Thai ts in lingerie shoves toy in ass

Thai ts in lingerie shoves toy in ass
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The walk out of the restaurant brought looks and stares from the ladies as we passed, and one in particular made me just smile back and wink. She quickly blushed and looked away, but when I looked back, she was again staring at us.

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My satisfaction was not complete, as my orgasm had been too quick to really finish, leaving me flushed and still very horny. When David and I got in the car, I felt like my dress was just stifling, and very much out of character for me, having only just gotten married to David, never having a serious relationship before, and not having had sex with David until today, not to mention he still hadn't entered me with his cock. As we drove down the road to return home, I pulled the straps off my shoulders, and down over my breasts letting them out into the cool evening air.

My nipples were still erect from arousal, and I rubbed them hard with my hands to try and relieve the tension I felt. David suggest I totally remove my dress, so I did, feeling so free sitting next to him totally naked. His hand reached over and played with my pussy as we drove, keeping my arousal high, but not quite to the point of cumming. The drive was too short, and we arrived home before anything more had happened. The sight of the beach and the waves rolling in called me, and I walked out to the water's edge.

The wind was blowing quite strongly, making me shiver, my hair blowing around my face. The sexual tension was driving me wild, but the waves were beconning, and I ran into the surf and dove into the face of the first wave.

I swam for a short while, but then David called, and I returned to the beach.

The water was running down my body and dripping off my nipples. As I reached David, he reached out and grabbed my wrist and yanked me to him, saying "Don't do anything like that again without me telling you first! Get in the house, now you've displeased me." I looked at him with a hurt expression and said "I'm sorry" then walked quickly into the house.

He went into a back room and came out with a bag and told me to turn around and face the wall. The next thing I knew, he had my hands tied behind my back, and was putting a gag in my mouth. I turned to protest, but he just slapped my bottom and told me "Don't dare do anything without me telling you to!" The look in his eyes told me this was not the time to object, and I turned back to the wall. Once the gag was in, he pulled my arms up behind me and held them there, tied to something up high, so I couldn't move.

"I expect obedience, and you will be punished each time you displease me." He then hit my bottom with some sort of paddle, making me jump, but with my arms pulled up like that, I could barely even wiggle without pain in my shoulders. He paddled me for a short while, each stroke getting harder, making my ass cheeks sting. He stopped and asked me "Will you displease me again?" I shook my head no, and he walked away.

I hung there, my cheeks burning while he did something else.

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I thought my arms would come out of their sockets, till he came back and let me down. He put a collar on my neck, and a leash, then untied my hands and removed the gag. As I stood there waiting to see what he would do next, I realised that my pussy was dripping and my sexual tension was making me just about burst. I looked David in the eyes, wondering what he was thinking, feeling weak in my legs.

I knelt down, (almost falling) and found my face right at the level of his crotch.

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His cock was making a large bulge in his pants, and I reached out to touch it as I looked up for his approval. His nod told me it was okay and I unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out into full view. This was the first time I had seen it, after only feeling it teasing my pussy and fucking my asshole earlier int the day.

I hadn't ever played with a cock before, my previous boyfriends being of the mind that you don't do this before marriage, and now I was presented with the chance to try what I had only read about. I licked my lips and put them over the tip, pushing it into my mouth as far as it would go before I gagged. holding the base dwith my hand, I slid it in and out, licking the tip in between.


The taste of precum surprised me, the sweetnessmaking me want more. Several times when I had taken my mouth off it, I blew gently on it, watching it jump each time.


As I worked on this beautiful cock, I held his balls in my hand and carressed them ever so gently. It didn't take very long and I could feel his cock swell and his balls contract then he started cumming in my mouth.

He pushed it into my mouth and fucked my mouth with it as he came, shooting a load of hot cum. I wasn't really prepared, and started choking a little, with some of his cum dripping down my chin. As he relaxed, I licked his cock to clean it up, then looked up at him to see his approval. He pulled on the leash and made me stand up in front of him.

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His stern look of before was gone, raplaced with a familiar look of love, making me feel as if all was right with the world once again. Standing there I felt a drip of my own juices run down my leg, making me again wish for release. David then pulled the leash, leading me into the bedroom, and told me to lie on the bed.


I lay right in the center, and he pulled the leash up hard and tied it to the headboard. He next tied my hands and feet to the corners of the bed, spread-eagling me. As he undressed, I felt totally at his mercy, but also felt like all I wanted to do was please him. Laying there I felt like a gift for him to do with as he pleased. It wasn't long before he came to the bed, and starting at my left foot, he began kissing and licking up my leg. As he neared my crotch, he went out to my side, and worked up my side to my left breast, kissing and lidking like before, covering every bit, but not the nipple till last.

My arousal was nearing the breaking point, but it seemed that every time I was about to cum, he changed what he was doing, and my peak went away, only to build again and again. He finally climbed on top of me and put his cock at the entrance to my pussy, teasing me by rubbing it up and down my slit.

Then I felt a pause, and he pushed it steadily and firmly in, not stopping when he reached my cherry, just breaking right through. I was so aroused that the pain melded with the pleasure and it was only a couple of strokes and I was convulsing in such a huge orgasm I could hardly breathe.

While I was in the throws of my climax, he came in me, his throbbing cock making me cum again and again.

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He left me lying there, afterwards, and eventually I fell asleep, still tied to the bed, to have dreams of living with him, and his wonderful cock, doing his bidding because I really loved him.