Angela White and Mia Malkova in an oiled threesome

Angela White and Mia Malkova in an oiled threesome
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It was a typical day in the office and I was busy clock watching as 5PM approached. I had a hours drive before I would be home for the weekend and able to put the week behind me and look forward to a relaxing few days.

The miles counted down slowly as they always did in the end of week rush hours but I was soon through the worst of it with only a twenty mile stretch left to go. About 30 minutes later I pulled in to the drive and switched off, I would be happy not to see the car for the rest of the weekend, little did I know that this would be closer to the truth than I could have imagined. As I went to enter through the back gate as usual I was confused why it had been locked, puzzled I reverted to using the front door, passing by the windows to the door I noticed that the blinds had not been opened, not totally unusual as we didn't tend to use the lounge during the day and often forgot to open them until much later in the day.

However, gate locked and the blinds closed was very strange indeed. I put the key in the lock and opened the door, walking in and closing it behind me I then called out to see who was in. Silence, I heard nothing. I walked through to the kitchen and dumped my things down, kicked off my shoes and headed upstairs to get changed into weekend wear. Walking past each of the rooms on the way to the master bedroom I glanced in, not one was about.

At this point I guessed everyone was out and I would text Jenny once I had changed to see why I haven deserted. I walked round the corner to our room and saw a post it note on the door, at last a feeling of relief that I hadn't been forgotten and that all would become clear.

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On approaching the note it looked more like an essay, small writing covered the note which read the following. "James - before you enter the room you must understand that what you are about to see is me giving myself to you for the weekend. I have ensured that we will have the whole weekend undisturbed to do with what we wish.

The next 24 hours I will serve you and concede to anything you wish, from 7pm Saturday evening you will concede to anything I wish. I will not hold back as these times are few and far between. I love you, Jenny XXX" I was shocked, firstly how she managed to get all that on a post it note. when she could have used an A4 piece of paper; secondly what was I in for? I knew Jenny was in our room and she had been waiting for my return.

I could feel the adrenaline building inside me as this weekend was going to be one that first I wouldn't forget in a hurry and that I had the next 24 hours to do whatever I wished. Hundreds of my fantasies rushed through my mind, would Jenny really allow me to do anything I wished? Time would tell, I reached for the door handle and opened the door slowly not knowing what I was about to discover. As I walked into our room I saw Jenny sat naked needling on her knees with her hands rested on them, her head was lowered in almost a look of shame.

I walked over and knelt down next to her and using one hand under her chin lifted her head slowly. Her eyes avoided mine as I leant in and kissed her slowly. Her lips were soft as they touched mine; Jenny parted her lips slightly as I slipped my tongue past them. Moments later I slowly pulled away, Jenny looked into my eyes and just said "I'm your to enjoy" Jenny lent to the side and pulled over a familiar basked box that I knew contains all those things that would ensure we would have a fantastic weekend.

Having a busy life had meant that the basket had not been out for some time and neither of us had had the time or energy to make use of any of the contents. Jenny lifted the lid and I saw that it had been tidied and even a few things I didn't recognise. Jenny looked up at me "I've bought a few new things and anything that required batteries has had new ones put in, there is also spare batteries should we need them." "This weekend is about us, I am giving myself to you, you may do anything you wish but remember that 7pm tomorrow I'm can take control, and this means that I can ask you to do anything I want".


I looked straight into Jenny's eyes and lent in for a kiss. This was golfing to be one heck of a weekend for the both of us. "I only have one request" Jenny looked intently "if at any point you are not happy then you must say, I would rather stop than ruin the weekend because you didn't say anything. Jenny looked at me "If I were to refer to the colours of the traffic light to indicate how I was feeling would that be better." I thought for a moment "explain what you mean so I'm clear from the off, I don't want to miss understand anything.

"Red, is a clear stop, it doesn't mean you have just hurt me or that I'm uncomfortable but I wouldn't like for you to continue whatever it may be you are doing. Orange, this means you may be getting close to a Red but keep doing what you're doing but maybe go a little easier. Green, not sure why we would need this but I may say it if I like something and want more of it, kind of like errr faster or harder". I think I understand and I'm clear of what I have to listen out for.

Jenny looks back at me and only has one more things to say "what are you waiting for". Still in a little shock and unsure what I want to do first I stand and walk away to get changed out of my work gear that I've still not managed to change out of yet.

While undoing my top button of my shirt it hits me, what am I doing? The note said for the next 24 hours Jenny would serve me, I didn't want to make her a slave but I thought I would test the waters to see how up for this she was. "Come here and help me get out of these things" Jenny as quick as anything hurried over and began to undo my shirt, slowly and almost seductively she undid each button in turn and pushed it off my shoulders and to the floor.

Next she tugged at my belt then undid my trousers letting them also fall. I stepped out and grabbed some lounging trousers and a t-shirt, while I began putting them on I asked Jenny to fetch us both a drink. Jenny didn't put anything on and was about to make her way to the kitchen when I stopped her. "Hold on a minute" Jenny stopped in her tracks and froze. Walked over to her draws and pulled out a little black micro thong, I then went to the basket and rummaged through to find firstly the bottle of lube and then the shiny silver butt plug.

"Come back here, I want you to wear these". Jenny walked over and looked at me, without saying another word she took the bottle of lube, turned around and squirted what I thought was more than was necessary amount of lube at the top of her sexy bum. Jenny quickly bent over as the lube ran slowly between her cheeks to her arsehole; I quickly lifted the silver bullet and twisted it to cover it in lube.

Gently I worked the plug into Jennie arsehole pushing and pulling it in and out before giving it a final push all the way in. Jenny let out a little moan of pleasure and wriggled her ass to get things comfortable.

I then opened her thong as she stepped into it; slowly I pulled it up her legs ensuring that the back strap pushed on the inserted bullet, the front just managed to cover her swollen pussy lips.

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Everything looked very nice, Jenny had clearly ensured that she was perfectly smooth; I always loved her pussy completely bald it feels so much nice when licking and sucking on her lips. I stood up and told Jenny to get our drinks, off she went with a pleased smile on her face.

Once she had left the room it gave me a change to have a look through the basked at what I wanted to play with first. I have always liked the idea of spanking and whipping Jenny's sexy bum but thought that could come later or even tomorrow before my time was up.

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Another interest I had was rope, tying Jenny up and restricting her movement. I went through the box and pulled out a few wraps of soft rope, the white one was slightly thinner that the yellow ones and much longer.

Jenny returned with the drinks which I about downed in one as I wanted to get started with the rope. Although I had only put the thong on some ten minutes ago I needed it off, this is what comes when you caught off guard and don't have things planned, I'll certainly try to remember this over the next 24 hours.

I pulled Jenny in front of the large mirror with her back to it, I ran my finger all over her body as I walked around her, I could see goose bumps up and down her arms as I moved around. "I'm going to tie your body up" to which she simply replied "you may do whatever you wish". I took the long white rope which must have been about ten metres long and folded it in half, from the centre of the rope I place it around her neck and tied a figure of eight just below her sternum, from here the two ends of the rope were separated so each could head toward a breast.

I asked Jenny to lead forward so the full weight of her DD boobs would drop down, as she bent over I looped the rope around tightly seven times.

I instructed her to stand up so I could tie the end off before repeating on the other side; again the rope was looped seven times and tied off. The effect of the tight rope around her boobs made them push forward like they were almost ready to pop. I slowly teased each boob with my fingers avoiding the nipples deliberately; Jenny clearly liked the feeling as soft moans of pleasure could be heard. I then past the rope around the body and looped it through itself a number of times until I was happy with my work, as the two ends came together just below her belly button I then passed them between her legs ensuring that each rope went either side of her pussy.

As I brushed past her lips I noticed how wet she was becoming, not wanting to be distracted I continued as if I hadn't noticed. The rope then went up tight over the butt plug pushing it slightly, this I'm sure reminded her that it was there.

After a few more twists and turns my work was complete, I stepped back and saw how sexy she was looking, I could grab any part of the rope and the rest would tighten slightly inflicting not pain but firm pressure. I leaned in and started to kiss different parts of Jenny's body, up her neck and down over her tight bound boobs, slowly I took her erect nipples between my teeth and bit down firmly enough that it would almost hurt but not so much that it caused pain.

Jenny was getting more turned on by the minute; her breathing was getting faster and deeper. I pulled the rope from the back and twisted it, this gave and increased pull on the whole loom covering her body. I used this twisting move to guide her towards the bed, with a quick spin I pushed her back so she fell back on the bed but landing firmly on the plug in her ass. Slowly but with more commitment I kissed and sucked my way up the inside of her legs, pushing the wide open so Jenny's pussy was in clear sight.

The rope had been holding her lips closed but now having her legs open allowed them to part, I could see a small trickle of sweet pussy juice escaping which had my name on it. I don't know what it is about the taste of her pussy but I could drink it all day long. Without delay I headed in, with one slow firm action I licked from the butt plug all the way up to her clitoral hood collecting the sweet juice on the way.

I pulled back slightly and savoured the taste before returning for more, again and again I licked her pussy, and Jenny started lifting as if to offer me more. The more I licked the more Jenny panted and moaned, I could tell she was not far from cumming on my face, I kept going flick my tongue over her pussy teasing her, building her up more and more.

Then as quick as I started I stopped, I could see the look of disappointment on Jenny's face but just smiled and told her the night is young, and this is my wish. Jenny smiled back as if she knew I was building her up for a fantastic orgasm later in the evening. It wasn't an easy thing to do, nobody likes to be let down but this was part of my plan. It was about 8:30 and neither of us had eaten, I pulled Jenny to her feet and asked what she had planned for dinner, or had she intended herself to be the main course.

Jenny looked at me and smiled, then without hesitation she spoke "I have dinner in the oven that should be ready, we can go and eat now if you wish" with that we headed down to the kitchen, Jenny made no effort to cover up; she just walked out of our room to the kitchen.

I sat at the table for a moment and watched her as she sorted the last few bits out, watching her having to bend over and the rope getting very tight at times she pushed through what was clearly a trying time. I asked if she was okay as it looked like she could explode at any minute. "The rope is tight, my boobs feel like they are ready to explode, every step I take my clit is rubbed by the rope, my ass is in constant pleasure, and you are watching me. I'm so close to having a massive orgasm and I have a feeling from the abrupt halt upstairs you will not allow me to have one?" I smiled at Jenny and asked her if she really wanted to cum, was this something she wanted or needed?

"I don't need to cum because your wish if for me to wait, I want to cum because I don't know how long I can last and don't want to disappoint you. "So what if you did cum without my permission?, what do you think I should do?" Jenny continued preparing dinner and bought it to the table.

"If I came without your permission I would expect to be punished for it, as to what you should do this is your decision." Jenny sat down and we began to eat, every so often I would take my fork and slowly run the prongs over her boobs and let her nipples get flicked. This left faint red marks all over her boobs, each time I did it I could hear her moan with pleasure.

As I finished my last mouthful I stood behind Jenny and put my arm around her and squeezed her boobs and played particular attention to her nipples, twisting them and pulling them, the longer I played the harder I was. I thought I was going to get and orange or even a red but Jenny took it and was clearly enjoying every moment. I can only think that her endorphins must be flooding her body, this was a good thing.

I know it's not fair but I had intentionally not giver her permission to cum, I wanted her to fail and I had a feeling she wanted this as well. I didn't have to wait too long, the rough aggressive nipple play had done the trick, without even a moment's notice Jenny began to monad and quiver and then finally gave in to her orgasm.

She quickly came round as she realised I hadn't given her permission, she was still jolting with electric shock running through her body but managed to utter a few words. "I.I'm sorry, didn't give me permission" "No, you are correct, for that you will be punished". Jenny pushed her plate away and dropped her head, she was unsure what I would do for a punishment but to heighten the senses I would not administer this straight away. I cleared away the dinner plated and directed Jenny to go to the lounge and find a film I would be interested in!

She know what I meant, and knew what sort of file I wanted to see. Meanwhile I again raided the toy basket to find a few things to tease Jenny with. I returned to the lounge to find a suitably naughty film on the TV I settled down next to Jenny and held her close, I could feel and certain nervousness about her, as we cuddled up she began to relax, I just wanted to be all over her body teasing her it was hard to stop myself jumping on top of her and fucking the hell out of her.

I reached into my pocket and pulled out two nipple clamps, the standard kind I suspect most people have. She looked and smiled while I dragged them over her boobs, she knew that within moments she would be having the clamp down on her nipples. I leaned in and began kissing and sucking her nipples, pulling as hard as I thought I could go without pushing the limits. Ones satisfied they we as erect as I could get them I spread the clamp and with a sharp action released it, Jenny jumped as the biting pain hits and subsided, the dull reminding pain lingered until I repeated the other side, Jenny gasped and then relaxed as she accepted then dull pain I had inflected.

Jenny was sat with her legs up on me; this gave me a nice access path to her bum and pussy. I reached into my pocket again and pulled out a latex glove, I quickly slipped it on and began dragging my fingers over the back of her legs and bum.


I pushed on the butt plug and then tugged at it, the resistance of her bum was not going to give it up easily, I play a little while longer and managed to pull it half way out before it was sucked back inside. Jenny had closed her eyes and the pleasure inside her grew and grew. I pushed her legs apart to allow her pussy to open that was being held closed by the rope. I used my middle finger and slowly pushed it in and out of her pussy. One by one I added a finger until four we pushing in and out of her ever wetter pussy.

Jenny was panting and I knew she wouldn't be able to last much longer; I didn't want her to fail a second time as this would be unfair. I opened her legs fully and slipped out so I had full access to her pussy, Jenny looked at me and just muttered "that feels so nice but I want more" without a second thought I turned my thumb in and started to push slow and hard, I whispered to Jenny that she could cum only when she really needed to.

She smiled which quickly disappeared as I pushed my whole fist further inside her pussy. It was tight and I could see a glimpse of pain on Jenny's face.

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As I pushed harder I get a sudden jolt and her pussy clamped around my wrist and my full hand was inside her. I paused for a moment and then started to move, Jenny was close but she was hanging out for a little longer. The more I moved the more her pussy relaxed and the more noise Jenny made. I angled my fingers up to put firm pressure on her g-spot, this does two things to Jenny.

It makes her cum without fail and also makes her squirt. Both are things I love to watch and to taste for that matter. I pump away faster and faster, Jenny squeezes her boobs and pulls on the clamps, without any delay Jenny erupts, her orgasm shoots through her whole body sending wave upon wave of shocks from head to toe, during the orgasm Jenny pushes down in her pussy forcing my hand out followed by a gushing stream of pussy juice.

I lower my head down to catch the stream and gulp down the sweet taste of her juice, as it slows I plunge my tongue deep into Jenny adding further shock wave to her already uncontrollable body.

It has taken a good five to ten minutes for Jenny to return from whichever cloud she landed on. I continue to tease and play with her rubbing the latex glove all over her body. I'm sure I haven't helped her return but at last she manages to get back to some sort of coherent babel.

"How are you feeling baby" I know a stupid question! "Fantastic, thank you for letting me cum at last" I hadn't forgotten about the punishment, and I had purposely left the nipple clamps in place to keep the endorphins flowing round her body.

She will be thankful of them later when I really push the limits. For now we will rest and watch the film, I continue to touch and play with Jenny and she responds with reassuring moans of pleasure. Looking at the time I see it's just gone past 10:30, I still had the punishment to administer and it couldn't wait until tomorrow. I turn the TV off and tell Jenny to go up to our room and select a toy to be punished with, then lay on the bed with your arse in the air on your knees.

I will be up soon. Jenny looked at me and immediately stood up and went to our room, I remained in the lounge to aid the tension building up within Jenny. Fifteen minutes must have passed; I popped outside to collect something from the garden and made my way upstairs. As soon as I opened the door I was faced with a splendid site to Jenny's arse looking back at me.

The silver bullet was asking to be pulled out and I took no time grabbing it and tugging it fully out. Due to the position Jenny was in her arse remained open, I bent down and slowly ran my tongue around the rim which then caused it to snap closed.

I licked for a few minutes before stopping to deliver my question in a stern voice. "Why have I asked you to select a toy and present yourself in this way?" Jenny swallowed and in a hesitant voice softly replies. "I came when I didn't get permission and now I'm going to be punished for it?" "That is correct. I see you have chosen a paddle, you will get twenty five swipes with the paddle, are you sure this is the toy you wish to be used?

You can't say I'm not fair, I'm sure the basket contains many more toys that would cause less pain than the paddle. "No, I have made my choice, if you are happy with it then so am I" "The only thing I will say is remember the traffic lights, oh and you must count each stroke. Don't mess up or we will have to start again. I will go a little easier on the first five but then we will see how we get on".

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As I looked down at Jenny's white bum I thought to myself that this may be the last time it's this white for a few days! I dragged my fingers across lovingly. "If you are ready we shall begin" "I'm ready" Without a moment passing I lifted the paddle and smacked it squarely on Jenny's bum. "One" Jenny called out with only a slight wince in her voice. Again I raised the paddle and made contact with her bum "Two" Jenny was taking this very well which made me consider that I may be being too soft.


I rose once again and with about twice the force smacked down. A moment passed "three" I could tell that I was having more of a effect on her. Each time I increased the power of the strike, I was surprised that we had go to fifteen and I hadn't got so much as an orange light! I was curious as to how much Jenny could take, her bum was getting redder with every hit and I could see her pussy glistening. Was she getting off on her punishment? I raised my arm again and thought I would get at least an orange light as my arm came down with the paddle on her bum.

Jenny arched her back and gasped but simply called out "sixteen". If I were to keep them at this level she would reach the point of calling an orange. Smack "Seventeen" Smack "Eighteen" Smack "Nineteen" Smack "Twenty -Green" I'm sorry what did you say "Twenty - Green" Green was a sign for more, did she really just ask for more, I can only guess she wants it harder as she knew she was getting twenty five.

Those endorphins must be running wild throughout her body. Just to be on the safe side I leaned over. "Would I be right in saying you want me to administer the last ones harder?" Jenny lifted her head and looked directly at me "Yes please" "I will do as you have asked; if you change your mind then please let me know in the agreed way. "I will, please continue" This was it, going for broke, I raised my arm and came down with an almighty whack, Jenny arched and moaned and gasped, I really thought this would be the end but after about thirty seconds Jenny took a deep breath.

"Twenty one - still green" Again, whack "Twenty two" Whack "Twenty three" Whack "Twenty four - more green" Jenny was trying to impress me with the final strike, whatever happens now she knows it's over. I look down at her red bum; the heat rising from it could fry an egg. I run my fingers over which causes Jenny to wriggle in a conflict of pleasure and pain. I raise my arm and bring it down with a huge force, WHACK.

Jenny gasps and held her breath for a moment, then breaths out. "Twenty Five - Thanks you" I hope you remember this next time you choose to cum without permission. I reach down and pull Jenny from the bed and untie the rope, as I remove it marked are left from where she has been tied all night, I bring the rope between her legs and she lets out a sigh of relief as the pressure releases.

Before I remove the rope from you boobs I have one last punishment, once I have administered this I will fuck you and you may cum without permission for the rest of tonight but not tomorrow unless I give permission. I take hold of the nipple clamps and quickly remove them, Jenny grabs her nipples as the blood rushes in and the sudden pain hits. You can see she is just about to cum from the pain. Her nipples are on fire and so is her bum. Jenny certainly is a girl on the edge.

I pull Jenny's arms down and push them round behind her back; I quickly suck hard on each nipple which tips Jenny closer to her building orgasm. I instruct Jenny not to move; I grab a latex glove and reach for the surprise I fetched from the garden. Jenny looks at me inquisitively as I hold a bunch of stinging nettle leaves in front of her. Jenny swallows as she is unsure what I'm doing with them in the house. "They may sting but they will also give you a lasting pleasure while you sleep".

I take one leaf from the bunch, with the leaf in my left hand and Jenny's pussy in my right I brush the nettle over her nipple. Jenny jumps but is shocked how nice the sting is, the more I brush the nipple the more she appears to like it.

I'm beginning to think I have a bit of a pain slut here who likes a bit of pleasure and pain. With every brush of the nettle leaf I also add some pleasure in her pussy; she is so wet and so close now, I grab the whole bunch and push it from one boob to the other, Jenny is panting faster and faster. She is so getting off on this and it's about time I did too.

I dropped the nettles on the bed and stripped, I had been hard just about all night and I knew what I wanted. Jenny laid back and grabbed a glove; I lifted her legs and with one swift motion slipped balls deep inside her, in and out thrusting as deep as her body would let me. Jenny had grabbed the nettles and was frantically rubbing them all over her boobs, I could see the sting marks covering her.

As I pushed deep inside Jenny started to shudder with her impending orgasm, faster and deeper I went, Jenny's pussy began to squirt sweet pussy juice all over me as her orgasm hit, I too had reached the point of not being able to hold back any more as I pumped my cum deep in her pussy covering her internal wall of her pussy.

Both of us were panting trying to catch our breaths as we recovered. Jenny looked up at me and just smiled with joy of the evening she has just had. I kissed her passionately and held her tight to me enjoying the warmth together.

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After about five minutes I stood up and looked down at Jenny's exhausted body, without a second thought Jenny sat up and took me in her mouth, sucking and cleaning my dick ensuring that she had got every last drop of our mixed up cum cocktail. Once she was sure I was clean she reached down to her pussy and cupped her hand and dragged it forward catching as much of our cocktail from her pussy as she could, eagerly she raised her hand and began slowly kicking and sucking each finger clean.

I stood and watched as she held her gaze with me, at the same time Jenny was lightly stroking her boobs feeling the bumps from the stings and the punishment I had inflicted on her. It had been a long and eventful evening. We were both exhausted and we're both aware that things will be just as eventful tomorrow, I still had a full day to do whatever I wanted with Jenny and by the look on her face she really didn't know what to expect. Whatever it was she would give it her all, but until then she would fall asleep with her body feeling well and truly used, any pain she had was just a reminder of her giving herself up to me for the evening.

To be continued.