Blonde agent in stockings fucking in the office

Blonde agent in stockings fucking in the office
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When I left you Jen was standing next to 3 naked men in our bedroom and Lillian was standing naked next to me. I never imagined when I was setting up the challenges that I would end up with a naked woman kissing me that wasn't Jen.

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As Lillian began to undress me I could not keep my eyes off Jen as she slipped out of her dress. She stood there naked with 3 strange cocks in front of her, all aching to feel the warmth and tightness of her shaven pussy, a pussy that up until 1 hour ago had only felt my cock inside it in 7 years. Now she was going to feel these 3 rock hard cocks pounding her willing pussy. I couldn't help but wonder what was going through her mind as she looked as these erect cocks her biggest fantasy about to be realised.

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I watched as they lay her down on the bed and kissed every inch of her perfect naked body. One guy (Frank) started kissing and sucking on her left nipple, the other guy (Louis) started kissing and sucking her right nipple. She left out a little moan as their lips touched her soft skin. Jake began kissing her thighs and slowly moved her legs apart as his tongue found it's way to her clit, making her release a slightly louder moan as he did so.

My mind wandered back to the previous night and how 3 strangers sucking and licking Jen's tits and pussy had released this sexual goddess who had earlier been fucked by a giant 10" cock and was now about to be treated to the night of her life by 3 willing cocks.

I wanted to make sure that this was a night that she would never forget and have her fantasy fulfilled as she wished so I said "to fuck with the rules, whatever you want to do tonight is ok with me".

Jen looked at me and smiled, "In that case I am going to have to take Lillian from you, I have always wondered what a pussy tastes like so come over here and sit on my face. Also, I want to be rode bare back so you guys won't need condoms".


I was a bit shocked about the condoms but if that was her fantasy then that was what she was going to get. With that Lillian walked over to Jen and slowly lowered her pussy over Jen's mouth and Jen rose her head slightly and started working Lillian's pussy with her tongue.

I sat back on a chair and admired the most erotic and sexy scene I had ever witnessed.

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The combination of tasting Lillian's pussy and Jake's tongue working her pussy made Jen cum with a loud moan. Jake then stood up at the end of the bed and lay down on top of Jen positioning his cock at Jen's pussy and slowly worked his rock hard cock into her pussy.

I watched as Jake slowly began fucking Jen as Frank and Louis continued to kiss her tits and neck.

Jen was still licking Lillian's pussy. I grabbed my camcorder and started recording as I knew that this was something Jen and I would enjoy watching over and over again.

I placed the camcorder on a tripod and carefully positioned it so as not to miss any of the action. Louis lay Lillian down on the bed next to Jen.

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Lillian was in need of a stiff cock now after being brought close to climax by Jen's tongue and Louis was not going to disappoint her so he pushed his 7" cock into Lillian's waiting pussy. The room was now filled with the sound of bodies rubbing against each other and the sound of Jen and Lillian moaning as the cocks of Jake and Louis pounded their pussies. Jen looked at me and asked "I have always wanted to know what it feels like to get fucked by 2 cocks at once, do you mind if Frank fucks me up the ass as Jake fucks my pussy?" "Whatever you desire" I replied.

With that Jen stood up and pulled Jake and Frank close. "Well boys, are you up for it?" Jen pushed Jake onto the bed and quickly jumped on top of him, straddling his cock and pushing it deep into her pussy.

Jen then lay down on top of Jake with his cock still buried deep inside her. In doing so she presented her ass to Frank. Frank didn't need to be asked, he slowly pushed his cock into Jen's ass, Jen grimaced as he did so.

It did not take long for her to get used to the feeling and before long both Jake and Frank were pounding her holes and she was moaning in pleasure. Louis was still pumping Lillian's pussy and before long he left out a grunt and with it shot his load deep into Lillian.

As Jake and Frank continued to thrust their cocks into Jen her moans became louder and faster, she was about to cum. She had never felt 2 cocks together and she had never felt so good and with a loud scream Jen came. Jake and Frank continued to fuck her for at least another 10 minutes.

Frank could hold on no more, the feeling of Jen's tight asshole too much for him to take so he pulled his cock out and blew his load all over Jen's back. Free from the restrictions of having 2 cocks inside her, Jen began to ride Jake's cock with the expertise of a rodeo rider. I could tell from the look on their faces that they were both close to cuming. The sight of Jen's sexy, sweaty, naked body writhing on Jakes cock was a joy to see.

Before long they were both moaning as Jake pumped his full load deep into Jen's grateful pussy. She rolled off him and lay on the bed panting as Jake's cum leaked from her well-used pussy. Louis was fully recovered by now, he had wanted to fuck Jen from the first time he had seen her that night. Jen saw him standing there with his fully erect cock and smiled "climb aboard baby, fuck me, fuck me hard.

I want to feel you cum inside me". Holy cow, Jen was insatiable. I had never seen her this hungry for cock. I don't know what had come over her but I sure liked it. I was glad that I was recording the whole thing. Louis grabbed Jen's legs and placed her ankles on his shoulders as he eased his cock into Jen's swollen pussy.

It did not take long for Louis to get close to cuming as Jen expertly worked his cock. Within 5 minutes Louis left out a loud groan and with it added his load of cum to Jakes deep inside Jen.

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Jen looked at me and smiled "you don't think I have forgotten about you, I always save the best 'til last. Well, do you want to finish me off?" I had watched all night as Jen had kissed 12 strangers, sucked 2 stranger's cocks, got fucked by a huge 10" cock, tasted a pussy and just got fucked by 3 strange cocks, filling her with cum. She never looked sexier to me as she lay there with cum dripping from her pussy as she beckoned me over.

I had never wanted to fuck her so bad and I was almost ready to cum from the scenes I had just witnessed. I could feel Louis and Jakes cum as I pushed by cock deep into Jen's swollen pussy. Jen was already close to cuming from the pounding of Louis cock and as she came for the final time of the night I blew my load deep inside her.

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As I lay there looking at Jen I thought, "It doesn't get any better than this". Jen looked at me and said "Thank you for letting my fantasy come true. I have had a fantastic night.

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I hope you have just as good a night when I make your fantasy come true". I told her she was welcome. I look forward to that night.

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