Con mi vieja en hotel de Aguascalientes

Con mi vieja en hotel de Aguascalientes
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So I like football. I like seeing a bunch of guys ramming into each other at full force. I suppose I just like violence. My dad thinks that's worrisome, says someone at my age shouldn't be that into physical pain.

I don't know what his problem is. I'm already twelve! But that day that we, as a family, went to see a football game, was quite a day indeed. First thing you should know is that I'm a twelve-year-old girl.

I only just started puberty and had just had the birds and bees talk. So we were sitting there, me yelling out to various players to murder the other players, when suddenly a music came over the speakers.

All five thousand of us heard it, as did the players and cheerleaders in the field.

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It started off as something in the background. Some strange instrument was playing. No one thought much of it and the game continued. But over time a feeling was creeping over me and I could see it was happening to others as well.


Slowly but surely there was a feeling like my clothes were getting tighter. And tighter. At first it caused me to squirm in my seat (as it did many others) but got worse and worse.

Eventually it got to the point that I thought I'd start choking. Many of us resisted the urge to remove our outer clothes at first due to societal fear but sooner or later the survival instinct kicked in and everyone was shedding their shirts and in the case of us girls, our bras (if we were wearing any) to get relief from that agony.

Shortly after that and the same feeling kicked in but this time feeling like our waists were being squished by an elephant. In about five minutes, as you may be able to guess, almost everyone had removed their pants or jeans or skirts or dresses and any undergarments associated with their sex (again, if we were wearing any). I could hear a lot of heavy breathing as everyone felt free from the choking and crushing weight.

Many people were sprawled out across bleachers, sweating. Football players were laying on the ground, naked, with cheerleaders sprawled next to them, their tits squashed against the field as they were face-down. My own brother was still gripping the arm rests of his seat and his eyes were still wide open from fear. But no one felt embarrassed being as nude as we all were. Everyone was enjoying the heavenly feeling of this rest.

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Unfortunately, it didn't last for long. Very soon there was a different tune playing and my tiredness faded away, being replaced with a thirst.

But not a thirst for beer. I couldn't figure out what at first. But over the next couple of minutes I started figuring it out. I had been staring at my brother's erect cock for a minute before I realized my body was craving his sperm. I jumped on top of him and slid his cock in my vagina. I rose up and fell back down.


Rose up and fell back down. Up and down, up and down, over and over and over and he helped me do this with his hands. I didn't care if it lasted only three or four minutes; I needed his sperm!

He eventually came into me and I kissed him on the cheek and got up. No sooner had I done that than the urge came over me again. I knew I couldn't return to my brother.

The workings of the male prevented that from happening again without a cool-down time. I immediately thought of my dad, but when I looked his way I saw him already banging a pregnant Hispanic woman and having fun watching her huge boobs slamming together with every thrust. My mom was right next to him and had a cock in her hole from some teenager and another from some old dude in her mouth.

Then, beyond them, I spotted a group of about five guys and three girls all fucking together. There was another guy, probably about thirty-five, trying to get one of the girls for himself with no success, so I decided to fuck him.

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As I ran his way, I realized that at twelve years of age, I was now what they would call a slut. And that made me even more horny and very proud. This guy I just mentioned had a hairy cock and it tickled as he rammed it up my hole. His cock was big, so it also hurt a bit.

Have you ever felt that? Pain, pleasure and a tickling sensation all at once? It really is something, and I recommend every girl reading this gets fucked by a guy with a big and hairy dick at least once in their lives.

Anyway, I fucked him just like I did my brother: me on top.

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Our sex lasted longer by a few minutes and I think I squirted several times on him before he tried to make me pregnant. When he was done and was leaning back panting, two of the guys in the group he had been trying to be a part of pulled me in. And then the most amazing thing happened.

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I didn't touch the ground. That's right. One of the guys picked me up by the waist with me facing down and rammed his cock in my ass. A short guy was beneath me fucking me proper. That left enough room for a third guy to rub his dick against my breasts, which were just big enough for a tittyfuck while I ate a fourth guy's dick. I had my three holes filled and my boobs were busy too. After the guy who was fucking me released his sperm, the tittyfucker took his place.

I think they all intended to put sperm in its rightful place but one of them couldn't help himself and came in my ass. The rest were successful fuckers. I would love to go on like this, detailing every sexual encounter I had, but that would go on for pages. I'll sum it up to a certain point. After I got done with that group I moved from guy to guy of all sorts of different ages. Some were eight and some were eighty.

All were in the fucking mood. I passed by many girls getting their holes filled again of all ages. After about two hours I found myself on the complete opposite side of the stadium and near the field (I started about halfway up) but no one was left in the field itself.

All had moved to where most of the fucking was already happening: in the stands. Also, by this time I had fucked so much that cum was dripping down my legs. There was no more room for it in my vagina and still I craved more. And there were plenty to have. The truth is, there were five thousand people there, and if you assume half of them were of the male variety, that meant there were twenty-five hundred potential sex mates. Now I didn't go through all of them unfortunately.

Because something else happened. During the course of all that sex, after I had been given sperm by around eighty or ninety different guys (having gone back to some for more, and also not including the things like ass-fuck, tittyfuck, oral sex, ect.) I slowly found myself migrating to the nosebleed section, jumping from guy to guy in the meantime. When I got there I suddenly felt a large cock being rammed up my hole.

I turned my head to see it was one of the coaches. His cock was huge and it hurt and felt good all at the same time. But two minutes later and he pulled out. He didn't even release into me, which I hated. He had moved onto another girl even younger than me. That made me mad. This was the first time a whore had taken my cock.

I needed that sperm now or I felt I would die of starvation. I knew I was on the top row of all the bleachers and that to my left was a wall that, beneath it and several stories down, was the parking lot. I was mad and the music had slowly been getting louder and more intense. So I grabbed the girl that was fucking the coach and without warning hurled her over the top.

Her screams of surprise were difficult to hear over the roar of grunts and moans and the music itself and the crash was hard to hear as well. I looked over and saw she had landed on a windshield of a car and a piece of glass had rammed through her neck. Blood was pouring everywhere but she was already dead. I could also make out a couple that had been fucking in the front seat were also dead from her landing.

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At that point I vowed to only fuck in the backseat of a car if ever I fucked in a car at all. Anyway, having that stupid bitch out of the way freed the coach and he gladly continued fucking me. A minute later and he gave me his sperm. But the music was getting louder and faster and I felt I couldn't wait a couple minutes for my next cock. I needed one now or I felt I would die.

I immediately spotted a middle-aged woman getting double-penetrated by two guys and I ran over there. On the way I saw a pair of jeans and I picked it up. The thought had come into my head to kill the woman and get both the guys. And why not? Murdering that one girl didn't seem too hard and the coach didn't seem to care.

So I planned on strangling her with the jeans legs but as I was getting it prepared in my hands I felt something in the pocket. I pulled it out.

It was a pocket knife! Even better. So when I reached the woman I pulled the blade out, and started stabbing her in her chest as hard as I could. She lashed out in pain and I suffered a few scratches, but she was held down by the two boys who were still fucking her and they did not stop until her body went limp, no longer alive.

I rolled the woman off the guy under her and started riding him while the other left for a more attractive bitch who just got done with her partner.

But the guy I just mounted had been about to come in the dead woman and so no sooner had I shoved my hole around his cock then he released his sperm into me and it came gushing out again (remember, I was still full). I couldn't take it. I had to get fucked again! My life was flashing before my eyes. Without more sperm I would die!

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So I did the only sensible thing. I ran after the guy who left me and, filled with adrenaline, took his new partner's head by her hair and started smashing it on a bleacher in front of us. The first blow knocked her unconscious and I think the second blow killed her, but I was broiling with rage and so kept banging it against the seat in front.


Then I felt a cock ramming inside me. Finally! At last! And a couple minutes later and his sperm was mine. Then the first guy started fucking me again but only after a couple thrusts he stopped. He stopped because there was now a bullet in his brain. Behind him a security guard who still had his gun had shot him, apparently desiring pussy as much as I desired cock.

I eagerly took the man's cock and sperm. It was then I noticed in a brief moment that my head was clear that I wasn't the only one killing people. It seemed that so long as there was competition, there was murder.

In fact, twenty minutes later, when I was being fucked by another total stranger, some bitch came at me with her hands. I still had the knife from earlier stabbed her while taking a cock to the pussy and another to the mouth. She bled out all over me. And so it continued. All in all, I think I got fucked by three or four hundred different guys and killed maybe eighty girls. Eventually we reached equilibrium; we got to where we were all fucking and there was just enough guys and girls so that there was no more death.

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We just kept fucking and fucking and fucking and fucking.