A mi esposa le gusta que le masturben con un dildo grueso natural

A mi esposa le gusta que le masturben con un dildo grueso natural
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God Emperor Chapter 1 I submitted this story under username LordGlut, but this username was rejected, and so I am now resubmitting it.

The original submission had bad paragraph formatting, which has been corrected. This story was inspired by the computer game Jedi Knight; if you play this game from the dark side, you get to become God-Emperor of the Galaxy. This is a similar theme, though not set in Star Wars. This story contains brutal rape, and thus will not be to everyone's taste. There is no physical torture or S&M, however. If you read on, you have been warned. I haven't described the women too much; I suggest you use your imagination to construct your ideal woman.

Constructive criticism will be welcomed, but critics who complain that I'm a misogynist so-and-so will be scorned. After all, this story is in the rape section of xnxx stories.

Synopsis: In a future about 1000 years from now, a mad scientist becomes a God by taking control of a star's power. He then sets out to make himself Emperor of the human worlds, and this chapter mainly deals with the brutal gang rapes of two powerful, bitchy women. "At last," I thought. For the last 10 years, I had been working on a project of my own.

I had set up my laboratory at an isolated star; this star had no habitable planets and thus was of no interest to anyone else. The star itself was the key for me, for I wanted to devise a way to harness the power of an entire star. Everyone else in the United Worlds would have thought me crazy to even attempt such a thing, but I had had an idea of how to do this through quantum-field manipulation 10 years ago, and had found a star, where I conducted my experiments, returning to civilization for supplies only occasionally.

And now I finally had it working. I was in control of an entire star's enormous power. Most of it would be wasted, of course, and dissipate into the cosmos. But if I needed to, I could draw on every megawatt of that star's total output. I went to my 1-person spaceship, and surrounded it with a shield that could survive a direct hit by matter-antimatter annihilation.

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It was time to shake up the United Worlds. I went into hyperspace, and headed for Earth. It took a fortnight to get there, and I spent the time practicing with a personal shield. This shield needed to be invisible and porous to air molecules, yet it had to be able to survive a hit from matter-antimatter annihilation. Eventually, I got the shield working well. Once I got near Earth, I followed the directions from the control satellites, and was soon down at the major North American John F.

Kennedy spaceport near New York City, where I visited a drugstore. From there, I hired a cab to the United Worlds (UW) building; 700 years ago, this had been the United Nations building.

It was now much grander, but the United Worlds was still as ineffective as its predecessor. The discovery of hyperspace in 2304 had led to a vast exodus from an overpopulated Earth to other planets; these planets owed loyalty to their Earth nations, and Earth itself was by no means a unified world.

Democracies had become corrupted by hugely powerful corporations. I stormed into the UW building, going past the front desk without stopping. Guards accosted me as I strode towards the Assembly of Worlds chamber, but they couldn't hurt me, and I just pushed them aside as I threw open the doors. The Speaker, Shirley Vanstone, was a beautiful blonde woman who appeared to be in her mid 20's, but was actually well over 300 years old. Regeneration had been discovered in 2143, and was used by wealthy men and women to keep themselves physically young effectively forever; they could also use gene therapy to make themselves look good if they had been born plain.

Regeneration was thus used by all the UW delegates. I myself had used regeneration to get myself to the biological age of 20 before departing for my god project, and now looked about 30. There was much uproar as I strode in, given that no-one except the various delegates were allowed in, and I was certainly no delegate. One of the guards tried to Taser me, but the electric current did absolutely nothing, even when he dialed it up to maximum.

The shock on his face was rather comic to me. Having demonstrated that I couldn't be injured easily, I had now reached the Speaker's chair. The Speaker did not look at all amused.

In a few minutes she would have even less reason to be amused. With one jump, I was able to land myself in Shirley's chair, high above the Assembly. I dragged her off her chair, and sat in it instead, holding Shirley in front of me. Then I simply ripped her beautiful dress off. She shrieked as her highly fashionable dress, which had undoubtedly cost a small fortune, was shredded beyond all hope of repair. To me, she looked MUCH better without her dress than with it, with her nice tits now concealed by only a bra, and white panties around her ass.

Suddenly, I felt an impact against the shield near the side of my head, and I turned to see a high-caliber bullet rebound from the shield and hit the hand of an unfortunate delegate. The delegate screamed in agony as his hand was completely mangled. It was time to put a stop to this, and I rose up in the Speaker's former chair, while keeping hold of Shirley's hair, and bellowed into the Speaker's microphone.

"SILENCE!!! Get medics to attend that delegate. Now that you can all see that I am invulnerable to your weapons, know that I will not tolerate being fired on again, and will kill the next man to do so. Your bullets can't hurt me, but rebounds can hurt others." To emphasise my ability to kill, I put a bolt of energy through one of the windows, blowing the bullet-proof glass clear out. I continued my speech, "This Assembly of Worlds was supposed to hold tyrants to account; instead it has done nothing whatsoever about the worst examples of humanity, and has become mired in squabbling and corruption over petty issues.

This bitch Shirley here is a prime example of valuing the power and prestige of being Speaker above the thought of doing anything worthwhile." With that I tore Shirley's bra off, freeing her tits. The former Speaker was completely humiliated as I used one hand to paw at her boobs while the other kept hold of her blonde hair right in front of the Assembly that she used to lord over. As I couldn't enjoy her fully in the Speaker's chair, I descended the stairs behind it to the floor, dragging Shirley behind me.

Many of the delegates were screaming and running already, as I made for one of the now vacant plush chairs where the most important delegates sat. But before I got there, I was confronted by the delegate from Amazonia, a good-looking brunette called Lily Diab. "WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING, YOU SICK PERVERT?" she screamed at me. "Unhand this lady, or I will cut your balls off, and make you eat your own dick!" Still holding Shirley up by her hair, I growled at Lily, "You bitches of Amazonia treat men like shit, castrating all men, and making them into your house slaves.

Well, I think it's time you learned who's boss." I let go of Shirley, and charged Lily, who pulled out a small, but very sharp knife from within her dress. She used that knife to try to slice through my trousers and severe my cock, but fortunately I had my shield in place. "What a shame, bitch," I snarled, and I seized her arm, forcing her to drop the knife, then ripped her dress off just like Shirley's.

Then I quickly tore her bra off, and dragged her back to Shirley's position.

I then used both my hands to lift both bitches up by their hair, forcing them to stand upright, with their nice tits exposed for the whole Assembly to leer at.

Both bitches were now clad in only their heels and panties, forced to stand either side of me like the trophies they were. The Amazonian Lily tried to punch and kick me a few times, but I just ignored her, and in the end both bitches tried to inadequately cover their boobs with their hands, while their eyes were tearing up from having their hair pulled.

Both of them mouthed off at me a bit, but I ignored that too. "Guards," I called, "you can go now freely, or you can swear fealty to me, and fuck these two hot bitches now.

However, once you swear to me, betrayal will be severely punished. Make your choices." Some of the guards left, but most stayed, wanting to fuck and humiliate the bitches that had been their former bosses. These were joined by others who had been elsewhere, but had been alerted, and eventually 20 guards gathered in front of me. "Swear to serve me, your Emperor Lord Glut, and you will be able to have these bitches anytime you're not on duty here," I said.

"I plan to acquire more bitches soon, so there'll be even more fun." And the 20 guards went to one knee, and swore to serve me. "Now, before we start on these bitches, I want all the remaining delegates escorted out of the United Worlds building. Don't hurt anyone unnecessarily, but this building is not the UW building anymore. It is the Imperial Palace, and the United Worlds Assembly is hereby dissolved." About 30 minutes later, the former UW building had been cleared of the delegates, and I had put an impenetrable shield around it.

Most of the delegates left quietly, knowing my power, and the few who resisted were frog-marched out by the guards; these included some male delegates who evidently wanted to watch the show. The man who had been hit by the ricocheting bullet was taken out by medics; his hand would be regenerated.

I had eased up a bit on holding the bitches' hair, allowing them to stand easily without further pressure. When the guards returned, I told them to cuff both bitches' hands behind them. Grinning hugely, two strong guards named Adam and Doug pulled out handcuffs, went behind the women and grabbed their wrists as those wrists were still trying to conceal their tits.

A little twist, and the handcuffs clicked into place neatly; the cuffs then adjusted themselves to fit the wrists of the bitches, which were cuffed behind their bodies. With this done, the bitches' boobs were thrust forward by their new posture, and the 18 guards in front of them let out wolf whistles and cat calls. Lily, the Amazon bitch, tried to kick her guard, but her leverage was poor, and the guard easily avoided her kicks, then stepped in between her legs, his erection now pressed firmly against her ass.

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I released my hold on the bitches' hair, telling Adam and Doug to keep them in place. I picked a random guard called Bill, and told him he could grope Shirley's tits at will. Then I stepped in front of Lily, and lightly slapped the bottom of her tits just to see them bounce a bit. It was great to look at her face and see the hatred and helplessness there. "Well, bitch," I said with a leer, "your attempt to castrate me didn't exactly work out, did it?

Now you're going to be a fuckhole for these common guards very soon. How does it feel for such a ball-busting dominant bitch to know she's going to be treated like a piece of meat?" "FUCK OFF, YOU PIECE OF SHIT," she screamed at me, and spat a huge gob at my face. It hit my shield, and I wiped it off with my hands, then wiped my hands on her face. "The face-fucking hasn't even started yet, and you've already got spittle on your face.

You really look a picture, Amazon cunt!" With my right hand, I gave her right boob a squeeze and a shake. "Before today, if a man wanted to meet you, he had to call your secretary to schedule an appointment, and even then, he could only give you a polite handshake at the most.

Now," and I shook her boob again, "a man will simply squeeze your boob to get your attention, bitch." I moved my right hand to her left tit, my left hand to her right tit, and spent the next few minutes squeezing and shaking her boobs and pinching her nipples, ignoring her helpless curses. "You've got nice and firm tits, considering you're such a horrid bitch," I commented. Shirley's guard, Bill, was having great fun with her boobs too, and she clearly hated having her tits mauled by a common guard.

"Now bitches, it's time to get you both properly naked. Guards, put your hands inside these bitches' panties. On my mark, rip them off. One, two, three, rip!!!" Both sets of panties went flying, and both sluts now had their pubic regions exposed. This got Adam and Doug into the action, and they proceeded to squeeze and pinch the bare buttocks. Meanwhile, I copped a feel of Lily's pussy, finding that it was nicely shaved. "I guess you keep your pussy shaved to attract your fellow dykes," I said.

"Well, this time it's going to be used by hard cocks." I noticed that Shirley's pussy was also shaved and told the guards, "Let them keep their heels on. With their dresses, their heels made them look more ladylike. Now, they just make these two bitches look even sluttier than they would without heels." I pulled out some anti-vomit pills from my pocket that I had bought at the drugstore. I like a messy face-fuck, but I don't like vomiting, so I forced both bitches to open their mouths for the pills by holding their nose.

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Whether they swallowed or not, the pills would dissolve quickly, and there would be no vomiting. I rushed to the plush seats and tore my clothes off. My eight inch cock poked straight up as I released it. Then I went back to Lily's guard, and told him, "Since Lily's been a bit of trouble, I'll let you fuck her ass first, while I face-fuck Lily. Meanwhile, Shirley's guards can be the first to do her.

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I'll shield so that neither bitch is able to bite, so once you get your cock in Shirley's mouth, it'll be good. Just sit next to me on the couch. I'll take care of the bitches now, so you guards should all get naked." Bill, the lucky guard groping Shirley's tits, ran to where I indicated and started getting his clothes off, as did all the other guards, while I seized both bitches by the hair and dragged them to the seats. I sat down, and forced Lily to her knees, while Doug dragged her butt out a bit, so that she was in the best position for getting a cock in both her mouth and pussy or ass at the same time.

Meanwhile, Bill and Adam were doing the same to Shirley. I told the guards that Bill and I would start face-fucking our bitches, but not to ass-fuck them until I gave the signal. I held Lily's face against my crotch, and gave her a few dick-slaps. "Now, Amazon cunt, it's finally time to put that bitchy mouth of yours to good use." Lily of course now had her mouth firmly closed, but I pinched her nose closed with one hand.

She tried to resist taking a breath with her mouth, but in the end her mouth had to open, and as soon as it did I shoved my cock home. I put both hands on the back of her head, and slowly pushed her head down until my cock was buried balls-deep in her mouth. Lily tried to bite, but I had put a small shield between her teeth and my cock.

As my cock penetrated Lily's throat, her throat muscles seized up, and she coughed and gagged around my cock, her face getting messy as spittle came out, while her eyes also teared up.

Shirley was also in the same position, with Bill's cock buried balls-deep in her mouth, and his hands around her blonde hair. "Now bitches, that's the proper position of a woman, on her knees with a cock down her throat!" I yelled.

"Doug and Adam, spit in your bitch's asshole a few times to lubricate it, then shove your cock slowly in." Both bitches tried to fight the anal intrusions, but were practically helpless. Bill and I withdrew our cocks until just the tips were inside our bitches' lips, as Doug and Adam's cocks penetrated the sphincters of the bitches, then thrust forward deep into their assholes.

As both bitches screamed, their mouths were pushed firmly onto our cocks, and the face and ass-fucking began in earnest. I released my left hand from Lily's head, keeping her bobbing up and down on my cock with my right hand in her brown hair in rhythm with Doug's thrusts into her ass. My left hand was then free to squeeze and slap her tits as they swung beneath her body from the force of our combined thrusts.

"Oh yeah, bitch, gag on my cock like the whore you are," I snarled. Doug was happy to slap her ass-cheeks in time with his thrusts as he thoroughly ass-reamed her, and Bill and Adam were also having great fun as they fucked Shirley in her mouth and ass.

Within a few minutes I was ready to cum; after all, it's been 10 years since I had any pussy. I timed my ejaculation so I was almost out of her mouth when I came, shooting my seed all over her tongue.

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Her face took on a look of disgust, and she tried to spit the cum out, but I forced my cock back in and resumed face-fucking her. As her throat muscles contracted around my cock, she swallowed involuntarily. "Ha ha bitch," I laughed. "You thought that the throat fucking was over then, didn't you?

Well, I'm a god now, so my cock recovers almost instantly. And I guess you didn't enjoy the taste of my cum. Now suck my cock like the whore you are. A bitch with a cock down her throat is a bitch who can't scream insults, and that is a fit and proper place for a bitch." And I continued to throat-fuck her, enjoying the look of horror in her eyes as she realized I could keep this up for hours if I wanted.

For 10 more minutes there was no sound except the sounds of bottoms and tits being slapped, and mouths and asses squelching down on cocks, with a few grunts from the guys and muffled shrieks from the bitches. Then Doug started to grunt and groan loudly as he fucked Lily's ass, and I knew he was about to cum. I wanted to cum before Doug, so I pulled out, and splashed Lily with my cum all across her lips, cheeks and nose.

Then Doug thrust one last time into her asshole, spurting his load there. Immediately, I yanked Lily off Doug's cock, spun her around, and before she could react, I had her mouth around Doug's shit and cum-covered cock. "When a guy is done using you, slut, thank him by cleaning his cock off," I yelled.

The look on the Amazon cunt's face was priceless as I bobbed her head over Doug's softening cock, making her taste her own shit and Doug's cum. By this time, Bill and Adam were also finished with Shirley, and I made Shirley clean Adam's cock.

There were still 17 guards that hadn't fucked either bitch yet, so I gave Lily to the other guards, while I grabbed Shirley, sat down, and forced her mouth around my cock. Another guard came up behind her, and stuck his cock in her pussy. That left 16 guards for Lily, and one guard lay on the floor as her pussy was forced onto his cock so he could maul her tits.

A second guard used her ass, and a third guard her mouth, as the Amazon cunt was well and truly gang banged. "Guards," I called out, "when you've done using your bitch, rest.

I don't want anyone attempting a second round now, but trust me, we'll all have a great second round." While Lily had evidently never sucked cock before, Shirley did have some experience, either because she had had to suck cocks to get where she was, or because she did it with her boy toys.

She didn't like deep-throating, but she could suck cock well, and she wrapped her lips around my cock, and swirled her tongue around it, as I bobbed her up and down with my left hand while grabbing at her boobs with my right. Having already had a cock down her throat made this face-fucking easier for Shirley, and I complimented her, "You give great head, whore.


From now on, you'll be doing more cocksucking than talking. Doesn't that sound good to you?" I kept her on my cock until just before the guard in Shirley's pussy came, then I pulled out and pasted her pretty face with ropes of cum on her cheeks, forehead and in her blonde hair.

She really looked like a proper whore with cum all over her face. Then the guy in her pussy was cumming too, and I made her clean him off. She grimaced, but at least this time it was pussy juice and not shit she was cleaning off. Meanwhile, the 3 men gang-banging Lily had finished, and the ones who had been in her pussy and ass were getting their cocks cleaned by her unwilling mouth.

However, 13 guards still hadn't fucked either bitch yet, so I told them to help themselves to either Lily or Shirley. The next hour was a brutal gang rape, as 13 guards used two bitches very hard. Mouths, pussies and asses were almost continuously filled with cock, tits were slapped, squeezed and fucked, and in general both bitches were treated like pieces of meat.

At the end of the orgy, there were 20 well-satisfied guards, while the two bitches had cum leaking from their asses and pussies, cum all over their faces and tits, and no doubt plenty of cum in their stomachs. Two very arrogant bitches now looked like complete cumsluts. After watching the gang rape, my cock was very hard, so I decided to add to the cum on Lily's face. I walked over to her, wanked my cock a few times, and spurted yet another load across the Amazon bitch's face as she lay there looking shocked.

Then I got both bitches to their feet, and led them by their handcuffed arms to a lift which went up to the penthouse apartments that were used by important delegates.

Then I put them in a shower, and turned the water on cold. Both bitches yelped a fair bit when the cold water hit them, but it did wash away all the cum, tears and spittle quickly. As soon as they were both fairly clean, I turned the shower off, dragged both bitches back to the lift, and down to the floor normally used for the United Worlds Assembly.

It was time for Round 2. With both Shirley and Lily swearing and cursing helplessly, I dragged them both back into the Assembly, then had them kneel in front of the Speaker's chair, and held them with their faces very close to each other and facing the rest of the Assembly.

The guards had known this was coming, and most hadn't bothered to clothe themselves again. "All right," I called, "it's bukkake time! Every one of you guards gets to shoot their load over a bitch's face, hair or tits. You can either use their mouths, or wank yourself off, but I want both bitches' faces glazed with cum." The guards needed no second invitation, and two of them crudely thrust themselves into Shirley and Lily's mouths, while others surrounded them and started to wank themselves.

Soon cum was flying from the guards' cocks, and both bitches gave out muffled shrieks as some of it got in their eyes. Because the bitches' faces were so close together, spurts that missed one target would usually land on the other bitch. Boobs also got squeezed and hair pulled. Cum that landed on hair made it look very messy. The guys face-fucking the bitches pulled out to cum on their faces, and were quickly replaced with other guys.

Eventually, all 20 guards had finished, and the bitches' faces had been cummed on so much that it was hard to recognize them. As they knelt there looking extra slutty clad only in their heels, the cum on their faces was travelling down, dripping off their chins, and down onto their tits, knees and pussies. "That's a LOT of cum, bitches. Now be good and lick it off each other," I ordered. Lily yelled, "NO!! You've used and abused us, and now you expect us to do something that filthy.

Well, you can't actually make me lick cum off." "OK, Amazon cunt," I snarled. "Either you lick up the cum, or I face-fuck you for the next hour. You know I can keep it up." Lily looked at my very erect cock, and thought better of defying me. Instead, she turned to Shirley, and started licking the cum off Shirley's face, who returned the favour.

I put the bitches on their sides, so they were facing each other, and made them give each other a lovely cum kiss. Then they were forced to continue cleaning each other's faces with their tongues.

When they had finished with their faces, I turned Lily around so that her head now faced Shirley's feet. Then I made the bitches gradually move towards a 69 position, licking cum off each other's tits and stomach as they went.

And then it did become a 69 position, with Lily licking Shirley's pussy, while Shirley reciprocated. I got a key from the guards, then uncuffed both sluts, and rolled them so that Lily was on her back with Shirley on top, while they 69'ed each other. The sight was too tempting, so I moved Lily's mouth aside so I could plunge my cock into Shirley's pussy. Lily continued to lick Shirley's pussy and my cock at the same time as I fucked Shirley, and soon the girl-on-girl action left both sluts moaning in pleasure.

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I kept on fucking Shirley until I felt both sluts start to orgasm, and saw Shirley pull her head from Lily's pussy to scream, "YES! YES! I'M CUMMMING!!!" And Shirley's pussy contracted around my cock, almost causing me to cum there and then.

Then it was time for my own orgasm, and I pulled out of Shirley's pussy, and went around to her head, pulling it away from Lily's pussy.

As soon as she saw me, she opened her mouth to receive my cock, but instead I fired spurt after spurt of cum into her mouth. "Don't swallow, slut," I said. "Swap it with Lily. I want to see you share my cum with her." Shirley had been dominated too much to resist my orders now, though she did look startled at the amount of cum I was still able to produce. Holding the cum in her mouth, she turned around, and positioned her mouth above Lily's mouth, which I held open.

Then Shirley let the cum in her mouth slowly dribble into Lily's mouth. When Lily's mouth was full, I forced Shirley's mouth to lock over Lily's, then rolled Lily on top of Shirley so the cum flowed back into Shirley.

After a few minutes of this, I allowed both sluts to swallow the cum in their mouths. Unfortunately for the bitches, all the cum licking, 69'ing and cum swapping had given the guards their 3rd erections. As a result, the sluts were gang banged again, but this time they were also made to swap cum and lick cum off each other.

Even though their hands were now uncuffed, neither bitch offered meaningful resistance anymore. I then took both Shirley and Lily back to the penthouse apartment, gave them another shower, and put them to sleep in separate rooms with the help of a sleeping tablet, which they were grateful enough to take. I wanted them to sleep well, not become haggard from lack of sleep, and if they were sleeping, they couldn't think about escaping or suiciding.

Before I left the apartment, I made sure there was enough food there, but took all the sharp knives. Tomorrow, I would have both bitches reprogrammed so that they would obey my commands. The maidbots would have much work to do tonight in cleaning the UW Assembly.

*** The next day I asked the guards if they knew of judges and lawyers who had a reputation for being lechers. The guards gave me a Judge Ken Edwards, and 2 lawyers named John Smith and Bruce Agnew who they said were known lechers.

I contacted the judge and the two lawyers, telling their secretaries that I was the Emperor, and arranged an after-hours court session that would begin at 8pm to ascertain whether the bitches needed to have their bodycomp reprogrammed.

The bodycomp is a computer that is fitted into the body itself, and is now almost universal on the civilized worlds. It handles contacts with other people, and can handle audio-visual material in 3 modes: audio only, visual with actual surroundings still appearing, and full sensory immersion. It is obviously better not to try full sensory immersion while you're doing something else, but cars these days are fitted with automatic overrides that can operate if their drivers get distracted.

And many commuters HAD become very distracted last night by the gang rapes of the two bitches, which had caused a MASSIVE spike in the audience watching the usually boring proceedings of the United Worlds Assembly.

The bodycomp also has medical uses; in the event of a heart attack, the bodycomp will hopefully keep the heart beating long enough for emergency personnel to arrive. However, the point for me is that it can be used to take direct control of muscles, but this can only be done by order of a judge in open court following a conviction.

This is used for petty criminals, who are condemned to doing menial tasks. That day, I also made preparations for conquering worlds ruled by tyrants.

I had been serious when I accused the Assembly of failing to hold tyrants to account, and I would thus deal with them myself. I opened a Gateway to a European museum from the Assembly, folding the space between the two buildings into nothing. This was theoretically possible, but the power required was too big to be of much use outside theory. But I had access to a whole star's power now, and a Gateway linking places on the same planet was very minor now for me.

When I got to the museum, I went to their collection of medieval weapons and armour, and took a heavy broadsword and short dagger. Although I certainly didn't actually need a sword to deal with my enemies, wielding it would emphasize my power.

I put a force field around the sword that would be capable of slicing hairs lengthwise. Then I used another Gateway to go to some isolated woods, and cut through the bough of a strong tree with my sword, then used the sword to divide the bough into 6 smaller but still solid stakes, which I then sharpened with the dagger.

Each stake was about 1.7 metres long. The sword and the stakes would be my only visible weapons when I conquered the tyrants' worlds. I briefly returned to the Palace to stow the sword and stakes in another penthouse room which I shielded.

Though I could increase my physical strength and speed with the star's power, I still needed to eat like a normal human, as I am not a plant. The human immune system has been greatly improved, and so poison was my greatest vulnerability. So I next travelled to a private hospital, and bought an upgrade to my bodycomp that would be capable of detecting virtually any poison before I started eating.

It was time to head back to my Palace, so I opened a Gateway back, and interviewed the black head chef, since I needed someone I could trust to prepare my food. The head chef didn't like either of the bitches at all, as both of them were abusive towards him and his staff, Lily because she was an Amazon cunt, and Shirley because she just loved lording it over people lower than herself.

Thus, the head chef was happy that I had brought the bitches so low, and would continue to cook for me, provided he got in on the fun with the bitches. It was a deal. I also checked that there were enough provisions to feed 20 guards, the 2 bitches and the chef and his staff for a week. Given that the UW building was used to feeding hundreds of delegates, his answer was "definitely". I promised the head chef that he and his male staff would get to use the bitches the next morning, and made him swear to serve me.

Then it was time to have some more fun with the bitches myself. I had told the guards to leave them alone in their penthouse provided they didn't try to escape or hurt themselves until I returned in the early afternoon. The bitches had tried to escape, but the doors were guarded by Taser-armed guards, and the windows were made of bullet-proof glass, and were unopenable.

Unfortunately, both bitches had found heavy clothes, and were well wrapped up when I entered. Lily was holding a closed jug of water. "That just won't do, sluts," I said. I moved towards Lily, and she threw what turned out to be boiling water from the jug in my face, but fortunately my shield could not be penetrated by liquids.

As the water hit the shield, I stepped back and extended the shield so I would not be hurt. I had 2 pairs of cuffs in my pocket, and quickly cuffed Lily's hands behind her. Then I loosened her belt, slid my hands inside her trousers and panties, and yanked them down to her ankles.

I quickly did the same to Shirley, and invited the guards in. Both bitches were still wearing heavy coats, but with their pants around their ankles they couldn't move easily. I moved behind Lily, as guards moved to Shirley and Lily. The guard in front of Lily unzipped her coat, and I uncuffed her to get her arms through the sleeves, and the rest was easy as both bitches were stripped naked. When Lily was naked, I recuffed her, then stepped in front of her and shook her boob. "Remember, Amazon cunt, how I said that in future when a man shook your boob you would pay attention.

Well, I think you're paying attention now!" And I shook her other boob hard, then gave her to the men, saying, "I want this cunt to have a cock in her mouth and her ass until 6pm. No cocks in her pussy, though, it's too good for her." I then made Lily take another anti-vomit pill. The men quickly stripped, and one of them sat on a comfortable armchair while another forced Lily to her knees, and dragged her by the hair to the guard in the chair.

Then he bent her over, and started to force his cock into her ass. As she screamed in pain, the man in front of her grabbed her hair and started to force her mouth up and down on his cock.

The shielding prevented Lily from biting. Other guards removed her trousers, panties and footwear, and squeezed and slapped her tits as they swung beneath her while waiting for their turn.

I stripped off myself, and sat in another armchair, and turned it to face the action. Then I beckoned Shirley, who was cuffed and had two guards standing over her and groping her. "Shirley, either you can get raped as brutally as Lily is now, or you can service my cock with that lovely mouth until 6pm.

If you agree to service me, I'll let your hands free, and no one else will touch you." Looking at Lily's brutal rape with horror, Shirley acceded to my demands, and I told her two disappointed guards to remove her trousers, panties, shoes and socks, and to uncuff her. "All right, slut, on your hands and knees, and crawl to me, your Emperor and Master," I commanded.

Shirley clearly hated that command, but she complied, making quite a display as she crawled to me, her face hot with humiliation. When she got to me, I reached out and slapped her ass, then told her to lick my balls for a few minutes. She complied, and started to lick and suck my balls into her mouth, with the long shaft of my cock over her face. As she licked my balls, I gave her a few dick-slaps across the forehead, and a few slaps on her ass.

Then I told Shirley to get on her knees, in such a way that I could grope her tits easily as she sucked me off. Reluctantly, she opened her mouth wide, and I plunged my cock in to the balls, holding her blonde head down against my groin with one hand while I fondled her tits with the other. I was already very stimulated, and thrust hard into her mouth a few times before cumming down her throat. Then, still hard, I let her head up until my cock was almost out of her mouth, and said, "Now, whore, show me what you can do with that cocksucking mouth of yours.

Use your lips and tongue to suck and pleasure my cock, and get bobbing." I removed my hand from her head, so I wasn't forcing her anymore. Shirley was able to take the first 6 inches quite easily, but the last two presented a problem. But I rammed her head down those last two inches before letting her up again, and she was able to force herself to take more the next time, and then more after that, until she was deep-throating my cock without being forced. "That's it, slut, suck my cock all the way down," I said as I groped her boobs with both hands.

Soon Shirley was into a steady rhythm, bobbing her head up and down my full length, and swirling her tongue around it. There were great slurping noises with her lips wrapped tightly around my cock, increasing the suction. It was a great picture.

The bitch who had once been Speaker of the UW Assembly was on her knees, blonde head bobbing up and down, as she pleasured my cock while I mauled her tits.

And the bitch from Amazonia who had tried to castrate me was emitting muffled squeals as she was fucked in her ass and mouth at the same time, while other men groped her boobs. "This is what women are for," I commented to the room. "On their knees with a cock in their mouth. A woman should ask not what the cock can do for her, but what SHE can do for the COCK!" As men came in Lily's ass, mouth or on her face, they were quickly replaced, and she was forced to clean those who had been in her ass.

Eventually all 20 guards had had either her ass or her mouth, and it was back to the first pair. Meanwhile, Shirley was a perfect little cock-slave, as she bobbed up and down. My cock never left her mouth, and I must have flooded her tongue and throat at least 6 times during that 3-hour period.

When her neck muscles became too tired to keep up the rhythm, I started to take control again. Sometimes guards would grope her ass or finger her pussy, and I allowed that. Shirley would give me a reproachful look but it's hard for a woman to protest too much with a cock in her mouth! Having this once-arrogant bitch kneeling between my spread knees and pleasuring my cock for three hours was a great power rush for me.

It was good to be able to lean back in the armchair, and let the slut do all the work of pleasuring my cock. At 6:01pm I finally pulled out of Shirley's great mouth and came on her cheeks and nose. Then Lily and Shirley were made to kneel together, and both bitches once again got the bukkake treatment from any guard who could get it up, and they were made to lick the cum off each other's faces.

Then I told the guards to leave, and it was shower time for me and the bitches. By 6:45pm I had set the table for 3 places, and I sat at the head fully clothed, while forcing the naked bitches to sit either side of me. The head chef himself served our dinners with a couple of male wait staff. There was garlic bread, chips and chicken parmigiana for me, and meals for the bitches that were their favourites.

It had been a pretty tough afternoon for the bitches, but at least they could enjoy a good meal. I told them that either they ate it up, or I could force them to eat something nutritious that had a horrible taste. They dug into their dinners with great relish, and the chef and waiters went away quickly after ogling the bitches' boobs for a bit.

Tomorrow, the bitches would thank the cook staff properly. Neither bitch liked being ogled by mere cook staff at all, and especially not by the black chef. By the time we had finished our meals it was almost 8pm, so I handcuffed both bitches again, then opened a Gateway into Judge Edwards' courtroom. Edwards, the two lawyers and the bitches were astonished as I frog-marched the two naked women into the court via the Gateway that led back to the penthouse apartment, then closed the Gateway behind me.

When everyone had recovered from their surprise at such an unconventional entry, the lawyers and judge began ogling the bitches, who couldn't cover their boobs with their hands cuffed behind. "It looks like you lawyers could use some head," I said. "Come on, sluts, on your knees and suck these nice lawyers off." As previously planned, I forced the bitches to their knees and held a hand in each slut's hair as the lawyers advanced with their trousers unzipped and their cocks out. Then each lawyer pinched his bitch's nose until her mouth opened, and thrust his cock crudely into their mouths, protected by my shield.

I had had the bitches' dinner laced with the anti-vomit pill, and I now began bobbing their heads in time with the lawyers' thrusting cocks. The judge had a great side-on view of this action, and looked amazed for a minute, and I hoped he hadn't forgotten his lines.

But in the end he said, "Lily Diab, you are charged with attempted castration of our Emperor. How do you plead, guilty or not guilty?" Lily tried her best to wrench away from her lawyer's cock, but I had a firm hold on her head, and the cock wasn't going anywhere.

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All she could get out were inarticulate grunts. The judge then repeated the same formula for Shirley, charging her with corruption instead, but she was also unable to enter a plea. Then the judge smirked and said, "OK, since neither of you will enter a verbal plea, I'll take head motion as a plea. Lily Diab, do you plead guilty? Nod for yes, shake your head for no." Lily tried to shake her head, and maybe managed a little shake, but I was keeping her bobbing up and down on her lawyer's cock, and that meant she had pled guilty.


And the same formula was then repeated for Shirley. And the judge smirked even harder and said, "Very well. Lily Diab and Shirley Vanstone have pled guilty. By order of this court, their bodycomps shall now be under the control of the Emperor Lord Glut. This court session is over." "Great," I said. "Lily and Shirley, your first orders are that from now on you will not speak unless you're directly asked a question.

Nor will you attempt to bite any other person in any place on their body. Attempts to escape or harm yourselves or one of the men using you from now on will not be permitted. Now since you two bitches already have cocks in your mouths, suck away like good little cock-sluts.

Stop trying to squirm away and bob your heads up and down." I kept my hands on both the bitches' heads, helping them to take the full length of the lawyers' cocks easily Lily in particular needed help.

Soon the lawyers' thrusts sped up, and then both came in their bitches' mouths. "Don't swallow," I said. I released both sets of handcuffs. Lily in particular would have liked to have punched the lawyers in their nuts, but couldn't anymore. I put myself in front of both kneeling bitches, and told them, "Open your mouths wide so I can see the cum on your tongues." Forced to obey my commands, both sluts opened their mouths, displaying the white semen on their tongues, both bitches having expressions of hatred and humiliation.

I unzipped my trousers and took my cock out, then said, "Shirley, lie on your back. Lily, let the cum in your mouth fall into Shirley's mouth from about a foot above her." This cum-swapping scene was better than the one before because now both sluts were cooperating.


After watching the cum slowly flow from Lily's mouth to Shirley's, I made Shirley return the favour, then made Lily swallow the combined double cum load. Then I made both sluts lie on the floor on their backs at reverse angles so that each slut's boobs was level with the other slut's face. The judge had come out from behind his bench, and had his cock out too. The erotic sight had got us both very excited, and I felt in the mood for a tit-fuck.

I loosened my belt, and pulled my trousers down so my buttocks were bare, then squeezed Shirley's tits together, creating a fuck channel for my cock, as the judge did likewise with Lily. Soon both sluts were getting their boobs unmercifully squeezed and pinched as cocks were thrust between them, while they were both made to lick the cockhead on every upthrust. And then both cocks were firing a big load across Lily and Shirley's faces before quietening down and leaving a fair bit of spunk on their well-fucked tits.

The judge and I climbed off Lily and Shirley, pulled our trousers back up, and made both sluts lick the cum off starting at their boobs, then working their way up to their faces with their tongues. "69, bitches," I called. "For all that cocksucking you've earned some pleasure, so get going, and we won't disturb you for 30 minutes." And Lily and Shirley 69'ed with Lily on top this time, each slut having her tongue buried in the other slut's pussy. Soon there were moans of pleasure from both sluts as they were brought closer to orgasm.

And then both sluts were indeed cumming, screaming out their ecstacy then going back to tonguing the other slut's pussy. After about 15 minutes, I went to the two bitches, and squeezed my hands between their bodies so that my hands could feel their tits while the sluts kept moaning in pleasure.

By the end of the 30 minutes both lawyers, the judge's and my cock were hard again. I told both bitches to get on their knees, back to back, and take the ensuing facefucks like a bitch.

The lawyers were the first to go, crudely using each bitch's mouth until they came on her face. Then it was me and the judge, and the sluts' faces were once again cum-covered, and had to be cleaned off by their tongues of course. Then they were told to clean our cocks off. With me of course a cock clean developed into a blowjob, and I was soon cumming yet again in Shirley's talented mouth, making her swallow this time.

Then I made the lawyers and the judge swear to me, and brought them back to my Palace with the bitches via a Gateway. They would come in very useful when I captured more bitches. I gave the bitches some last instructions. "First, no covering up your tits from now on. Your tits need to be on display for any man to leer at and grope whenever he feels like it. You may wear short pants or bikini bottoms that won't get in the way when you're asked to kneel to suck cock, but your tits must be uncovered at all times from now on, except that you can cover them with bedclothes when in bed only.

"Second, when you pleasure yourselves in lesbo action, there must always be men around to appreciate the show, and you'll only be allowed to do it if you do a good job pleasuring those men's cocks. Eventually, you'll associate pleasuring cocks with your own pleasure, and then you'll both be good little cock-slaves for real. Doesn't that sound GREAT?" Both bitches glared at me after that lecture, but I just grinned at them, and groped both sets of tits.

Finally, I put the bitches to bed, then moved into my own penthouse apartment, where I had stored my sword and stakes earlier. Tomorrow, Shirley and I would start training the Amazon cunt Lily how to suck a cock properly, and I would start my campaign to eradicate the most evil tyrants.