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"So I must urge the entire senior class to put in a better effort for fundraising, Amanda Shaw said as her voice started to rise and her tone became much more annoyed and aggressive. As she stood at the makeshift podium that had been placed in the gym a wave of boredom and annoyance swept across the students in attendance. "God she is such an uptight bitch", John said to his best friend Michael, "even class presidents should cut loose on occasion".

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A slight smirk spread across Michael's face as Amanda continued, "As juniors you all sat around and goofed off and we barely raised any money, we can't do that this year". Amanda was the standard valedictorian type, straight A's, hated by most of the students in her grade, uptight. It was really a wonder that she won a contest that needed to be voted on, well, almost.


Although most of the guys thought she was a total bitch that still didn't change the fact that they wanted to fuck her, and her attitude only made them want to more. Amanda had long, flowing, auburn hair that came down just past her shoulder blades. She had a slender frame but a nice firm ass that was meaty enough that most guys couldn't help but stare. Her breasts, though usually covered, were c cups, and were so well shaped that there was a rumor that she had plastic surgery done.

She was not only reserved with her actions and speech, but also with her clothing. Amanda didn't own a single revealing outfit, even her bathing suit was one piece. She was considered by most guys to be impossible to fuck and even just dating her was difficult.

Many guys had tried to get with her and all had failed, well, except one. Michael left the assembly and entered an old storage closet used for the science department, for some reason it was always unlocked. About ten minutes later the door opened and Amanda walked in shutting the door behind her. She looked extremely nervous as she walked over to Michael and stood face to face with him. "You're late", he said coolly. "I got held up talking to Mr.

Harris", she pleaded to him. Michael grinned, "I don't care, just get started". Amanda looked reluctant and nervous for a second but then she slowly dropped to her knees. She began to rub Michael's cock through his jeans until it started to get hard, she then reached up and unfastened his jeans and slid down his zipper. "What if someone walks in", she asked with a shaky voice as she looked up at him. Michael smirked, "If you don't want it", he started, "then I will put it away".

Michael reached down and started zipping up his fly. "No", Amanda pleaded, "plus, let me suck your cock, I need to". "Very well", Michael said as he pulled his fly back down, "take off that shirt though, I want to see those tits Ms. President". Amanda was unsure for a second but then began to unbutton her blouse, when she was finished she removed her bra revealing her perfectly shaped breasts. Amanda couldn't take it anymore and reached in Michael's pants and fished out his cock and began stroking it fast and hard.

When she was sure that it had reached its maximum size she leaned forward and licked the tip gently cleaning off all the precum that had accumulated. She started to take it into her mouth a little, as she continued to lick all around the head. Michael looked down and grinned, "Good speech by the way", he said, "I feel so motivated, although this might have something to with it.

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I bet we could make a lot of money if you did this instead of bitch at everyone". Amanda said something but it was impossible to make it out with a cock in her mouth, "you're such a slut, you can't even stop sucking my cock long enough to say something to me. What kind of president are you? Can you image what people would say if they knew what we did?" Amanda moaned as Michael said this to her, she reached down under her skirt and began to rub her clit though her panties.

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"Does sucking my cock really get you off that much", Michael said as he placed his hand on the girls head, "and don't do things without my permission.

You can continue, but for that I'm cumming on your face and I'm not going to fuck you today". Amanda shook her head no and pleaded to Michael with her eyes as she continued to suck him faster and harder, getting turned on by the idea of Michael cumming on her face. All the while she never let up on her pussy and was now rubbing her clit directly and much faster.

Michael grabbed on to her hair and started to force her down on his cock a little, "I'm getting close", he told her.

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Amanda took this as a sign and began sucking him as hard as she could and at the same time began to furiously rub her clit. "I'm gonna cum", Michael moaned. Amanda slid her mouth off his cock and opened her mouth and moaned, "I want it", she yelled as she began to cum, "Give it to me".

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Michael came hard as a large stream of cum flew from his cock and hit her left check, another flew out and hit her nose and lips, and the last flew out and hit her chin. Amanda cleaned the rest of the cum off Michaels cock then slid down and sat on her butt.

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She began to play with the cum on her face like she was completely captivated by it. She scooped it up with her fingers and fed it to herself slowly as if to savor it, she was in total bliss.

Michael had put his cock away and had his pants zipped back up. "I have to go back to class", he said, "don't forget who I am though", a grin slowly formed on Michaels face. Amanda smiled for the first time, "of course not", she started, "…Master".


With that, Michael left the room, leaving the class president on the floor, breasts exposed, and face covered with cum. How had things possibly turned out this way? *****This is opening of the first part of the story. Think of it as like the first chapter. The next part explains how Amanda and Michael wound up in such a relationship. And don't confuse anything, the title makes it clear, Michael is the main character of this story. Well, what do you think, let me know and I will post the real first part.*****