Horny blonde masturbates old guy

Horny blonde masturbates old guy
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"Have you ever fingered yourself?" Cody asked me, through a text.

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"No," I replied honestly. Cody and I had been texting for quite some time and we often sent nude pictures to each other. We were both 15 and lived two states apart.

I went to school with with a few years before but then I moved away after my parents got divorced. We knew we would never be able to date but we still played around on the phone and we planned on having sex when I went to visit my dad in the summer because he still lived in the same place. We were both virgins and talked about it quite a bit.

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"You should try it," he encouraged. "Why," I asked, kind of interested. "I don't know, you might like it and you could send me a video if you want," he replied.

"I don't know." I answered, unsure of what I should do.


I didn't know if it would hurt. I then decided that it wouldn't hurt to try. "Okay," I agreed, "but I'm not wet." "I can fix that ;)" he told me. Cody sent me a picture of his semi-hard cock sticking out of the top of his boxers. That got me instantly wet, thinking about how good that would feel rubbing against my clit and on the entrance of my virgin pussy.

I got up and locked my door and turned off my light. Even though it was 2 in the morning, I didnt want to take the chance of being walked in on. I took my pants off and layed on my bed. I began rubbing my clit, which surprisingly felt really good. Then, I slowly stuck one finger in and began pumping it in and out. It didn't hurt at all! I decided it was safe to send Cody a video. I turned the flash on and started recording.

My finger was moving in and out of my pussy and I was enjoying it. I couldn't believe it. It felt amazing. The video only lasted ten seconds because it was on snapchat.

I wanted to send another. In this video, I was rubbing ny clit while fingering my pussy.

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Cody replied with a picture of his hand around his massive dick. I felt the sudden urge to suck it, but I sadly couldn't. His picture got me going again and I se t him another video. This time my hips were moving along. I stuck to fingers in and it was tight but it didn't hurt. "Mm I can't wait until this summer," I wrote on the video.

And it was true. I wanted to feel his cock inside me, instead of my tiny finger.


"Me either," he wrote on a picture of cock, standing at full attention. God, how I wanted it in my mouth so bad. I decided to stick three fingers in for the next video. It felt really good and I couldn't believe they all fit. I guess that did it for him because the next thing he sent me was a video of him stroking his cock with his beautiful cum pouring out.

That sent me over the edge and I had my first ever orgasm. I felt amazing. My body relaxed and I suddenly felt really tired.

We talked for a little bit longer before we bpth finally drifted off to sleep. The very next morning I was ready to try it again. As soon as he woke up, I asked him if he was up for it. Of course he was! My parents had both gone to work and my sister was at her friend's house so I didn't have to worry about being walked in on.

I sat on my bed and took my pants off and begin rubbing my clit. I then decided to xsend him a picture in my full length mirror.

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I had huge tits for my age and size. I was about 5'2" inches and weighed about 110 pounds with 34C boobs. My long, brown hair slightly covered my erect nipples off one of tits, but the other was completely exposed. I had sent him pictures many time before, but this time was different. I felt different ever since the night before. I wondered if I would feel like this after I lost my virginity.

After I took the picture I layed in bed and began rubbing my clit, waiting for him to reply. He replied with a mirror picture of him. His beautiful abs were glistening with water and his bulge was slighty showing from the top of his boxers. I wanted so badly to grab him and kiss him and stroke his gorgeous cock until he came in my mouth. But, of course, I couldn't. I started out with two fingers, because that was what felt best.

I began pumping my fingers in and out and it felt amazing.


I still couldn't believe I was actually doing this. I took a video and sent it to him. He replied with a picture of his huge cock straining against his boxers, ready to be freed from the restricting fabric and be played with.

"You get me instantly hard every time ;)" he told me. I loved hearing this. I beat my pussy harder and faster than I had before.

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I could feel my orgasm already building so when I knew I was about to cum I started recording. My body twitched and my juices started flowing out. He replied with a video of his beating off his member and a caption that said "eat it." I thought about it for a moment and decided that it wouldn't hurt anything.

I scooped some onto my fingers and brought it up to my mouth. I recorded me eating my juices for the very first time. He then sent me another video of him cumming and I wanted to badly to taste them.

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I couldn't wait until the summer. I knew we were going to have loads of fun.