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Granny Fucks Young Dick In The Kitchen
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After being thoroughly dominated by Margie, her teacher, Shannon took out her wrestling frustrations on her regular sparring partner Kim, during their tag-team match with Margie and Shannon's partner Marilyn.

Tormenting Kim in a series of brutal scissors and a back bending grapevine, Shannon holds her young opponent in a hammerlock, while she recovers. She doesn't want to end the fall just yet and she was going to make Kim suffer. Shannon applied a little pressure to Kim's already aching arm, trying to nudge the blonde into an escape attempt.

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It was also an excuse to press her body closer. Her thighs pushed against Kim's plump ass, and Shannon could feel the warm touch of their per spiring bodies. She rose slightly and rubbed her vagina against Kim's soft buttock. The others watched as she let out a low moan and released the hammerlock.

Shannon moved to one knee, climbing on top of Kim and started breaking her down to the mat. Kimberly shifted her legs, but she was so drained that she slowly crumbled and once again was lying prone, her full breasts pressed to the canvas.

Shannon had thrown out technique, she liked the idea of thoroughly dominating Kim, body to body. She continued her full body press, wrapping her arms around Kim's throat and entwining her legs from behind. One of Kim's silky thighs was caught between Shannon's and she squeezed; strongly at first, to reinforce her dominance, then she began to swivel, enjoying the stimulation against her clitoris. She pressed down on Kim's head, not letting her forget that this was a wrestling match and that she, Shannon was winning.

Kim could feel Shannon's breath in her ear and the weight of her body, she was so tired. She wanted to quit, she wanted to go home, but since the torture had stopped, she found a new sensation. The top of Shannon's thigh was pressed into her crotch and Ki m found that by struggling against her with the hips.

The sensation was lifting. Shannon realized that Kim was now struggling against her, but not very strongly. Kim's broken breath as she stimulated herself gave her away.

Shannon quickly rocked onto her back, then moved aside, so Kim rolled over her onto her back, too. Shannon pounced on her opponent. Then, bounced on her, reestablishing the body press. This time belly-to-belly. Kim let out an, "Ooof", as the wind was knocked out of her. Shannon clamped onto Kim's wrists and slowly went up to her knees. She worked her way up to Kim's ample chest, then sat directly onto the blonde's breasts. Kim tried to catch her breath, but Shannon was weighing down on her.

She flailed her legs, but they were so weak, she couldn't even bridge her back. Shannon wiggled a little more, until Kim saw that she was moving closer and closer to her face. Her struggling became more earnest. But, Shannon held her prone.

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Grinning evilly, Shannon brought her moist vagina right down on Kim's face. Looking up to Margie, she grinned wider as she wiggled her hips. Kim kicked her legs to no avail. Shannon lowered until her well-formed ass was only inches above her hapless opponent. "Come on, girl.

Wrestle her," Marilyn said. "Shut up!" Shannon said, and wiggled a little more. Kim was fading, her struggling became merely symbolic as Shannon held her tight. "Lick me, bitch," Shannon said in a low voice, "Lick me and I might let you up." She was now completely sitting on helpless Kimberly, moving her hips ever so slightly.

Kim finally managed to turn her head and gulp for air. Shannon had nearly suffocated her. Lying there, feeling her opponent's body on her shoulders, smelling Shannon's sweat and vagina, Kim relented. She turned and slowly pushed her tongue against Shannon's clit and stroked. The first stroke caused Shannon to arch her back and then moan as Kimberly delved out her penance for losing.

"Let her up, Champ," Marilyn said, "She's had enough." "Leave me alone," Shannon called back. Marilyn watched Shannon rise slightly as Kimberly continued. She wasn't really concerned too much for the heavy-set girl, rather watching Shannon force her into oral sex was driving her crazy. As the two wriggled in the ring, Marilyn's hand found its way into the bottoms of her bikini and she stroked herself, ever so slowly, not wanting any of the others to notice.

Suddenly, Shannon shrieked. The orgasm caused her body to visibly shake and she rolled off of Kim, who heaved for breath. Kim was so tired. But, she had to escape and now was her chance. She rolled onto her stomach and pushed until her aching legs were under her, trying to get to her knees.

She looked up at Margie, who was stunned by the girl's fortitude. Marjorie, beckoned her with hand gestures. If she could tag in now, Shannon would be in a world of trouble.

Shannon looked up at the lights. She was in ecstasy. She had completely wrestled out poor little Kim and had one of the best orgasms of her life, including her boyfriend, Mark. She giggled to herself, because she knew that he never liked to wrestle with her. He was afraid to. He actually thought he might hurt her. "Wake up, girl!" Shannon looked up to see Marilyn pointing. She turned to see; Kimberly crawled to the corner with a final effort and tagged Margie in! She bounded through the ropes and headed straight for Shannon.

"Okay, you had your fun. Now, it's time for the big girl to play." Shannon panicked. She was too drained to fight Margie now, and she remembered what those thighs did to her last time. She rolled, feeling Margie's hands grabbing for her. The sweat on her back made her hard to grasp and Shannon dove into the corner, where her hand slapped Marilyn's outstretched palm. Margie stopped as she saw Marilyn climb in through the ropes. "As you said, honey.

Time for the big girls to play." "Good," Margie said, "I was hoping I'd get to lock up with you. We can show these little girls how it's done." "We?" Marilyn commented as the two slowly circled, "Better be concerned about yourself, honey. Ever since I saw you on TV, I've always wanted to get you on the mat." "Be careful what you wish for." Margie started as she lunged as Marilyn, who was a little quicker than she thought and the brunette slipped aside.

Before she could step back, Marilyn moved forward and grabbed Margie. Instead of going for a take-down, Marilyn worked around behind her blonde opponent and clasped her arms around Margie's defined waist.

Grunting, she squeezed Margie in a bear hug, lifting her off the mat. 'God, this woman is strong,' Margie realized, even though she thought the move was simplistic. It worked. Marilyn poured on the pressure, pulling Margie up and back, so not to get her balance and forcing the breath out of her.


Margie's hand instinctually began prying at Marilyn's fingers. But, the brunette knew it was coming. Just as Margie was starting to pull at her pinkies, Marilyn fell back, dumping Margie full force to the floor. Having been in the ring for some time, Margie managed to keep from being stunned by the impact.

But, she was already breathing heavy. Marilyn moved to her knees and rolled Margie onto her stomach, using her full weight to press the older woman to the floor. Once there, Marilyn released the bear hug and wrapped her strong arms around the blonde's neck, while she tried to isolate her flailing legs. Damn. Margie thought, she had underestimated this woman completely. This wasn't another mouthy teen or cat fighter. Marilyn knew what she was doing.

She was going to grind her into the mat and wear her down. "I'll bet this is a view you haven't had in a while," Marilyn gloated, whispering in Margie's ear. Margie exploded, she managed to bump her body and get her knees under her, but as soon as she did, Marilyn was waiting. The brunette hooked under Margie's arms and fell onto her back. Margie had no surface to push off of, and now she could feel Marilyn's l egs at her sides.

"Bad move," she said between breaths. "It's okay, honey," Marilyn said and punctuated it by crossing her ankles and gripping the blonde in her scissors. "Uunnnnngghh," Margie heard herself moan as Marilyn's thighs crushed her ribs and stomach. "Oh, come on. We haven't even started, yet." Marilyn rolled onto her side, dragging Margie in her scissors. She didn't want Margie getting on her feet. And for insurance, she wrapped up the older woman in a full-nelson.

"Do you like this? I always thought it was like being in a rack," Marilyn cooed and pulled backwards as she clamped the scissors, stretching Margie's body to the limit.

"Unnnnnngh. Ahhhh," Margie cried out. Then for added dominance, Marilyn simply wrapped her arms around Margie's head and squeezed. From ringside, Shannon was nearly jumping for joy. Her partner was tearing Ms. Marjory a new one and she loved it. "Get her, girl," she cried, "Squeeze the shit out of her." Marilyn did just that.

She had enveloped Margie like a boa constrictor attacking a mouse. Her well-formed thighs held her opponent's waist in a vice and Shannon and Kim both could see them ripple with every squeeze. Marilyn placed her head right next to Margie's as she squeezed. She loved whispering taunts at her tortured opponent. Again, Marilyn rolled, trying to keep the blonde from getting her bearings.

This time, Margie ended up on her stomach; well actually face-down with Marilyn's legs beneath her, which was more draining than being pressed to the mat. But, it did mean that she could get to her hands and knees. Marilyn sensed that she was losing this hold, but squeezed again anyway.

Margie sat up on her knees, Marilyn's scissors still in effect, but not as strong. Then, Margie spun and sprang forward, stunning her opponent and rolling over her head.

The scissors broke. Margie tried to roll away, to recover. But, Marilyn moved quickly on her knees and dived on her. Margie found herself again on her back, with Marilyn completely body pressing her belly-to-belly.

The brunette scowled as the two Amazons locked legs and arms. They strained for a moment, neither gaining an advantage. Margie didn't care.

She liked the feeling of the other woman's body next to hers. The smooth touch of their perspiration covered thighs rubbing together.

Finally, they broke apart getting back up to their knees. "Not bad," Margie commented, trying not to sound impressed. She was. This woman had her in trouble early. "Just getting warmed up," came the reply. They locked up again, pushing and pulling with locked arms. Their breasts pressed together. Margie looked down, which caught Marilyn's attention. Margie's breasts were at least two sizes larger and she knew it.

As they grappled, she purposefully jiggled th em, moving them on top of Marilyn's. Marilyn again took the initiative and dove into Margie.

Her shoulder caught Margie in the mid-section and she drove the large woman back to the mat. Margie rolled to get off her back, but found herself on her stomach again, with her opponent straddling her.

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Marilyn bounced a few times on Margie's plump buttocks, jarring her. Then, she spread herself across the blonde's body. Her arms and legs entangled Margie's, and her crotch was pressed against the teacher's ass. But, this time, Marilyn moved in to do damage. She wrapped her arms around her throat and pulled Margie backwards. The sleeper! Margie had been dragged into a sitting position with Marilyn close behind her. She knew she was in a bad position and reached out for the ropes.

They were too far.

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Poor Kim was still recovering from her beating and was of no help. "Put her out!" yelled Shannon, "Then, I can do what I want with her!" Marilyn pressed downwards on the weakened brunette, trying to shut off the precious oxygen and blood to the brain. She knew that if she could just hold it until Margie's strength was drained, then she could clamp on her Boston Crab or Scorpion lock.

Margie's struggles became more vain. Her legs stopped moving and her eyes shut. Then, she went limp. 'Oh, my God,' Marilyn thought, 'I got her. I've really got her.' She released her grip and Margie fell back, completely sprawled on the mat. Quickly, the brunette moved to grab her ankles and set her up for the finisher.

Once that strutting bitch was in her Crab, it was all over. Marilyn scooped up Margie's ankles.

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They were dead weight in her hands. She began to pull her legs up, when Margie's eyes opened! The rejuvenated blonde grabbed her stunned opponent's shoulders and rolled back, causing Marilyn to somersault onto her back. Before she could move, Marilyn felt Margie drop onto her. The impact knocked her breath out. She tried to roll, but only managed to get to her side, where Margie wanted her.

Keeping her opponent pressed into the mat, Margie put her knee on the side of Marilyn's head, holding her still. "Poor dear, Marilyn. I can play possum with the best of them." "You bitch!" Marilyn blurted as Margie grabbed her free arm, "Ahhh." Margie kept pressing Marilyn's head down with her knee until she managed to grab Marilyn's right wrist and ankle. Now, she was ready.

Rolling Marilyn back on her stomach, Margie planted her feet on Marilyn's shapely ass and pulled her wrist and ankle in an inverted bow and arrow. The limbs were being pulled to the side, something they do not do. The pain was excruciating.

"Aaaaaaaahhh! You bitch! When I get my. Ooooh!" "You were saying." "Come on, Mary," called Shannon, "Don't give up." "Oh, please," Margie said and rocked back again, pulling Marilyn's limbs in directions they weren't meant to go. "Submit?" She asked. No answer. "Good." Releasing what would have been the finishing hold on any other opponent, Margie dove back on top Marilyn. Such determination, she thought. She was going to enjoy this.

Holding her body across Marilyn's back, Margie grabbed both ankles and crossed them, pressing Marilyn's feet to her buttocks. Usually, it was just an immobilization hold, to keep an opponent still, but Margie poured on pressure, stretching the thigh and just for the hell of it, she bit one of Marilyn's toes.

"Owww! You slut!" Margie pounced on her prone opposition again, this time in a stranglehold. But, for an added taste, she pressed her knee against Marilyn's shoulder blade so she would have no room to breathe. "Fucking cow!" Shannon yelled. "Do you want a rematch right now, little girl?" Margie called back, "Then, shut up.

All she has to do is submit!" Marilyn managed to shake her head, no. "All right, but you'll only delaying it." Margie released the stranglehold and took a few steps away. Marilyn gasped for breath. She would not underestimate Margie again. Margie sighed she pulled at her short tunic, which had become twisted. Marilyn moved her knees and started to her feet. "One more lesson?" Marilyn wearily padded across the mat, but it was into Margie's open arms. She gracefully lifted the brunette and body slammed her.

Before she could recover from the first, Margie pulled her up by the hair and did it again. Then, dropped on her again, across her fatigued stomach. "Oooof!" Marilyn let out and she rolled onto her side, into a fetal position. Margie again pulled her to her feet. Marilyn was nearly unconscious at this point, the slams had her spinning. She came to quickly as Margie twisted her into a standing abdominal stretch.

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"Aaaaaaaahhh. Ooooooooh. Pleeease," Marilyn wailed. "Submit.

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Submit. Submit." But, Margie was hoping she wouldn't. No one had yet noticed the silky stream running down her thigh or her erect nipples.

She was on fire inside. Margie hadn't had a match like this in years. The college girls were always so fragile and gave in too easy. She hip tossed Marilyn to the mat.

'Don't give in now, sweetie. Please. I'm almost there,' she thought. Marilyn rolled onto her stomach. It was more reflex now. She looked around for Shannon, who was only a few precious feet away, out stretching her hand.

Shannon knew she couldn't beat Margie, but Marilyn had suffered enough. If she could tag in, she could s ubmit. But, Marilyn refused to tag. Margie lowered herself slowly onto Marilyn's back.


First, she sat on her ass, then fell forward. As she tangled up Marilyn's arms, Margie's legs found their mark, the waist scissors. She had the woman in her vice and the suffering would belong. For nearly ten minutes, Margie did nothing but torment Marilyn with her scissors hold. She was rocking back and forth, not to strengthen the hold, but help with what was coming.


Marilyn's moans, the struggling, the sweat and smells were bringing Margie nearly to a climax she hadn't had since she wrestled professionally. Finally, Marilyn could struggle no more and Margie opened her legs. She sat on the mat in front of Marilyn, she juices secreting onto the mat in front of her. She pulled the beaten brunette to her until Marilyn was right in front of her waiting pussy.

She rolled onto her side and slowly slipped her legs around Marilyn's head. The scissors were more symbolic as she squeezed and Marilyn moaned. The other woman didn't even have to touch her vagina, before Margie was visibly shaking.

Then, with an extra squeezemore of an after thought, she rung the words, "I give" out of the spent brunette. Margie released her and fell back onto the mat. She needed a cigarette.

Then, laughed at the thought. She looked up at Shannon, who was watching intently. "Still want that rematch, missy?" "Only as your partner," Shannon replied. Margie laughed. "As a teacher, You should learn the moral to this little story. Don't judge a book by it's cover and." "And?" "And, don't mess with Wrestling Debutante' unless you like pain." They both managed a laugh together.

"Why can't we be partners?" Shannon said as she climbed into the ring. "Where are we gonna' find any women that can challenge us?" "Why does it have to be women?" "Yeah?" "I can get my boyfriend to wrestle us and he's got a friend.

I always told him I loved wrestling. Now, he'll see why." The two climbed out of the ring. Marilyn sat up and quietly gathered herself. They would all wrestle another day, but then again that is another story.