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Emo gay sex small gay sexy boy Danny Brooks finds his student  Max
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It was a hot Sunday when I first saw Mary, the type of Sunday made for sitting around with a cold drink watching television or reading a book. Although the temperature would often rise well above the ninety-six degrees that dominated my home city of Sacramento today, something about it being the weekend made people especially lazy. Had it been a Monday, or any other weekday for that matter, people would have attempted to ignore the heat just to make their workday that much more bearable.

I was washing the family sedan in the front driveway and thinking about the 49er game later that afternoon when I saw a large U-Haul truck out of the corner of my eye. Knowing we were expecting new neighbors across the street, I glanced up. The U-Haul pulled into the short driveway of the one-story two-bedroom house, and two hired movers began to unload boxes and furniture. I continued to scrub down the car as I contemplated the probability of a hot teenage daughter moving in.

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I was seventeen at the time, and found that often my thoughts worked their way into situations. I guess I should tell a little bit about myself. My name's Jack, and, as I said, I'm seventeen, 5'11", and athletically built, with smooth black hair dangling un-parted on my head. I'm a senior in high school, but still have no idea what lies in store for me after I graduate.

College is just as realistic an option as it is for a good portion of my classmates, but I'm planning to take a year off and see the world. I'm the second-string kicker and punter for my high school's football team, The Sabers, which is probably the reason I'm in good shape. I was just finishing up washing the car when a black Mercedes pulled up across the street.

The driver was a woman whom I assumed to be in her forties, although looks can often be deceiving. She had long blonde hair, a fair complexion, and, I noticed, a great body for somebody her age.

I guessed her breasts were medium C-cups, although I was relatively inexperienced with those things save for several small encounters with girls at my school. She got out of her car, and I was amazed at the shape of her ass. It wasn't perfect like the ones of the porn stars I jacked off to on my computer at night, but for a middle-aged woman I was impressed. She didn't seem to notice me or the erection in my shorts, and I pried my eyes away to finish with the car.

I was putting away the washing supplies in my garage when I noticed she was walking across the street towards me. I stepped out of the cool shade of the garage into the driveway, and walked forward to meet her. She was wearing a pair of small black sunglasses, and greeted me warmly. "Hello," she said smiling and extending her arm. "I guess I'm you're new neighbor here.

My name's Mary. I hope it isn't always this hot, when I flew out here last month to look at the place, it was only about eighty, but it feels at least a hundred today." She had just the slightest touch of a southern accent, unnoticeable if you weren't familiar with them like I had become after numerous trips to my grandparents in Mississippi.

"No, most of the time it's a little cooler. But sometimes it can be hotter too." I proceeded to welcome her to the neighborhood, trying to convince myself that my kindness stemmed from my genuine courtesy and not the fact that I kept imagining myself in her pants.

"Well, it was great getting to know you," she said after a few minutes of friendly small talk. "I've got to finish moving all of my boxes and furniture in, but if you want to come over later for a dip in the pool we can talk some more." I thanked her, and promised her that I would take her up on her offer a couple hours later.

I watched her walk all the way back to her house, her ass shaking back and forth with every sexy stride. I went straight to my room with the intention of masturbating long and hard to the image of Mary sucking and riding my six and a half inch cock, boobs bouncing as she moaned with pleasure and climaxed again and again.

Instead, however, I decided I would wait. Although I knew it was probably just my wild imagination, I held on to the hope that there might be a little more than a swim later that afternoon. I wanted to save my load of cum for any further developments. Instead, I checked my email and the 49ers website, checking in on the latest injuries and hot streaks.

My father was watching the pre-game show on the television when I came into the living room, and I sat down next to him to listen to sportscasters blabber on about every trivial matter than might play a part in today's game. So and so's sprained finger, or somebody else's recent loss in the family.

The game started at 1:10, and from the get go the 49ers suffered. Five minutes into the game, the starting quarterback was injured and taken out. Things soon disintegrated from there, and at halftime we were down by seventeen points. The sportscasters seemed immensely disappointed during the half time show, and I knew in my heart the game was already lost.

"Fuck this," I exclaimed, feigning disappointment but really excited about my visit with Mary. "Dad, I'm going to go out with some friends for a little while." I got up off the couch and grabbed my swimsuit and towel from my room.

"I'll call if I'm going to be late for dinner," I said on my way out the door.

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My father barely acknowledged me, his eyes glued to the screen watching his team take a beating. The U-Haul truck was gone now, and I guessed that Mary had pulled her car into the garage because it wasn't on the street or in the driveway.

I rang the doorbell, and didn't have to wait long before Mary opened the door. My jaw dropped. She was wearing a small white bikini, and looked gorgeous. Her breasts were squeezed into her top, and the bottom hugged her ass so tightly I almost wondered how she had managed to get it on. Her stomach had a little bit of fat on it, but that was a welcome relief to the skinny ribs-showing look I see all too much of on the Internet now a days. "Hello Jack," she said in a slightly seductive sounding voice.

"I was just getting ready for my swim. I'm glad you came." She led me through the box filled house while I tried not to stare at her tight ass. We went out the sliding glass door in the back to a large backyard. A pool dominated the majority of it, but there were also two reclining pool chairs and an umbrella table with its own set off chairs.

"I still need to change into my suit," I said, setting my towel down on a reclining chair. "Can I use your bathroom?" She gave me a sexy, seductive smile and replied, "That's okay.

I won't peek." She turned around and began to step down into the water. I flung off my clothes and slipped my suit on before she could turn around and see the half-erection I had. She swam out into the middle of the pool, then turned around and looked up at me with her beautiful pair of brown eyes.

"Come on, jump on in," she called, teasing me slightly with her magnificent body. I dove in headfirst, and we proceeded to shed the sun's uncomfortable heat in the cool, clear water, splashing around and laughing playfully.

I had the distinct feeling that Mary was being slightly more than just friendly with me, and I was just as friendly back. Soon, we both got out and lay side by side on the reclining pool chairs. We made some flirtatious small talk about the girls in my high school, and I soon noticed Mary kept glancing down at my body.

I lift three times a week, and, while I'm not quite as strong as most of the other players on my team, I have a well toned body with a six pack of abs. I also couldn't always keep my eyes averted from her, and soon I was cleverly trying to cover up a growing erection with my leg. Mary almost instantly took notice and gave a small chuckle. "Having trouble there, Jack?" she teased.

Before I could think of a response, she had reached over and grabbed my now rock hard cock. I was speechless, but she took initiative.

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"Wow, you're big," she commented, and smiled at me. "I think we're going to have some fun today." She slid sexily off of her chair, hand still on my cock, and positioned herself on her knees in front of me, then slid my trunks off, fully revealing my boner. She put a hand on it and worked it gently up and down. I let out a slight moan at the sheer ecstasy of her touch. She then bent her head over and took my large head in her mouth, starting with a slow sucking.

"Mmm," she exclaimed as she began bobbing up and down slightly and working the base of my shaft with her hand. "You're cock tastes so good," she said when she came up for a moment. I leaned back as wave after wave of intense pleasure radiated through me. "Oh god, Mary, that feels good," I said as I moved my hands to the back of her head, running them through her perfect wet blonde hair.

Her brown eyes looked lovingly up at me and she began to take me deeper, so I applied a small amount of pressure, forcing her an extra half inch down my cock. She moaned as she moved her left hand down into her swimsuit, rubbing her pussy.

Before I knew it, I was carried away and forced her all the way down until she gagged a little. She had maneuvered her right hand from the base of my shaft to my balls, which she cupped and squeezed slightly. I soon felt that familiar feeling of build up. "I'm gonna cum," I said as I held her down all the way and emptied shot after shot of cum down her throat. She moaned and gagged, and as soon as she had swallowed my entire load, she came up for air. "That was so good, Mary," I managed to say.

She smiled and cleaned my cock off with her mouth.


"That tastes so good. It's been so long since I've had a cock in my mouth," Mary said. "Why don't we go inside and get something to drink." I followed her, still shocked by the events of the past ten minutes.

We entered her kitchen and I saw she had yet to install a refrigerator. Instead, she opened a blue cooler and pulled out two beers. She opened one and handed it to me, then fixed hers up. We drank and flirted some on the couch, nuzzled up against each other. Before I knew it, I had my hands cupped around her breasts while we kissed.

We took our time getting to know each other's bodies some. Her breasts were wonderful, and I soon had her top off. They were each perfectly shaped with hard nipples at the peaks, and I took one nipple in my mouth, sucking hard and passionately. She moaned, and I began to work my way lower, sliding off her bottom to reveal a wet pussy under a mound of pubic hair.

Her clit was just visible, and I took it in my mouth. Our roles had been reversed, and she put her hand on the back of my head while grinding her pelvis into my face. I sucked and licked and fingered as she moaned loudly. "Oh Jack.

Oh Jack, eat my pussy," she said. What could I do buy comply? This went on for what seemed like hours, and my tongue began to tire. At this point she was sitting on the couch, but I got up and she laid down, spreading her magnificent legs and begging me to fuck her.

I was on top of her in no time, and she grabbed my cock with her right hand, positioning it to the opening of her wet pussy. I thrusted all the way in, and she moaned with pleasure. "Oh Jack. Oh my god, fuck me hard!" she cried as I worked myself in and out of her, each time burying myself all the way inside of her warmth. After several minutes of this intense lust driven sex, she moved out from under me, and walked over to the end of the sofa. I followed, eager to see what was in store, desperately wanting my cock back inside of her, buried to the hilt.

She bent over the side of the couch, and I leaned forward to position myself at her pussy. "Fuck me hard from behind. I need to be fucked like a dog, like a dirty slut!" she pleaded, begging me to ram all six and one half inches into her aching cunt.

"All right you whore, take it!" I grunted as I bent over her back and slammed into her, grabbing both her tits with my hands. She screamed as her pussy clenched my cock.

I worked in and out of her as quickly as I could, and her moans soon grew in intensity and frequency. "Fuck, I'm cumming," she yelled. "Fuck me hard! Fuck me, I'm cumming!" Soon I felt her pussy grow warmer and wetter, and I rammed my cock in all the way before letting loose another load of cum. "Oh god, your cum feels so good inside me," she moaned, my cock still buried in her. We collapsed on the couch together, exhausted. We both were breathing heavily, and I held her close as I ran my hands over her body, feeling every inch.

She closed her eyes and relaxed into me. I ran my fingers up to her breasts and pinched her nipples. We lay together for quite awhile, enjoying the touch of each other's bodies before I realized time had conveniently slipped away from me. We parted ways and I promised to stop by after practice the next day to help her unpack some of her things. The next day at school seemed to drag on forever, and I couldn't get the image of Mary's naked body out of my mind.


I pictured her lying on a bed, legs spread wide, begging me to fuck her. I pictured her underneath me, breathing heavily and moaning in turn with my thrusts.

It was too much to think about it all day, and I decided to skip football practice and head straight over. Luckily, as one of the team's kickers, my workout and practice schedule was flexible. I only had to show up to three practices a week to take part in conditioning, and only three lifting sessions a week as well. When the team would be running drills, I would be kicking ball after ball through the posts.

About once a week I took part in tackling drills as well, but that was on Thursday. Today I only had one thing in mind, and that was Mary. I dropped my backpack off at home, and headed right across the street. When I rang the door bell, Mary opened almost immediately.

She was wearing a yellow tank top and tight fitting blue shorts. The inside of the house was cool due to the air conditioning, and I saw that she was not wearing a bra as her nipples showed through. "Jack, hello. I thought you'd be coming a little later," she said, inviting me in. "Yeah, practice was cancelled today," I lied.

I could see she had already made a large dent in unpacking her things. "Well, I'm glad you came. I need your help with a thing or two," she teased, smiling seductively. "Sure, anything I can do to help." She led me over to the living room and bent over in front of me to get some things out of a box and gave me a great look at her large ass and perfect legs. My cock began to grow hard in my pants, and I wondered how long she actually expected to unpack for before we moved on to more enjoyable activities.

The answer was not long. After about twenty minutes of moving furniture and things around, she noticed the bulge in my pants and laughed. "Well now, we can't be unpacking with you're cock hard. We'll have to do something about that," she said, and we went into her bedroom.

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It was bare except for a king sized bed in the middle, and before I knew it we were caressing each other on it. I moved my hands down to her shorts and pulled them off, exposing a tight black thong. I began kissing and rubbing her pussy through the thong. She let out several moans to let me know she liked it, and shed her top, exposing her breasts. But then she surprised me by saying, "Oh Jake, I need to get fucked in the ass. Fuck my tight asshole Jake, fuck me hard." I had never done anal before, so I was a little unsure of how to go about it.

I knew from the porn I watched on the Internet that if you didn't do it right it could be painful. She saw me hesitate, then reached under the bed and grabbed a small bottle of KY.

I stripped out of my clothes while she spread it all over her hands. Then she stood up, bent over in front of me, and spread some lube on the inside of her ass as well.

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I was afraid I was going to burst at just the sight of this, and she turned around and lathered my cock up. Her hands felt heavenly rubbing my cock, and then she turned around and bent over on the bed. "Be slow and gentle, Jack. Take your time, try just getting the head in first," she instructed. I positioned myself in front of her ass, and she stuck it up in the air while I spread her cheeks apart.

I placed the tip of my cock at the brown entrance to her ass, and slowly pushed the head in. She gave a slight yelp of pain, but I continued to work my head in until I had it buried in her. "Oh god, Jack, that hurts," she moaned, but I could tell she was getting pleasure from the pain that came from me forcing myself into her.

I continued to work slowly back and forth, and I felt her ass muscles grip firmly on my cock. She was so tight, it was hard not to shoot my load into her right off the bat. Soon, her ass relaxed a bit and I was able to go deeper and pick up speed.

Her moans were growing louder by the second, and I slapped her ass hard with my right hand, leaving a red mark. She cried out when I did this, but made no attempt to prevent it from happening again. Soon I was slapping her ass again and again as I thrusted faster and faster into her tight ass.

I leaned forward a little, and finally pushed myself all the way in, burying myself to the balls. I fucked her ass for much longer than I thought I could before I finally felt it coming. My balls grew tense, and I let out a grunt as I shoved my cock in all the way into her ass, and pumped shot after shot of warm cum deep into her ass.

"Cum in my ass, Jack, fill my ass," Mary cried as I lost myself into a world of ecstasy. We both collapsed on the bed, exhausted. "I haven't had a cock in my ass in years. It feels so good," she exclaimed as we lay together. "I want to taste my ass," she said, and began sucking me off while I laid back on the bed. "Mmm," she said, and I was soon completely hard again. "That's what I love about young cocks," she commented. "They can keep going again and again." Before I knew it, she had positioned herself on top of me, giving me a miraculous view of her large full breasts.

She lowered herself onto my cock, filling her warm pussy, and began to ride me up and down.


Her boobs bounced and she closed her eyes in pleasure while she took short, deep breaths in time with my penetrations. I was surprised at how quickly she climaxed, but she continued riding me, and even picked up the pace. Her large pubic mound seemed to bounce off of me as she impaled herself on my cock again and again.

Her pussy lips were spread wide, and her hand began to finger her clit. She climaxed again, and I came in her, filling her pussy with my cum. She fell on top of me in ecstasy, and we began deep, passionate kisses. Soon though, we were both exhausted. She rolled over off of me, and we napped in each other's arms.

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When I left that day, I knew it was the beginning of a special time in my life. Over the next year, we had sex almost every day, and she soon began inviting special friends to our sessions. Those sessions were some of the best I've ever had, and whenever I come home for the holidays we always have long, passionate reunions.

I later found out Mary was forty-eight when I met her, although she looked younger. I'll never forget her prefect legs, beautiful breasts, or her smooth brown eyes that would look up at me longingly while she worked her mouth over my cock.