Kidnap and rape schoolgirl download

Kidnap and rape schoolgirl download
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This is a story that begins as far back as I could remember. When I was growing up I remember being loved and spoiled by pretty much all of those around me, calling me names like cute and whatever else they felt was complimentary. I was your average little boy, for the only one exception which changed my life as I knew it. Like many other toddlers I had started "potty" training by the time I was around 2, I got used to it pretty quick.

Even though I was using the "potty" like i should, mama would make me wear diapers to bed, just in case there were any "accidents". As it turns out she was right, I wet my diapers almost every night and my bed wetting issues actually continued well into my early teens.

At the time mama didn't think much of it since i was only 2 and 1/2. Also I didn't seem to have any "number 2" accidents at night so it was only normal. I began going to day care near my grandparents house, a nice place for a kid to play and spend time with others the same age. It was my first day there and mama dropped me off and told me I would be picked up soon and that she had to go to work.


I was so scarred at first, but as time passed and I played with some toys I felt right at home. Mama didn't think it was necessary to have me in a diaper while I was there and she didn't send any in my backpack either, she said I was a big boy now.

The supervisors at the daycare would tell us what to do, and since they were adults we understood. Soon came nap time, I was getting tired from running around so I liked the idea of a nap as I laid in a sort of stretchy "trampoline" kinda bed and I drifted off into a deep sleep. Moments later I wake up to a supervisor as they began waking up all the children, but when the lights came on there was a puddle of pee underneath the water resistant, stitched up material of the bed.

Before I realized what had occurred the adult told me to come with her as she took my hand and led me into a room with a table in it. She picked me up and sat me down on the table as she pulled out a drawer to grab some baby wipes and gloves. The kind lady said to lie down and stay still, while she began to undo and slide off my soaking wet shorts and underwear. I was blushing so much from all the embarrassment i could have passed out right there.

Then the lady pulled out a bag from the drawer as I lay there naked waist down.

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She then pulled out a unopened package of Pampers baby dry, she soon began to rip the side and pulled out a fresh new diaper. The kind voice of the lady told me "lift your legs" as she placed the baby diaper under me, she cleaned me up and powdered me down with baby powder in my private area right before pulling the loud tapes of the diaper and strapping me in like it was for good.

She then lifted me off the table, told me to be a good boy and sent me off to play in just a t-shirt and a cartoon printed diaper. We then took a short snack break where we all ate food that was provided for us and a 14 ounce Juice box to keep us hydrated.

About an hour later, i was innocently playing with some toys and I felt a strong urge to pee. Being a shy kid I was too embarrassed to ask another adult to go to the potty when none of the other kids asked. Feeling anxious I looked down at the front of my well exposed pampers and I fully let go of my pee flooding the diaper while I sit on the soft carpet floor. When I finished I didn't even cry, so as to not drw any negative attention, I just sighed in relief and continued playing Mama found out about the whole thing and told grandpa to take a pair of my dry shorts when he would pick me up.

While i was busy trying out all the fun toys, I peed that diaper which the lady put me one more time in and never let any of the counselors know before grandpa got there. Soon he would pick me up from the daycare and when he did he brought a dry pair of shorts. Grandpa decided it was best for me to continue wearing diapers until mama picked me up, so he put on the dry shorts on top of the full diaper i still had on.

We passed by the nearest pharmacy and picked up a pack of baby diapers.

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Although at the time I wasn't fully aware of it he also purchased a much bigger bag that looked a lot like the baby diapers he was buying for me and I remember asking him what they were, he told me they were bigger diapers he said, "sometimes even adults have little "accidents" too".

I was quite surprised but as we passed the candy section the topic subsided. The next interesting phase of my life was when I was in kindergarten and I was so excited because it was spring time and summer was approaching quickly. Mama thought training me to use the potty at night was useless since I was still a bed wetter at almost 6 years old.

Mama had me wear "good-nights", the older boy's diaper, to bed and in the morning I would dispose of the wet diaper just before leaving to school. If my diaper was still dry when I woke up, I would simply keep them on and go to school in them because my teacher was really strict on going to the bathroom. If it was only 20 or 30 minutes after class started she would give the same answer every time, "you should have gone before class", and when we'd have a long activity she'd make us wait til it was over to go.

Sometimes the kid would have to wait an hour after they'd ask as a penalty for asking! Needless to say "accidents" happened all the time in Kindergarten and to the staff at the school it was considered the norm so they didn't think much of it. It was one of those mornings waking up when I noticed instantly that I peed and soaked my diaper.

I got up, threw it away and went about with my morning tasks. As soon as I got to the kitchen mama had some eggs and bacon ready for me and a nice tall glass of orange juice. When I was done mama said "Eric, make sure you drink some water after the orange juice honey, because it can hurt your teeth if you don't. The tooth fairy likes clean teeth, remember?" "Okay mama." I agreed and drank some water flushing the orange juice out of my teeth. I arrived seconds late to school as mama kissed me and basically pushed me out the car and on my way to class.

I ran to straight to class and when I got in the teacher gave me a stern look and said, "Eric, again you're late!" "Sorry Ms. Hernandez…" I said as I made my way to my seat. Not a minute after I sat down I felt a really strong urge to pee, no thanks to the large glass of OJ and water I drank with my breakfast. I was forced to hold it because not only did class start, but I was two minutes late! I began moving my legs to help hold in the pee until it was about 25 min into class, and when I finally raised my hand, the teacher seemed to ignore me.

We were having one of those special activities and the teacher picked me to answer a question she asked to the class, when I asked, "Ms. Hernandez, can… I… go… to the… restroom please?" She replied "You sir, should have gone before class, especially since you were late!" The rest of the students looked at me briefly as I sit there half crying and still trying to hold my pee.

A few minutes later I felt like I was ready to burst but I obediently stayed in my seat as I was told to always obey the teacher when I was in class.

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The activity seemed without end and I held it no longer as the warm pee began flowing out of me uncontrollably onto my shorts and drenching the chair I was sitting in.

When my pee reached the floor and the teacher saw the sort of yellow puddle under my seat she stopped her lesson and came to me.

She grabbed me by the wrist and led me out to the hall telling the class to stay seated and she'll be right back. I was dropped off with the school nurse Mrs.

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Andrea as she took me into a room with a small bed and without closing the door she started taking off my wet shorts, underwear, and socks.

She laid me on the bed, grabbed a box of baby wipes and began cleaning my bottom right there as I watch people walk passed the wide open door of the very well lit room. Some of the staff walking by took a second to watch my naked lower body being cleaned as I lay there helpless.

The nurse began cleaning my penis and scrotum with yet another baby wipe as I was blushing in all kinds of colors. Soon I saw her reaching into a cabinet and pulling out some size 6 baby diapers! I was ready to die right there, just knowing that everyone watching me would know that the "little baby" wet himself during class and now they had to change his little diaper.

She continued by applying some baby powder and lightly fondling my penis while she did it which made me giggle a bit. The nurse finally placed the diaper under me and pulled the tapes to strap me in. I noticed then that size 6 fit me perfect as I stood up and she put me on a new pair of shorts. I was sent back to class ashamed, but still feeling much better than before. I continued my day and even ate lunch in my diapers.

Minutes after I went back to class I felt a tingling sensation in my lower belly and I knew I had to pee. I whined slightly as my legs began to move faster sitting in my now clean and dry seat. When I decided to raise my hand, I remembered I had on a diaper. I hesitated to let it out but soon I relaxed and was letting out a long stream. It was so much that I began to wonder if the diaper would hold it all and my relaxation turned quickly into panic as I let out the last bit. Without even looking, so as to not draw any extra attention, I just felt my shorts with my hand and they were completely dry.

I sighed as I relaxed again in my seat. When class was finally over, I was in a fully wet diaper and Grandpa came to pick me up. He found out all about my troubles and just told me it was okay, and that mama didn't have to know.

He spoke with my teacher and she agreed that whenever I needed to go I was going to be excused because of my small bladder. She said if any other "accidents" happened, the school nurse would be ready just in case, and she looked me right in the eye when she said it with a really big smile. Before I knew it, school was over and during my long vacation I would spend most my free time at grandpa's house.

My grandma and grandpa still treated me like a baby, I loved being pampered and spoiled rotten, plus my grandma made the best lunches! Once I'd finish eating, I'd run off to my own room to play or watch tv and stuff. Nobody really bothered me while I was in my room so I'd play for hours until mama would pick me up. It was the last day of school, which meant early release, and grandpa picked me up as usual. He hugged me and held me by the hand as we walked until we got to the car.

When we finally arrived at his house I ran to the door where grandma was standing waiting for me, "grandma!" I shouted as I hugged her. She welcomed me in and told me my food was waiting for me. I instantly went to eat and once I was completely full I went to grandpa's room and played with some of my toys there since my rooms ceiling apparently had a water leakage problem.


I spent several minutes playing when I accidentally pushed my favorite toy car too hard as it raced into the closet from under the closet door.

Luckily I was already tall enough to reach the door knob, which was left unlocked, so I opened the closet carefully in search for my toy. The light from the window was just barely shining into the closet and I couldn't reach the light switch since it was the string type that only adults could reach. I didn't see it so I opened the door to let in more light and as I turned to find the car I saw a white and blue plastic bag.

I thought the car had gone passed the bag so I pulled it towards me and as I examined it closely, out of childish curiosity right before finding my toy in the very corner of the closet. The bag was labeled adult briefs, but it was really sort of like a very big bag of diapers.

At that point I remembered what my grandpa said at the pharmacy when I was younger, about adults having little "accidents" too, and I whispered to myself, "Wow, these must be grandpa's diapers!" Curiosity hit me as I grabbed my toy and I also decided to take one of the many diapers from the opened bag. As I pulled the bigger sized diaper out of the bag it made a crinkling noise which made me pause to look out the door and make sure grandma wasn't coming.

I closed the closet door and made my way to the bed with my toy car and newly found diaper. I began to examine the bigger diaper and it didn't seem to have any pictures on it. Without further visual examination, I checked the hallway to make sure no one was near, then, I pulled down my shorts and underwear and took them off to try on the adult diaper.

My grandpa was a pretty slim old man so these diapers were actually an extra small adult size. I spread it across the middle of the bed and sat down on it so I could put it on easier. The adrenaline was pumping inside of me as I was trying hard not to make a lot of noise and still put on the diaper quickly so no one would find out.

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When I pulled the first side I realized it had two tapes on each side so I slowly pulled on the first one and pulled it tight enough as it reached about 2 inches from my belly button area. I continued with the other loud tapes and strapped me in completely, the way I had seen it done to me several times before. As soon as I got up to check it out, I realized they fit a whole lot better than I thought they would so I just put my shorts on top and kept them on as I continued to play.

In a strange way I actually liked the way that they made me feel. It was about an hour later when the drink I had at lunch caught up with me and I was gonna get up and go to the bathroom when I heard and felt the diaper I was still wearing.

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Without even moving another inch I bit down on my soft lip and let go of my pee right there inside that big diaper. I was easily able to take it off and head over to the bathroom but there was just something special about peeing myself while playing or doing anything else simultaneously which would just send me over the edge. I felt so mischievous, so bad and yet so good about doing it!

I finished peeing and looked down to see that the diaper had a lot to go still. I took several gulps from my water bottle and minutes later I peed again as I sat down feeling the warmth creep down towards my butt. I changed position so that my front was laying down on the bed while I continued to play with my cool toy.

I must have had too much water because shortly I was peeing yet again and the diaper held it just barely. After I peed, still laying in the same position I felt very funny down there.

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I moved around without flipping over to see if it would make a difference and it felt really good. I still had that funny feeling in my penis so I continued moving my hips so that I felt good some more, and I was basically humping the bed.

My penis was warm and wet inside the now slippery absorbent material of the diaper which only made the feeling intensify even more. I gave my hip a few more thrusts and within seconds I let out a soft boyish moan as I had my very first dry orgasm.

I lay on the bed wasted, luckily I still had on my shorts which hid the diaper well. My grandma passed by seconds later and thought I was taking a nap so she closed the door for me to sleep. When grandma closed the door I regained consciousness, and said to myself, "whoa… that was really nice…" as I slid off my shorts and undid the used diaper. I rolled it up and stashed it in my book bag so I could throw it away the next chance I got.

I continued playing, still thinking about what I had just done. Later mama arrived so we could have dinner and go home. I grabbed my bag and headed off wondering what the rest of my summer would be like at grandpa's house…