Legal age teenager shows off her hawt body

Legal age teenager shows off her hawt body
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It is Saturday morning and I'm a guest of one of my VP's in Houston as I came around the corner of the house, I see his daughter, Ashton sitting in the chase lounge by the pool. There had been a big party at their place last night celebrating her husband's promotion.

Her husband is still drunk andpassed out in the house. It is around 10 AM and no one is around except her.


I stood there watching her lay there, getting a full view of this 20 year old beautiful young woman with the fantastic body. She looks as if she is sleeping. Her bikini is so small, red and white with those bra cups that hold a woman's breasts up high. You know the type that if you have small full breasts the bra pushes them up. Ashton's breasts are so nice, at least 36 B's or maybe C's! Full solid breasts with no sagging like many women. The small cups show quiet a lot of her fullness and I can image having my hands around them holding them like the bikini cups are doing as my lips move over them licking and sucking the long hard nipples.

I knew Ashton had them because I had seen her completely nude having sex with her boyfriend last night in the bedroom.

I watched them fuck as I jerked off. Ashton is a beautiful young woman, she is a college student. I watched as she moves around in the lounge chair. The bottom of her bikini covers only a small patch over the front of her pussy.

There is a small mound rising up between her legs and the bikini bottom covered it ending at the crease of her legs. I knew she was shaved very close, if not completely bald since the back is a thong with only an inch of material up between her ass cheeks!

Her long white legs laid stretched out on the chair and I watch as she crosses them down by her feet. Right to left and then left to right, she moves around trying to get the right position I'm guessing!

She is reclining about ½ way just resting in the sun. As I move closer, I see her nipples pushing out hard against the bathing suit's material.

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As I watch her breasts rise and fall with each breath she took, I realize that I'm getting a super hard on. Her hands move very slowly over each breast as she begins to feel herself up. God she was hot! Her finger ran down the edge of the material and then under it going over the nipple. I could see it snap back in place after the finger went passed it! Again and again she ran her hands over her breasts and fingering the nipple on each one.

Sometimes she would pull them and the material and more of her dark breast would come out of the bra. Then she would ran a finger under the material and snap the nipple back and forth. As she played with her breasts she moved around more on the chair now. After a few minutes her hand went under the material and cupped her breast. I could see her fingers playing with the nipple under the bar. She squeezed and pulled those tits rubbing them and rolling the nipples around between her fingers.

As she was working on her breasts, the strap on one side fell off her should. She pulled her left breast out and raised it to her mouth and began to suck on the nipple. For a long time her tongue ran over and over it as her hands worked the flesh of the tit.

I found myself rubbing my cock on the outside of my bathing suit. God I was hard! I just stood there watching her play with herself and w/o even thinking about it, my hand began to play with my cock.


I licked my lips and watched as I stroked my long hard shaft! In a few more minutes, she ran her left hand slowly down her body over her stomach and over the material of the bikini bottom. She continued sliding the hand down until it is going slowly between her legs. Slowly she moves her hand up and down on the outside of the suit with her fingers pushing into the center of her pussy slit!

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Now I know why her nipples are so hard! It was very apparent she was super horny! She was really playing with her pussy now. God this was great!!

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I was watching this very beautiful young, sexy, black woman working on her body! I don't know how or why, but I knew she was going to orgasm!


. If no one came by she would cum while I watched her get off! My cock was hard and long as it gets and now it was hurting. I pulled down my suit and my cock popped out standing straight up at attention. Her left hand continued to rub her pussy slowly as I watched from the side of the house. I was no more than 10 feet from her.

I was pretty sure she had her eyes closed because she would have seen me if they weren't close. I slowly stroked my cock to the speed she was rubbing her pussy! My cock was throbbing! She still had her right hand on her left breast and continued to squeeze it and rub it. Using her fingers she pulled on the nipple keeping them hard and long. But it was her left hand that I was really watching as it stroked her cunt, a little harder and faster now.

I had to get closer! I had too! So I pulled up my suit and I took a chance. I moved away from the house and stood behind the chair she was sitting in maybe 3 feet from the top of her head. From this position I was looking down over her head getting a good shot of her hand between her legs.

She had opened them now and there was a wet satin on the material! She was wet and very excited! She opened her eyes and seen me behind her stroking my long thick very hard cock! She jumped with surprise and then smiled as she saw my big hard purple headed cock about 2 feet from her.

I took a chance that this beautiful woman isn't completely satisfied yet and I move to the top of her chair. My cock hit the back of it as I bent over it and kissed her on the lips.

My hands move off my cock and over the chair so I can cup her breasts! My tongue went into her open mouth and she sucks it hard as she moans again! As we continue to kiss I move around and sat on the edge of the lounge chair. As I pull on her beautiful nipples she wraps her arms around me as I suck on her tongue and keep rubbing and pulling on her nipples.

I kiss her neck and up by her ear saying: " I have been watching you for twenty minutes, Ashton and I want to fuck your pussy! I have to have your pussy baby! Let me get you off with my big cock baby! You won't regret it!" She moans as she hears me say, " Fuck your pussy!" She pulls us apart and said: " Oh god John!! I would love that!! I need that!! So much! You don't know how bad I need to cum again!

And, it's always better if someone else get you off! Right?" I smile and move down the lounge chair. When I reach her hips, I untied the strings on both sides of her bikini. Her suit opened to me exposing all of her lovely pussy. It is so soft and the mound of skin that held it rose up swollen from her last orgasm and her excitement. I buried my nose into her crotch to get a whiff of her scent.

" AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH, what the hell are you doing John!" She shouted at me. Before she can push me away, I took a long lick of her wet slit with my tongue. She is shocked but also amazed at how good my tongue feels on her wet pussy.

She decides to let me lick her. I snaked my tongue out lapping all her juice from her cunt. I pull her panties off so I can have my way with her cunt. " OOOOHHHHH!" She cried out as my tongue flicks over her hard clit. My tongue is rough and it causes intense feelings as it runs up her slit and over her clit. She scooted down on the lounge chair so I have better access to her dripping twat. " UUUUGGGHHHHH, OOOHHHHHHH my God!" She screams as my tongue washed over her tight ass hole.

I'm lapping all the juice that dripped from her cunt and I cleaned it from her ass crack. Before she knew what is going on she feels my tongue push past her sphincter. " AAAAAHHHHHH, Oh John, OOHHHHH deeper John!" She tries to coax me as she pushes her ass back to my mouth. I must have had about 4 inches of tongue up her ass hole and it is driving her wild. My rough tongue is washing anus non stop. Her cunt is pouring her hot cum out in a stream.

" AAAWWWWW, UGGHHHH" She screams as my tongue found her cunt again. I drive my tongue deep into her pussy lapping all the juices up that I can reach. She grabs me by the head and pulls me closer to her dripping cunt. My tongue is buried deep in her then I rub her hot hard clit. " OOOOHHHHH, OHHHHHHH, God I'm cumming, OOOHHHHHH, OOHHHHHHH!" She screams as she flooded her hot sticky cum into my mouth.

I lap every drop of cum that she produced and made her cum three times before she pulls me away from her pussy. I stood up in front of her, I grabbed my hard cock. Ashton watched in fascination as my monster cock stuck out from my hairy groin. Ashton called me to sit next to her. I laid down on my back so my big cock is sticking straight up in the air. She slowly reaches her hand to my cock and stroked it gently.

Ashton can't believe that she was sitting here stroking my hard cock after I licked her to three fantastic orgasms. She feels my cock throbbing in her hand. She grips my cock a little tighter and pumps faster. I groan and shot my cum all over her hands and one shot landed on her bare tits. When I finished spurting my cum I got up off the chair.

Just the thought of what she is doing made her cunt begin to moisten again. I caught the scent of her pussy juice, I came back over and begin lapping her slit again. She moves down to give me better access to her cunt.

I buried my tongue deep into her cunt once again. She closed her eye's enjoying the feeling of my tongue in her pussy.

Before she realized what was happening, I had pulled my head from her cunt and crawled up between her spread legs to mount her. I positioned my cock between her pussy lips and against her slit, my arms on each side of her and thrusted my hard cock inside her.

" AAAAAHHHHHHH, OOOOOHHHH!" She screams as my hard cock sunk half the way in, " OMG.OH.OH.OH.OH.OH.Stop." Ashton panted as I jack-hammered in and out of her tight wet cunt. Ashton feels me begin to swell.

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My thick shaft is buried inside her cunt is expanding causing her to spasm with pain. Ashton's boyfriend never had fucked her as fast as I am. " OOHHHHHH.I-I.OH.I cumming! I-I. IIIIEEEEEEOOOO!" She shouted as I slam my cock hard and deep into her. She arches her back shoving her hips up to meet my thrusting cock.

She screams as a second and third orgasm hit her. My knot won't let me pull out so I keep thrusting. I gave a loud groan and she feels my cum flooding her cunt. When she feels my hot sticky goo flooding into her, she had her fourth orgasm from me. My knot slowly shrunk which allowed my dripping cock to slip from her well fucked pussy. She left me on the patio. She went up to her room for a well needed rest. The next morning Ashton got up, her swimsuit didn't leave much to the imagination.

As she is drying her legs off after another dip in the pool, I came up behind her and stuck my face in her crotch. " Oh, what the hell" she screams in surprise as she feels my tongue on her cunt. Ashton pushes me away but I came back to her snatch. I run my tongue over her wet suit trying to get a taste of her cunt.

She yells at me to stop, I see her sitting on the lounge chair slowly rubbing her pussy. Ashton had pulled her suit to the side and is rubbing her exposed cunt. I see she is leaking juice out of her pussy and it is running down to her ass.

I move back to her pussy having a taste of her pussy. I drive my tongue into her cunt deeply. I lick the walls of her pussy gathering all the juice that I can find. She is starting to moan from my rough tongue workout. " AWWWW, OOHHHHHHH, God, that is so good." Ashton sighs. I lick all over her pussy lips and clit then stuck my tongue deep into her pussy. " AAAAHHHHHHH, Oh God, AAAAHHHHHHH, your so deep in me" Ashton panted. " UUUUGGGGGHHHHH, OH SHIT!" Ashton screamed as I forced my rough tongue up her tight ass hole.

Ashton is muttering incoherently as I lap her anus. She is flooding the chair with her cunt juice. I reach down and plunged two fingers into her steamy cunt. " AAAHHHHHHHH, FUUUUUUUCK, OOHHHHH, God I'm Cumming. OHHHH!" she screams as she convulsed on my fingers. She ground her hips on my fingers that are buried into her cunt.

I pull my fingers out of her wet cunt. Then I move up and with one push bury my cock in her cunt. " AAAAEEEEEOOOHHHHHHH, OH MY GOD!" Ashton screams as she has another orgasm immediately when I plunged into her cunt. I'm thrusting into her fast and furiously. Ashton is having one orgasm after another. " OH, OH, OH, OH, OH, Oh my God, OOHHHHH, AAAHHHHHH!" she yells as she feels me wash the walls of her cunt with my hot sticky cum.

She passed out as she feels my knot swell inside of her pussy. I keep thrusting until my knot shrunk allowing me to withdraw from her sopping wet pussy.

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Ashton slowly came around panting heavily. She said that is the best orgasms she has ever experienced. She dips her fingers into the goo and brought it to her lips for a taste. She cleaned her cunt of the cum and smiled when it is clean. Ashton went into the house to her room, I followed her. She had removed her bikini bottoms and is slowly rubbing herself.

I hear her moaning as I approach. I hear her shout out in pleasure, I push her onto her back and spread her legs.

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I'm between her legs, " AAAAWWWWWWW!" Ashton shouts as I lick her wet cunt. I buried my tongue deep into her cunt. I'm lapping her juice as fast as she can produce it. She begins to shudder as her orgasm hit her. " OOOHHHHHHHHH, AAAAAHHHHHH, Fuck me, OOOOOO!" she cries as another powerful wave of pleasure washes over her. Ashton got down on her hands and knees as I came up behind her and mounted her.

I laid on her back wrapping my arms around her torso. I found her wet cunt hole and sank my hard cock deep inside her. I immediately start to thrust into her fast and furiously. " UGH, UGH, UGH, UGH, OOOOHHHHH!" Ashton panted in time with my strokes.

" AAWWWWW, AAAAHHHH, Oh God, Oh God, I'm cumming again, OOOHHHH!" she screams as she humped her ass back to me. I'm taking long strokes, the tip of my cock at the entrance of her cunt as I thrust back in then withdraw it completely and thrust back in again. Ashton is shaking non stop with multiple orgasms as I fuck her hard.

Then my cock slips out and pointed downward when I thrusted forward. " AAAAAAAEEEEEE!" Ashton screams as she feels my hard cock slams into her ass. Thankfully she is leaking so much cum that I slipped right into her tight ass. " OOHHHHHHHH, OOOOOOOOHHHHHHH, OOHHHHH!" she shrieks as another powerful orgasm crashes over her. " AAARRRRRGGGGGG, OOHHHHHH, his knot is so big, OOHHHH, again, Oh I'm cumming again!" she screams as she passed out on the floor.

She is breathing in short gasps, as I continue fucking into her ass trying to climax. I give a groan and flooded her ass with cum. When I finally pull my cock from her ass there is a steady stream of cum oozing out of her. Ashton is awake and she got up and walked to the bathroom.

I kissed Ashton deeply and told her that yesterday and this morning was the most erotic thing I had done in a long time. I told her that I was going to fuck her again when tonight.

Ashton laughed and asked me why we had to wait until tonight, why we couldn't fuck this afternoon. I smiled and told her that it would be fine with me if she wanted to another session this afternoon. My guess is that we were in for a long pleasurable afternoon and night.