Jungen bekommen Homosexuell in Kauf genommen werden

Jungen bekommen Homosexuell in Kauf genommen werden
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SEX WITH MOMS BOYFRIEND I am a daughter who is very sexy at 21 years of age who also began drinking with my mom and her guy friends after she was left alone when my father died in a traffic accident I would flirt with them when my mom was not aware or not in the room and found my girl power over men thru her men friends. One day roy sat next to me after my mom left for work as an emergency occurred and he immediately but his hand on my thigh as she walked out the door. I could see he was aroused and also a guy without a circumcision as his member was part way out his shorts that bunched up when he sat down.

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I think he was unaware of this fact as our conversation turned to my inviting some girl friend over. When they arrived one of the tag along siblings of the friends mentioned the appendage hanging out and roy was red faced embarrassed so he got up and went to his bed room while muttering to himself. Roy was always trying to get into my panties but I would not as mom would not like that. Roy was always finding ways to brush up against my boobs and squeeze by brushing my hard firm butt.

He was always trying to be alone with me if mom was called away for anything. Roy started drinking and playing loud music. The girls and I talked about girl things until someone found the champagne in the back of the reefer. Roy was out of it and only partly conscious lying on his bed. The girls were mostly wasted after an hour and we were playing a game of strip poker. We did not want to disrobe as we never knew when mom might pop in so the loser paid the price by removing an article of clothing from roy.

When it was my turn, he was naked except for his jockeys so I removed. I could not help but think how its thickness would really stretch my vagina to its max. I was moist just eyeing it and I noticed it had a bit of pre-cum dribbling out as roy must have been masturbating b-4 he zonked out. I licked the tip of his penis and all around the glans until roy moved and repositioned himself and started breathing more rapidly.

As I did not want him to wake up I left to join the girls and they said ann stroked his cock thru his underwear when she was with him earlier. Mom arrived home and went into the bedroom to change and before long we heard them going at it. Roy was pumping her big time and mom was moaning and trying to be quiet with the house full but as she neared climax she squealed and fell silent as Roy made a grunt sound and fell asleep again.

As the door was ajar when I passed by I noticed both of them lying on their backs naked, sweaty and sleeping. Mom must have thought roy was wanting sex with all our visits to him.

We all found separate rooms and went to bed late at night and I fell asleep as soon as I hit the pillow. I woke up to find roy in my room looking at me in my topless state. I noticed he was still naked and eye balled his penus which was flaccid and hung about as far down as his ball sack.

I pretended to be asleep as I was tired but also thinging of roy and his erection earlier that day. I did not resist as roy put his balls over my hands and rubbed them on my tits. He put the glans in my mouth shortly and I smelled his dried cum and felt light headed from the aroma of his manhood. I never had sex with roy up until that night as roy was always claiming he wanted the tri fecta of doing the daughter and mother and I resisted his overt sexual advances.

I did like to flirt for some reason I could not control. Soon roy was removing the covers and admiring me in my blue panties. Roy began tying me up spread eagled on the bed stomache up and I was wide awake and asking him why he was in my room.

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Roy was silent and I did not protest as he tore my panties off and ate me out like a pro and produced an orgasm that rocked me. Straining against the ropes I pulled and rolled around and squirmed as his tongue finally found my clitty and electric jolts of desire excited me and relaxed me later on as my body was in a state of total relaxation and fulfillment.

I wanted his cock in my pussy so I urged him on and told him he was my hunk of man meat. As he inserted his cock in my vagina I again strained against the ropes and indeed pulled free with my legs and wrapped them around his lower back as he slowly went in and out of my pussy with his penus.

Eventually his cock was stretching my vagina more than any other boy had and throbbing and he quickened his pace. Soon he grabbed my breasts and started to knead them and pinch the nipples as I let out a squeal. He soon was holding me down at the shoulders and pumped me slowly while telling me I was the best and how sexy I was in the throes of another orgasm. I said I wanted him to cum inside my vagina and kiss me tenderly.

He freed me from my restraints and I scratched his back and dug my finger nails into his tough skin. He relaxed and fell on top of me in the missionary position and pinned me down so I could not move. Soon wave after wave of his seman blasted the inner wall of my vagina.

It felt warm and thick inside me and gooey as it ran out my vagina and onto the bed sheets. We laid there side by side looking each other in the eye. I melted in his gaze and fell asleep. Roy must have gone back to my mom as the next thing I heard was her climaxing again and roy was not with me.

I missed him in a strange way and I thought we could both be come preggers that day and both become mothers of roys children.

Roy was soon back with me and TO BE CONTINUED When roy was cumming back to me literally and figuratively as I found out later when I removed his jockeys. I heard him in the hallway and I went to kiss him and he said he was spent for a while. During our kiss with my tongue deep in his mouth I tasted tequila and knew roy had also loaded up on alcohol again. In his state I pushed him on the bed flat on his back and when I had finished looking him over as he lay there naked I noticed his cock was still covered with and still leaking sperm from moms session.

He was in and out of consciousness. I cleaned him up noticing his muscular shoulders and arms. He had a flat hard stomache and long legs. His love shaft was about the size of a travel sized toothpaste tube and it was flaccid.

Roy was actually quite a hunk physically it was his mouth that got him into trouble with me. I saw him clearer in the good light both physically and mentally. He did work out and tried to keep his body muscular and appealing. I tied him up as he did to me and started to nurse his cock back to health by putting my lips around the knob of his un cut penis. I licked under the flap of forskin and tasted the muskyness and started to get light headed. When I was done with roys love shaft I put some ben gay on its tip and rubbed it in.

He was fully aware then and pleaded with me to untie him as it stung so and he started struggling with the ropes. His erection resembled a large tube of toothpaste in length and girth and was moving and jerking every once in a while. He wanted me to be good and at least give him a blow job or clean his penis off.

I cleaned it up a little and rolled a ribbed Trojan over his cock all the way to his balls. I deep throated his manhood and told him to relax. He was in some discomfort from the ben gay but relaxed as I did a full body massage on him. He looked sexy laying there with a big boner that was stretching the latex to its max.

I mounted him and slowed impaled my vagina with his cock all the way to my cervix. The heat was incredible and the full sensation was getting me wet and soon I was leaking my juices on to his pelvis.

I then smothered his face in me vagina and forced his silence. He began licking and probing my labia lips and vulva and I smashed his face harder and said to go deep with his tongue. He said he would pound me if I untied him as he was now a being good and not in pain from my first aid to his penus.

After thanking me like a good boy and I untied him he jumped on top of me and rammed his penis home until he was balls deep in my quivering vagina. I was still a little afraid of him as I had just played a trick on him and I was shaking a little. He pistoned in and out slowly and deeply and put his hands on my face.

I calmed down and felt a buzzing in my stomache and a flash of heat eminate from my pussy. I was heading like a train tword orgasm. Suddenly I began twitching and shaking as all my muscles tensed up and my breathing was labored. I began to pant as he took one final deep plunge and I let go with a squirt and a squeal as an orgasm rocked my body and my spine felt like it was on fire.

I came to my senses and noticed roy was still hard so I urged him to insert it again and we spooned for a while as I felt his fullness inside me and marveled at his stamina. It was nearly dawn and two my girl friends had been up with their own sexual antics and I ushered them into the room quietly. With everyone else asleep the girls noticed the stains on the bed and roy and his stiffie covered in latex. We all showered together and he nailed jill while French kissing ann as I watched.in the steam.

Ann had nice c cups with large aerolas and long black hair down to her lower back and jill had cute small breasts with pointy nipples. Both girls were short and petite with flat hard stomaches. The girls were all rev'ed up as they had been eating each other out and ready for something large to fill their pussys with.

Ann said I am first and took the comdom off with a snap.


We all had to wait for everyone to leave for work or to run errands so we had the house to ourselves. He quickly mounted each of my friends for a few minutes as a tease and released a load on their breasts. We all rested in the hot tub while roy snuck back into bed with my mom. After everyone had left and we had the house to ourselves we continued our antics with a recovered roy, myself, and my 2 girl friends.

We had roy lay down and we all massaged him until he was relaxed and we all gave him a tongue bath. At the end we drew straws and I got his nipples and ears, ann got his cock and jill got the balls and anus. Jill licked around his anus lightly with a dry tongue and slipped a testicle in her mouth an droy moaned. Ann licked under the forskin and rimmed the knob of his manhood and stuck a little tongue in his opening. I nibbled his ear and both nipples and proceeded to give him a hickey.

I pushed the girls away and put the cock in my mouth till I gagged and roy started to breathe harder. We licked, chewed and sucked till he was aroused and then for stamina we had breakfast.

Roy put on tight stretch underwear and we were in bikinis. The wait was a good idea as me and my friends were in anticipation of being filled up in a way only a man could fill a girl up.

Even anxious roy enjoyed the girls suggestive comments and sexual teasing about his penis. None of us had seen a penis that had not been under the knife. We liked his forskin at it seemed more like nature and natural and animal like. Sort of like adam and eve or tarzan and jane and the jungle/wilderness all rolled into one. We had a light meal and our love tool was bulging and ready to be set free.

The girls were getting ready as the talk had stimulated them as their nipples were poking the bra fabric. Roy removed all our bikini tops one by one with a kiss to the forehead of each girl and a bear hug. We all grabbed his shorts and tore the flimsy things off to expose his penis. To start the girls embraced and French kissed deeply as I kissed roy. Roy played with my large nipples and caused pulses down my back. I watched the girls remove their bikini bottoms and start in a 69 each licking and sucking vagina like it was desert.

Both moaned and squealed in a tight embrace with ann being more in charge and leading the way.


As ann nibbled with her lips on clit her own clit must have started pulsing as both girls were on the verge of orgasm and shaking a lot. When both squealed and exhaled I grabbed roys member and started a hand job on the tip and worked my way to his testicles which were warm. I rolled a blue latex Trojan over his manly meat as I did not want him fucking my friends bare back. The girls were on roy quick as he was nearly erect pushing my hands away as they licked his manhood and testicles with abandon.

Roy played with breast meat on the girls as I began cunniligus on the pussies that were all rev'ed up from the 69. Ann squirted with my expert tongue and Jill got very wet as I paid more attention to her. Soon Roy picked up Jill and took her to a bedroom as we followed bent her over a dresser and entered her with a quick thrust balls deep. Jill gasped fell silent stopped breathing and eventually let out a sigh and started breathing heavy.

She began twitching, moaning, rolling around and we all held her firmly in place as the penis was doing its work on a vagina in need. Jill released a lot of fluid on roy as he did her and started shaking. She screamed went limp and we all picked her up and laid her in a love ball on the corner of the king sized bed.

She was pale and breathing slow deep breaths as she stretched out some and thanked us all for the mind bending orgasm only a male penis could induce. Dildoe's do not feel like a hot thick male penis and can not give the intimate feeling a man can give. I went into a 69 position with roy knowing his penis needed to be cleaned and as soon as he was groaning a lot Ann laid down and shoved her vagina in my face next to roys penis so I started to suck on ann's pussy and labia lips. Ann has the biggest labia lips around a a very pungent aroma that gets me going.

The nearby manhood would poke up periodically and I would lick that also but I was excited to feast on her clitty as ann really loved that. Ann rolled around and shook as I licked her clit and her clit was sticking out all engorged. She could not take it anymore as she squealed rolled away and rested while sucking on jills nipples and giving her small breasts a bath in her mouth. Both girls were content resting some what with heavy breathing coming from their side of the bed.

Now roy was under me and feeling a little neglected I expect so I again but his balls back in my mouth and as he grunted I spit them out and sucked up his manhood stick and used my teeth to rub his penis base. My tongue was all over the bulbous head in a few minutes making him squirm and plead for release. I then laid down on top of Jill our titties fighting for position and sensitive nipples being stimulated by each other.

I had roy pin me down on jill and entered my vagina from the rear as I lay face down in an embrace with jill. My legs were spread so the erect penis could enter and fill my vagina to the max. I liked this position best as I was hugging, being filled and even spanked if anyone wanted to discipline me. Roy was moving slowly at times and speeding up also as a means of keeping me off guard. He also put it to me deep or only part way at times. I was breathing slowly and I heard and felt jills heart beat and breathing.

I tried to leave a hickey on jills chest. The sweat was pouring off all of us in this love pile. Jill stiffened as roy fingered her vagina and clit. I stiffened as roy kept pounding my pussy from behind and soon I was breathing hard, trembling and ready to cum.

Ann reached around found my clit from the side and roy plunged indeep and I orgasmed and leaked fluid all over roy and jill. I do not remember getting off the pile but I woke up in a corner in the fetal position being rubbed in the back by ann and hearing sweet comments coming from roy urging me on and comforting me. As I became more conscious the words were from roy to jill as they were coupled together in a love embrace and doing a little lovemaking themselves.

I stretched out and ann gave a full body massage to me and I was even more happy as I could see his penis pistoning into jills pussy and her fluid was well lubricating the motions and also someone had put a new condom on our love shaft. Roy was telling jill to relax and enjoy and that she was beautiful and sexy. Roy was rubbing her back and encouraging her. Roy let loose and pulled out his dick and removed the condom cleaned up and put a new condom on his meat stick.

The red condom was smaller and was really stretched to contain his penis and catch his sperm. Ann was next as they coupled in a missionary position so she could be pinned down by our man of the hour as he did his best to make her orgasm. She had not orgasmed yet and roy was intent on being her provider.

Ann told me she thought she never had a vaginal orgasm only the tickle feel of clitoral sex. I told ann to let her self go and relax and roy was equally supportive and whispered sweet nothings in her ear. Ann said 3 guys took turns pounding her into submission once and still no orgasm although she was weak kneed and could not walk for the rest of the night not to mention 5 loads leaking from her vagina from the guys who tried. Roy started out entering slowly in a teasing manner and withdrawing.

I pinched her nipple and pressed down lightly on her stomache and roy pistoned in and out slow like. He gradually picked up speed and ann started breathing heavier and heavier. As her heart beat raced higher and her breathing more labored he speeded up his intercourse pace. As her face grew pale I reached to massage her clit she started to buck so I stopped and before long she trembled shook and exhaled deeply.

I stopped my nipple playing and heard her babble something in coherently. I urged them both on and massaged roys back as he was fucking ann for all he was worth.

Ann seemed to be entering a new plateau of sexual enjoyment as she shook again and trembled. Her body straightened out and she exhaled deeply. Roy went quicker and put it to her deeper. I cupped her clit and top of her pussy and rubbed her chest. I said let your self go your safe and with loved ones.

Immediately she straightened out, arched her back, took one deep breath, exhaled deeply relaxed and started shaking, squealing, and trembling violently. Roy had let lose a load while still enclosed in her convulsing vagina.

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He remained inside her vagina until her face returned to normal color and she was semi conscious still babbling or dreaming something. The first thing she sensed 15 minutes later was roy still inside her vagina although some what softer and still coupled with him and both of us looking deep into her eyes. With reassurance. We left her over on that side of the bed and started our own lovemaking. MY TURN with moms lover As roy and I started in I removed the condom and threw it aside and licked roy clean of all the seman.

All I had left was a half erect wobbly cock, my girl friends and a few sex toys and a need for my own climax. I put ice cubes and peppermint in my mouth and immediately deep throated the cock before me and noticed how his eyes focused on me and grew in anticipation of what lay ahead.

I stroked his member with my tongue and had him squirming around. The girls piled on and held him firmly in place and also pinched his nipples one of them attached her mouth to his neck and another was attached to his chest and both were doing their best to leave hickeys as a gesture of thanks for his earlier sexual antics. His pimply penis was still not at full erection and his balls were hanging loose in his love sack.

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He had such a wide smile I knew we could coax another diamond cutter stiffie from him if we worked hard. I let him smell my pussy by smashing his face with it. As the aroma of pussy filled his nostrils he stiffened up fully and was ready for my vagina. I lowered my self on to him and started to milk his shaft with my vaginal muscles.

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I increased the pulses as slowly as possible and found his balls had raised up tword his body and his scrotum was all wrinkly from the smooth appearance before when they were distended. He was close to shooting sperm into me and I felt his manhood throbbing a lot. I even felt increased heat from his cock especially from the tip.

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My tummy was in turmoil in anticipation of his mounting climax. Soon jets of sperm were coating the back of my vagina and his sex goo was running forward. Out the slimey, stickey stuff came and was about to run down on to the bed sheets when he gathered some and rubbed it onto one nipple. One of my friends started sucking my coated nipple as another round of ejaculations erupted in me and again sent me reeling away from this earth and tword nirvana.

I could feel his man shaft move away and out of my pussy as it softened and my pussy went in convulsions. He was no longer able to keep his penis in my vagina as he was flaccid and all sticky from my squirting and his own sexual emissions. His cum was more fluid and less firm on this release as is normal with him.

The first time he cums it is fuller, stickier and tastes muskier. I hugged him and remarked how studly he was.

His eyes rolled back in his head as the girls massaged his chest and abdomen. He fell asleep when they did his legs and quads. To avoid detection we straightened up the room and put the Rams/Seahawks game on and made it seem like he fell asleep watching the game.

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We even spilled some beer on his chest and genitals. --- the end