Amazing twinks He has a lot of urine to drizzle out over his

Amazing twinks He has a lot of urine to drizzle out over his
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Fbailey story number 445 Rest Stop Quickie I had been cruising down the highway with my parents for several days. Why we had flown out to California to drive Grandpa's Old Cadillac home I'll never understand.

We drove ten freaking hours a day, every day. I sat in the backseat listening to Mom and Dad talk about the good old days and it was driving me crazy. The car only had an AM/FM radio, the air conditioning didn't work, and I had to crank the windows down by hand too. Dad called it a classic and an antique, but I just called it a really old car. After spending three days in that car with Mom and Dad I made sure to ask for pit stops every now and then.

Otherwise, Dad would only stopped for gas and food until we hit enough miles that day to pull into a crappy motel. Anyway he pulled into a rest area so that I could pee. As I got out of the car a really cute girl caught my eye. She was about my age and she was very pretty. She had short black hair, a sexy short red top, tight little white shorts, and blue knee socks. She looked very patriotic in red, white, and blue.

As we walked along together toward the restrooms she said, "I hope you're not in too big a hurry. My parents just came back and said that there was a waiting line in both of the restrooms, even the men's urinals, and there is never a line at those things." I had to agree with her.


As we entered the building she said, "Look over there, they have one of those family bathrooms. Let's go in there. We'll pretend we're family." Before I could reply she dragged me in there with her and locked the door. She then said, "Hello, my name is Amber and I need to get fucked really bad, how about you?

My parents are driving me fucking crazy and I need some sexual relief." I was absolutely astounded but I sure as hell was not going to turn her down. So I asked, "How do you want to do it?" Amber looked around and replied, "Suppose I take off my shorts and sit up on the edge of the sink." I said, "Okay" and then I slipped off my shorts and underwear, putting them on a hook on the wall.

She admired my hard cock and held onto it for a moment. Amber also slipped off her shorts and panties and handed them to me. Her pussy was shaved bare and looked like that of a little girl.


I took her shorts and panties from her and hung them on the hook next to my clothes, but not before noticing how damp and fragrant her panties were. She looked at me and said, "Hell, you might as well see my tits too." Then she pulled her top up over her head and handed it to me to hang up.

She was not wearing a bra, her breasts were small but firm, and her nipples were hard and they were pointing directly at me.

Then nude except for her shoes and socks, she sat up on the edge of the sink. Amber said, "Don't take too long.

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We only have a few minutes." It was a handicap sink and the height was perfect for us to fuck. My hard cock slipped into her wet hole as if it belonged in there.

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It felt so good and I was so hard that I almost forgot that I had to pee. I fucked into her fast and hard and she fucked back at me just as fast and hard. Knowing that it couldn't last very long she slipped her hand down there and started fingering her own clit. That was good, because then I didn't have to worry about her getting off.

I enjoyed slipping my cock into her warm hole. Soon I was cumming inside of her like crazy while still fucking her fast and hard. When I was finally done I was still hard and I was still inside her. Amber said, "Shit, now I'm slimmed. I'll have to try and get some of your cum out of me before my shorts get all messy." I simply picked her up, holding her to my chest with her still sitting on my cock.

I walked over to the porcelain toilet and sat down facing it with her back up against the pipe work. I kissed her and started peeing inside her pussy to wash her out.

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She looked at me like she couldn't believe that I was doing that to her. Before I had finished she was peeing too. Then we kissed knowing that was had shared something very special.

It took quite a few paper towels to clean us up, but we both agreed that it was totally worth it.

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We walked out of the restroom hand in hand. When we got in front of her parent's car we kissed and I do mean we kissed. My hands were pulling her tits into my chest and her hands were pulling my semi-hard cock into her pussy. Her father was honking his horn and waving at us to get us to stop. We didn't care but it did get us a lot more attention from the other people. Then my father started honking his horn and giving me a thumbs-up.

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Other cars joined in and honked for us too. When we finally parted we both bowed to our audience.

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I walked her to her car and opened the door for her to get in. Then I leaned in for a final goodbye kiss from Amber, my rest stop quickie. As my father pulled back onto the Interstate Highway he asked me if I had gotten her last name and phone number. I had not. However, the ride home was a lot better after that.

How many fourteen-year-old boys can say that they lost their virginity to a total stranger, in a rest stop bathroom, somewhere in the middle of nowhere?

The End Rest Stop Quickie 445