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His eyes opened wide as the grip of his hand on his throbbing member had finally grown too much.

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Low but frantic pants pushed from his chest as he eyed down at the very erect organ in his hands. A small heated smile playing on his lips as his right hand was wrapped around it so well, the left hand gripping his balls tight.

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He bit his lip a little the skin slightly denting from where his teeth made contact, the skin all along his lower abs and pelvis prickled with goosebumps.

His head full of slightly curly red hair pressing into the pillow hard as he started to shoot his load happily along his chest. His body finally unclenched and he rested back against his pillow.

This masturbation thing that his older brother Ricky told him about was amazing, Atchy being only 13 hadn't done it more then twice now. One day Atchy was happily walking down the hallway of his families home.

It was about nine o'clock when his mother always turned off the television and sent him to bed. He lightly let his fingertips drag down the wall as he traveled, an odd grunting sound rose from the small opening in his brothers door. Atchy stopped and slowly turned his feet to point to the door just off to his left, one hand resting on the door frame and the other on the back of the door.

Ricky was sitting back in his chair, one of his hands gripping on his nipple tight and the other moving faster then Atchy could believe. His eyes opened wide as he suddently realized there was an odd scent in the air that made his nose scrunch up, but an odd pressure build in his plaid shorts. He looked down and saw his young member had started to harden, he let out a small shaky breath as he looked back up to his brother. By this time Ricky was facing off to the side now, stroking his hard nineteen year old cock towards his bed.

"Oh. Fuck yes." He breathed as one hand dipped down to seem to disappear between his legs which shook hard, he groaned roughly as his cum shoot out like a rocket onto his chest. Atchy shot straight up and bumped into the door as he did so, his brother turning his head to see what was there; which made Atchy run to his room and slam the door. That night is brother came into his room and told him not to freak out everyone does it and explained everything to him.


He let out a light sigh as he had showered and was redressed down, lightly drawing at the kitchen table. Their uncle Pat was coming over for the night and was going to be watching Atchy for a couple hours while his brother and parents went out to do seperate things. Atchy hated always being left out for once reason or another, and he protested gravely that by now he was certainly old enough to watch himself.

But his parents were paranoid yuppies who would have none of that, never left Ricky alone until he was sixteen and Atchy wouldn't be different. He sat there drawing as his brother was already gone, his parents walking out the door. "Pat will be right here, you won't be alone even a minute." They nodded and went into the garage, he could hear the door of it creaking open. With a small scrunch of his nose in disapproval he put down his pencil and ran into the living room, jumping over the back of the couch to land with a plop.

He smiled and flicked on the television which always took a moment to turn on, he was looking down at his pants as it warmed up. His right hand slid to lightly rub at his crotch, pressing down heavily but moving very slow. The tv finally came on and it was some action movie his brother left on before he left, Atchy shrugged and watched it. The door opened, he didn't bother to turn around he knew who it was. "Hey there little man." His uncle said as he sat down on the couch next to him.

"Hey uncle." He sighed out as his hand was still working over his pants roughly, Pat's eyes opening a little as he noticed.

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A smirk filling in on his face as he was already hard just knowing he was going to be alone with his brother son for so long. His tongue slipped out of his lips to brush over them as he looked hungerly at the small boy. "You. Having fun there little nephew?" He swallowed as his hand moved to lightly brush down the boys chest to where he hand was, grabbing onto his slightly hard package.


"I. Uh. Uncle.?" Atchy's eyes opened wide as his hands moved to push his away. "Oh no boy. Don't worry. Uncle Pat will take care of you." he chuckled lightly as his arms moved to pull the boy onto his back.

Atchy's body squirmed hard and his hands moved to grip onto the couch for dear life. "This. Is wrong. I don't know." Pat shrugged and tore down the boys pants, his hands instantly grabbing up his little pecker and stroking it hard. "You sit there and be quiet boy, you were doing something rude and nasty now. I get to do it to you." He smirked as he watched fear fill his nephews eyes, his head lowering to suck the boys five inches into his mouth deeply.

Atchy's hands grasped onto the mans hair, holding him tight as his body shook and moved on it's own.

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"Oh. Oh no." Atchy whined slightly as he had never felt this before, his hips bucking into his uncles hot mouth. Pat slid his head back to slobber over his finger then pressed it to the boys small ass, and forced it into him. Atchy locked up hard and shook, screams leaving him of no and ouch.

Pat moaned hard and sucked the head of the boys cock, the small amount of cum he had shooting into his mouth. "Whore.

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Like your mom. You love it." He smirked and fucked the boys ass relentlessly with his finger a few more times. He shook and said "No, no more please." Over and over as his uncle stood now and unzipped his pants, his nearly five inch thick but six inch member flopping infront of his face. "Open your mouth boy." He said and grabbed the back of the boys head, forcing his too thick cock into his mouth.

He groaned and gagged as Pat forced him to take half of it into his mouth for a few moments.

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He nodded and groaned happily as he pulled the small boy from his hard cock. "You roll over now." He demanded and flipped the boy onto his back, his large body filling in behind him and grinding his spit soaked cock against the small pucker. Atchy gripped the couch hard and pleaded no's over and over. Pat spit on his asshole and grabbed onto nearly all of his thighs in each hand and pulled him down onto the head.

He cried out hard as his uncle violated him with no remourse. Pat groaned happily as he thrusted the head against the pucker until it finally bursted open, the head squeezed deep inside.

Atchy was in so much pain he wasn't even moving now, he just laid there face down with a rock hard cock. Pat used Atchy's body as a human cock sleeve to fuck his cock.

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Finally shooting his cum deep inside of him, he pulled the boy off of him carefully and carried him to bed. He smiled and laid the boy down, rubbing his cock on his mouth and fucking it as it laid open. Thrusting over and over, making his cock enter the boys throat which was easy now that he was asleep. He moaned roughly and held the boys hair tight as he shoot out one more round of cum down his throat.


Satisfied he pulled out and slapped his dick on his cheek a couple times before pulling his blanket over him and walking out of the boys room.