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Verrückte Party Mit Cum Hungrig Küken
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A Traveler's Tale Chapter 1 The Swiss Three Way I got up off the couch and turned off the TV. It was late, and I glanced out the window at the utter darkness that lurked outside as I let out a heavy breath and dragged myself up the stairs. I quickly brushed my teeth, washed my face and continued to the bedroom.

I walked into the dark room and stripped down to my boxers, tossing my clothes on the floor. I then walked over to the right side of the large bed and quietly pulled myself between the covers, laying there on my back with my eyes open and listening to the slumberous breathing next to me.

I listened to it for another few seconds before turning my gaze to my right and watching how my wife's chest rose and fell as she slept peacefully. She looked so beautiful, wearing her black nightgown as she slept soundly.

I watched her a little while longer before turning back to look at the ceiling. I then did something I found myself doing quite often lately, reminiscing. ------------- I was 26 and doing pretty good for myself when I decided to take a break. I had a good job back then and was renting a nice apartment in a good neighborhood.

Nonetheless, I felt it was a right time to take a break, take a break and see the world. I had managed to save up a nice sum of money over the few years prior, and had no kids, wife, girlfriend, mortgage or anything at all for that matter to tie me down.

And so, I decided to go for it. I started reading about places and building my plan before finally going through with it. A few weeks later, I quit my job, sold my belongings, assembled the backpack that would be my home for the months that followed, said goodbye to my family and friends and got on a plane. Thus started my adventure.

I spent the next two years of my life having an amazing time. I traveled all over the world, saw amazing views, hiked in every imaginable climate, met some of the most interesting, terrifying and strange people in my life and that was just the tip of the iceberg. I traveled to most of Europe and South America, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, China, Japan, Mongolia, Israel, South Africa, Morocco, Dubai, India, Sri Lanka and even Antarctica.

During my travels, I had countless adventures and experienced things I never thought I would experience with people I never thought I would meet. ---------------- My wife moved a little in bed next to me, cutting off my train of thought.

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I waited for her to get comfortable before drifting back to my thoughts and one of the crazy stories that happened to me in my travels. ---------------- It was four and a half months into my travels and I was in New Zealand.

I was staying at this beautiful little backpackers' hostel in a town by the mountains. I woke up to find a brisk yet sunny morning outside, perfect for my plans for the next few days. I said goodbye to the friends I made at the hostel and checked out. I then got into the junky car I bought and started making my way to the mountains. My plan for the next few days was to go backpacking up in the mountains by myself.

I felt I needed some time alone. I drove half an hour on the highway before turning to a side road and starting the drive up into the mountains. The road was bad and the driving slow but I enjoyed it nonetheless. I drove for another hour, the last twenty minutes on a dirt road before reaching the car park. There was only one other car there.

I exited the car, deeply inhaling the cool mountain air, and immediately put on my jacket. I quickly packed my backpack with everything I would need, slung it over my shoulders, locked the car and hit the road.

My bag was heavy but I was so used to it by this point it didn't bother me at all. I looked at the map, then at the trail and started walking. The trail started out flat, continuing along a stunning lake that reflected the snow tipped mountains around me.

After around 2 hours of easy going I reached the foot of a mountain slope.

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It was around 11 am and I traced the course of the trail with my eyes, watching it snake up the slope and out of view. I took a deep breath and started following it uphill.

The climb was tough but I kept on going, breathing heavily as I paced uphill. I was so focused on the climb, I didn't notice the sky had turned a light gray. That is, until it started raining gently. I looked up at the sky as rain started trickling down.

As the rain started, I quickly took out the rain gear from my bag and put it on. This was not my first rodeo. I kept climbing to the gentle pattering of rain around me. I walked for another hour or two before reaching the end of the climb.

At the top, there was a wide plateau with an amazing view that I took a few minutes to admire before continuing on my way. I still had a long way to go. After another 30 minutes I decided to take a lunch break under a large tree that gave good cover from the rain. I guzzled down 2 sandwiches and continued.

It was around 2 PM when the rain stopped. I pulled off my hood and let the cold air ruffle my short brown hair. I managed to take a single step forward before a small cold dot landed on my nose. I looked up again and saw little white dots floating down to the ground. It started snowing. A smile formed on my face and I kept walking as gentle snow started falling all around me in this secluded mountaintop. It took only a few minutes before the snow fall got heavier, and after half an hour it started to build up on the ground.

I walked for another hour in the snow, my hands covered in gloves and my head covered with a warm beanie as the snow gradually covered the land around me. I still had a few hours of sunlight and planned on covering some distance before nightfall, but at the rate the snow was falling it didn't seem likely. I knew I had to change my plans. I took out the map and started scouring it for a new destination. I eyed the map for a minute until I found what I was looking for. There, on the map, not more than 20 minutes from where I assumed I was, was a small hiking hut.

I quickly calculated the new route, put the map away and hastily made my way there. I paced along the trail as it, along with the surroundings, was covered with a thick white layer. I kept on walking until there was no more trail to follow, only snow that covered the land around me. That's when I saw it. My spirits lifted as I saw the hut in the distance and I quickly walked over to it.

The snow was coming down hard as I took off my heavy bag at the front porch of the mountain hut. I took in the snow covered landscape all around before entering the small wooden shack. I walked in and looked around at the cozy place. The hut was empty but it was in good shape. It had two large bunks with 5 mattresses on each, a wooden table with a bench on each side, a water faucet with running water from rain fall, large windows and best of all, a fire place right in the middle with a few logs in a box next to it.

I looked at my watch and realized that it was still early, with at list 3 hours of sunlight left. But after taking another look at what was becoming a snow storm outside, I knew I was not going anywhere today. I started out by going back outside and getting a nice amount of wood from the woodshed. I then got a fire going in the fireplace, and after the place was nice and warm I started to unpack my things.

I placed all my cooking utensils and food on the counter and continued by brewing a hot batch of coffee on my portable stove. I sat near the windows with a hot cup of coffee and gazed outside as the snow kept falling and the wind howled.

Shortly after, I brought one of the mattresses over, placed it down in front of the fireplace, lay down on it and quickly fell asleep to the crackling of the fire in the fireplace. I woke up two hours later as it started getting dark. It was still snowing outside but not as hard. The fire almost died out and I tossed a few more logs into the fireplace. I started cooking a small dinner of vegetable soup, cutting up a few vegetables and placing them in a pot along with some water on top the fireplace.

I watched the white darkness outside, waiting for my soup to cook when suddenly I saw something moving. It was dark already so I couldn't see very well but I was quite certain I could see something orange moving in the snow.

I strained my eyes and followed the movement through the window until it disappeared from my view right near the hut. A few seconds later I could hear footsteps stomping along the front porch and immediately after, the door swung open and in walked 2 people. One was wearing a dark blue coat with a black rain cover around his backpack and the other a black coat with an orange rain cover. They were about my height, around 5'11, and both completely covered from head to toe so I couldn't see their faces.

They took their backpacks off, placing them on the floor, pulled their hoods down and started unzipping their coats while one of them said something to the other in a language I did not understand. When they took off their hoods and one of them spoke, that's when I realized these were not two guys at all, but were actually two girls, and by the language they spoke to one another I assumed they were German. I watched them as they took off their snow covered coats, hanging them on a coat hanger by the door, then their hiking boots and only then did they acknowledge my presence and point a shivering yet friendly smile at my direction.

"Hello" the left one said. "Hi" the right one side. Both with an audible accent. "Hi" I answered with a friendly smile, looking at my unexpected visitors. "Come on in," I continued "come get warmed up by the fire, you must be freezing." I said to them and quickly picked up two more logs and tossed them inside the fireplace as they walked over. "Thank you" they said in unison as one immediately came over by the fireplace and the other took off another jacket she was wearing before she too stepped towards the warmth.

As both of them took a step and stood in front of the fireplace, I fired up my stove and reheated the coffee I made earlier for the two girls, watching them curiously as they thawed themselves off, their faces red from the white cold they just escaped.

"Here you go" I said, giving each a hot cup of coffee, "This should help warm you up." "Oh, thank you so much" said one as the other said "Yah" in agreement. They sat down on a wooden bench near the fireplace and took sips from their coffee, the color slowly returning to their cheeks. "Are you alright girls?" I asked them after a few minutes "I wasn't expecting to see anyone else today, especially with the snow storm that's going on outside." "We didn't expect to find anyone here either" said the one with dark brown hair, "And yes, we are all right.

Just a little cold," she said with a small laugh "but nothing we aren't used to." "Glad to hear," I told them "I'm Jon by the way." "Nice to meet you Jon" said the same girl with the dark brown hair "I'm Sofia, and this is Leonie" she said gesturing to her red headed friend who gave me a bright smile.

"So where are you girls from?" I asked "Let me guess," I said, sure I had them nailed "Germany." "Close," Leonie said with a freckled grin "Switzerland." "But goot job catching that we were speaking German" Sofia said with what I thought was a wink. It was obvious where I was from.

They finished their coffee in silence and handed me the glasses with a grateful smile. "Sofia, I think we should change to clean clothes" Leonie said to her and she agreed. The two of them went over to their bags and placed them on the lower bunk. Each opened her bag and started taking things out, placing them neatly on the side. I watched them as they took out most of the content of their bags, left some of the clothes outside and put the rest back inside.

They placed their clothes in a neat pile besides them and then they started taking their clothes off, paying no mind to my presence. They both had very pretty faces but only when they started taking their clothes off did I notice how hot they were.

The started out by taking off their top layer, uncovering a long sleeved thermic shirt underneath. Next, they took of their hiking pants and revealed a pair of long tights underneath. I could clearly notice their figure now, the tight fabric covering their bodies showing off their incredible curves. They both seemed to have nice breasts, Leonie's looked like a large C-cup while Sofia's looked like a small B. Downstairs Sofia seemed to have an advantage, with a tight little ass that was smaller and tighter than Leonie's.

To my surprise, they didn't stop there and continued stripping, taking off their shirts and tights. After another few seconds they were standing in the small hut with the last pieces of clothing separating them from being fully nude. Leonie was standing there in a white bra that supported her ample breasts and dark blue panties. And Sofia in a pink bra that nicely cupped her bosoms and plain white panties. To the dim light of the fire and their lantern flashlight, I watched the two, mesmerized as they stripped down in front of me without a second thought.

After they were only in their bra and panties, Leonie stole a glance at my direction, making me immediately look away discreetly. They then started dressing, each putting on a pair of warm pants, a white t-shirt, fleece jackets and thick socks.

Covering their magnificent female figures once more. After they finished getting dressed they organized all their stuff and came over to where I was, each carrying a bag of food and cooking gear and placing it on the table.

"What should we cook for dinner?" Sofia asked Leonie. "I'm so tired and wund." Leonie answered. "Sore…" Sofia helped her translate wund to English. "Yes, sore. How about we just eat some bread with jam or something?" Leonie continued. "No," Sofia objected "we need to eat something hot after all the walking we did today in the cold." "Girls," I let myself intervene "if you would like, you can share my vegetable soup." I said pointing to the pot on the fireplace.

"It's nothing fancy but I can add a little more vegetables and water and there will be plenty for all of us." Sofia looked uncomfortable with accepting my offer but Leonie gave her a pleading look and they agreed with much gratitude. We sat and talked as the soup slowly simmered and filled the air with a delectable smell. I told them about my trip around the world, where I started today and where I have been so far.

From them I understood that they were both 24 years old and had a yearlong working visa which they used mostly for traveling. They also told me about the places they have been so far, how they started their hike 2 days ago exactly where I did but took a different path, spending the two previous nights in other huts, and how they found themselves in the middle of their walk today when the snow caught them.

I watched them closely as we talked. Watched Sofia's slightly tan face, green eyes, and red lips. Looked at Leonie's dark red hair, light freckled face and bright smile. I was still a bit shocked by the fact these two gorgeous Swiss girls appeared here in the middle of a small snow storm.

After the soup was ready, I seasoned it and Leonie helped me serve. We sat around the wooden table which Sofia lit 2 candles in the middle of and slurped down the soup noisily, enjoying the warm and nutritious dish as it warmed as up.

"Oh wow, I think that was the best soup I ever had" said Leonie after each of us had 3 servings. "Yes, it was great. Thank you so much." said Sofia. We organized the table a little and then the two girls put on their coats and hiking shoes and went out to the outhouse. "It stopped snowing." they told me when they got back inside, their faces red.

"Hopefully it will rain in the night and melt some of the snow." I said. "I wouldn't count on it," said Sofia, "it's too cold outside for rain". The girls spread out their sleeping bags on mattresses and pushed them over next to my sleeping bag as I tossed a few large logs into the fire.

"Is it okay if we sleep next to you?" Sofia asked "It's closer to the fire and we will all be warmer if we sleep closer." "Yeah, it's no problem." I answered, trying to hide my delight. After they finished organizing their things, they shamelessly stripped down to their bras and panties, giving me another look at their luscious female bodies to the dim light cast by the fire, and then crawled into their sleeping bags.

After they got comfortable, they watched me as I undressed as well, stripping down to my boxers and exposing my muscular arms, abs and chest. I then also crawled into my sleeping bag next to Sofia who was in the middle between Leonie and me.

"Good night" the girls said to each other and to me. "Good night" I answered as I was touching myself to the thought of the two beauties laying down next to me. I wanted to make a move but didn't know how to go about doing so with one without the other getting in the way.

On top of that, I didn't know which one I wanted more. I drifted off to sleep with thoughts of the girls running through my mind. I woke up the next morning with my face freezing cold.


I turned on my side inside the sleeping bag and was met with the image of Sofia's pretty face as she slept soundly in the sleeping bag next to me. I watched her for a few minutes before building up the courage to leave the warm confines of my sleeping bag. I quietly unzipped my sleeping bag and crawled out of it and onto my feet. I was instantly hit by the coldness of the unheated space after the fire went out a few hours back. I quickly got dressed and put on warm clothes.

The hut was filled with early morning light, coming from the large windows that revealed a light gray sky outside. The girls were still sleeping soundly. We were out of wood so I stepped outside to get some. It was refreshingly cold outside and I looked around at the pure white landscape surrounding me. I stepped onto the snow and immediately sunk to my knees. The snow was nearly waist high. I dragged myself through the snow the short distance to the woodshed and grabbed a few dry logs before retracing my steps back to the hut.

I took a last look at the snow and knew that continuing to hike in such deep snow would not be wise and it would be best to wait another day or so in the hopes that it will melt soon. Luckily, I brought enough provisions with me just for cases like this. I entered the hut with a handful of logs which caused the door to accidently slam shut after me, waking the two girls who started making awakening groans.

"Sorry" I whispered to the girls as their eyes opened and looked at me carrying the wood. "Good morning" said one after the other as they stretched their limbs inside the sleeping bags. "Good morning" I answered with an apologetic smile and started placing the wood in place to start a fire.

"I slept so good." Leonie said. "Me too," said Sofia "I slept like a baby." I lit the fire and got it going as the girls stayed in their warms sleeping bags. I then brushed my teeth and put some water on the stove for coffee. Only then did the girls emerge from their sleeping bags. I watched them from the table as they climbed out and got to their feet. In the daylight, I could see them much better and appreciate their sexy bodies even more.

They were still in their bra and panties as they got up and I noticed their nipples were hard and poking through their bras. I continued watching them as to my delight they both turned around and bend over to rummage through their bags for clothes, giving me an exquisite view of their fine asses. I lustfully looked at their pantie covered asses, Sofia's small tight ass and Leonie slightly larger one.

I wanted nothing more than to go over there and squeeze. They turned back around and started dressing, letting me have a final look at their long tone legs and pale flat stomachs. I felt my dick getting hard from the display. After they finished getting dressed, they brushed their teeth and went outside, leaving me to finish preparing the coffee. They came back inside after a few minutes just in time for me to pour them a hot cup of coffee.

They gladly accepted the warm beverage and sat down around the table opening a bag of cookies they had and offering me some. "So, what are your plans for today?" Leonie asked me.

"Well, the snow is too deep to keep hiking today so I guess I'm staying in. What about you?" "That's exactly what I told Sofia when we were outside but she said it's not that bad. After her first step in the snow she sunk all the way to her knee and saw I was right." Leonie said with a laugh "I guess were staying here also." "That's cool," I said happily "we can help each other pass the time." "Yes," Sofia agreed "and at least it looks like it hasn't snowed since last night.

It also feels a little warmer outside to me, I hope enough will melt by tomorrow." We finished the coffee and had a small breakfast of bread with some jam. After breakfast, the girls started talking in German and I took it as a good time for a short walk outside.

I took a short but difficult stroll around the hut. It wasn't snowing and it did feel a little warmer, but the deep snow made it difficult to walk and I found myself more than once tripping and falling to my knees in the deep snow. After about forty minutes I returned to the hut. I found the girls in the same position having an intense discussion about something. I retired to my sleeping bag with a reading book in hand and started reading as the girls kept chatting.

I got about an hour of peaceful reading in before I was interrupted. "I am bored" Leonie said aloud "let's do something fun. Jon do you want to join us?" "Sure, join you for what?" "I don't know, we could play a game." Leonie answered. "Okay," I agreed, putting my book down and climbing out of the bunk "what did you have in mind?" "We have a deck of cards," Sofia said "we could play a card game." "Yeah, why not." I said, taking a place by the table as Sofia got up and brought a deck of cards from her bag.

"Oh, we can play "Rote Zehn"." Leonie said enthusiastically. "With what?" asked Sofia. "There are a lot of things we can do, clean up, lunch, or just some funny stuff." Leonie answered. "Do you know the game?" Sofia asked me after she saw I had no idea what they were talking about. "No" I answered. "It's okay, we can teach you." Leonie said as she started going over the rules "The game is divided into rounds and the goal of each round is to get as much points as you can.

At the end of the round the one with the most points win." She followed the next few minutes by explaining all the rules of the game about how you get points and what each card means with Sofia jumping in to help explain. "I think I got it," I said after they finished "let's play the first round with revealed hands to make sure I got everything and then we can start playing for real." "Wait, I didn't get to the best part." Leonie replied "There is a twist to the game that we always did at home when I was a child.

After each round, the winner of the round gets to give a task to one of the others." "Task?" I asked "Like what kind?" "It can be anything," Sofia interrupted "for example Leonie's dad would always give the task of cleaning the dishes when he won a round." "Exactly." Leonie took back over "Or make something to eat, or my sister would always ask for a massage, or you could tell the loser to do something funny." "Okay, got it." I said "Let's start." We played the first round just to make sure I understood all the rules and then we started playing for real.

Sofia won the first round and gave Leonie the task of washing all the dishes from breakfast. The second round was won by me. "I feel like having a cup of coffee." I said after winning the round "Sofia, why don't you go make us some." I told her cheerfully.

I was liking the game so far. We continued playing for another two hours or so, dishes being washed, the floor being swept, lunch being made and eaten, and bags being organized. All as part of the winners' tasks. It was quite fun and all three of us enjoyed playing, each winning a few rounds. After a while of playing, the hut was spotless, we had eaten lunch one of the losers prepared, the dishes were clean, there was plenty of firewood (more than necessary) and everything was organized.

At that point the round has just been won by Leonie.

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"It's time for a funny task," Leonie said as she won the round "Sofia, this is for you." she continued with a fiendish grin "Your task is to go outside and stand in the snow for 10 seconds…" "That's kind of lame" I thought to myself after hearing Leonie task, but apparently she wasn't done. "…Oh yeah, and you need to do it completely naked." She finished with a cute little giggle. "I will kill you for this." Sofia said unthreateningly while giggling herself.

I was sure Sofia was going to object but to my surprise she got up and walked over to her bag. Leonie and I got up and watched Sofia, Leonie ready to follow her outside and watch her complete the task.

I was just excited by the thought that I would get to see Sofia naked. She was standing in front of her bag with her back to us and started to undress. She first took off her jacket, then the shirt under it, making her bra's back strap visible to us. She then took off her pants to reveal her tight pantie covered ass, and after a pause continued to undress.

She first unclasped her bra, removed it and placed it along with her other clothes and then followed by removing her panties. She slowly removed her panties and slid them along her long legs as she took them off, her perfectly tight little ass now in plain view. As soon as she finished placing her panties with the rest of her clothes she turned around, awarding me with the view of her unconcealed body. My dick started to get hard as I ogled at her nakedness.

She had an adorable pair of small perky breasts, just over a handful, with small bright pink areolas and nipples, and a lovely pussy that was covered with a few days' worth of dark stubble. "Ten seconds in the snow." Sofia said to Leonie as she looked straight at both of us "Ten seconds then I'm running back inside." She said, not even trying a little to hide herself from my enquiring eyes.

Sofia then sat down on the bunk and removed her socks, spreading her legs in the process and giving me a glimpse of her pink vulva which caused my cock to become rock hard in my pants.


I tried my best to shift it around and hide my intense erection, it was lucky I was wearing baggy pants. After removing her socks, Sofia opened the door and stepped outside with us following her.

She stood there in the cold and without a second thought took a step into the snow and turned around towards us. "Ten…nine…eight…" Sofia started counting down while standing in the snow.

Her nipples were rock hard and in full view as she stood there naked in the snow "…Two&!" Sofia finished her countdown and immediately raced inside past us. She ran straight towards the fireplace and warmed up her freezing feet and body while still fully nude.

"Way to go Sofia!" Leonie yelled happily at her as we followed her back inside. "It was kind of fun," Sofia answered shivering slightly "in a painfully cold kind of way." Leonie brought over Sofia pants, jacket and socks which she put on without bothering to wear anything underneath. Leonie hugged Sofia and rubbed her arms over her jacket.

"You okay?" Leonie asked. "I will get you back for this," Sofia said with a laugh "but yes, I'm fine. So, are we going to keep playing?" "Lead the way" I said to Sofia and we sat back around the table for another round with the image of Sofia's naked body burned into my mind and keeping my cock hard. After a 20 minute round I was the winner and I sat there contemplating my next play as both girls looked at me in suspense.

I had an idea but it was a risky one. I knew that if I chose to follow up with this task I would be playing with fire. Then again, I always did like playing with fire. "So?" said Leonie "What's it going to be?" "You know what?" I started saying "I really liked your last task Leonie. I think I'll use it too." "Your task Leonie, is to go outside and stand for 10 seconds in the snow, Naked!" The look on her face was priceless.

She was certainly not expecting this. Sofia on the other hand, started laughing cheerfully. "Nice one Jon." Sofia said while laughing "Come on Leonie, are we going to wait long?" Sofia continued, she was enjoying herself. "Yeah okay." Leonie said as she got up and walked over to her bag. We quickly got up as well and watched her as she started to undress.

Unlike Sofia she did not turn around but instead stripped while facing us. She started out by taking off her jacket, shirt and bra, without a moment of hesitation as her large rounds tits sprung free. They were amazing, topped with red coin sized areolas and small nipples. After she was topless, Leonie pulled down her pants and panties in one swift motion and took them off, revealing a mouthwatering vagina crowned with a neat bush of ginger hair that put my cock in the highest of salutes.

She finished getting undressed by removing her socks while still standing, then in a matter-of-fact sort of motion, she brushed a few fingers over her pussy and immediately turned around and walked outside, her plump ass wiggling behind her. My cock almost exploded at the sight as I followed her outside together with Sofia. Leonie's nipples hardened like rocks on first impact with the cold air outside and she started rubbing her arms as she stepped in the snow.

"It's so cold" Leonie screamed in a high pitched voice and started lightly stomping her feet in the snow in an effort to keep warm. A wonderful side effect, was the way it made her boobs bounce up and down provocatively.

After about ten wonderful seconds, Sofia told her she was done and Leonie raced back inside. When we walked inside a few seconds after her, she was already wearing pants and was putting on her jacket on the way to the fireplace.

I was disappointed by how quickly she got dressed. She sat on the bench in front of the fireplace and rubbed her feet while warming them up to the fire. "Good job Leo!" Sofia said to her, handed her socks to her and gave her a short embrace from behind. "Thanks Sofi, I didn't think it would be this cold." After another five minutes of thawing, Leonie was okay and joined us around the table where I just made hot tea and poured her some.

She drank it willingly and Sofia dealt us another round. It was a close one and I did my best to win because I had an idea of what might be coming, but in the end Leonie won and was wearing a big evil smile on her face. "Do I have to say it or do you already know?" Leonie said triumphantly "But I think you should do 20 seconds in the snow naked." "Yeah alright, I know the drill" I told them as I got up and walked over to my bag.

I knew this might be coming so I tried my best to make erection go away and mostly succeeded, but as I walked over to my bag, the thought of getting naked in front of two hot girls started making my dick hard again in my pants. I tried pushing the thought out of my mind and rummaged through my bag to buy time. "Are we going to wait long?" I heard Leonie say after half a minute that helped a little, but I had to start getting undressed. I had my back turned to them as I undressed, removing my jacket and shirt first, then pants and socks and finally removing my boxers.

My dick was around 70% hard and I knew it would not go down more. I placed my clothes on my sleeping bag and turned around to get the girls acquainted with my naked body. They eyed my muscular body up and down for a second before both their gazes focused on my nearly erect 7 inch cock. Despite my embarrassment, I enjoyed seeing the surprise on their faces as my dick hardened to its full length in front of their studying stares. I let them look at my unconcealed body for another few unnecessary seconds before turning to the door and exiting the hut with the girls behind me.

As soon as they were outside, I stepped into the freezing white snow, turned around to them and started counting down from 20. It was so cold and my feet were freezing, but I put on a brave face and kept counting down, each second feeling like an hour. I heard the girls speaking in German as they looked at me standing there naked in snow. I don't know if that was what they were talking about, but after a few seconds of standing in the snow I noticed my erection beginning to go away and my cock starting to shrink due to our cold surroundings but I was too cold to care.

After finishing the countdown, I slowly moved my feet up the stairs and walked past the girls into the hut. My feet were so cold I couldn't feel them at all, and I went straight for the fireplace, still naked. I sat on the bench in front of the fire and let its blessed warmth wash over me as I started rubbing my frozen feet.

The girls came in after me and both moved over to where I was, neither bringing my clothes with her. Sofia stood near the fireplace putting her hands up to the fire as Leonie sat next to me on the bench. "Impressive Jon" Leonie said to me "looked like you weren't even cold. Most of you at least." "Thanks, but I was freezing out there." I replied, the sensation returning to my feet which now started to ache.

"Can I help you get warmed up?" Leonie said in a low voice. She placed a warm palm on my thigh and started rubbing it. "Sure" I said shocked. Leonie then ran her hand along my thigh, over my abs then all the way down and grabbed my limp cock in her hand with Sofia standing next to us. "Your penis is so cold" Leonie said as she started stroking it with her hand.

"I don't think my hand is warm enough." Leonie said after a few more strokes. With that, she got down on her knees in front of me and I moved the bench back a little. Then, she grabbed my limp cock in her hand once again, brought her mouth over to it and without another word put the tip of my cock in her mouth and started sucking on it. I couldn't help myself and stole a quick glance towards Sofia who was standing 2 feet from us.

She didn't notice my glance, she was looking mesmerized at Leonie as she sucked my cock skillfully. The blowjob was amazing, the sensation of my cold cock entering Leonie warm mouth and being licked by her nimble tongue. "How is that?" Leonie asked, pulling my growing member out of her mouth and looking at me. "Oh god Leonie, that feels amazing." She smiled at me then put my dick back in her mouth. She was holding my cock and made loud sucking sounds as she took my cock in her mouth and licked it all around with her tongue.

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She swirled my cock with her tongue inside her mouth as it started to harden, and slowly pulled her mouth off it until only the tip of my fully hardened dick was wrapped by her red lips. She extracted herself from my cock and looked at me while taking a deep breath. Meanwhile, she closed her palm around the base of my cock and started stroking it again before continuing and brushing her tongue along the length of my dick to the tip. Then, she traced her tongue back along my cock and started sucking my balls as she kept rubbing my dick with her hand.

"OH Fuck Leonie!" I called out to her "Oh YEAH that feels so good." I saw a smile on her face as she kept sucking my balls to my calls of encouragement before she moved back up to my cock and engulfed if with her mouth. I watched Leonie's pretty face and fiery hair as she bobbed her head over my cock, trying to push it deeper and deeper inside her mouth each time while brushing her tongue under my cock each time. "Fuck Leonie, I'm gonna cum!" I practically yelled as she kept on blowing me.

She stopped bobbing her head up and down my cock and started vigorously stroking the full length of my shaft as she left just the tip in her mouth and sucked on it powerfully. "Oh fuck yeah, fuck yeah, FUCK!!!" I yelled out in agonizing pleasure as my cock burst inside Leonie mouth and my legs trembled.

I felt my cock empty enormous amounts of cum into Leonie warm mouth as she kept stroking me throughout my intense orgasm and until the last drops of cum dripped out of my cock.

Only then did she let go of my cock. She looked up at me and as she made eye contact, swallowed the content of her mouth and took her tongue out to show me with a big smile on her freckled face.

"Wow Leonie that was awesome." I said out of breath. She got up to her feet and sat down on the bench next to me smiling. "I just love your penis," she said reaching for it and squeezing it as it was going limp "the second I saw it I knew I had to have it." I caught my breath while Leonie was playing with my limp cock and then continued speaking: "You know what, you seem a little cold.

How about I help warm you up as well?" I said, forgetting we were not alone. "That sounds nice." She said in a seducing voice.

I put a finger under her chin and pulled her lips to mine until they touched. I started kissing her soft lips when she slyly pushed her tongue into my mouth and slithered it around until it met my own tongue. I tasted a hint of saltiness on her tongue before she quickly pulled it away and broke our kiss, giving me a mischievous smile.

She stood up in front of me and started removing her clothes. First her jacket, revealing her magnificent breasts and then her pants, exposing her ginger cunt.

I immediately got up and pulled her in for a passionate kiss while bringing both hands around her and squeezing her luscious ass. Making her moan into my mouth.

I kept kneading her soft bum as Leonie broke our kiss and whispered something into my ear. "What?" I whispered back to her, sure I misheard.

"Do you mind of Sofia joins us?" she whispered again in my ear, causing my recuperating cock to twitch. I looked over to Sofia and saw her sitting near the table, watching us eagerly with her hand down her pants. She was startled as I looked over at her and immediately took her hand out of her pants as I returned my look to Leonie.

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"Of course not" I whispered back in her ear amazed by her request "as long as you are fine with it." Leonie nudged me to let go of her and I did, as she took a step forward and looked at her friend. "Sofi, you want to join us?" I took a step behind Leonie and put my hands around her while looking at Sofia over Leonie's shoulder and waiting for her answer.

I moved my right hand down Leonie stomach and over her bush until I got to her vulva and started rubbing it. It was soaking wet. "Really?" Sofia asked looking at us as I rubbed her friend's pussy "What about you Jon?" Leonie suddenly let out a little moan and I stopped rubbing her vagina before answering Sofia: "Yeah, I would really like it if you joined us" I said, trying not to sound too eager.

I moved Leonie's red hair to one side while sniffing it then started kissing her smooth neck, all the while looking at Sofia. "All right then" Sofia said ecstatic and almost sprinted over. I released my grasp on Leonie with another squeeze of her ass as Sofia walked over to us and started getting undressed quickly. Her clothes were on the floor in seconds and she was standing next to us naked, here cute tits and stubble covered pussy on display.

Sofia's hand instantly reached for my semi erect cock and she gave it a few admiring strokes before pulling me into her and shoving her tongue down my throat and pulling me closer until our bodies touched.

I felt her prickly pussy on my cock as she pulled me into her and I started squeezing her tight little ass as we kissed, admiring how firm it was.

After a long kiss, I noticed I was neglecting the other naked beauty watching us and broke the kiss. "Jonny, I'm feeling a little cold. You promised to warm me up." Leonie said sexily. I hate to be called Jonny but this wasn't the time to correct her. "You're right," I said "but how about I warm both of you up.

Go ahead and lay down on the sleeping bags next to each other." "Now you're talking" Leonie said with a giggle as they climbed onto the bottom bunk and laid down on the sleeping bags. I got on my knees on the bunk, between them, placed a hand on each one of their smooth bellies and slowly stroked my hands down their bodies.

I reached their pubic area and brushed my hand over Leonie's red bush and Sofia's prickly dark one before moving down their inner thigh erotically. Only when I reached their knees did I slide my hand back up to their coveted cunts. Both girls were soaking wet down there and I started rubbing the outer lips of the pussies as they started to moan quietly.

I rubbed them a little more before taking my middle fingers and sliding them up along their slits all the way to the clit and touching it briefly before moving my fingers away. They watched me with torturous pleasure as I took both fingers, put them to my mouth and slowly licked them, savoring the taste of the girls' pussies on my fingers.

Sofia and Leonie had pure lust in their eyes. "Mmm" I let out as I slowly sucked their taste off my fingers. I was driving them crazy and enjoying every second of it. After I licked my fingers clean, I placed a thumb and each of the girls' clits and started rubbing slowly.

"Oh yes" "Oh Yah" Both girls started moaning, thinking they were about to get their first sexual release, but one of them was wrong. After they moaned, I moved my thumbs away and slid my knees back to the edge of the bunk between them. "No," Leonie started saying with a shivering voice "don't stop." but I didn't care.

When I was at the edge of the bunk, I moved around, took my place on my knees between Sofia legs and brought my mouth over to her cunt while looking her in the eyes. "Oh Yah, Yah!" Sofia called out as I stuck my tongue out and slid the tip along her slit, really tasting her for the first time. I then started rubbing her thighs with my palms as I inserted my tongue deeper inside her warm soaking cunt.

"No fair." Leonie complained as I licked her friend's delicious vulva "I should go first." I saw in her eyes just how horny she was as she started rubbing her pussy with her hand while she watched me eating out Sofia. "Don't worry, you'll get your turn Leonie," I said as I extracted my mouth briefly from Sofia's twat "but the longer you play with yourself, the longer I will keep pleasuring Sofia." I said toying with her.

She had an angry look on her face but immediately moved her hand away. I looked over at Sofia who had a content smile on her face. The smile quickly turned into a contorted expression of pleasure and she let out a loud moan as I returned my focus to her burning cunt. "Ahh Yah Ahh" Sofia moaned in sexual bliss as I devoured her pussy with my mouth. I inserted my tongue inside her, tasting her, and started licking around, moving my tongue along her inner lips and deep inside her cavern, all this as sexual juices flowed out of her.

I slid both hands along her inner thighs and spread her lips with my hands as I examined every inch of her womanhood. I kept eating Sofia's pussy to the sound of her growing moans for another minute before bringing my tongue along her slit to her clit, giving it a few strong licks, and then I stopped and pulled myself up along her naked body before bringing her the release she craved. I pulled myself over her body until I reached her breasts.

I sucked on them for a brief minute, feeling her hard nipples in my mouth, and then aligned my face with hers and gave her a passionate kiss on her lips, placing my naked body on top of hers and my cock gently coming into contact with her intimate region. I broke our kiss quickly, before I would be tempted to do something I wasn't ready to do yet, and moved over to her right, getting on my knees between her and Leonie.

"It's your turn." I said to Leonie as I climbed on top of her and perched myself on my hands looking down at her. I lowered my naked body until it was on top of hers and I started kissing her lustfully, feeling her large breasts pushing against me.

I kissed her briefly, looking into her eyes before I moved down her body to her breasts.

I placed both my hands on and started gently massaging her sexy mounds. They were so large and soft. I moved my tongue to one of her hard nipples and started sucking on it as I kept rubbing both boobs. "Oh yeah." Leonie let out a hushed moan as I bit her left nipple slightly. I kept licking and sucking on her nipples for a little while longer before continuing to glide down her body.

I moved down along her flat stomach and over her red bush until I got to her scorching pussy and ran my tongue along her slit, enjoying how wet it was. "Oh fuck yes" she said as she felt my tongue brushing her, and started moaning loudly as I inserted my tongue deeper, lapping up all her sexual juices.

I dove deep into her flaming twat, slithering my tongue all over the place and tasting every last bit of her delicious pussy as she groaned and moaned loudly. After a minute of eating her pussy, I brought over my right hand which was placed on her thigh and used it on her vagina. I started out by rubbing her with it as my tongue was deep inside her, but after a bit, I started fingering her with one then two fingers and moved my tongue to focus on her clit.

I started out slow at first, but then picked up the pace as I started powerfully shoving my slick fingers inside her warm cunt, all this while licking her clit powerfully. I was finger fucking her with two fingers and playing with her clit using my tongue when she cracked.

"Oh, OH, OOOHHH, Jon!!!" Leonie screamed and I felt her pussy pushing down on my fingers as she climaxed. I kept on fingering her and she started squealing in ecstasy as she was met with an orgasm. Her legs started shaking, her pussy was bucking against my fingers and tongue and her face twisted in unmistakable sexual pleasure as she moaned like crazy.

I gave her few more licks then removed my fingers and tongue, and watched her spasm in frenzy until her orgasm ended and she was left there breathing heavily. My dick was rock hard by now and I looked at Sofia.

She was rubbing her unquenched pussy as she watched Leonie's last orgasmic shivers. "How about we move over by the fire?" I said to the girls. I needed a pussy badly and knew it would be uncomfortable fucking them with the top bunk overhead. Sofia didn't speak, she just complied. I got off the bunk and got to my feet on the floor and Sofia quickly followed, eyeing my hard cock as she did. She then stepped over to the bench in front of the fire and sat down on it. Leonie recuperated from her orgasm and followed Sofia, sitting next to her on the bench.

I reached inside my backpack and searched around with my hand until I found a small pack of condoms. I pulled two out, one placing on the bed and the other taking with me. "Lay down" I said to Sofia and she positioned herself on her back on the bench invitingly, placing her head on Leonie lap.

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They both looked at me as I moved forward, my very erect cock pointing to them. I ripped open the condom and rolled it over my erect cock, lowering it to Sofia's entrance as she spread her legs to invite me in. I positioned my covered cock, and to the girls' studying gaze, slowly breached Sofia's snatch with it.

Sofia let out a quivering groan, and I a moan, as I pressed my manhood deeper and deeper into Sofia's tight snatch.

"Oh my god" I whispered in pleasure as the entire length of my cock found its way inside her Swiss pussy. I put my hands around her slim waist and without much thought pulled my cock out and thrust it back inside, making Sofia moan loudly. My second thrust was a little softer and after my third thrust deep into her blazing pussy I started to plow her rhythmically, both of us moaning loudly as her tight cunt embraced my raging hard on with each thrust.

I kept on fucking Sofia with sexual vigor while Leonie watched us and decided she was ready for some too. I was fucking Sofia blissfully, watching her small mounds wiggle enticingly when Leonie moved Sofia's head off her lap and gently placed it on the bench.

She then walked over to the table, pulled the second bench and placed it next to me, parallel to the bench I was fucking Sofia on. After Leonie finished moving the bench, she lay down on top of it just like Sofia was doing. I watched Leonie curiously as I kept fucking a moaning Sofia and saw as she folded her legs onto the bench, one hand playing with her marvelous tits and the other rubbing her pussy and brushing her fingers over her red bush.

She was teasing me expertly and I was dying to know what her cunt felt like. "Don't you dare!" cried out Sofia in between growing moans like she was reading my mind "Keep fucking me." And I did, starting to move even faster.

"Oh Yah, just like that." Sofia said "Oh yah, harder." That was all I needed to hear as I fucked her even harder, plunging my cock into her pussy with force while she kept moaning in pleasure. I kept fucking her pussy for another minute, demolishing it with every powerful thrust I had until I made her cum.

"Oh fuck yah, yah, YAH!" Sofia screamed wildly as I kept ramming my cock into her. I felt her pussy clamp around my cock and heard her shriek like a banshee, rubbing her clit with her right hand as her orgasm ripped through her body like a tidal wave.

I tried my best to resist, to hold it in, but it was too much for me. "Oh fuck Sofia!" I yelled as I fucked her cumming pussy and started to cum myself, filling the condom with thick white liquid as I pushed my squirting cock repeatedly into Sofia's convulsing pussy with pure sexual pleasure surging through my body.

Sofia's orgasm ended first but she kept rubbing her clit until mine did too and I pulled my cock out of her pussy. I peeled the condom off my dick, and to the girls' amazement and my surprise, it was still completely hard, even after I drained it inside Sofia. I noticed a large smile formed on Leonie's face and it took all my will power not to stick my bare cock into her fiery muff right then. Instead, I took a quick step over to my bag, picked up the second condom I left there, stepped back and pulled it over my still erect cock.

I then grabbed my cock, pointing it at Leonie cunt, gave her outer lips a few rubs and then inserted my cock deep into her vagina, doing so before it will get a chance to deflate. "Oh wow," Leonie let out in pleasure as my dick penetrated her "I didn't know guys could do that." I only gave her a sneaky smile in return and pushed my cock into her.

Her pussy felt so good. It was a little less tight than Sofia's but it was so much wetter and my cock slipped in with easy as I pumped her. I started out slow, gently pushing my dick into her vulva until it was all the way in. Then, I pulled it out to the tip and back in again. After starting out easy, I switched to slow but powerful thrusts into her, making her grunt in a mix of pain and pleasure with each thrust of my hips.

I looked down at Leonie as we fucked, watching the pleasure on her face, the way her luscious tits bounced around with each thrust and the way my cock disappeared inside her twat as my dark pubic hair brushed against her ginger bush enticingly.

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"Ah…&hellip.Ah" the sound of Leonie's load moans echoed rhythmically in the room as I kept powerfully shoving my cock into her. "Ah&hellip.Let's switch positions." Leonie said after a few minutes of slow but powerful fucking.

I pulled out of her and she rolled onto her feet. "Lay down on the bench." Leonie ordered my and I obeyed. After I was on my back, I looked up at Leonie's sexy body as it climbed on top of me. She then slid her exposed body along mine until her soaking pussy was aligned with my cock, grabbed my dick with her hand, and guided it to her snatch, impaling herself on my erect member.

"Oh fuck" I called out as my dick found its way back up her snug hole and she started riding me passionately. It was Leonie's turn to toy with me as she took control of my dick and our sexual motions.

She started out by riding me ever so slowly, swallowing my dick with her pussy inch by inch and then slowly letting it glide back out as she rose. She kept this going for a while, riding me painfully slow as she looked down at me with a devilish grin. After a while of this, without any warning, she suddenly impaled herself powerfully down on my cock, making me moan loudly while she bit her lip and stayed quiet.

She then started riding me fast, with full force, blasting my cock into her scorching cunt and making me moan in uncontainable pleasure. She kept on fucking me like that for no more than ten blissful seconds, her hands resting on my abs and her magnificent boobs jumping up and down uncontrollably until she went back to riding my cock slowly. She was driving me crazy.

I looked up at her as my sexual euphoria eased and saw the triumphantly torturing look on her face. In response, I grabbed her ass with both hands and started squeezing. "God, what an ass." I thought to myself as I squeezed it with pleasure, but she kept on riding me slowly.

"If that's how she wants to play…" I thought to myself and in one swift motion, I opened my right palm and gave Leonie an echoing slap on her exquisite ass. Leonie had a surprised, very turned on look on her face and bit down on her lower lip as I smacked her ass, but what took me by surprise was the gasping moan Sofia let out next to us. I turned to look at Sofia, after being mesmerized by Leonie's body riding mine, and saw her sitting up on the bench next to us and rubbing her pussy rapidly as she watched Leonie fuck me.

I reached over with my hand and moved it towards Sofia and her vulva. She was startled a bit when she felt my hand on her skin but immediately allowed me access to her sacred tunnel, moving her hand away. I used my thumb to gently rub her pussy a little before speaking, "Here Sofia, you want to stand over me so I could eat your pussy?" I asked her, Leonie still torturing my dick with her cunt.

Sofia looked at Leonie then got to her feet and climbed over me, placing her dripping cunt over my face. I used both hands to pull her a little lower, then stuck my tongue out until it came into contact with her pussy.

"Oooooo…" she exhaled with pleasure as I started eating her pussy again, snaking my tongue in and around her intimate region to her growing moans. After licking Sofia a little, I felt Leonie starting to ride my cock faster, a wonderful sensation that only encouraged my pussy eating and I inserted my tongue deep into Sofia who moaned even louder.

"Oh fuck yah" I suddenly heard Leonie scream as she impaled herself harder and faster onto my cock, fucking me hard and fast again and this time keeping the pace. I moved a finger into Sofia's pussy and started fingering her as well as licking her, all this as Leonie plunged my cock deep into her and moaned franticly, just like I was doing into Sofia's vulva.

I heard Sofia moan aloud also, as I fingered her, when suddenly, she climbed off me. Sofia got off me just in time for me to see Leonie explode on my cock.

She was pounding my cock into her mercilessly and rubbing her clit wildly as she went off like a sexual bomb. She squealed as the orgasm took her and her entire body started shaking from her feet up, her boobs bouncing in all directions.

She kept on rubbing her pussy which I felt convulse around my erect cock, but stopped riding me as wave after wave of rapturous pleasure tore her entire body, tears forming in her eyes from the sexual ecstasy. I grabbed her ass to help support her and held it tight until her body stopped its spasms and relaxed.

Sofia then helped her off my hard cock and pulled her to a mattress on the floor where she collapsed in sexual exhaustion. Sofia then walked back to me, simply climbed on my cock, and started riding me fast. She hammered her tight little pussy onto my cock just like Leonie was doing a second ago and cried out in euphoria. I lasted another few minutes inside Sofia's tight snatch, feeling my cock pound her pussy powerfully before both of us arrived at our sexual crescendo, the room filling with orgasmic sounds as we did.

Sofia's entire body shivered slightly and she pinched her nipples as I squirt every last drop of cum into the condom wrapping my cock inside her, the pleasure of the orgasm indescribable. Dusk was upon us and the last light was fading outside as Sofia climbed off my limp cock after our orgasms finally ended. Sofia pulled another mattress, placing it next to Leonie and brought over 2 sleeping bags that she unzipped into sort of blankets. I threw a few more logs into the fireplace and got rid of the condom as she did so.

We then joined Leonie on the mattresses, laying down on both sides of her, and covered ourselves with the sleeping bags. I rested my limp cock against Leonie's bare ass and wrapped my hand around her, placing it on her soft breast as we fell into an exhausted slumber.

---------- My cock twitched in my boxers as I finished my recollection of that incredible day almost 20 years ago. I could still picture the girls' naked bodies as they writhed in pleasure like it was yesterday. I felt sleep taking me as I looked over at my lovely wife asleep next to me and pulled myself closer to her. I then released my erect cock through the opening of my boxers, pulled her nightgown up a little and spooned her from behind, resting my bare cock against her sensual ass as I brought my left hand over her.

I fell asleep in seconds. To be continued. Hope you enjoyed. Please comment