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Hidden camera home twink gay sex and hot muscular army men fucking
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As bad as my mommy's untimely death was for me, it devastated my daddy. He fell into a deep depression. Daddy had no interest in seeing other women. To be honest, he had no interest in anyone other than me after her death. I had no idea what to do to pull him out of his depression, but I slowly realized that the only person who could replace her was me.

Oh, yeah, I probably forgot to mention, I was their son, not their daughter. But I did look a lot like my mother, and not at all like my daddy.

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I had her silky blonde hair and bright blue eyes, and her small frame and had no traceable characteristics of my father, who was darker and certainly bigger. Also, Mommy's name was Danielle and they named me Daniel because even when I was first born I looked so much like her. Daddy called us both Danni, though until Mommy's death, I spelled my name differently, Danny. Daddy would spend a lot of time staring at me, but I didn't begin to get the idea of the new role I would play, until he looked at me one day and said, "Danni, you look so much like your mother, please don't cut your hair but grow it long like her." More than a year passed and I didn't cut my hair again, letting it grow past my shoulders.

I also loved to blow dry, and I learned to make it fluffy like Mommy's, so it didn't just hang limp on my shoulders. When I was going through some of Mommy's things shortly after her death, I noticed her birth control pills, and out of curiosity, or in memory of her, or, really I don't know why, I started taking her birth control pills every day.

Somehow, I thought they would make me feel more like Mommy. When the month's supply started to run out, I easily refilled the mail-order prescription and was able to keep taking my daily dose of estrogen. Over the next year, I could feel my skin softening, I marveled at the swelling of my nipples and was fascinated and thrilled at the growth of the tissue surrounding my nipples, first just a sort of puffiness, but then, yes, small but nevertheless real, shapely, sensual breasts.

During the first year after Mommy's death, even as we were still mourning our loss, Daddy and I grew much closer. Evenings were special.

We would often cuddle on the sofa while watching TV or a movie. Daddy would put his arm around me and I would move next to him enjoying the warmth and masculine strength of his closeness, which awoke in my a feeling of femininity, of wanting to feel protected and possessed by him. Once Daddy, said, "Danny, can I ask a favor?" "Sure, Daddy. Anything." "Could you wear your mother's perfume when we sit on the sofa and watch TV?" Just hearing the question caused me to get aroused, somehow to imagine a girly me that would be pleasing to my daddy turned me on so much.

"Oh, Daddy, I would love to do that, especially if it gives you pleasure. I love the way it smells too." From then on I would wear Mommy's perfume in the evenings. Daddy even bought more when hers began to run out. He even had it gift-wrapped and gave it to me as a present, the way he used to do with Mommy. I enjoyed having Daddy breathe in the aroma of the perfume as well as having him run his fingers through my long hair.

I knew he really enjoyed the soft silkiness of my hair. Sometimes, I purred with pleasure as we cuddled close, especially because it brought back such warm memories of watching Mommy cuddling in Daddy's arms on the sofa, although to be honest I had always felt a little jealous that Mommy had gotten all of Daddy's attention back when she was alive. As my skin got softer and my breasts began developing, I could also see that the estrogen was lessening the development of my body hair.

I also started shaving my legs, which I found not only a sensual experience in itself because it allowed me to slather my legs in shaving cream and then after the shave to massage in creamy body lotion to keep my legs supple and moist, but I also loved the way my shaved legs looked.

This inspired me to use the Internet to order hair removal creams, including bikini zone creams that took away all the hair from my shrinking testicles and pubic area, as well as chest and underarms. Soon, I had no hair on my body except the luxurious, long hair at the top of my head and my carefully trimmed and plucked eyebrows. It felt so good and I loved the way my body looked.

With my soft skin, I was more and more desiring to have soft, womanly curves as well. I deeply desired a curvacious figure, breasts, hips, a round bubble derriere. I wasn't where I desired to be in my body development, but I could tell that my softening feminine features felt good to Daddy, too. He not only liked running his fingers through my soft silky long hair, but more and more he began stroking my soft skin as we watched TV and I began stroking his chest as I rested my head on his shoulder.

We often just wore our bathrobes in the evening so his chest was bare and I liked the feel of his strong pectoral muscles and the thick chest hair, in such contrast to my slim figure and hairless chest with my nubile breasts. I especially liked it when he would let his fingers roam on my soft skin, his hand on my shoulder, or sliding his hand down and scratching my back, or gently rubbing my leg. His fingers would stroke my shoulder and play along my clavicle, but even though I longed for him to move his hand downward just a few inches and fondle my budding breasts, he wouldn't do it.

I thought Daddy might prefer the feeling of my fingers on his skin if I grew my fingernails long so I could run my fingernail down his cheek, his neck, and then scratch his hairy chest. As my fingernails grew longer, they didn't look quite right if I didn't put nail polish on them, so I began getting manicures, which I thought made my hands look ladylike and sexy.

One time when I came home from school, I saw a package on my bed. It was a beautiful pink silk nightgown. I recognized it. It was Mommy's. There was a hand-written note. "Dear Danni, I never want to make you feel uncomfortable and I have hesitated to ask this of you, so I want you to know, you can say no and I will never ask again, but, if you are willing, in fact, only if you would really in your heart of heart like to do this, I will would like to ask you if you would be willing to wear this nightgown instead of your old terry cloth bathrobe when we watch TV together at night.

It would give me great comfort and make me happy, but I only would want you to do it if you enjoyed the look and feel of wearing it and that it made you happy as well. My Deepest Love, Daddy I was actually thrilled at the thought of wearing Mommy's nightgown, not only because I loved the feel of silk against my skin, but also because I knew how much it would please Daddy, and nothing was more important to me than pleasing Daddy.

That evening, after dinner, I went up as I usually did before our TV watching time to change into my bathrobe, but this time I put on Mommy's lingerie. I dabbed her perfume on my neck, my shaven armpits, my nipples, and a dab in my hairless pubic area.

When I came downstairs Daddy was already sitting on the sofa, the only light that of the TV screen. I walked to the sofa, the light of the TV picking up the translucence of my nightgown. As I approached Daddy, he whispered, "You're so beautiful, Danni." "Thanks, Daddy.

Wearing Mom's gown makes me feel beautiful." We cuddled, we stroked, our fingers enjoying the silky sensations, our senses heightened with the sweet aroma of Mommy's scent.

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I also couldn't help but notice Daddy's cock becoming fully erect as my long fingernails played upon his chest. He was so big, his cock so manly and hard. I really wanted to touch it, to hold it in my hand, to feel its heft and heat, but I wasn't sure if that's what Daddy wanted me to do and I didn't want to risk losing our warm, loving relationship by doing something that he might not want.

The next night, after I had changed into Mommy's nightgown and was admiring myself in the bathroom mirror, Daddy came up behind me. We were both looking at our reflections in the mirror, and I noticed his eyes reflected in the mirror. He was looking intently at my pointy nipples and budding breasts. My tall muscular Daddy stood behind me, his hands holding my creamy slight shoulders. I looked so petite in front of him. He brushed his forefinger against my neck, and then to my surprise he started putting one of Mommy's pretty necklaces around my neck.

As he fastened the clasp at the nape of my neck I arched my back and pressed my silk-nightgown-covered-buttocks against him and felt his manhood hardening as we both stood admiring my necklace in the mirror. "Oh, Daddy, I know how much this necklace means to you." It was a sapphire on a delicate gold chain. Daddy had always commented on how Mommy's blue eyes especially sparkled when she wore it.

"I want you to wear it, Danni." Standing behind me, he kissed me on the cheek. "Thank you, Daddy. I'm really proud and flattered to wear it." Daddy's mouth lingered on my cheek, then drifted to my earlobe. I felt tingling sensations throughout my whole body as his tongue flicked over my earlobe and the erogenous spot behind my ear and down my neck.

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He lingered on my neck, giving me a wet kiss as I become light-headed and my knees nearly buckled. That week I went and had both of my ears pierced so I could wear Mommy's pretty earrings as well.

Oh, it hurt so much to get them pierced, tears ran down my rosy cheeks, but I kept telling myself that the pain was worth it to make Daddy happy and to make me beautiful.

After my ears healed, I was thrilled to be able to wear sparkly, dangling earrings. I went through Mommy's jewelry and found the pair that Mommy particularly liked to wear with Daddy's favorite necklace. One night, I wore them both at dinner. Daddy kept staring at my face. I knew he was lonely and he missed Mommy so much.

Our eyes kept catching each other and Daddy would look away. But at one point, we locked eyes and Daddy just kept staring at me. I finally said, "You really miss her don't you, Daddy?" "I do." He paused. "You look so much like her." Another pause. "You know she used to wear a blue eye shadow when she wore that necklace and those earrings." He looked at me, his eyes sort of pleading and begging. "Wait here." I went upstairs to Mommy and Daddy's bedroom.I then sat at Mommy's vanity, her make up kit at the ready.

I looked at myself in the mirror. A younger version of Mommy's face stared back at me. I saw her lipstick.

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Looking at myself in the mirror, I put her favorite pink gloss on my lips. I admired how great and sexy my sparkling pink glossy lips looked. I found her blue shade of eye shadow and began applying it, bringing out the blue in my eyes just as that shade once enhanced my mother's sparkling blue eyes. I followed with mascara, making my lashes long and feminine, and a little rouge. I found a scented body lotion that had sparkles and applied it to my chest and legs so that I shimmered and sparkled.

I spritzed myself with an extra dose of Mommy's favorite perfume and used the hair dryer to fluff my blonde hair so it cascaded in plush golden waves past my shoulders. I decided to delve into Mommy's wardrobe. Mommy had so many wonderful and beautiful clothes that I didn't know where to start, but I finally settled on a pink baby-doll negligee with spaghetti shoulder straps that was very silky.

It had a pink matching string bikini. The hem of the nightie was short, so it showed off how skimpy bikini accentuated my bottom. I twirled a little, watching myself in the mirror. I had to say I had a cute girly butt. I put on Mommy's long pink translucent silk robe that I had already been wearing for weeks, but now I added a pair of pink heeled slippers that had pink feathery pom poms on the top.

I figured if I was going to go feminine, I should go all out and be fully sissy, and pink was the color that I knew looked great on Mommy and figured with the same coloring, would look pretty on me as well. I called down to Daddy in my sweetest, girliest voice, "Ready or not, here I come." In anticipation of my arrival, Daddy had turned down the lights, lit a few candles, and put on some soft music. He was sitting on the sofa. I could see his eyes glued on me as I walked down the stairs and into the living room, trying to walk in a seductive,sensual, way like I had seen Victoria Secret models strut down the runway.

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I let the heels guide me in swaying my hips as I walked. "Oh, oh, my." Daddy was really speechless. Then, I saw his eyes well up with tears. "Oh, Daddy." I came to him.

I took his face in my hands." Daddy, it's okay, I'm here now. I'm here for you." I was standing, he was seated. but he drew me to him and hugged me, I could feel the wetness of his tears as he buried his face in my chest. It was the first time to hold him, or anyone for that matter, against my breasts and I couldn't believe the chord of tender emotion it sparked deep in my soul to be able to give this man I loved the nurturing maternal comfort that he so desperately needed.


I stroked his hair and swayed against him. He buried his face in the softness of my breasts. We stayed like that for a long time. His big strong hands held me, but as the hug continued his hands drifted from my back, to the small of my back, to my girlish bottom.

I know he was thinking of Mommy but I couldn't help myself, as girly as I was my little penis grew hard and erect. I had so many emotions and sensations swirling at once that I could hardly think. "It's okay, Daddy. I love you so much." The silk against my skin, as Daddy's hands ran up and down my back, pulling me so close to him.

He gazed into my eyes. "You look so beautiful, Danni." I was stroking Daddy's face as he stroked my body. I looked at him with my long-lashed, doe-like eyes. "I love you, Daddy.

I would do anything to make you happy. Anything your heart desires." I was standing close, as he sat on the sofa, his legs on either side of me. he rubbed his face on my chest as he held me close. Then, I felt the wetness of his mouth. I knew what he craved. I pulled the neck of my negligee lower and finally, after so many months of longing, he took my yearning nipples in his hungry mouth, found the unbelievably womanly erogenous zone that had lay dormant until a few months back.

As Daddy sucked and nibbled on my sweet baby breasts, I ran my fingers through his hair. I nearly fainted with pleasure as Daddy sucked on my erect nipple and took my breast into his mouth.

Meanwhile his hands were running up and down my back from my neck to my bottom causing shivers of delight up and down my spine as his mouth moved from one of my breasts to the other and back again. At the point where I was being driven wild with pleasure he stopped kissing my breasts. "Are you okay with me doing this to you, Danni?" "Yes, Daddy, I want it too." "I love you, Danni." "I love you, too, Daddy." Daddy gave me a kiss on my forehead.

Then, he kissed the eyelids of my closed eyes. My moist, sparkling lips parted. I wanted his kiss so much. I desired my Daddy more than I could have imagined. Daddy took my plump lower lip between his teeth and gently nibbled. My nerves were fluttering, shudders of desire running down my spine, I could hardly keep my balance.

My knees were collapsing, I was melting into his arms. Our tongues touched. The tips tentatively circling each other. Daddy's kiss grew more urgent, his tongue so large and strong, penetrating my mouth, one of his hands holding me where my head joins the neck, pulling my mouth closer, allowing him to penetrate deeper.

I slid down, my knees folding, my legs no longer to hold my weight. Daddy, still seated on the sofa, pulled me closely and then I was lying on the sofa, Daddy on top of me, feeling the weight of his body on me, our mouths never breaking the kiss, still lost in the sensation of our mouths joined, lost in the wet, warmth of our mouths locked together, knowing that we had crossed a line that we had been fighting for more than a year, unleashing pent up passions.

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I loved the feel of Daddy's weight on top of me, it made me feel so small, so completely submissive to him, and, of course, I felt the hardness of his horse-like cock pressed against me as well. It was thrilling to realize that I could excite him so. I was a little embarrassed to be excited as well, although my hard penis was tiny, more like an extended clit, compared to Daddy's manly rod.

Daddy's tongue was really exploring the depths of my mouth, his hands squeezing my tender little titties, rolling my nipples, massaging my new claim to femininity.

I loved the feeling of surrendering to him completely, to being the object of his pent up desire and to allow him full expression of his repressed sexual urges. Daddy's mouth moved to my neck. As he kissed and sucked me there, shivers or tingling nerves poured through my body. "Oh, Daddy, yes, my love, my Daddy Love, oh, please, mmmmmmm." At a certain point, all I could do was moan, as Daddy's lips moved from my neck to my chest and he began sucking on my breasts and nibbling my nipples again.

After a while, Daddy did what I had never expected in my wildest dreams; his tongue trailed down my torso and he took my hard little boy clit in his mouth. Oh. My. God. He sucked. I could not believe the sensation. "Oh, Daddy, oh, sorry, Daddy, I'm too excited." I spurted almost immediately. I just had no control whatsoever, I was totally lost, my orgasm absolutely exploding.

My cum caught Daddy right in the face. He started laughing. Daddy had the biggest, silliest grin with my cum dripping down his face. And then I started laughing too. "You naughty little girl. Look at the mess you've made. Look at what my little sissy baby has done to Daddy." I giggled.

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"I'm so sorry Daddy. You excite me so much I couldn't control myself." I jumped up and got a wash cloth and cleaned up Daddy's face as well as my tummy, which was also smeared with my cum. As I cleaned us up we were now standing face to face. Daddy still had a big smile on his face, which made me so happy to see. Also, his cock was standing hard and erect. I reached down and touched his cock. For so many months my hands had rubbed his chest, his belly, his legs, but until now I had never dared to touch his manhood.

I held his shaft in my hand, gently squeezing and pulling. Shyly, maidenly, I whispered. "Daddy, I want to return the favor." I kissed Daddy's chest, lightly biting his pectoral muscle and then circling my tongue around his nipples. I heard him groan. He held my hips. As I slid down his torso his hand slid up my back.


Soon I was on my knees in front of him, his hands holding the sides of my head. I was face to face with Daddy's powerful man muscle. I looked up at Daddy and smiled. He looked down at me. "Danni, you are so beautiful. I love your pretty blue eyes. Keep looking at me baby. I looked at Daddy as I stuck out my little red tongue and touched the tip of Daddy's penis.

Then, keeping eye contact with Daddy, I swirled my tongue around the crown of his cock. Finally, I took him in my mouth and sucked as I continued the swirling motion of my tongue.

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I felt pressure from Daddy's hands on the back of my head as he penetrated deeper into my mouth. I wanted to please Daddy so much, and being on my knees in front of him was so perfect, making me feel so much like his little pet wanting him to do with me whatever was pleasing to him. '" "Yes, baby. Oh, so nice. Please. Suck me, darling.Good girl.Oh. yeah.My. pretty. sweet.little.baby." Daddy was now thrusting into my mouth and holding my head in his hands as he continued pumping my mouth.

As his cock was going deeper and deeper into my mouth and as he leaked pre-cum I began to gag and choke and gasp, but he kept pumping away even as tears ran down my cheeks and I struggled to breathe. I kept at it though still trying to suck even though I was choking and doing my best to maintain eye contact, wanting to be Daddy's pleasure doll. Suddenly, Daddy popped out of my mouth and stepped back. I looked up at him with my puppy eyes, my lips still parted, an open invitation to take more of his manhood thrusts.

"I'm so sorry, my poor little baby doll." "What's wrong, Daddy?" Still on my knees in front of him, I took Daddy's cock in my hands. "Baby, Daddy needs you so much." "Yes, Daddy?" I stroked his big hard cock with my hand as I looked up at him with my wide, innocent eyes.

"Daddy needs to do a grown-up Daddy-Mommy thing to you now, and I think it will hurt you, but I don't want to hurt my little virgin baby girl." "Daddy I want to be your special little baby. I want to do anything that makes you happy, even if it hurts." I gave his cock a reassuring squeeze and kissed his cockhead. He brushed back strands of hair that had fallen in my face.

"Danni, you have such a pretty little girl bottom. And Daddy's cock is so big and hard. I don't want to hurt you but I want to make love to you like Mommy." Daddy I want you to make love to me like a real woman too, it is all I have wanted for so long. Please, Daddy, take my virginity. "Come upstairs to Daddy's bedroom, baby." I got up and slowly, swaying my hips with every step, walked to the stairs and then up step by step with Daddy behind me, his face now even with my swaying tush as I made my way up the steps.

When we got in Daddy's bedroom, he turned down the sheets, put a bolster pillow across the mattress and positioned me to lie prone with the pillow under me so my pretty round bottom was sticking up. Daddy rifled through Mommy's bureau and deep in one of the drawers he found an object. He then sat on the bed next to me and began giving me a delicious back and leg massage. It started with his strong hands kneading my feet, then moving up and doing the same to my shoulders, massaging me through the silk of my nightgown.

As much as I enjoyed the sensation of the silk, I was thrilled when he gently peeled my nightgown off, leaving my only in my tiny, pink panties.

Then he added warm lotion and I felt like I would melt under his touch. He took his time, moving slowly, really making my body relax. He massaged my arms, shoulders and back, my feet, calves and thighs, but did not touch my bottom that was sticking up in the air begging to be touched.

Daddy worked alternately from my shoulders down and my feet up, but eventually focused his strong, manly hands on my lady-bubbled derriere.

He massaged me at first through the bikini panty. But after a while, he pulled the panty down, leaving my bottom, exposed, ready. He really lathered me with massage lotion and squeezed and deep tissue massaged my ass cheeks. Then, he began to run his oily fingers in the cleavage between my cheeks, gradually working his fingers deeper. I became aware of a humming, buzzing sound. I looked around and saw Daddy applying KY jelly to Mommy's vibrator, which was the object Daddy had found and taken out of Mommy's bureau.

Daddy leaned over me and whispered in my ear, "This will relax you some more, cupcake." Then I felt the bullet shaped top of it gently press my tight little bottom opening. Daddy didn't just shove it in, He let it just press against my orifice at first, sort of like a knock at the door--or, I should say more like a buzzing of the doorbell. He whispered in my ear. "Ready for a little more, sweetheart?" I had never been penetrated there before. It started feeling uncomfortable, but soon became more and more pleasurable as the vibrator slowly invaded me, tingling and buzzing, and causing shivers now to run along my spine from the bottom up.

As the vibrator entered me deeper, Daddy now poured squirted KY jelly into my bottom crack, and I could tell that he was smearing it all over his big, hard cock as well. Meanwhile, Daddy from behind was kissing my neck and nibbling on my shoulders in the most erotically sensual way imaginable.

Oh, I wanted him so much I was going crazy with desire. I wiggled my ass as my little invitation for Daddy's attention. He penetrated the vibrator more deeply. I gasped and moaned.


I spread my legs wide, I wanted Daddy there so much. Finally, Daddy withdrew the vibrator and then I felt a new hard, warm sensation poking into my so ready but still tight little opening. I squealed. It felt huge. He hovered over me, holding still as I caught my breath, and then, as I allowed my muscles to relax he would press in a little more, all the while cooing sweet encouragements in my ear.

"Honey. Such a good little girl. Oh, baby, so sweet. Darling, sweetkins, buttercup. Daddy was patient and gentle despite his obvious desire to penetrate me deeply and fully.We worked together and our bodies found a rhythm. our bodies were finally closely spooned, Daddy in me completely, and I never felt so fulfilled. As my capacity to take him improved so did his forcefulness. I loved being penetrated, I realized it was something I had deeply wanted for a very long time and now, finally, it was happening.

Daddy grunted and pumped away at me, banging me, yes, fucking me, hard manly strokes, and I was moving in sync, a perfect harmony of yin and yang. And then I felt Daddy's climax, he reached the height of orgasm, filling me with his love milk and my clit ejaculated at the same time. His exhausted body totally spent, I felt Daddy's full weight on top of me. Under Daddy with wetness everywhere, I never felt happier. I knew I was finally, fully, transformed into the being I truly wanted to be: The woman in Daddy's life.

Daddy's princess, Daddy's little girl. Forever. Proudly signed, Willing Wimp