Big breasted Alanah Rae gets fuckedked

Big breasted Alanah Rae gets fuckedked
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Raping grandma / mom part 1 For as long as I can remember I have always had a hard on for my mother. Now she is not the hottest woman ever but she can give me a quick hard on.

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My mother stands about 5'8" and weighs about 145. She has red hair and green eyes with really big tits. Now the reason I always got a hard on was my mom likes to walk around the house in a flimsy night shirt with those big tits bouncing around. With her nipples always sticking out.

Now being 18 years old my dick would get hard right away. At first it bothered me getting a hard on looking at my mom, but I just thought fuck it.

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It was on a Saturday and my mom her wearing her normal flimsy shirt with nothing else put panties. Usually she would wear shorts or something but not today.

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Oh her big tits looked great. She told me she was going to take a shower and change. Seeing her tits bounce around I knew she was not wearing a bra.


My dick got so hard it hurt. As I watched my mom walk down I was thinking about mom in the shower rubbing those tits with soap. I knew I had to see those tits. After watching my mom go into her room I waited until I heard the shower going. I went up to her door and saw it was slightly open.


I looked over at the bathroom door and saw it was cracked slightly open I looked in and through the clear shower curtain I watched as my mom rubbing her body all over.

When she got to her pussy I was shocked to see her spending a lot of time rubbing her pussy. Mom then stuck two of her fingers in her pussy and moved them in and out of her pussy.

Mom started moaning throwing her head back I started to rub my cock through my pants. I watched for a few minutes and knew I needed to jack off I looked over at her laundry hamper near the bathroom and found a pair of my mom's panties on the top.

When I picked them up they were still warm. My dick got even harder I took mom's panties I went back to my room and took off all my clothes and laid down on the bed with my mom's panties over my face. Mom's panties had the sweatiest smell.

As I stroked my cock I was reliving the image of my mom rubbing and finger fucking her pussy I only stroked my cock a few times before I shot a load all over the bed.

The next day the same thing happened when mom went to take a shower. I followed her and she took her panties off and put them in the hamper I took mom's panties to my room.

This time while I was jerking on my cock to the thought of my mom fingering her pussy. I started to imagine she was sucking my cock in the shower and she was on her knees while i forced my cock in and out of her mouth.

The thought of my cock going in and out of my mother s mouth made my cock real hard. I started to jerk my cock faster and faster. I was so involved in this fantasy I did not hear my bedroom door open. All I heard was what the hell are you doing that's disgusting.

I pulled my mom's panties off my head and saw my grandmother standing at the foot of my bed with her hands on her hips. I could not hear a word she said.

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She was started pointing her finger at me. As I looked at her all I saw was her tits moving around in her shirt. I don't know what came over me but I sat up looking at her and heard her say stop that or I'll tell your mother. I then realized I was still jerking my cock. As grandma turned to go to the door I jumped off the bed and grabbed her by the arms to stop her from leaving my room.

Grandma said stop it let me go. Grandma was still facing away from me. All I did was let go of her arms and grab her tits from behind.

Grandma tried to pull away but I was too strong for her. Feeling my still hard cock pressing up against grandma's ass and her trying to get away my cock felt good.

I started to rub my cock up and down her ass crack over her skirt. Grandma said stop that. The more she tried to get away the better my cock felt against her ass. I don't know what was coming over me it was like I was possessed.

The more grandma struggled the hotter I got. I guess I was squeezing her tits to hard because grandma said you're hurting me. I just ignored her, and kept rubbing my cock up and down her ass. Then we heard my mom yell from her room. Grandma tried to yell out but I covered her mouth with my hand and pushed her up against the door. Mom said that she forgot to tell me grandma was coming over to cook dinner for me because she was going out with some friends and not to wait up.

I yelled back ok. A few minutes later I heard the front door close and moms car leave. I grabbed grandma by the arm and turned her around she had this very worried look on her face.

I told her I was going to fuck her and fuck her hard. Grandma starting crying asking me not to because it was wrong. I said shut up bitch and grabbed her by the hair and threw her down on my bed.

She tried to get up but I sat down straddling her stomach. Grandma said please stop your hurting me. With a growl in my voice I told grandma shut the fuck up.


I reached down and ripped open her shirt. Grandma said noooo, and tried to slap me. I grabbed her hair and told her if she did that again I make it hurt. I then told grandma don't worry you will enjoy the fucking I am going to give you. I reached over to my night stand and grabbed my pocket knife. I opened the knife and placed the blade between grandma's tits under her bra. With a quick tug up I cut her bra and those big tits came bouncing out.

Grandma started crying again asking me to stop, but I could not hear her. Grandma had dark brown nipples the size of silver dollars. I started to squeeze those big tits with both hands. Grandma said stop that. I pinched and twisted each nipple so hard grandma winched in pain. I moved higher on her body I wanted to tit fuck her and have her lick the head of my dick.

I placed my cock between grandma's tits and told her to push her tits together around my cock. Grandma said no I'm not doing that.

I grabbed her by the chin and told her if she did I would let her go. Grandma reluctantly pushed her tits together and I started to tit fuck her. I also started to pinch her nipples very hard again seeing grandma winch in pain made me hot. I started shoving my cock forward so hard my cock forward hit grandma on the chin.

Grandma turned her head away. I let go of her nipples and grabbed her hair.

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I told her if you turn away you won't be able to suck my cock. She turned her head back and tried to say something but I shoved my cock in her mouth. She gaged and tried to pull away but i was now shoving my cock in and out of her mouth so hard I hit the back of her throat. I stopped at one point to give her chance to breath. Grandma took a deep breath and asked for me to stop. Before I shoved my cock back into her mouth I looked her in the face and told her get used to it because I was going to fuck her mouth anytime I wanted.

Grandma reached out with her left hand and slapped me in the side of my face. I growled at her I told you what I would do if you tried that again.

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I got off of her and flipped her over onto her stomach. With my right hand holding her head down on the mattress I reached under the bottom of her skirt and pulled it up to her waist. I then grabbed the top of her panties and pulled them as hard as I could tearing them. Grandma starting yelling nooo and tried to get up.

I pushed her back down onto the bed with both hands. I told her to stop fighting or it was really going to hurt. I knelt down between her legs and looked at her ass. Grandma's ass was nice round and milky white. I leaned forward and placed my cock in the crack of her ass.

I started to move my cock up and down the crack of grandma's ass. Her ass felt so good I was about to cum. Grandma again tried to get away. Causing my cock to slip down and poke her asshole. Grandma screamed nooo don't do that. Without thinking I shoved my cock as hard as I could forward into grandmas ass. I stopped when my balls hit her pussy. Grandma screamed in pain I told her this is what you get for slapping me. Grandma's asshole was very tight. But that did not stop me I kept thrusting my cock in and out of her asshole.

After a few minutes I told grandma here it comes I'm going to fill up your ass with my cum. when I started cumming she started crying again. After I finished I fell on top of her and told her it will stop hurting the more I fuck your ass, and you will soon like it. Grandma while crying said I can't believe you did this to me. I said get used to it because it will happen anytime I feel like it. Because you are now my sex bitch. If you think fucking you in the ass hurt, you will not like what I do if you tell anyone.

Now get up and go clean yourself up in the shower, and leave the door open so I can watch you. Grandma got up and went to the bathroom to take a shower.

As I watched grandma in the shower rubbing her body with soap I started to think of my mom in the shower. My cock got hard again. I went into the bathroom and stepped into the shower behind grandma.

I grabbed her tits and told her to turn around and kneel down. Grandma asked why. I said because you're going to suck my cock. Grandma turned around and I put a hand on each of her shoulders and pushed her to the floor. Grandma looked up at me I told her to take my cock in her hand and start sucking on it.

Grandma hesitated and said she was not going to do that. I cupped grandma's face in each hand and said that's alright stand up. Grandma stood saying I'm not doing that. I kissed her on the forehead and said don't worry. I stepped back grabbed her by the shoulder and turned her around grandma said what are you doing. Without saying a word I forced her to bend forward grandma said stop it.

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I placed the head of my cock at the entrance to her asshole and told her I told you if you didn't do what I said it will hurt, and with that I shoved my cock deep into grandmas ass.

Grandma tried to move forward to get off my cock but I grabbed her hips pulling her back into me. Using her hips as leverage I started thrusting my cock harder and faster in and out of grandma's ass every time my hips hit her ass I could hear a loud slap and grandma would cry out in pain.

After a few minutes I was about to come. I pulled out of grandma's ass and turned her around forcing her to her knees. I yelled open your mouth. As I was about to shove my cock into grandmas open mouth a load of my cum hit grandma in the face. I shoved my cock into her mouth just in time to empty rest of my load of deep into grandma's throat.

Grandma gagged I pulled out and told her to swallow it. Grandma swallowed my cum in her mouth. I left the shower telling her now you can finish your shower. End of part 1