Does my ass look phat in this outfit

Does my ass look phat in this outfit
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Dodge stared at Cara. How had she become like this? This was her family for gods sake. Her own flesh and blood. And here she was, wanting him and his teenage friends to rape them. She was absolutely fascinating. Dodge was a bad boy. Everybody knew it. He was well known in town for being the little shit you must avoid at all costs. Him and his friends were nothing more then the town hooligans. He had no morals and Cara knew this. That's why she went to him for help. There was always rumours flying around school about Dodge and his gang.

The shit they get up to. The chaos they cause. If they weren't getting drugged off their faces and robbing hotels, they were raping some innocent girls down alleyways. They were mental. Cara was sat in chemistry the Wednesday before, bored off her tits. The teacher had left minutes before to deal with some phone call and the class was getting a little roudy. Dodge was sat at the back, casually lounging about with his feet up on the table next to him when he started to speak to the girl in front of him.

'Heather' One word is all he said. It wasn't a question or a statement. It was a demand. Dodge didn't normally speak to others in class. The only socialising he participated in was when he was with his crew.

Heather turned round, anxiously. 'Yeah?' She said, trying to sound confident. 'What you doing tonight?' 'Errrrm. Not sure. Just guna have a quiet night in and .' She wasn't allowed to finish. 'Your coming mine. Be there for 7' And with that he got up, spat on the floor and casually walked out the classroom. No-one really heard the short exchange of words. But Cara did. And she was fascinated. Heather was clearly terrified.

She was close to tears. She knew that she couldn't disobey someone like Dodge. He was not someone you said no to. Cara saw how scared Heather was and it turned her on. It turned her on so much. To see someone so terrified by Dodge made her excited and she needed to know what was happening. That evening, Cara made her way to Dodges. She didn't know what her plan was, but she needed to know what was guna happen to Heather.

Everyone knew where Dodge lived. The worst part of town of course. Berrybrow was known for the druggies who roamed around and the prostitutes who scaled the streets. It was not a pleasant place.

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In the centre of it was a huge, dirty tower block of flats. Dodge lived on the top floor and that's where Cara was headed. She didn't know why she was going there. but she was When Cara arrived, she entered the building and walked towards the lift. She pressed the button and it opened but what was waiting for her was not pleasant. Inside the lift was a man layed in the corner. His face was coverd in blood and his clothes was all torn, and he was coverd in sick.

The smell was hideous. Cara momentarily turned round in shock and prepared to leave. What kind of place is this? She stopped and tried to collect her thoughts. She was here to see Dodge.

There was something about him that she connected with. She wasn't sure what but she needed to know more and some unconscious man in a lift wasn't guna stop her. She turned round and got back in the lift. She had to hold her breath though, it proper stunk.

She pressed number 16, the top floor, and she was off The doors opens and she was greeted with a long dirty hallway. A few doors scatters around and she found the one she was look for. Number 6.

Now she was here she didn't know what to do. Did she knock? Did she walk in?

She didn't have a clue so she thought to be polite. She held her breath and gently knocked on the door .

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No answer. Strange she thought. Heather was meant to be here for 7. She glanced at her watch. 6.45. A little early but he should still be in. She knocked again. This time more loudly. . Still no answer. Cara was losing her patience now. She had not travelled all this way just to find out he's not in. She knocked again. No, not knocked, banged. She pounded her fist against the door demanding an answer . Fuck this. She thought to herself, she turned the handle and door flew open.

Surprisingly. She wasn't genuinely expecting it to be open. The flat was dark. She couldn't really see much do she stumbled in and tried to find a light switch. She started to rub her hand against the wall untill. Bingo. Found one.

She pressed and suddenly the flat was filled with a bright light. It was disgusting. The floor was covered in filth. 'Hello? Hello Dodge are you in?' she shouted into the filthy den. No reply She stepped in further, trying to dodge the used condoms and needles she found on the floor. She walked towards a door and opened it.

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The living room. The room was small and relatively empty. There was a small tv on the floor in the corner and a little table with lots of small bags of drugs on it.

There was also a video camera. Cara was well confused. Where the fuck was everybody? She was just about to turn to leave when she heard voices in the outside hallway. She needed to hide and quick. If he found her intruding in his little crack den she'd be fucked.

Across the room was a little wardrobe cupboard type of thing so she quickly jumped in there and hoped no one would come in. There was a crack in the door too so she could spy on what was guna happen She could hear the voices clearly now and immediately recognised Dodges voice. 'Did you leave the door open Joel mate?' he asked 'No I dont think so lad' replied another voice 'Fuck it' he replied Cara loved the way he didn't give a shit about anything.

'Why am I here Dodge? Bingo. Heather By this point they entered the flat and the living the room. There was Dodge and two other boys.


She recognised one of them as Joel. Dodges right hand man. The other she wasn't sure of. And of course she recognised Heather. Blonde and beautiful. 'Take a seat' Dodge demanded. You could the terror in Heathers eyes. She sat down politely on the floor. 'A little birdy told me youve been fucking about one of my friends' 'What? I don't understand' 'Cut the bullshit slut.

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Jarad, a good friend of mine recently broke up with you. Correct?' Heather nodded 'Well I've found out the reason he pulled the plug on your whore arse is because you were fucking his brother. Now that's not very nice Heather.

That's not very nice at all' Cara couldn't breath. Her heart was beating fast as fuck. The third boy walked around Heather menacingly and picked up the video camera and switched it on.


' I want to leave please Dodge' pleaded Heather 'Your not going anywhere slut' That's when it started. He moved towards her and grabbed her by her neck and pulled her up. She started to cry but it didn't phase him. 'If you wanna be a whore you'll be treated like one. Open you mouth' She resisted 'OPEN YOUR MOUTH' she did and he spat directly into it. 'Have a turn Joel' And both of them took turns spitting into the sluts mouth.

Big wods of spit clogging up her throat. By this point Heather was inconsolable. 'kneel slut' she did as she was told immeidiately Dosge began to unbuckle his belt and pulled down his pants. Joel followed suit. They pulled out their cocks and looked at her.

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'You thirsty bitch? You better be' And then they started to piss on her face. Two streams of yellow liquid flying towards her. It went in her mouth and it tasted horrible so she spat it out but she got a punch in the face from Dodge 'Swallow it!' She did as she was told. Fearing for her life. 'This is what sluts like you get when you fuck about our mate' They both laughed cruelly The pissing continued and now she was soaked.

She started to gag on all the piss and that's when it eventually stopped. 'Suck' Cara wasn't sure which boy said the word. She didn't care. She was more turned on now then she had ever been in her life. The scene before her had escalated so quickly and without realising she slid her own hand down her pants and had begin to play with herself One word was all Heather needed. She quickly took Dodges cock in her mouth and began suck furiously.


Using all the techniques shed learnt over the years on this hooligans dick. She wanted him to cum quickly. While she was sucking dodges dick, Joel went round the other side of her and mounted her so that he could could get a good luck at her pussy.

Wet as fuck. 'Dodge. She's wet. The dirty fucking twat whores wet. She's loving it!' And with that he shoved his 7inch dick in that pussy and started to fuck her brutally, slamming into her in time with Dodge slamming down her throat.

Both boys were fucking her ruthlessly while the other boy filmed it all along. After a while of her getting drilled from both ends, Dodge stared to feel himself cumming so he pulled out.

'If you think this is over. Your wrong babe.

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It's only just started' and he started to walk towards the cupboard, where Cara was furiously fingering herself. He swung the doors open and was shocked by what he saw.

'What the fuck!' he startled Cara was in deep shit What happens next? You decide.