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Gay boys blasen
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SUCH GOOD FRIENDS Chapter ten—Find Your Date Mark and Beth were invited to a special party by David, one of Mark's football friends. A dozen or so other couples were invited¬¬¬. There were stories about David's parties that were spread around school, that they were sexy and fun, and that only a few special friends were ever invited. Not knowing what the party was about but intrigued by the rumors, they accepted and made plans for the weekend. When the weekend finally rolled around, they had a nice dinner date, and then drove over to David's house for the party.

There were drinks and snacks waiting for them and music and dancing while the couples either got to know each other or to catch up on activities of those they already knew. When everyone was comfortable and happy, David moved the party down to the basement. It was a large area, carpeted and comfortable with couches and stuffed chairs around the perimeter. There were no windows at all, but there was soft lighting and background music.

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Some of the couples danced and others made themselves comfortable on the couches and chairs. "Okay," David announced. "Those of you who have been here before already know what's going to happen. For those of you who are new, I'll explain.

All of the couples will split up with one of you going to line up on this wall and the other against the other wall. What will happen is that the lights will be turned off and will remain off for 30 minutes. During that time, each of you will attempt to find your date in the dark.

There will be no noise or talking. Anyone caught breaking this rule will be asked to leave. Any questions?" One of the girls asked, "What do we do when we find one another?" "Whatever you want to do," David replied. "Remember, it will be totally dark and no one will be able to see you." "What if we can't find our date or if we find out that we ended up with the wrong person?" "Same thing.

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It will be totally dark and no one will know what you did. After 30 minutes, the lights will come back on and we will all see if we found the right partner. When the lights come back on, I will explain what happens next. Everyone ready?

Okay. Lights out." With no lights and no windows, it was so dark, no one could even see their own hands held in front of their face. Mark slowly started to walk across the room with his arms stretched out in the direction he thought Beth would be in. Unfortunately, Beth was also trying to head in his direction, but with no lights, there was no way to tell directions or progress. His hand touched a body, but a quick pat on the chest revealed no tits.

"Another guy," he thought as he moved around him and continued to search in the dark. He bumped into someone else and felt a small hand touch his groin. Mark moved his hand to her chest and checked her boobs.

Giving her tits a small squeeze, he knew it was not Beth because her tits were too small. Still, boobs were boobs and he began to caress both of her little titties, enjoying the firm but soft breasts. The girl, realizing he was not her date, slapped his hands away and continued to search for her date. Mark bumped into a couple more guys before meeting up with another girl. This one had tits that seemed to be the same size as Beth's.

A quick check revealed a familiarly shaped ass that could be Beth's so he reached down and slid his hand up her skirt to her mound and began to rub it gently. Eventually, he realized this girl was taller than Beth and he reluctantly moved on but not before giving her tits a love squeeze. The girl playfully grabbed his ass before moving on.

Mark quickly rejected another couple who had seemingly found each other and were busy exploring each other's bodies in the dark. He passed several other couples before bumping into another female. This girl had large soft breasts, a nice ass and was the right height. Pulling up her skirt, he found a tiny pair of panties and Mark remembered Beth had worn panties like that when he had been with her before.

He slid his hand into her panties and fingered her pussy, then realized he was in extremely familiar territory and knew without a doubt that he was holding Beth's pussy in his hand.

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"Hello, Beth," he thought as he used both hands to pull her panties down and off, stuffing them into his pocket. Beth unzipped his pants, reached in and pulled out his hardening cock and began to suck it, getting on her knees to do so. Mark bent down and rubbed her tits before pulling his cock out of her mouth and dropping down to his knees so he could move his hands under her shirt.

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He quickly released the snaps on her bra giving him full access to her luscious tits that he loved so much. "Five minutes!" David announced.

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Beth reattached her bra strap but left her panties off. They kissed and cuddled until David said the five minutes were up and turned the lights on. Most of the couples had found each other, but there were a few who had ended up with the wrong partner and several others who were still looking.


"I recognized your sexy panties," Mark said. "I knew it was you right off from your sexy smell." "Okay, David announced. "Those of you who have not found a partner can pair up with your date. If you unfortunately ended up with the wrong partner, I'm afraid you must remain with that person for the next part." Some of those couples were upset or angry that they ended up with the wrong person, or that their date ended up with someone else.

Too embarrassed to try to change back to the right person and to take the chance that they may be asked to leave, they all followed the rules and awaited instructions for the next part of the game. "Now for this next part, the lights will be turned off again for one hour. You will again get five minutes warning before the lights come back on.

"Good luck and have fun," David said as he turned the lights off. Mark and Beth were sitting on the floor and quickly stripped their clothes off. Beth grabbed his cock and took it in her mouth as Mark moved to her cunt for a pleasurable '69.' Beth quickly reached a quiet orgasm, then moved her naked body over his, guiding his cock to her hungry pussy.

She lowered her body onto his, sliding his cock all the way into her hot depths. As Beth started to hump him, he reached up and caressed her tits, squeezing them and rolling her nipples until they were stiff and hard.

Beth and Mark heard sounds of passion all around the room as they fucked and then added their own sounds of sexual pleasure. Beth's cunt clamped down on Mark's cock as she reached her orgasm, then continued to pulse as he emptied his load into her hot box. Her cunt muscles milked his cock trying and succeeding in draining every drop of his sperm-laden cum, holding it inside her body and flooding the entrance to her cervix.

Mark pulled out and moved Beth to her hands and knees and then moved behind her and slid his cock back into her, doggie style. He reached for her tits and caressed them, teasing her nipples until they were hard and her aureoles tight and wrinkled.

Beth reached down her body and rubbed her clitoris releasing a flood of her juices and moving her closer to orgasm.

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When she came, she cried out with a long quiet moan, her juices and Mark's cum mixed and leaking out of her cunt and pooling on the floor beneath them. They were laying quietly in each other's arms when a girl moved up to them.

"Would you like to trade partners? My boy friend is really good. He made me come." "Okay with you, Beth?" "I think so," she replied. "As long as it's okay with you." Mark moved the girl to his side and kissed her softly and then caressed her breasts.

They were very small and firm but soft and squeezable. He moved his hand down her abdomen to her belly and kissed his way down until his lips reached her nipples, then started to lick and suck. When his hand reached her pussy, he located her clitoris and softly circled it with his finger. She was already very wet from her recent orgasm, so he easily pushed his finger deep into her cunt until he located her G spot and started rubbing it.

"Ahhh," she cried. "I don't know what you're doing but it feels wonderful." She reached for his cock and tried to pull it to her hole. "Fuck me now," she whispered. Mark did not oblige, instead moving his mouth to her cunt and used his tongue to lick and suck on her clitoris.

"Yahhh, she cried as her orgasm roared through her body. "Ohmigawd, that was wonderful." "Are you going to fuck me now?" Meanwhile, Beth was lying on her back next to them as the boy moved his body over hers and guided his long slim cock to her entrance. Sliding its whole length into her, he started humping her hard and fast.

"Well, this won't last long," she thought to herself. "Deliver me from beginners. At the rate he's going, I'll be lucky to cum." Five minutes later, he was still thrusting his cock into her as fast and hard as he could.

Beth's body responded and she came with a drawn out sigh that sounded more like a quiet wail. Still he continued pumping into her at high speed until she came again. Next to them, Mark was slowly and lovingly stroking the length of his cock into the girl. Both his cock and her cunt were sopping wet with their slippery juices, allowing him to pull his cock entirely out of her cunt before ramming it back into her.

Overcome with lust and sexual sensations that she had never experienced before, she came with a loud scream. Still, Mark continued to fuck her slowly, but this time he reached between their bodies and rubbed her clit. Almost immediately, another orgasm rolled through her body and again she screamed. She was now in a place she had never been before, or had ever imagined existed. Her whole lower body felt like it was on fire.

Her abdomen rippled up and down as her cunt attempted to get him to cum by her cunt milking his cock and contracting around his cock. Beth meanwhile had reached another orgasm, and still the boy continued to fuck her at high speed. "Go ahead and cum now," she said. "We'll have to leave soon and I don't want to get home late." "I can't cum," he replied, gasping with fatigue from his long session with Beth.

"In fact, I've never ever been able to cum during sex. I have no idea what it feels like to cum." He pulled his cock out of her well-used pussy and Beth located her clothes and started to get dressed. Mark had finally allowed himself to cum and spurted his hot seed into the depths of her cunt. When she felt the liquid heat filling her depths, she came again. "Omigawd, omigawd, that was amazing," she cried. "I've only come once before and it was nothing like this." When they were dressed, the girl asked if they could get a ride since the couple they came with apparently intended to stay longer.

As they were driving, they learned their names were Jim and Lynn and that they have been going out for about a year and had been having sex for a few months. Jim had never been able to reach climax either with sex or with masturbation.

"I have an idea that might help," Beth said. "Why don't the two of you come to a pool party next weekend at my house. My parents will be gone and since it is such a private place, there is no need to bring a swim suit. We'll all be skinny dipping and when we're not swimming we will be having sex.

I'll fill you in on my plan then. I can't tell you what it is right now because I need to talk to my friends first. Don't worry. It won't be hurtful, and if it doesn't work, we will still have lots of fun trying." Saturday rolled around and the party was in full swing. The pool was full of naked young bodies and there were several couples having sex on the grassy areas around the outside of the pool area. In one of those areas Jim and several naked girls were busy as they tried Beth's experiment.

Her idea was for Jim to fuck one of the girls until she reached orgasm, then another girl would take over. When she came, another girl would take her place. This would continue until all the girls had taken a turn, then the cycle would begin again. Because Jim's pace was exhausting, the girls would be on top and do most of the effort, allowing Jim to rest will still fucking at high speed. The plan had already run through a complete cycle, starting with Lynn, then Beth, Jen, Teeny, Carla and Megan.

Lynn was on her back and Jim was humping her at his usual high speed. Megan, who had just cum, was sitting on the grass watching with interest as Jim's ass thrust in and out of Lynn. Megan remembered hearing somewhere that a boy's ass hole could be very sensitive and that stimulating it could result in orgasm.

Her cunt was still full of her lubricating juices so she dipped a finger into her cunt until it was wet, then leabed over and shoved her slippery finger into Jim's ass. The result was immediate, surprising and explosive. Jim came for the first time and had a massive orgasm. He released such a large amount of cum, it sprayed out of Lynn's cunt all around his cock. He continued to spurt his cum into her as he arched his back and groaned loudly as his body flooded her cunt with his sperm-laden cum.


When they had all calmed down from the excitement generated by their success with Jim, the girls all wanted to try him out for themselves to see if they could get him to cum by shoving a finger into his ass hole when they came.

It worked every time. Here was a situation with a guarantee that any girl and Jim could always cum together by shoving a finger in his ass when she came. Jim and Lynn were ecstatic and looked forward to a future filed with wild and satisfying sex. "We can't thank you enough," she gushed. "We owe you more than you can imagine." Later, Beth and the trio were discussing their current situation. Mark was not only regularly fucking each of them, he was doing their mothers as well, not to speak of Teeny, Carla and now Lynn.

Moreover, Megan, Beth and Teeny were also fucking their fathers. Eventually, this situation would become known to all the parents and could result in separation or even divorce. Neither option was desirable.

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"Maybe if we could get them all together and to somehow arrange it so every one of our parents were to have sex with each other until each one has been fucked by all the others.

If we can get them to also fuck each of us kids as well, then we will have a situation where every one of us and our parents will have had sex with one other. There will be no secrets, and since everyone will have intimate knowledge of each other, there should be no guilt and no sneaking around.

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We will all then be able to fuck anyone we please whenever we want and whom strikes our fancy." "We will need to discuss this with our parents," Megan replied. "It won't be easy.

There will surely be lots of anger and recrimination." "We should convince our fathers first," Beth said. "I'm sure they will be willing to fuck those of us, or our mothers, whom they have not yet had sex with. If we can convince our fathers and gain their cooperation, they could help us convince our mothers." "We can have a naked pool party and orgy right here," Jen suggested. "Once we get them together and we are all naked, nature will take over." "Yeah," Megan replied. I know I would like to fuck Beth's dad and I know that my dad not only would like to fuck Jen, he will want to have a go with Mark's mom." "My dad will surely want Megan's mom," Mark replied.

"And he already has openly admired Beth.


All we need now is to convince our parents. Once the process starts, we will need to approval and cooperation of all our parents or we will not be able to succeed." Over the next several weeks, and with lots of frank disbelief, discussions, arguments histrionics and clear rationale, they finally convinced all the parents to at least give the plan a try.

Their parents already knew each other, and it helped that many of them had secret fantasies about having sex with one or more of the other parents or with their sexy children. With no need to wait, they arranged to meet at the pool the following weekend. …to be continued…