Russian Bimbo Girlfriend Masturbates With Nipple Clamps

Russian Bimbo Girlfriend Masturbates With Nipple Clamps
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-so fellow goths punks and rejects Pyro and Ravin I woke up to the sun glaring through the window. It was Monday morning, I had to go to school in a hour so I took a shower and put on a black Rob Zombie t-shirt and some black jean shorts with white stitching.

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My name is chris Spang, I'm 16yrs old. I live in the city of Sheboygan,WI. Or as i call it Shitboygan. I am a pretty tall kid.

I am about 6foot. I have shaved brown hair. I have a older brother Aaron who is 21yrs old, a little shorter then me but more bulker then me, same shaved brown hair, we look sorta the same but different style, Aaron has a more preppy look, where as I have a more heavy mettle and punk rock look.

I also have two sisters but they live with my mom. me and Aaron live with my dad. So after my shower I still had 45mins till I have to leave. It was my first day at this school. I was kicked out of my last one for beating some idiots ass for talking shit about me.

So i went into mine and my brothers room, i found my brother sitting on his bed. I walked over to my ihome and plugged my ipod in and turned on my favorite song of disturbed "meaning of life" "turn that crap off" my brother said "fuck you, this is good music you have to start listening to to this music instead of that rap crap" i said as i went into my dresser droor and got my weed. I rolled a joint and we smoked it. "see ya man gotta get to school" "don't get kicked out this time" he yelled as I was walking away "I'll try not to" I said laughing, I grabbed my phone and ipod and started walking to the school listening to rob zombie.

My new school is called central high school. I am a junior now. I arrived at central high and entered the office to pick up my schedule. When I entered the office there was this girl sitting in a chair in the waiting area. She had blackhair with red highlights, she had black eyeliner and lipstick on and she had snakebites, a nose ring in the left nostril and two in the left eyebrow and three in each ear. she was wearing a tight black, black veil brides shirt and a black mini skirt.

She looked demonic, yet beautiful.

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"What the fuck you looking at!!? she said.

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"None of your damn business!!" I said. The receptionist over heard us and came to see what was going on. "what's going on out here?" she said looking at us. "nothing. I just came to get my schedule, my names Chris Spang, I'm new." "oh, nice to meet you. I'll go get that real quick." she came back with the paper, handing it to me. "your first class is geometry, just walk down the hall and take a right the last room to the left." "thanks" and went on my way.

I followed what she told me and entered the room. Everyones heads turned to look at me. I just froze, the teacher looked to see me standing there."you must be chris, you can take a seat in the back left" I took my seat. The guy next to me looked and said " hey i'm John" I looked next to me and replied "what's up I'm chris but you can call me pyro everyone at my last school did." he laughed "cool to meet you pyro, why did they call you pyro?" "I would start shit on fire all the time" then the girl from the office walked in and sat down.

She looked over at me and gave me a evil glare then looked away. I followed down from her face to her breast, I think there large Cs or beginner Ds. I could tell she wasn't wearing a bra. I followed down to her legs, her legs were pale firm and sexy. I was starting to get hard. I wish I could jack off but I was stuck in class. Next couple classes flew and it was finally lunch.

I met up with John in the lunch room and we headed out the door and he took me to the church down the street. I sparked up a cigg during the walk. We got to the church and we sat there and talked while smoking our ciggs. Then the girl walked up and said "hey dumbass I want to talk to you" wondering what the hell she wanted I got up and followed her to the walkway that goes through the middle of the church.

When we stopped I asked "what the fuck is your problem with me, why you acting like." is all I got out when she jumped on me locking lips are tongs dancing together, she had a tong pearcing.

I started to rub and message here breast, I was right she wasn't wearing a bra. then I broke the kiss."wait I don't even know your name" "it's Ravin" she said while getting down on her nees undoing my pants freeing my hard as stone 7in cock. She gave a lustful grin before she started licking around the head before she started bobbing her head up and down on my cock. She only could get 5 inches in her mouth before gagging.

" pyro."I said in between pants. I put my head back with my eyes closed and put my hand on the back of her head and started pushing her head deeper on my cock.

I started feeling the cum racing up from my balls and I yelled "I.IM.GONNA.CUUUUMMMM!!!! She tried to swallow as much as she could but some still dribbled down the side of her mouth. She stood up and wiped It off with her hand."what was all that about?"I asked.

"I like you and now were together" she smiled then she walked away. I met back up with John and told him the whole story "no fucking way man, on your first day!" "I know I can't believe it either!" the rest of the day went slow and I couldn't stop thinking about Ravin. I just met her, not even and she just sucked my dick out of nowhere.

The bell finally rang and I started to head out the door when someone tapped me on the shoulder I turn around and it was Ravin, she grabbed my hand and started to pull me out the door after about 5 min. of walking I finally asked her where we are going. "my house" 15min later we stopped at a old run down house. White paint almost all pealed off, it wasn't falling apart though it seemed in tact, it looks like it was abandoned for a wile.

All the grass and trees were dead. "you live here?" I asked "ya just follow me" she said. We walked to the back door and she opened it. The outside looked like shit but the inside look nice. Black and purple wallpaper on all the walls. Black furniture and poster of bands and drawings everywhere."this place is tight,where's your parents?" "I live here with friends I ran away a year ago when I was 16" we walked into the livening room where 4 other girls were.


"hey guys this is pyro my new boyfriend" the girl on the way right in the the recliner was wearing a black skinny jeans and a black tang-top and black sneakers. "hey I'm Amber" she said the next girl to introduce herself was on the right side of the black leather couch smoking a cigarette.

She was wearing a short skirt like ravins but it was red and her t-shirt was black with a wicked-gory designs of something, I couldn't tell what it was. She was wearing black knee high leather boots. Her hair was black, strait and went down to her shoulders.

She had pale white skin and had two nose rings in the left nostril, two in the left eyebrow and a skull piercing in each ear. "hey I'm autumn" then next girl was wearing black skinny jeans and was wearing a marilyn Manson t-shirt. Her hair was short down to the middle of her neck.

It was black with green, red, and blue highlights. "I'm Lexi" she said with a big smile on her face. The last girl looked really shy, she had sweat pant and a black tang-top on.

Her hair was just plain black that went down to her shoulders "my names Abby" she practically whispered. "hey why do they call you pyro?" Autumn asked.

I took out a cigg and lit it "because I like to set things on fire,so my friends at my last school started calling me pyro" I took a drag of my cigg."hey guys can you give us some "alone time"" Ravin interrupted"sure" they all said as they got up and left.

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As soon as they left Ravin jump on me almost nocking me on my back, she wrapped her legs around my waist. I put my cigg out still kissing her. We made out for about 5 minutes then I broke the kiss and took her shirt off reveling her perky large C cup breast that had no sag. I started to suck and lick her left erect nipple. She let out small moans of pleasure she pulled my head away and took of my shirt. As soon as she got my shirt off I yanked down her skirt in one motion. I was shocked that she wasn't wearing any panties!

Her pussy was extremely wet and her pussy juices were running down her leg! That just got me harder. I licked the pussy juices all the way up to her shaven pussy. As I did that she shuddered and let out a moan. I licked up and down her pussy as she moaned and moaned. I stuck my tong in her pussy.

"ohh" she let out a loud moan I stuck two finger in her pussy and started fingering her pussy for all it's worth. I knew she was close so I sped up.


Her pussy tightened around my fingers, "I'm.Gon.Gonna.Cuuuuuuuum!!!!!!!" I put my mouth to her pussy and drank as much as I could. She was twitching like she was having a seizure. When she came back from her own little world she was panting like crazy. "that.was.insane!" "I want you inside me now!!" she yelled.

I quickly yanked my jean shorts off reveling my massive hard on. "big boy wants to play" she said in a seductive tone. "yes he does" I said as I position my cock at the entrance to her pussy. I slowly started pushing in.

She was extremely tight. As soon as I was all the way in I pulled out till only the head was in then I slammed my cock back in. Soon enough I was jackhammering her pussy. "OHHHHHHHH.PPPPPPPPYYYYYYYYRRRRRRRROOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!" I was starting to get close but I wanted to hold off till she came first.

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And sure enough. "Ohhhhh.Baby I'm gonna.CUUUUUUUMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" As soon as she said that I blew my load in her. When we came down from our climaxes we fell on the couch and past out