Proper teen thief got dicked nicely by a horny officer

Proper teen thief got dicked nicely by a horny officer
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When I was 7 years old I became obsessed with the pleasure I got from playing with my cock.

I would play with it every chance I had, while mostly at night in bed I also spent time in the bathroom at school during resess. While the other kids were playing kickball on the playground I was in the bathroom playing with my favorite toy. While I had not yet achieved orgasm I loved to stroke my cock and rub it with something soft, my favorite thing was a piece of rabbit fur that My mom had bought for me after I asked her if she had anything soft i could rub myself with. She found a piece of soft fabric in her sewing stuff which felt pretty good but she bought me the fur thinking it would feel much nicer on my sensitive, hard, young cock.

When she gave it to me I was thrilled that she cared enough about my cock rubbing as to have looked for something to increase my pleasure. She was the best mom, she cared about me so much, she always encouriged me in all endevors. She wanted me to discover who I was and would tell me not to try to be like anyone else, so whoever I was is what made me special. She totally supported and encouriged me in my discovery and enjoyment of playng with my cock so when she handed me the piece of fur and told me she thought it would feel better on my cock than the fabric she had given me I immediately dropped my pants and rubbed the fur over my cock shaft and was she ever right it felt great, better than the cloth for sure.

I hugged her and thanked for it then went into the livingroom to spend some quality time rubbing my now stiff cock with my new fur.

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I didn't stop until over an hour later when mom came in and said dinner was ready. she watched me for a minute and asked me how I liked it. What she said next puzzled me at the time as I didn't understand what she ment when she asked if it would make me cum, I answered with a uncertain yes, she said "great" and went back to the kitchen.

Little did I know how soon I would come to understand what she ment. IMy best friend was a kid in my second grade class who lived down my street we did everything together including cock play.

When we could we would go to one of the new unfinished homes in our nieghborhood and rub and stroked our cocks showing each other what we discovered about our cocks. After dinner that night I told my mom I was going over to Mark's house to show him my new fur piece I knew he would love it. Mom told me to be home before dark, sure" I said and off I went. Just as I thought Mark loved the feeling on his cock.

He had a camping trailer in his driveway and we could go in there to play with our cocks and we did almost everyday. That night we made plans for my first sleep over at his house, both our mothers thought it was a great idea. We were so excited about getting to spend the whole night together rubbing and playing with each others cocks and more.


All that week we made our plans and talked about what we could do. We would strip right after his mom put us to bed and get started working on our buttholes first, we had recently discovered the great feelings we could get from playing with our little holes.

Friday finally arrived and I kissed my mom goodbye and headed to Mark's house with a little overnight bag she had helped me put together. I had a change of clothes, my toothbrush, a stir stick I found that felt great up my asshole, my fur and a vibrating hand that was ment for back scratching but felt realy good on my cock. When I arrived mark said we should go for a swim so we stripped and jumped in after awhile we headed for the trailer where we sucked on each others cocks and tried something new, we took turns licking each others buttholesand it felt super making us even hornier.


After dinner we played a game until his mother said it was time for bed. We ran for the bedroom and jumped in bed eager to get started. his mom came in a few minute and said goodnight and as she closed the door she said o "have fun". We looked at each other and giggled, we intended to.

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As soon as the door closed we shed our pajamas and I started on his asshole first useing the stir stick then spending some time licking it, then it was my turn and spent a long time licking mine then we were ready to start playing with our cocks. Again I started by useing the fur to rub his now stiff cock until he felt the tension and told me to stop then he did mine. We would always stop when we felt the tension that preceeds orgasm because we didn't know that if we kept going the great thing that would happen to our cocks.

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This time was differnt though, I was so excited that when I would have normally wanted to stop it felt so good that I couldn't stop. I just let him keep rubbing and after a little while my body went as stiff as my cockand I felt a powerful throb that ran threw my cock and travled the entire length of my whole body over and over.

When it subsided and I was able took focus and speak I told Mark that it was incredible. I immediately set about making his cock experience this feeling.

It took a while but when he said for me to stop I just kept rubbing it.

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He said to stop once more I told him to trust me and soon he was ridgeed from head to foot then it happened, I watched as his cock and body spasmed uncontrollably. I watch as it subsided and he couldn't believe how anything could feel that good. The rest of the night we took turns making each other cum, we soon discovered that what really felt best was useing our mouths to bring our cocks off. We finally fell asleep just before sunrise and slept till noon. I couldn't wait to tell my mom what I had discovered when I got home

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