Good blowjob from old whore

Good blowjob from old whore
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The next day I was awoken by the sunlight creeping through the curtains. Miss Anderson was still asleep. I manoeuvred myself around and her head rested on my chest. I lay, gently stroking her hair and her dark eyes eventually fluttered open. "Good morning mistress," I said. "Good morning slave. Go downstairs and get me some toast, get something for yourself while you're there as well," she said, stretching.

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I nodded and hurried downstairs where I put some toast on and cruched an apple quickly for myself. I buttered the toast and took it upstairs. Miss Anderson tucked into the meal and licked her lips.

"Right now take the plates downstairs and join me in the shower," she said. I hurried into the kitchen and almost ran back to the shower where she was soaping herself up. "Um miss I need the toilet," I said. "Piss or shit?" "Piss." "That's fine just do it now," she said. I awkwardly moved over to the toilet and tried to piss with the raging erection which let me tell you is very difficult. Somehow I managed and joined her in the shower. She stretched my foreskin back to remove all the piss from my bell end and we went through the normal routine of shower gel and shampoo.

I dried her off with a towel and she ordered me to dry her hair. I fired her hair with the hairdryer while she sat cross legged. When I'd finished I dried myself off while she did her hair and make up. As usual she looked stunning.

I brushed my teeth and she picked up her toothbrush. After she'd finished she took mouthwash. "Slave I have a fun way to use mouthwash." "Yes?" She swilled some round and prised my mouth open.

She let the mixture flow into my mouth where I swirled it around, I let it flow back into her mouth. This continued for about two minutes until she spat it into the sink. "Mmmm minty fresh," she winked. She dragged me into the room and pushed me down onto the bed. "Now slave I want you to take my virginity," she said. "Okay," I gulped nervously. "Don't worry just keep it going for as long as possible.

When you feel you're going to cum just slow down. Don't bother holding back your cum. Go as hard as possible." "Yes mistress," I still felt nervous. She brushed my face and smiled gently, "don't worry there's no one I'd rather lose my virginity to." I pushed her down onto the bed and climbed on top of her.

I kissed her neck and locked her in a passionate kiss.


Our tongues locked and I explored her mouth. I pushed the tip of my cock into her smooth pussy lips. Slowly I eased my cock into her pussy. She moaned slightly until I felt my cock against her hymen. "Do it," she said. My cock tore through her hymen and her pussy tightened around my cock. A stream of virginal blood trickled down her leg.

I took her hand and she squeezed it as her eyes closed. "Are you okay?" I asked. "Yeah," she breathed. I slowly slid my cock in and out of her pussy, with lubrication from her juices. Her gasps of pain slowly turned into moans of pleasure.

As I felt an orgasm building I slowed down a little and the sensation went away. Miss Anderson bucked her hips and moved up and down in rhythm with me. I grabbed her hips and went harder and faster. Her pussy clenched my hard cock and I managed to stop cumming again. "Slave I want you to cum and make me cum," she whispered. I nodded and rapidly fucked her. Her moans turned to screams as I rubbed her damp clit.

I could feel an orgasm building as well. "Fuck I'm going to cum!" She shouted. "Me too!" I moaned. She let out a deafening scream and bucked her hips. A wave of cum squirted out of her pussy and hit my cock. The sensation set me off and I fired waves of thick creamy cum deep inside her pussy.

I pulled out my cock and collapsed onto the bed next to her. We both panted heavily and stared up at the ceiling. "Woah," was all I could say. "I cannot wait until we go to the house," she said. "I've lost my virginity," I smiled. "It was worth the wait," she slipped a finger into her pussy and licked off the cum.

"What do you want to do now mistress?" I asked. "I know a woman who does my pussy and I'm due a waxing and a manicure. I'd like you to come with me," she said. "Yeah okay," I said. She dressed herself in a short skirt and a low cut top. I put on my chinos and t shirt. We got into the car and drove to the waxing place.

The receptionist smiled, "ah Miss Anderson. Here for the usual?" "Yes. Is Danielle here?" "Yeah she's in that room," the receptionist pointed down the corridor. Miss Anderson purposefully strode down the corridor and knocked on the door.


"Come in," Danielle said. We walked inside and I got an eyeful of Danielle. She was hot. Not like Miss Anderson level but still. She had dark green eyes and flowing brown hair. "Katie how are you?" Danielle's said and gave Miss Anderson a hug. "I'm fine," Miss Anderson replied. "And who's this?" Danielle gestured to me. "This is my slave Max," Miss Anderson said. "Your slave?" "Yes he does everything I want and more," Miss Anderson boasted while I blushed.

"He doesn't look like much," Danielled said. "That's where you're wrong," Miss Anderson said.

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"He gave me an orgasm so powerful that I blacked out. His stamina is increasing and he is very very handsome." Danielle eyed me curiously, "I'd love a slave to satisfy me as well." Miss Anderson smiled at this, "I would like you to wax him as well.

I've given him a shave but he is stubbling already and I want it to be more permanent." I gulped and looked over at her but said nothing. "Well who's going first?" Danielle asked.

"Max," Miss Anderson said.

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I pulled off my top and trousers. Miss Anderson quickly whipped off my boxers. I tried to cover myself up but Miss Anderson tutted. "Don't be shy on Danielle's account," Miss Anderson said.

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I let my cock stand loose and climbed onto the table. Danielle couldn't take her eyes off it. I tried to stop myself having an erection but I failed miserably. Danielle applied the wax to my groin. It was cold and I shivered at her touch. She put the strip on and I clenched my teeth.

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I cried out in pain and Miss Anderson, slapped my cock. "Stop moaning slave." "Yes mistress," my crotch felt like it was on fire. I slid off the table and pulled my clothes back on. "Now my turn," Miss Anderson stripped off and lay on the table. Danielle applied the wax and ripped the strip off. Miss Anderson gritted her teeth but didn't cry out.

"See slave that's how you do it," she said. "Stand outside for a second I need to talk to Danielle about something." "Um okay," I stepped outside and waited. Miss Anderson stepped outside looking very happy. I shot her a confused glance and she dismissed it with a wave of her hand. "Come on slave let's go home," she said.

She took me home and ordered me to stand in her room. A few seconds later she appeared in her sexy dominatrix costume. It was full length and a dark red complete with black high heeled boots. I spotted the holes where i could see her asshole and pussy. She told me to stay still as she tied me from the ceiling. "You were being a little pussy today weren't you slave?" "Um I suppose the right answer is yes," I said. "Correct, so I'm going to teach you to take more pain." I didn't like the sound of that.

She took a whip from the bedside table. "Make a sound and I'll whip you twice as hard for twice as long," she warned. I nodded and gritted my teeth to prepare myself for the punishment.

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She stepped behind me and I felt her touch on my ass cheeks. Then the biting edge of the whip. I bit my lip and stopped any sound from escaping despite the relentless stinging blows. She stopped for a second to admire her handiwork. "Oh slave your ass is red and raw," she commented. "Mmm," I said. "Do you think you've had enough slave?" I shook my head, determined not to show weakness.

"Ooh interesting," she discarded the whip and felt my ass with her hand. She brought her hand smacking hard onto my ass cheeks. My body jolted but I clenched my jaw shut. She brought another blow onto my ass but still I was silent. One last blow made a stinging crack and she stopped. "Better slave," she cut me loose and I dropped to the ground.

My ass felt like it was on fire but I thanked her anyway. "Now slave I think you've suffered enough. Have you learned your lesson?" "Yes mistress I shouldn't be a pussy and cry out," I replied. "Correct," she locked eyes with my throbbing cock. "You've only been satisfied once today haven't you slave?" She said. I nodded. "We have to keep your stamina up," she said. "Now I'm going to get you to cum twice slave. Understand?" "Yes mistress," I said.

She pushed me onto the bed and climbed on top of me. She twisted around so her ass was in my face. She shook that massive ass and I felt a bead of precum drip out of my cock. Miss Anderson manoeuvred herself so my cock was between her massive ass cheeks and she was facing me. She smiled and bobbed her ass up and down with her ass grinding my cock.

With only one ejaculation in the morning I was horny as hell and it didn't take long before I was moaning, "I'm gonna cum." Miss Anderson whipped around and gave me head until I ejaculated into er mouth.

"Now slave you're going to cum again," she said. Grabbing a pair of handcuffs, she attached me to the bed. I forced my cock to stay up as she climbed onto the cowgirl position.

She bounced up and down on my cock and I thrust my hips, somehow managing to keep myself hard at the same time. She rubbed her clit and moaned loudly, I suspect she did it to make me hornier. It certainly worked. It took a while but I eventually felt the sperm working its way up my shaft. "Mistress I'm going to cum again," I moaned.

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"Excellent," she rubbed her clit and moaned loudly as she came onto my cock. My balls cock leaked creamy cum into her pussy and she climbed off me. "That was good slave," she said with glee. "Soon I'll be able to fuck you all day without you stopping once." "I can't wait mistress," I said.

"I liked sleeping with you last night so I'll do it again," she said. She pulled the satin sheets over us and kissed my neck as we cuddled together and fell into a deep sleep.

As I lost consciousness I couldn't help smiling and waiting for what tomorrow would bring.

In the back of my mind I also wondered about Danielle.