Teen khloe capri gets doggystyled by classmate

Teen khloe capri gets doggystyled by classmate
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Please read Parts 1 & 2 & 3 for a better understanding of this chapter. Names have been changed. __________________________________________________________________________________ When Thomas arrived, Ben was freshly woken and all three of us were cleaning up the backyard. He seemed surprised to see Tom but was welcoming, but Ashley thought it dreadful knowing that Tom would suspect her from the get-go, especially because she was still wearing her underwear.

He was pleasant but I knew he definitely was not happy to see her at the house. I don't think he even suspected that she and Ben were involved, but more thought that she and I had started what she and he enjoyed for years now. I guess he thought I was too young to get into that sort of thing, or maybe that she would spill the beans about him if she and I got close, either way, he wanted her out and that's exactly what I needed him to do.

Dinner went over smoothly enough and he told Ben that he would take her home when they were finished. However, Ben having other ideas himself, promised that he would take her home, and that Tom should relax since he had just got to the house. They both "insisted" for a while until they compromised that both Tom and Ashley would stay the night at the house and she would leave tomorrow since her "parents might be missing her too much by now." She was disappointed by Ben's concession but I was overjoyed.


I hadn't figured out how I was going to get him to give in to me, but in order to fuck me, he really needed to get his dick out of her. In order to break the awkward tension in the house, we all went to the movies that night and by the time we got back, everyone headed to bed and their respective rooms for the first time in a while. Tom's room remained as it was when he left it months ago, give or take a couple shirts and he settled in nicely, enjoying some television after his shower.

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It had been a long time since I shared a bathroom with anyone and I noticed the difference in the smells immediately. Not bad smells per se, just different and the bathroom was much, much warmer.

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He always overdid the hot water. The bathroom separated our two rooms and it was weird seeing his side of the door locked that night as I usually liked to freely roam between rooms.

Ben came in to say good night and he joked quietly about how we were all going to have a dull night. He planned to invite Ashley back over to the house just as soon as Tom left. I could see that he wasn't giving up his new found privileges easily and sighed that it was going to be him "and his hands tonight".

I loved that he could make those jokes with me now, although I was disheartened that he took so much to Ashley.


He kissed me good night and went to bed and I snuggled in too, but lay awake, thinking about Will earlier in the day. I got hard just thinking about it and my teen cock started to leak precum running the entire scene over in my head. He was quite a piece of meat and if all else failed with Ben, I would devote my time in trying to make Will my hardcore top. It must've been an hour of me lying there thinking about that situation, when I heard Tom's bedroom door open.

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I knew the sound well because it creaked from months of no use. At first, I thought he may have gone down to the kitchen but I swore that I heard more footsteps in the room with him when the door closed. It had to be Ashley, unless Tom grew a fourth leg, because Lord knows, he safely had three. I sat up in my bed trying to listen intently and then saw shadows at the bottom of my bathroom door leading to my room and lay back down pretending to be asleep.

Tom opened the door slowly and peaked in and called out my name twice, first softly, and then casually and loudly. After I didn't budge, he closed the door again and went back into his room, switching off the bathroom light. This is when I knew for certain that Ashley was in room because it was an old trick he used when he had girls over.

He would switch the bathroom light off, so when it turned on, or when he saw a light reflection from my room, he knew I was awake and would stop whatever he was doing or be very quiet. My cock started throbbing again thinking of all those nights I stayed up watching him fuck girl after girl in the dark.

I was never brave enough to walk in while he was in action and I never told him about it because I was afraid of losing my brother to my lust, but I was definitely not against peeking. I snuck to my door and listened for movement and when I felt that they were safely in the motion, I went into the bathroom and slowly turned his doorknob.

It was locked, but having made his room practically part of mine for the last couple of months, I had the keys for everything. I slowly unlocked the door and then opened it very, very easily when they were at their loudest. The women moaning on his tv set helped and I sat on the cold tiles of the bathroom floor peering through the crack in the door. The light from the tv revealed enough for me to convincingly decide that my brother did infact have the biggest cock I had ever seen in my life.

He lay sprawled across his bed, feet spread far apart, eating out Ashley's pussy while she tried unsuccessfully to swallow his thick, overgrown, veiny, mushroom headed cock. I had a full view of his dick, from the tip to the last hairs on his hanging balls, the shaft strong and hard, pointing straight up to her waiting mouth.

She seemed determined to engulf his cock and moved down, devoting her whole self to his meaty third leg while his eyes jumped from his dick to the lesbians on screen.

She was stroking it hard and fast while licking his balls and sooner than I expected, he started to ooze cum by the loads. The globs that she didn't lick up, she used as lubricant, and slid him into.

I was now jerking off furiously, watching my brother impale Ashley's pussy over and over while she literally cried in pleasure. After she was done riding him, he flipped her over and pushed her face down, holding down every inch of her body, while he gyrated his dick against her pussy and ass.

I saw him hold down her hands and kiss her neck and then raise up and push her ass cheeks apart. I began fantasizing that I was in her position.

She had been living the life I want to have. He spit a couple times onto his slimy cock and started pushing it into her asshole.


I didn't know she had been ass fucked before but it definitely wasn't her first time, because nobody could take that cock on the first time and not call out for help. He continued easing it into her inch by inch and when it was sufficiently in, slowly began pumping his cock. He then pulled her on her side and lifted her leg open, hoping to get more room for his thick dick. It seemed to have worked because he was now fucking her more furiously than ever, and between biting her lips and stifling moans, she was rubbing her pussy like never before.

Her body began to tense up and she was encouraging him to fuck her "right there" until she screamed that she was cumming and during a lengthy succession of power fucking her in her ass, she squirted a long stream of cum, her body shaking from the event. I had never seen a woman cum before and knowing that my brother caused it made him a legend in my mind. When she stopped writhing, he restarted his power fucking, lifting his upper leg up into the air as well, trying to get greater thrust, slamming his dick into her ass harder and faster.

I imagined being right behind him sliding my 5-inch teen cock up his ass while he pounded her. He kept fucking her hard and blasted his second cum into her asshole without saying a word, which confirmed my suspicion that not only had they fucked before, but that she let him ass fuck her and she let him cum in her many times over.

He continued fucking for a few minutes after he came, squeezing every last drip of luscious cum into her open ass. He let out a huge sigh when he finally let her rest and lay there, still inside her, she more tired than ever. Ben's ego would plummet if she told him. My knees, ass and hands were paining from all the different positions I tried to hold myself in while watching my brother work his magic on that whore, but at least I had what felt like the biggest cum of my life that night.

It flew right out of me, onto the bathroom floor and some on his bedroom carpet. I didn't bother cleaning up and just crawled back into my room and locked the door. I didn't care what happened for the rest of the night, because to me, I had just seen it all. I slipped into bed naked, my hands and cock cum covered and fell asleep.

I knew who I would be dreaming of tonight.

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