My lacey thong will help you cum JOI

My lacey thong will help you cum JOI
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These are the adventures of Rachel Goodbody. Once a sexy reporter for a media giant; but now believed dead, lost with her film crew in an unfortunate air accident while deep in the African jungle. However she was not that lucky!

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And now she is the personal toy of the evil dictator she once crossed. If you would like to know how she started on this insane journey and what it took to get this over confident TV babe to become the "African Slave Queen" then read the aforementioned story.

If you don't really give a hoot then dive straight in. Finc Rachael had not been ravished again since little Mobana had taken his own personal revenge nearly a week ago. His games of torture had pushed her to the edge; but since then marooned in this remote palace harem she had spent her captive hours trying to make conversation or rationalise with the other concubines. They were from around the world and although English seemed to be spoken by most it didn't really help.

They acted mute either through fear or by the continual practices of sexual domination having its effect. General Mobana had eight women slaves in all, Swedish blonde type, elegant Orientals' big bosomed Africans; a whole collection of female forms.

Madam Chui their slave master had explained that although Rachael was in the president's personal harem she like the other girls could be expected to service visiting dignitaries and whoever else the governing family decreed. Rachael was grateful the general's reputation held Madam Chui and the most lustful of his aides back. Even his son had not dared repeat his dungeon revenge. Rachael had been marked as special and her stomach had turned on a number of occasions as madam Chui had taken pleasure in reminding the cute reporter that her wedding to the general was very near.

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Although she had gone through much in the last few months including body enhancements she was still that dogged reporter underneath; buried very deep but still there. This President Mobana knew very well; he didn't want another brainwashed whore. She had insulted him in such a public way she would remained lucid throughout his planned years of sexual torment. The warm cloak of mental collapse would be no hiding point for her; unlike his other fabulous bodied wretches.

Rachael settled into a routine with her harem world. The surrounding was luxurious and in the day the women were even allowed into a high enclosed garden. Only in the evening did they return to meagre cells; but with beautiful gowns on hand to hide their forms from leering guards.

Goodbody spent her time thinking; trying to slowly build her defences back up. The torment had nearly broken her and she was thankful of the respite.

The daily routines only real indignity was an afternoon visit to the medical wing. Here a tall ebony skinned medic would examine and weigh her 40inch tits before injecting her big round assets with a syringe full of strange solution. It was uncomfortable but done in a caring nurturing way the man clearly concentrating on his medical work rather than some perverse sex game.

The only explanation she had gotten was from madam Chui who had said that money would be no object in keeping her as an ultimate male fantasy. Waif thin and having a proportioned 32C chest only a few months ago, she already knew that he was prepared to use medical technology to enhance her body to cartoon fantasy poportions.

At night she was plagued by nightmares and foreboding. Her fiancée had abandoned her unknowingly believing her dead. Even that had been given an extra cruel twist with Koko her ex best friend and the also the generals daughter seducing her media tycoon boyfriend on the final night before he flew home in grief. It was early morning of her fourth week here when she awoke covered in nightmare induced sweat. The hum of a helicopter was drifting through her high barred window.

It could be any number of military staff but Rachael somehow knew different. It was him, the general had arrived. It was cool that dawn as the presidential chopper taxied in line with a red carpet, a row of immaculate soldiers snapping to attention. This was his special retreat only men drawn from his own tribe; his notorious personal regiment could be allowed the responsibility of his protection. The side door opened and the men concentrated on staring straight ahead as two long high heeled legs stepped down onto the claret floor.

The tall athletic woman waited for the uniformed general as he lifted his portly frame from the cabin, straightened his jacket and snapped his cane at his side in salute to his men.

She then smiled hooking her arm inside his, leaning in to his shoulder as they walked. The woman's chocolate skin and heaving chest were a contrast to her linen white dress, her long black lashes and deep pooled eyes beautiful but also slightly demonic. "Father," Koko said in her sweet voice pulling the general closer as he inspected his men.

"I don't know how you've contained yourself this long?" The general didn't smile, instead continued his inspection then stopped as he reached the final figure in the line.


It was Madam Chui. "Are the guests on route?" He asked as they walked; madam Chui hurrying after the general, the long legged Koko easily keeping a pace of her father's strides. "Yes general the ceremony is planned in two days." She replied at a canter.

The general looked back at the woman. "Only, if she is ready!" He snapped; madam Chui nodding in understanding and praying the little blonde bitch would be. It was afternoon before Rachael realised the general had indeed arrived. The beautiful young woman had once again endured a visit to the medical wing, the doc injecting her enhanced tits with a solution for the twentieth day in a row. Her breast ached; the weight feeling a little heavier each day.

Since the operation they had been silicone firm but somehow though she found it impossible to imagine they had grown even harder and fuller. Her nipple rings had been removed and her teats were swollen and erect causing her golden gown to deform into her womanly shape. As she entered the warm flower covered courtyard she saw the general and his daughter standing there.

Around him on their knees were his concubines looking obedient and attentive. "My dear you are looking as beautiful as ever." He said with a false smile and he congratulated the madam on how at home his captive reporter looked. Koko didn't speak instead looked at the blonde with an upturned nose arrogance. Rachael glared back then to the general. "Sir," she said swallowing her pride.

The general smiled again but wasn't fooled. "Good your understanding is very clear now, isn't it?" Rachael nodded; walking slowly closer. "I hear Little Mobana had fun and games with you," Koko said playfully; the generals face showing annoyance. Rachael didn't reply. "He's such a naughty brother," the African babe added with a glint, the tales of sexual torture no doubt relayed with gusto back to his sister by the little bastard.

"The insolence of youth" The general announced," I will deal with him later; but first our wedding my dear." Rachael took a deep breath her chest rising and falling impressively. "What ever you wish general. But you know it's false. A sham; what satisfaction do you get from that?" She stopped herself saying anymore seeing the man's eyes narrow.

Was it anger or frustration she saw? The general looked down at his compliant whores. "You will become like them is that clear?" Rachael looked back at him and slowly shook her head. "Father is this slut worth your time?" Koko said, her annoyance at her fathers fascination with this woman clearly showing. He continued. "I can see in your eyes the satisfaction you would get from slitting my throat on our wedding night." Rachael didn't respond.

She knew escape was impossible maybe revenge was the only solution "I am not afraid," he added, "I know you will not do it." Rachael just stared back non committal. "Let me show you why," he said almost tasting the hatred emitting from the sexy American newshound.

The general snapped a finger and a nearby aid hurried forward. He had a small camcorder in his hand and the general took it and flipped open the viewing screen. He handed the thing to Rachael as it began to play. She stood still, almost frozen to the spot as she watched It was a street, she struggled to tell where then she caught sight of a distinctive Florida car plate.

It appeared to show a number of excitable men jabbering in their native tongues sat in a car viewing a house across the road. Rachael's suddenly felt sick "Oh God!" She knew this house. The camera picture jumped and dipped inside the car as a woman came into view. She was early thirties, blonde pleated hair wearing slacks and a jumper. She had two kids who she hurried down from the house to the family SUV. Rachael looked at Mobana as he nodded then back to the film of her sister taking the kids on the school run.

"Your sister is very attractive isn't she?" Mobana said, Koko folding her arms looking smug as Rachael's face grew paler and paler. The SUV sped off and the camera jostled as the excitable men got out of the car and hurried to the house. They were looking for a way in and Rachael saw them reach the rear porch door and gently push it open.

One of the men's smiling faces looked into the camera as the group; dress like trash workers entered the house. "You see Rachael," Mobana said beginning to explain. "My reach is far; look at the ease in which my men can get into that sexy soccer moms house." Rachael knees turned in as she saw the group head up stairs looking in all the rooms.

The camera panned to one agent, no doubt on a student visa, as he stood in her sister's bed room. He was waving a thick black double ended dildo that he had concealed with him. The thing looked like a medieval mace the end bulbous and with rubber spikes "Oh God please no you can't." Rachael said her stern manner broken. Then remembering she was watching a recording she added.

"Please no you didn't? No you haven't?" Mobana laughed. The men were running now, scrambling down the stairs out into the porch.

One remembered at the last second to close the door. It was like an African version of the keystone cops, a perverse slapstick performance as they babbled and tripped. They reached their car just in time the camera showing them ducking and slowly peeping back over the road as her sister's car returned.

Samantha, Rachael's older sister got back out of the car the kids now safely at school; she stretched showing a full jumper encased chest before climbing the steps back to her home. As she opened the door the gang's car set off speeding past the house the camera panning to show her sister safely entering.

Then the house disappeared out of view as the car turned a corner. Then the picture went black. Rachael gave a gasp of relief and began to pant. She was nearly hyperventilating; had she breathed in the last few minutes?

Mobana let the situation sink in. "How many unfortunate incidents could befall one family?" He asked seeing his captives mind in despair. "You see I have total control over you." Koko laughed wickedly and walked over to Rachael.

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"My dear lets be friends again," she said sarcastically. Rachael eyes gave the reply. Unfazed Koko continues. "Father a girl needs a hen night before her wedding does she not?" Her father looked confused.

"It's a western tradition," Koko added, "a party with her girl friends before she marries." Rachael didn't know what to say. Blackmail could be so effective. Koko hand trailed along the blondes shoulder then over her aching bosom. "So hard father, your doctors really are experts." Rachael winced; disgusted by her ex friend admiring grope.

Mobana gave a satisfied grunt. "A good idea my daughter I will also have a party tonight!" And with that he gripped the hair of his Scandinavian bitch. "I will begin with you my dear," he added as he led her away. Koko put her hands to her mouth in mock excitement as two soldiers hurried to her aid. "Bring the goody-goody miss Goodbody and oh her as well, the sultry one." Koko had pointed to the oriental girl knelt on the floor.

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She was Korean maybe, bobbed black hair, olive skin with a well proportion body curvy hips and great tits. Mi Lei like all the other girls hardly said a word her big lips parting in a slight gasp realising that this evil bitch had singled her out for attention tonight. Koko stood between the nervous women linking arms with both.

"Now girls," she said playfully, "Lets go visit the prison first shall we?" Rachael didn't try to speak to Koko.

She had known her years at college but she didn't recognise the evil woman guiding her playfully down into the depth of the cell block. How could that sweet college friend have turned into this witch? "Now girls this is a game I sometimes like to play," She explained, "I've got eight rebel soldiers newly flown in. Normally we don't take rebel scum as prisoners.

And guess what we're not going to start now." She giggled as the door opened and the three goddesses stepped into a large dank cell. At the wall stood the eight rebel soldiers; they were late teens up to old veterans.

All were naked, grime covered and with their hands chained above the heads. Koko stood in the centre of the cell in a commanding stance her high heels raising her well over 6 feet tall. She explained to them all men and girls alike what was going to happen. The men were dead, they had to accept that. Once they left this cell it was the firing squad. They had one choice a quick or slow execution.

The prisoners eyes showed anger but also understanding of their inevitable fate. She continued, they were scum not fit to lick her shoes and their final hour would be given up to amusing her. The two escorting guards drew their revolvers and stood in the far corners of the cell. "Now you two darlings," Koko said with a stern voice looking at the women, "I want every man hard." Koko purred and cooed like a stroked cat as the two women began their task.

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They had been told to strip and now both naked in the warm humid cell they wanked and on command from Koko sucked each captive man to rampant erection. The men moaned and shouted some disgusted some accepting their fate. Rachael had been made to swallow the eighteen year old boy soldiers cock to the hilt the young man grunting and gyrating never experiencing such a heavenly delight before. Few of the men had even seen a white woman naked let alone received the attention of a growing expert sex slave like Rachael.

Her big tits were glistening, bobbing back and forth as she gobbled the young man, other men rock solid just at the view. Her sultry oriental colleague was holding two cocks at once as she then sucked another; the three men of differencing ages and appearances all groaning in unison. Rachael was told to do the same; reaching out with her hands to coax firmer ball tight erections from flanking prisoners.

The boy was near orgasm and she pulled her mouth off him moving her attentions to another. Koko had said if any came she would shoot them herself here and now. Rachael felt totally helpless; she was a toy in this cruel game. Some of the men thrust back eager for her attentions others looked to the ceiling embarrassed.

Others spat at her, angry, seeing her as a Mobana whore; representing all they were fighting against. But all of them were steel hard under her spell. Koko walked up and down the line every so often gripping a cock giving it a hard forced wank; looking at the prisoner deep into his eyes enjoying her control over him.

She was teasing, laughing, and goading her prisoners. Asking them if they liked it, were they about to shoot? How did it feel to be the president daughters little doggies? She explain tonight after they were dead she would use a big vibrator on herself remembering their faces.

"Can you imagine that?" She cooed seductively, elegant long nail fingers pressing on their bulbous rampant cock heads.

Rachael spat a dripping cock from her mouth the anger building "For fucks sake you bitch, you fucking evil bitch!" Slap! Koko's hand struck her face and Rachael went sprawling on the floor. "It looks like our reporter cares for these wretches. Good listen up." Koko explained as one by one the men were unfastened from the wall and their hands tied together in front of them. "You have five minutes for this bitch to make you come." She said pointing to the curvaceous blonde curled on the floor.

"Anyone fails to shoot then your deaths will be unpleasant indeed." As the guards and Mi Lei stepped back Koko peered down at the kneeling Rachael. "Now it's up to you sweetie. Show them what you've got. And remember don't let them down." The men descended on her almost instantly. They needed to come. Maybe it was the thought of a long death or the realisation that soon they would be no more and to seize this final chance of satisfaction. Or maybe it was revenge, a chance to a least hammer away at one of their cruel seductresses.

Whatever reason Rachael in moments became entwined in a heaving mass of torsos, legs, mouths and cocks. She arched her back as a cock slid without care into her anus the owner thrusting hard against her rubbery walls. She felt her tits pushed up into a mountainous cleavage as another torso straddled her thin waist his cock pounding into the fleshy tunnel created between her two pressed tits.


Another man, old but with an erection of a teen slid into her open pussy, her thighs widening to allow him in She gave grunts of sensation her body bouncing with the attention and she reached out with each hand grabbing cocks, her fingers tugging frantically the men thrusting their hips eager for her to bring them off.

At her head hands were pulling her chin up and forcing her head back to the ground two more cocks were pressed either side of her face and Rachael's mouth opened taking both big bell ends onto her tongue; her lips wrapping around like she was trying to swallow two hero sandwiches at once. Only a few minutes left, as Koko counted down with great pleasure. There was one prisoner left unattended and she realised it was the teen, pushed aside by the other bigger men.

She spat the cocks from her mouth for a split second shouting a few words of his dialect before the men rammed them back in. He understood and got behind the pussy rutting old man. Rachael pressed her thighs in gripping the old git making him wince as he thrust into her.

Her longs legs hooked around his back her two soft sexy feet coming together forming a tunnel of flesh around the standing teens cock. He in turn thrust against the soles of her feet Rachael's legs jacking back and forth quickly, her feet rubbing the lad towards climax. Suddenly the old pussy fucker climaxed, she couldn't see him but felt his load empty inside her.

The man in her right hand exploded the come hitting her neck and the thigh of the straddling tits thruster.

His cock appeared and disappeared like a manic mole from her tits valley the sore eye suddenly retching come all over her neck and chest, her tits glistening with slippery deposit. Koko was down to the last minute. One of the mouth fuckers climaxed; his come filling Rachael's eye socket and hitting up her nose. She spat him out to concentrate on the other deep throating; almost chocking. The other hand wanker let rip with an agonised cry his cock launching a torrent into the air Koko giving a yelp of delight.

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Rachael felt her ass battered by a sweaty pelvis as another grateful man, the sixth, emptied this time inside her anal shaft. The teen was also nearly there her foot massage giving him a sensation he had never imagined. He looked to the sky his hands gripping her cute feet tight together as he fucked into her soles. Koko tapped the face of her watch time was almost out. The boy soldier thankfully came his cock belching stream after stream of adolescent come like he was taking a heavy piss Rachael feet and shins dripping with his seed.

Koko gave a patronising whistle of admiration seeing the teens face as he exploded from the bizarre sexual encounter.

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She began to count down from ten giving the final man's ass a slap as he desperately tried to shoot deep in the blonde's throat Rachael's mess dripping right hands shot up to his ass also. Her finger pressed into his anus searching for his prostrate gland. She found it pressing hard making his eyes cross his cock firing off deep in her throat the come oozing out around her lips as Koko reached zero the mans eyes crossing as he nearly passed out with ecstasy.

Koko looked at the spunk covered woman. It was in her mouth, over her chins, big chunks in her eyes socket. More covered her swan neck and caped her tits like snow peaks. Even more was running from her holes, her thighs and shins long rivulet streaks from her cute toes. "Oh Rachael we're having such a great time," she said clapping her hands together on tip toes like a child; " now lets take the party to my bed chamber." Rachael had to be dragged from the cell cursing her old friend's perverted games.

Koko didn't seem bothered at all and walked with a hip swaying swagger arm in arm with her naked Korean woman. As they reached the stunning colonnaded residency they heard a volley of gun shots from the cell area followed by single coup de gra rounds. Koko didn't even slow her pace as the sound echoed then faded. The prisoners were dead.

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Koko's quarters were amazingly luxurious. The room was all creams and pastels the centre piece a massive bed. There was a huge ice bucket with champagne bottle chilling also fruits and chocolates. Rachael was frog marched into the room still ranting in disgusts at what she had done and just heard. On a beautiful ornate stand was a bowl full of tablets. Koko took two between her fingers pushing one into the accepting mouth of the sultry oriental slave then with help from her guards forcing Rachael to swallow the other.

The reporter spluttered and coughed, champagne oozing from the sides of her mouth as Koko made her wash the tablet down. "There you are," Koko said sweetly acting almost like she was once again her best friend," you'll feel a lot better now." Rachael quickly began to relax the guards releasing their grip and as Koko dismissed the men the sexy slave lolled onto the bed the alcohol and tablet going straight to her head.

The room was warm and as the evening drew in the soft lighting reminded her of the luxury she once knew. Mi Lei was also on the bed both women totally naked and contrasting between rich olive to the porcelain white of Rachael. Koko took a sip of champagne as she slipped from her dress. Both her slaves were fabulously sexy. Mi Lei with green wanton eyes, Rachael innocent blue; their figures were similar tight waist with long elegant legs Rachael's cathedral domed tits giving her the edge on her partner's excellent cleavage.

Koko walked slowly to the bed now dressed only in her high heels. Her skin was flawless a rich chocolate with a fine toned muscle structure. Her perfect hard tits had made her a cover girl when competing in her countries international athletics team. But that was back in the states before she had taken her rightful place at her father's side, dictator and daughter with a country at their feet.

Rachael was feeling alert but slightly detached. Her anger was fading and she knew that she didn't want to be here or play the evil girls games but she didn't seem to have the will to resist. She felt the touch of both women as they moved her into the desired position.

Koko was reassuring her telling her to be a good girl. At the side of the bed was a big bowl full of lubricants and sex toys "Now service your mistress." Koko said in a matter of fact way, laying on her back open her legs heels pressing into the bed linen as she opened into a birthing position. The bitches' fingers slid down her body opening her slit showing a pink wet tunnel her nails teasing her growing bud. She began to moan and bite her lip as Rachael sucked on her clit, licking the African woman's rim Koko's nails biting into her blonde mane.

This helped hold Rachael in position just in case she tried to resists as Mi Lei caressed her upturned ass then slowly began to finger fuck her doggie style.

"More, more…" Koko moaned egging Rachael on but also nodding to the other girl. "Put more in her," she groaned. Rachael grunted her tongue tasting hot musky female juice the sounds of pleasure from Koko humiliating. She felt the grease hand pressing until she finally she swallowed Mi Lei's hand all the way into her pussy. Koko was thrusting her pelvis up squeezing her own tits laughing in delight.

The squelching noise from Rachael's pussy filled the room Mi Lei elegant fingers forming an excellent fuck cone. Koko grew bored hooking her long leg over Rachael head pulling away. The blonde continue to kneel doggie, her head down as the other slave fist fucked her. Koko also gripped her ass fingers pushing into her anus. Rachael moaned and wriggled the fisting arousing her Koko's anal exploration and disgusting comments adding to the frenzy.

"Let me taste your cute little hole racheal. Good girl open those cheeks wide ahhhhhh!" She felt the witches tongue on her sphincter licking around her fingered rim then hard slaps on her cheeks as fister and mistress increased the pace. Koko reached to the bowl pulling a long double ended dildo. In her other hand she had a glowing bulbous headed vibrator glistening with Vaseline.

The bed creaked and rocked as the three women thrust and gyrated in an entwined heap. The humming vibrator passed between asses, pussy and mouths as each women experienced it deep shuddering attention.

Two at a time the girls rode the double ended cock. Rachael and Mi Lei ass to ass on their knees as Koko slapped them like galloping racehorse. Koko riding on Rachael's ass as she knelt on all fours; the double ender was deep up Koko's pussy the other end pushed down into Rachael's ass.

Then it was Mi Lei turn to go on top of an anal rutted Koko; the kneeling black babe licking Rachael out as she was vibrator fucked up the ass by the oriental slave. Koko finally had enough of this three way orgy pushing both women to the bottom of the bed. "Get down there," she snapped taking command again, "On your hands and knees facing away." Both women gripped the end of the bed asses raised knelt on all fours like compliant dogs. Koko lay on her back curling her knees in so she could massage her own feet.

She squirted Vaseline from a tube between her toes smearing it down to her dainty heels. "Hold those asses high," she commanded opening her legs wide pressing a big toe against each doggie girls exposed pussies. Rachael grunted like a pig feeling Koko's grease toes then the ball of her foot press then enter up inside her pussy. Mi Lei also whined her big eyes fluttering her expression one of shock even in her drugged, brainwashed state. Both women pushed back slowly on Koko's command her feet pumping into big swallowing cunts the grease and juices squelching and dripping as she stabbed.

Rachael's indignant voice made her old friend drool with pleasure. The beautiful blonde was moaning in horror and humiliation Koko's toes flicking inside her then as she pushed deeper and deeper the whole foot sliding in until… Slop! Her pussy lips gripped around the ankle Koko wearing Rachael like a shoe. "Oh yes, good girls such good girls," Koko cooed her feet now both buried. Her pumping back and fort was now pulling and pushing the big sexy asses of the women to and thro, both girls gripping the bitches feet like tight wet bandages.

As she foot fucked them Koko pushed her own groin up and with one hand fingered her clit the other sliding the impressive glowing vibrator in and out of her own pussy. She smiled in pleasure at the two feet fucked asses below her and true to her word remembered the shocked faces of the men as they had been wanked to explosion that morning. "Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Mi Lei began to thrash on Koko's foot the sexy Korean looking to the roof her lips pursed as Koko's toe found then pressed on her g spot.

"Yesssssssss!" the black bitch cried ramming her big vibrator deep inside herself feeling the sex slaves muscles tighten. She began to thrust hard, pushing deeper inside the women Rachael grunting and gripping the bed, Mi Lei in the throes of orgasm screaming the room down. The foot finaly popped from the whore with a satisfied and relived eastern groan.

A moment later Koko's other foot was twisted from inside the kneeling Rachael, Miss Goodbody giving a thankfull grunt her eyes tight shut her pussy feeling like it was a gaping cave mouth. "Quickly bitch," Koko commanded Rachael pulling the long wet glowing cock from her snatch," get between my legs, I'm going to come," Rachael moved up to her a little unsure her head swimming from the drugs.

Koko gripped her beautiful golden mane pulling her freckled face down onto the pink exposed flesh of her seeping clit. "Ugggg, uggg, uggggggggggg!" Koko began to push up rubbing her clit and dripping hole all over Rachael's face, lips, nose chin; the reporter snorting for air her mouth tasting the flood of juices as her evil mistress erupted like a hot geezer.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!" Satisfied Koko pushed her slave back rolling onto her knees, her dark skin glistening with sweat. She pulled Rachael up onto her own knees tits thrusting out like guns on a turret. From behind the blonde she reached around to squeeze Rachael's hard heavy tits, talon fingers flicking the nipples her soft mouth sucking and licking the reporter's neck.

Mi Lei she told her to take unfasten the seal on a champagne bottle and them with the cork still inside thrust it up the cunt of the kneeling Rachael. The blonde gave a gasp of horror the big magnum filling her hole, Mi Lei ramming hard making the contents fizz and expand inside the bottle. Koko had both hands on Rachael's tits the blondes hands trying to relieve the bitches vice like squeezing at the same time stop the oriental tart fucking her hard with the corked bottle.

"Uh no stop uggggg of God uhhhhhhh no its going to explode inside me!" Rachael's moans and pleas were ignored the cork slowly edging up the neck of the fat bottle; the magnum itself like a cone up her twat.

"Oh yes, yes Rachael ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Koko was laughing in delight hearing her captives despair squeezing her tits so hard now they turned red against her pale skin. It was happening! Koko she could feel it. Rachael felt it too the impending explosion of champagne inside her momentarily lost by a more horrifying discovery.

"Oh God no, oh no no please!" The blonde babe wailed; her teats beginning to bubble, milk foaming then spitting from her massive mammaries with each kneading action of her long fingered witch mistress. "Oh yes Rachael," Koko cried, the blonde arching her back fabulous tits beginning to squirt white liquid over Mi Leis upturned face." Now you're ready for your wedding day!" At that moment the Champagne cork popped inside her, feeling like a cannon going off her pussy suddenly full of fizzing liquid.

She bucked up with the force her cervix battered her scream mixed with hissing as her snatch foamed with tingling fast moving liquid. She gave a cry of total revolt her body climaxing in turmoil her tits swelling the milk oozing with ease; Koko like a peasant maid twisting her teats wringing every last drop of sensation out of the bottle fucking cow's orgasm.