Goth MILF BBW Erika Xstacy Fucks Pornstar Tony Rubino

Goth MILF BBW Erika Xstacy Fucks Pornstar Tony Rubino
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It was never questioned when to do it. It was never questioned why I would do it.

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Not to me at least. I couldn't control it. I just knew it felt so right. From the time that I was 7 years old I knew I had an affinity for feeling like a girl.

I always watched TV and would daydream about wearing dresses and makeup. By the time I put a pair of satin panties on my crotch for the first time when I was 12, I knew whatever I was doing couldn't be so wrong if it felt this right. It felt good, I would feel my crotch zing and shiver with excitement, cool excitement as I felt the fabric shimmy up my teenage boy thighs and snugly grab and cradle my little boy cock.

I barely had pubes at all.

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I could tuck my little package and rub my crotch and it felt like a pussy. I could make my nut sack form pussy lips from sticking my balls deep inside of me and I would shake and begin breathing heavy, imagining being a girl, and rub my crotch in perpetuity. I could jerk off for hours pretty much.

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When I really figured it out I would fake being sick so I could stay home from school and dress up all day. I would dress in panties and a bra and milk my cock, rubbing between my legs with a free hand, imagining having a pussy and imagine it being filled with a man, and would wank nonstop, cumming 5 or 6 times in a day. My mom was good looking and dressed very fem. I would watch her get ready in the morning for work, traipsing around in her shiny bra, slip and pantyhose, satin panty line visibly creeping out of her slip, putting on lipstick standing in front of the bathroom mirror, and be so jealous.

I would stare at her like a puppy. I would take notes of what she did and didn't wear and the minute she hit the door I was right back into her panty drawer and immediately sliding into hose and slips.

Fast forward to present day.

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It was never questioned when to do it. It was never questioned why I would do it. Not to me at least. I couldn't control it. I just knew it felt so right. There I was, 20 years later, responding to an ad online for some fun.

It started as chat. I put a picture of my shiny black satin crotch up as my avatar and was immediately hit on by a handsome older man. I love girls, I love being with girls, I really wish down deep that I was a girl to eliminate all the mental cruelty I put myself through regarding my role sexually.

I still love fucking girls, too. I love their smell, their mannerisms, their delicates, everything about girls is infinitely more appealing to me than men. I could fall face first into a hot pussy and melt into it for eternity. What a way to go, suffocated by hot pussy juice. When I really start feeling girly, though, I need a man. Roger was just this man. We chatted for a little amount of time before he invited me over.

I eagerly got up and went to my car and rode to him. He told me the side door would be open and to come on in, that I could dress in the bathroom by the door before going into his living room, where I heard music and smelled candles burning. I went into the bathroom and immediately slipped into my Victoria's Secret satin Miracle Bra, matching satin panties with a cute little lace patch right on the crotch.

If I had pubes they could sweetly poke out of the lace crotch, but I don't have a single hair on my crotch, legs, or underarms. Frankly, if I didn't have this desire that I carry with me I still feel like I would shave all of these parts, it feels so wonderful. I put on some black pantyhose and some pink sparkling lipstick, with a cute little boy undershirt over my bra.

I put on some small heels and walked to the living room. I got turned on by hearing my own footsteps clank in my heels as I headed down the hall towards the music. I turned into the room and walked in but saw no one. I stopped in the middle of the room when I felt a presence behind me. I began to tremble in nervousness but he wrapped one arm around my neck and put his other arm around my waist, sweetly pulling me back into him and letting his cock rest between my satin ass cheeks.

He kissed my neck as I trembled, weakened from his massaging where my pussy should have been and overloading my neck with kisses, playful tugs on my ear lobes with his teeth, and in general loving pecks and tugs.

I reached my arm above my head and went behind his head, putting the palm of my hand on the back of his head and sweetly pulling him into me and around to me so our lips could meet. He kissed me and very forcefully but not threateningly stuck his tongue deep into my mouth, and I began to suck it like a cock while he stroked between my legs with his hand and burrowed his cock into my satin ass while tongue fucking my mouth. My legs were wide open, girl style, and I was panting as he returned to kissing my neck and rubbing where my pussy was supposed to be with his hand.

He flung me around to kiss me from the front and I leaned back in ecstasy as he kissed my chest and felt up my bra while putting his cock square into my crotch and pushing towards me, we fell back on the couch and made out some more.

As we made out he took one of his hands and grabbed his cock, and thumped it really hard against my leg as we kissed. My legs were spread completely open.

I quickly shot around and put his cock into my mouth and began making out with it. He would moan lightly and occasionally push my head down hard on his cock and I could feel it throb in my mouth.

I felt some pre-cum gather and I took it in gladly. He pulled me up quickly from sucking him and kissed me deep. He ran his hands down my legs that were wrapped in silky nylons and would stop at my crotch, playfully tapping it with his hand as if to tell my cock to go away. He could save his breath. If I am ever in panties and a bra and making out with a guy whose cock is throbbing hard for me, my cock may as well not even be there.

It shrivels and hides all by itself. He turned me on my side and began to mount me. He pulled my pantyhose down and pulled my panties to the side as he leaned in kissing me again. I kissed him back and he paused, protecting himself and wetting me with some lube before coming back up to kiss me deep. I got so lost on the kiss and so taken with spreading for him that I didn't pay close attention to his lining up to fuck my pussy. As he kissed me he pounced with a quick but forceful thrust, immediately getting a third of his cock inside me as I winced and kissed him back like an animal.

He kissed me even harder as he backed up, backed in, and backed up in repetition until he was inside me. Once he got inside me we were both shivering. He was so turned on by the fact that I was moaning and succumbing to his very masculine urges that he was kissing me harder than I have ever been kissed as he pumped into me.


I reached back with one hand and put it on his abs as he thrust into me. I closed my eyes for a minute and I am there. I am a girl, a beautiful girl, on her side, in her panties, being fucked deeply and passionately by this man who is throbbing and thrusting into me with all he has. He flipped me on my back and took my legs on his shoulders. He pinned them over my head as he kissed me, pulled my panties off to the side and plunged into me. He began pumping and kissing me.


I couldn't breathe very well, and was being smothered by his kisses and body that was totally dominating me. He liked dominating me. He took my wincing as a cue to lay it on me good and began thrusting his full cock in and out of me as I squealed in pleasure.

I began to spurt little shots of cum as he pumped into me and had obviously found my gland. I felt myself cumming and pulled him into me hard, asking him to stay as deep into me as he could in order for me to ride and grind onto his cock until I was finished cumming.

Talking to him made him hotter and he began pumping uncontrollably into me. Anyone who has ever been a girl for someone can tell you that there is no better feeling than to have a man fully hard and in your pussy until you are in submission. He was squeezing my tits, had one hand on my outer thigh as he pumped full force into me missionary style.

I was cumming with every thrust into me, and I never wanted it to end as we were kissing and fucking. He pulled it out and came towards my face but then stopped to cum on my belly when I thrust forward.

He was going to shoot it on me but I was thirsty to taste it. I reached down quickly and took his cock into my mouth. He moaned aloud and grabbed both sides of my head and thrust 3 to 4 good times into me before erupting in a mountainous heap of cum into my throat. It made me temporarily choke but I got composure quickly and gladly finished, swallowing every bit of his cum.

It was so delicious. He winced and pumped every last drop into my pink glittery lips and I swallowed every bit that I could, sucking his dick long after it had come just to be sure I got it all. He fell over on his side, playing with my hair and rubbing my ass as I caught my breath and lay there with him. We talked for about 10 minutes as he rubbed my sides and kissed my neck and tried to stop me from shivering.

I felt his cock perk up again and I reached back to pull my panties off to the side and he slid it right in. It was ready for him and was giddy that he would fuck it again so quickly. He pumped into for about 5 minutes before he gripped me hard and started cumming again. He pulled out and put his cock inside the ass of my panties and shot his load.

It felt so good feeling it drench my butt cheeks. We kissed some more and I caught my breath. I got up, arranged my panties properly on my ass and loved to hear the elastic gently slap against my hips as I do so, a simple activity that makes a bitch like me get horny just hearing and feeling, and I felt the cum sinking into me like lotion. I kissed him goodbye, went to my car and drove off, feeling cum dribbling down my legs.

I smiled at my pink lips in the rear view mirror. It was never questioned when to do it.


It was never questioned why I would do it. Not to me at least. I couldn't control it.

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I just knew it felt so right.