos Thymp was pacing the deck as she tried to formulate a plan. She had to fight Sam again. The most recent readings let her know that well over half of the problems her body displayed were basically starting to disappear. Thing was though even though she was better she still needed a lot more if she was going to live. Looking over the readings again she could see that three of her organs were completely healed.

The thing was though she needed the ones around those three functioning normally if she was going to survive. So far Sam hadn't left the third Grey world that was a bonus in her favor.

Still she had to get to him again. How many more times she thought? She remembered going to the waste center. That had only been the second time in her life. Even though it felt strange it had left her with a feeling almost like euphoria. Finally an hour later she made a decision. "Alright Slave," she ordered. "Open a wormhole, we're going back. If I am going to normal, I'm going to have to try and kill him.

I think that's about the only thing that will get him mad enough to fight me." Her tall male slave grimaced as he moved to follow her orders.

Within an hour they were exiting the wormhole a great distance from the grey world. A small smile crossed Mellos's face as she saw that both the IP bitches were still there also. No sense in attacking them as last time proved they had a damn good set of shields. Getting as close as possible they slipped to the other side of the planet. Mellos activated her transit beam setting down a good ways from Sam.

Now she thought let's see if I can get any speed. Lifting up she was a few feet off the ground, nodding she then willed herself to move forward. Then she started to push as hard as she could, finally going a lot faster than she had before. Sam had just 'arrived' back in his body when he felt something or someone powerful approaching. Though not as powerful as him, it had a significant amount of power. Damn he thought it also appears to be slowly growing stronger as it gets closer.

A few minutes later Sam looked behind him as he felt the power drawing very close. Too late, he realized that it was Mellos, even as she connected with his jaw sending him flying, face down on the ground. Snarling he came up both fists balled, when she punched him as hard as she could sending him face down again.

"I am through with playing with you, bastard! I'm going to kill your ass this time!" Putting all she had into a third punch she was surprised when Sam caught it. Screaming, she kicked Sam in the side eliciting a loud grunt from Sam almost knocking herself loose.

Switching tactics Mellos raised both knees as hard as she could into Sam's stomach doubling him over. By now Sam was seething, Mellos had obviously lost her mind.

Forgetting what he thought that she had been trying to do Sam reared back slamming his fist into Mellos's stomach knocking her back through the nearby forest. Screaming she flew out of the plants accelerating toward a surprised Sam. Almost catching him with her fist Sam shook his head grabbing her arm slinging her to the ground as hard as he could.

Damn it this bitch really has lost her mind he thought. Mellos came up swinging catching Sam in the jaw again. Growling Sam hit her in the stomach then upper cut her sending her back toward the forest again.

Reaching down she smiled as she pressed a transport button feeling the world slip away as her eyes closed. A moment later she was on the deck of her ship.

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Her male slave could only shake his head at the bruises that were starting to appear on her face. When he started to lift her hearing her whimper slightly he saw that her stomach also had bruises. Was she trying to get herself killed he thought? There wasn't much he could do but place her in the healing machine. Sam could feel the red hot anger that was boiling in him. A moment of clarity hit him as he realized that he'd fallen into doing just what Mellos had wanted him to do.

Shaking his head he started up to Drivas' ship, perhaps Drivas could help him understand.