Amature chinesische Modell gefickt

Amature chinesische Modell gefickt
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It all began when I met my future wife. Until she came into my life, I wasn't even willing to acknowledge these urges.

After we met, everything changed. Let me explain. First off, I'm a porn addict. That sounds bizarre to a lot of people who watch porn, but when something disrupts your life this much, you'd have to be crazy not to call it an addiction. I bring up my petty addiction because it led me into other bad habits which, after Marie came along, didn't seem as bad as they should.

To make things worse, Marie and I even began to fantasize together about the dirty urges we both had in mind. More on that later. Marie is about my height. Maybe 5'6" or 5'7" and on the heavy side, with dark hair and hazel eyes. I love her the way she is and I'd never ask her to change her appearance for me, but judging by her build, even if she lost the extra weight, she would still have some pretty large tits and a decent ass.


She's somewhere between a D and a DD. One night before we got married but after Marie moved in, we were in bed together sans clothing, teasing each other and having one of our mutual fantasy sessions. I was gently fingering her while whispering sweet nothings about her best friend Stella (Marie is bisexual) whom she has had both a physical and emotional attraction to since before we met.

Stella is painfully oblivious to that fact that Marie is bi, much less to that fact that the both of us are constantly checking her out. When the three of us hang out together, the sexual tension surrounding Marie is nearly palpable, but Stella is just as oblivious as ever. "You wanna eat that pussy, don't you?" I teased. "Yeaaa." she whimpered softly, my fingers getting coated in her juices.

"You wanna nibble those perky tits?" "Yeah. I wanna suck Stella's perfect tits." I began to pick up my pace. "Do you wanna feel Stella's tongue inside your wet pussy?" "Yeah baby.

I wanna spread my pussy juice all over her face." At this, Marie began rocking her hips gently. "What about a threesome? Think about how nice it would be to have two girls at the same time." "Mhmm." She bites her lip and smiles at the thought.

"Are you picturing another girl yet baby?" "Ohhhhh yeah. Hee hee." She giggles and starts thrusting against my fingers. I'm rock hard, trying to imagine who else she has added to her fantasy. "You're a dirty girl, aren't you?" "Yeah baby.

I just can't get enough pussy, can I?" She begins to squeak each time she thrusts into my hand. If you've ever been with a squeaker, you'll know the appeal.

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"That's right babe. Cum for them. Stella and her friend want you to cum for them.

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Are you gonna be a good girl and cum baby?" "Yeah. I'm gonna. I'm gonna. !" "That's it baby! Come for them!" "Oh, fffffuck!

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Gah, fuck yesss! Oh shit yes, right there baby!" As her thrusting hits it peak, her thighs lock rigidly around my arm.


She yanks my head towards hers and thrusts her tongue into my mouth as she hits her climax. I return the gesture by teasing her tongue with mine. After she catches her breath, I let my curiosity get the best of me. "So who was Stella's friend this time?" "Leanne." The answer catches me completely off my guard.

Leanne is my oldest niece. I admit she's attractive, not that I'd be caught dead telling my niece the thoughts I've had, but still. "W-what? Seriously?" Marie looked me dead in the eyes. "Admit it. She's hot.

You know she is." Without waiting for my objections, Marie reaches down and starts stroking my cock. "Just think about her for a while. If you don't like it, we won't do this again. Deal?" I'm not one to turn down a chance to try new things, so I curtly nod and do as she told me to. Normally, we talk each other through these fantasy sessions, but this time, she just stays quiet and lets my imagination do all the hard work.

I close my eyes and start thinking about my 19 year old niece. Her slim body, beautiful smile, petite tits and ass. Suddenly, Marie leans over and starts inching her throat down my shaft.

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I groan gently in response. I begin to imagine what it would be like if I opened my eyes and saw my niece's face in my lap instead of Marie's. My balls tighten at the thought. The sudden movement draws her attention.

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She reaches up and begins gently stroking my sack. I imagine Leanne lowering herself onto my cock, my incestuous meat filling her petite frame from the inside. I imagine reaching up for her small, perky rack as she bounces and grinds on her favorite uncle's package. As I start to picture the look of ecstasy on Leanne's face, I start to lose my composure. I grab a fistful of Marie's hair (she's into hair-pulling) and start thrusting my cock into her throat.

Before the moment escapes, I quickly conjure an image of my cock exploding all over my niece's face, tits, and open mouth. I finally explode into my future wife's throat, streaming my seed into her stomach as she swallows my cum without missing a beat. I swear, Marie is a little too good at deepthroating. I suppose she's had plenty of practice (both before and after we met) but most guy's anticipate some gagging, no matter how experienced a girl is.

All things considered, I can't complain. How many guys have a wife that encourages them to think about their niece while swallowing heir load? As I collapse on the bed, Marie turns to me and says another thing I wasn't expecting to hear that night.

"I told you she was hot, didn't I? .Leanne also has the wettest pussy I've seen in a long time." "Uh, how the fuck would you know?" "Remember when Leanne spent last summer with us?" "Yeah." "It seems she 'accidentally' left some naughty pictures on my laptop.

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I also found some interesting links in my browser history that I don't remember visiting myself." "And you waited this long to mention it to me???" "Well I didn't know how you would take it back then. I wanted to toe the waters first before diving in.

I've got something planned for next summer. Are you in?" It took me a painfully long five seconds for my lust to beat my common sense into the dirt before I finally said "Yes!" with a little too much enthusiasm. "Good. I'll go over the plans with you tomorrow.


Get some sleep perv. You're gonna need your strength. Summer break starts in a couple weeks and Leanne has already asked me if she can spend this summer with us." My cock hardened with incestuous anticipation.

"I can't wait." To be continued.