A hot spanking scene with gorgeous fetish models

A hot spanking scene with gorgeous fetish models
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It was in the stars to happen, after 24 years of being apart it had to at some point resurface. You certainly didn't have something with a person for so many years and not expect to be together at some point again in your life.

Every moment of my life had been leading me up to this event; the choices I made all led me down a path to him. Why did I wait so long? The last few weeks had been so dynamically charged that I ached every time I even heard his voice over the phone. We caught up over the phone and the computer until we could arrange a meeting, as we were 650 miles apart. The weekend was arranged, driving to meet the love of my life, my mind went back to our teen years when we had spent so much time together, in and out of bed.

Everything about the two of us had been hot, more than hot if that was possible. I thought about all the times we had been together including the first time.

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I had vowed that no matter what happened this weekend I wouldn't let him have sex with me. Not yet anyway, he wanted me to marry him, so perhaps this time I would make him wait until the wedding if he asked again here in person.

Pulling into the hotel, I was disappointed to know that he had beaten me there. I needed a few minutes to freshen up and to get myself together before I saw him for the first time in decades.

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I checked in at the desk, was given a key and made my way up the steps with my suitcase. I had to stop for a few seconds on the landing to determine if indeed I was doing the right thing.


I had wanted to feel his arms around me, taste his mouth on mine just once more. I had vowed long ago when he left that had I been given the opportunity again I would never pass it up. My hand curled around the door knob as I pushed into the hotel hallway.

Two rooms up on the right the door was ajar, it was my room. My heart lifted into my throat, I knew that he was behind the door. What was I going to do, when I pushed that door open my life was going to change. I looked down at myself, I wasn't even close to the way I had been at 16, 17 and certainly not 18.

Was he going to run screaming from the room? I knew the answer to that, it was no, he couldn't care less that I had gained some weight, and was older looking.

He was as well, but he had aged much more gracefully than me. Taking a deep breath my hand touched the door, that I knew an hour ago he had just had his hand on it, maybe in the same place, this was erotic to me. Pushing open the door my eyes adjusted to the difference in the lighting, and there he was, sitting at the desk in the room.

His head turned and his eyes met mine, he was on his feet faster than realized and he was standing in front of me. My eyes blurred with tears as my arms went around his neck and I buried my face in his hair and breathed in his cologne.

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He kissed my lips gently at first and then with more ferocity. He wiped away my tears and looked me in the eye and asked me to marry him.

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I said that I would and he kissed me yet again. We moved from standing in the door to the bed. We sat and talked and he kissed me several more times. I was smiling inside and could only think that I had the only man I had ever loved back in my life. Moving closer on the bed he put his arms around me, and began to kiss me, I loved the feel of his soft lips on mine and his hot tongue exploring my mouth.

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He worked his way to my neck, he certainly remember that I loved to have my neck kissed. His hot lips began to nibble and suck at my neck, I could feel myself becoming aroused.

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His hand made its way to my breast as he stroked my hardening nipple through my shirt. My mind wheeled around and was unable to focus on any one thing. He was doing so many things to me at once, I couldn't wrap my head around the fact that I was going to make him wait until we married. I could feel his hand moving into my shirt and into my bra, he moaned softly when his hand cupped my breast. He began to pull and pinch my nipples while he kissed me and sucked at my neck and my lips.

I was responding with heavy breathing and moaning, I wasn't able to control it. He pulled off my pants, and had slipped my shirt off. His hand reached my pussy, he whispered to me that I was very wet. I didn't want him to stop, I had never been so damn horny in my life all I could think about what him fucking me. He had taken his shirt off and slid his pants off.

His cock was huge, as I had remembered it was, but I think I had forgotten how hard it would get.


He was between my legs working his hands over my hot cunt. My pussy was slick and soft from being shaved for him.

He rubbed gently over my pussy lips, and I knew that the wetness was starting to leak from within my pussy hole. He opened my lips and began to rub my clit with his thumb. It got hard quickly as he continued his rubbing over my clit. The hotness within me got hotter as I neared orgasm. His lips were on my breast sucking and biting, as he continued to rub at my clit, I could feel his hard cock pressing against my outer pussy lips.

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He pushed against me harder and harder until his dick popped inside of me. I gasped he was huge, and I had not had sex in a very long time, I felt the orgasm start inside my cunt as it racked through my body I began to shake. My thighs squeezed his body as the orgasm overtook my entire body.

His cock continued to slide in and out of my tight wet cunt as I came. He moaned again and whispered for me to cum again in my ear.

He didn't have to whisper it, I wanted to. I moved my hips up to meet his cock each time he shoved deep into me.

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The wetness was pouring out of my slit and down the crack of my ass as he held my legs open wide. I watched him intently as he began to move faster and harder as he fucked my wet little snatch. I could feel his hot balls slapping against my ass as his big cock ripped at my hole. I felt his hand on my clit again as he continued to fuck me, his thumb worked over my hard little pink clit.

I began to rub at my nipples pinching them between my fingers as he watched me. The next orgasm hit me before I had a chance to know it was going to happen, my thighs began to shake as he fucked me. I could barely breathe as I came again and again. He pulled his cock out of my pussy it was dripping wet. He began to stroke it over my pussy, I watched his hand work back and forth over his cock. As he stroked between my legs, I began to rub my clit, holding my pussy open with my right hand I rubbed my clit with my left hand.

I was nearing orgasm yet again when I felt his hard cock shoving into my tight little cunt.


I could feel the ridge at the head of his cock shoving deeper and deeper into my pleasure spot. He fucked me slow, with long strokes as he pulled out each time he left just the head of his cock inside my tight pussy. I felt his cock explode inside me, as he moaned the heat and the strength of his hands on my hips pushed me over the edge again as I came, bucking my hips against his. His body collapsed onto mine, as he kissed my lips resting his face against mine, I could feel his heart beating hard in his chest.

I felt his dick withdraw from my pussy as he whispered in my ear I felt good. That weekend I fucked him in every opportunity that we had, in every imaginable position and place.

I learned he had never had a girl cum as much as I did, and I confessed that I typically was good for one, not 10 or 20 every time we fucked. My waiting till the wedding certainly was busted, but at that moment I had the love of my life on top of me, what difference did it make.