Compilation of big cocks male and male gangbang gay James Gets His

Compilation of big cocks male and male gangbang gay James Gets His
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Ranchland - Chapter 6 Summer's are short in western Alberta, and this one had been no exception. By the end of September, the leaves had changed colour, then fallen, and the air had turned nippy and cold. By the end of October, the threat of snow was real and inevitable.

The four men, Ben Calhoun, Tim Wainwright, Collin Taylor, and Jim Allison, worked long hours each and every day, mending barbed-wire fences, setting feed bales, preparing fodder sheds and watering shelters, and what felt like a million other chores, all to ensure that the two herds had a good chance of surviving the winter.

At the ranch house, Amy was busy too, stocking up on home-made preserves, canning fruits and vegetables, and filling the deepfreeze with meats and baked goods. Back in Montana, there had been times when it was impossible to get into town, because of the weather conditions and the snow.

She had no reason to doubt that Alberta would be any less so. Janice Taylor had her hands full looking after her daughter Tanya, who, at almost six months, had the ability to single-handedly reign holy terror over her doting parents. In addition, Janice was also getting their home ready for the onslaught of cold and windy winter storms. Ben had moved the mobile homes, of which there were now three, into the lea of an aspen grove.

Tim and Josh occupied a small two-bedroom unit, while Jim and Beth Allison now lived in a slightly larger two bedroom place. For them, the extra bedroom would give their adult children, two girls and a boy, the chance to visit their parents on weekends and holidays.

The building arrangement gave each unit sufficient privacy, while keeping everyone close together in the event of an emergency. Despite their usual preference for privacy, even the two brothers, Tim and Josh, were quite satisfied with the layout. It was late in the evening when Ben walked in the door, calling his greeting to his niece. He'd been out patrolling the western rangelands for the last three days, and was relieved to finally be home again. "Hey, Little One," he called out, "I'm home again.

Any chance there's something left to eat, I'm starved!" Amy literally ran on winged feet to the back mud-room, anxious to be wrapped in the arms of the man she loved so dearly. As she rounded the corner, her eyes beheld her uncle, covered in trail grime. "Freeze, right there, Mister!" she exclaimed.

"Out of those filthy clothes, now! I've just spent the last three days cleaning this pig-sty from floor to ceiling, and wall to wall. You're not coming in here looking like that!" Then, with a mischievous twinkle in her eye, she added, "Besides, I haven't had a chance to see your gorgeous body in a month of Sundays." Ben glanced into the kitchen, then reached for the coat he'd just hung up. "And where the hell do you think you're going, Ben Calhoun?" Amy demanded. "Home" Ben replied.

"This place is too clean to be mine, so I must be in the wrong house" he teased. Amy punched his shoulder in mock indignation, then threw her arms around her uncle and kissed him deep, hard, and passionately. Ben's lips were half-frozen from the cold Albertan winds, and Amy pulled back in reaction.

"Holy shit, Lover, you're as cold as a witch's tit! Get out of those clothes, and let's get you into a hot shower, before you catch a cold. Or worse" Amy commanded. She helped unbutton Ben's shirt as he kicked off his boots, and stood on each sock as he pulled them off. By the time he finished, Amy started to struggle with his belt, intending to reveal her uncle's naked body to her lusting eyes. "Good God, Girl" Ben admonished, "I'm not even in the door, and already you're trying to ravish my poor body!

Does this mean I'm gonna have to eat that pretty little pussy of yours for the next ten hours?", and he followed his question with a chuckle, then kissed his niece's soft and inviting lips gently. "Promise? All ten hours? Non-stop?" Amy giggled to him, then began to push his naked body towards the bathroom.

As soon as they were in the room, she turned on the water, making sure the temperature was just the right, then began unbuttoning her blouse. "Umm, who said I was going to share the shower with you, ya little minx?" Ben teased. "Like you have a choice?" Amy retorted as she finished undressing. "Besides, if I don't wash you down, you'll probably miss all the important places" she quipped as she shifted her gaze to Ben's groin. They both laughed at her insinuation, then squeezed into the shower.

Ben had to admit that the warm water felt good on his cold skin, inducing the blood flow back into his stiff joints. As Amy began to lather his chest and stomach, he kissed the top of her head lovingly, then wrapped his arms around her shoulders, just as she encircled his manhood with her soft, delicate fingers. Soaping up the middle of her uncle's body, she pressed her own body tightly against him.

"Well, at least there's one place you aren't half frozen" she commented, as she slowly stroked Ben's shaft. It had been three long days since he'd felt her touch, and he slowly began to harden. Amy's caress felt so damned good. Between her loving attentions, and the warmth of the water, it wouldn't have taken a whole lot to convince Ben to just stand there and enjoy being pleasured.

When Amy rinsed him off, then dropped to her knees in front of him, that was all it took for him to make up his mind. Amy lightly kissed the tip of Ben's semi-hard cock, then slid her lips down his shaft until she had his entire manhood captured.

Sliding her tongue alternatingly around the ridge of his cockhead, then down the underside of his cock, she felt him harden fully in her mouth. Sucking lightly, she let him ease back out from her mouth until only his cockhead remained in her clutches, then she sucked him deep, until he tickled her tonsils. Again sliding him back so that only his head remained in her lip's grasp, she sucked him back in, and swallowed his cockhead into her waiting throat, her esophageal muscles massaging their captured victim.

Ben groaned as the pleasure of his niece's ministrations washed over his senses. "Oh God, Little One, that feels so good! You have no idea how much I've missed you, and the things you do to me.

Dammit, but I love you!" Ben moaned to his niece. She let him slip out of her oral capture just long enough to reply to his comments. "I'll bet you didn't miss me as much as I missed you, Lover. My poor pussy hasn't been eaten for so long, I've almost forgotten what it's like to cum. I haven't been filled up with your thick cock, either, and my cunt is just about ready to jump your bones right now.

But first. . ." and she resumed pleasuring him. As Amy's rhythm slowly began to increase, Ben found himself surrendering to his niece more and more. While he would admit to being somewhat prejudiced, he swore there wasn't another woman that could suck a man as well as she could. There was a warm glow in his heart.

Of all the men on the planet, it was him that she loved, that she pleasured, and that she shared everything in their life with. His daydreaming was interrupted as he felt his balls begin to lift, filling his shaft with that steaming cream the Amy so loved to draw out of him. "Little One? I'm gonna cum, Lover! Damn, but you feel so good! Take me! Suck the seed out of me!" and with that, Ben felt the pressure that had built up in his throbbing shaft push and drive his life-giving seed up his cock, out his hole, and down into Amy's waiting belly.

As his first rope streamed out of him, he felt her swallow his entire length deep into her throat, then hold him there, as her muscles milked and coaxed every bit of his cum-juice out. The explosion was so great that Ben had a hard time remaining standing. He leaned back against the shower wall to maintain his balance.

By the time the euphoria had begun to subside, his cock had begun to soften. Amy held him inside her lips until he was once again flaccid, then let go her grip on him, held him in her hand, and licked him clean of any residue she might have missed. Ben reached his hands out to his niece, offering them to her and pulling her up and against him, then held her tightly, never wanting her to be anywhere else.

He kissed her deeply and passionately, the taste of his semen a light hint, as he engaged her tongue in a loving duel. In response, Amy captured her uncle by encircling her arms around his waist, hugging and squeezing him tightly to her, pressing her breasts into his chest.

He could feel the hardness of her nipples as they poked and prodded against him. "Girl, you're one amazing woman, you know that?" Ben lovingly praised his niece. "A man spends days out on the range, and you make him feel like there's nothing he can't do just as soon as he gets home. How the hell do you do that? And how come I'm such a lucky son-of-a-bitch, having someone so special in my life?" Amy just smiled, then kissed her uncle softly before she answered his questions.

"Guess that's because what goes around, comes around. You think I'd love you so damned much if you weren't as special as you are? Your problem is that you have a niece that loves to show you how much she loves you. Now, if you're asking me to change who I am. . ." "Nope," Ben chuckled softly in her ear, "not in this lifetime, that's for sure! Getting you to be something your not is like asking the sun to rise in the west! It's easier to just love you the way you are.

. and more fun, too!" he pulled her a little tighter to him, seeking her soft pouty lips, and kissing her with all the love and warmth inside him. Finally washed and warmed, the two got out of the shower before the water started to run cold.

Ben grabbed the two towels Amy had brought in, wrapped one around her, then allowed her to do the same for him. He gently dried her body, pausing at each breast as he re-acquainted himself with her erect nipples and the soft pliability of her orbs.

Amy moaned in delight at the attention, pressing herself against his hand in encouragement. Slowly sliding a hand down and over her belly, Ben began to dry Amy's pussy, letting the terry-towel fabric drift lazily over her aroused clitoris. She groaned with anticipation of his touching of her most intimate place, and attacked his lips with her own, her tongue seeking and searching for his.

Then she twisted and tangled with his, expressing her love and lust non-verbally. As the electrifying pleasure of Ben's touch coursed through her clit, she broke their lip lock long enough to whisper in her uncle's ear. "No sense trying to dry me there, Lover. I'm way too horny for that, and there's only one way you're gonna dry it out.

Make me cum" Amy growled softly and sensuously. Ben stood long enough to kiss Amy's pouty lips, then chuckled lovingly at her comment. "How about we give up early tonight, and I'll have my usual 'Breakfast In Bed' before I go to sleep, instead of in the morning?

Or I'll just call it a 'Midnight Snack' instead" he whispered in her ear. "Yeah, right. You'll fall asleep before I even get into bed, and we both know it" Amy told him. "You're exhausted, and a good night's sleep would do you the world of good. As much as I want you, I can live one more night without making love.

I'd rather have you healthy and rested than wear you out enough for you to come down with something. Nursing sick animals is one thing. Nursing a sick man is something else." she swatted Ben's butt lightly, and pushed him out the door, and down the hall. Once in te bedroom, Amy undid Ben's shirt, then tackled both the button on his pants and the zipper. It was something she'd had lots of practise doing, but usually for completely selfish reasons. Tonight, she worried that her uncle had let himself get over-tired, which was a sure way for him to come down with a cold, or worse.

Finally getting him undressed, she pulled back the bed covers and ordered him into bed. Reluctantly, Ben obeyed. Amy was right; he was over-tired. As he collapsed on the bed, she pulled the covers up and over him, making sure he was tucked in, then kissed him long and hard.

Despite his fatigue, Ben found himself being invaded by her probing tongue, as it sought his, tangling and entwining itself as she gained entrance. God, how he loved this young woman. Breaking her sensual kiss, Amy ran her hand up the side of Ben's head, softly running her fingers through his hair at the temple. He might be her uncle, but he was also the only man she felt that she could ever love.

"Good night, my Lover" she bid him softly. Ben snuck one last kiss, then lay back as sleep threatened to claim him even before he broke their lip lock.

"Good night, my Little One" he replied. "I love you, Girl. See you in the morning?" Before she could answer him, he'd fallen asleep.

Amy turned and left the room, feeling happiness that her man was back home with her, but missing the feel of his body as he took her, giving her all the love in his heart. Leaving the room, she returned to the office desk to finish off the month's accounting. There was less than an hour's worth of work to do before the chore was finished for another month.

Once that was done, she crawled into bed, curled up with her butt against Ben's lap, and pulled his arm over her midriff. Clasping his hand over her breast, she, too, was in dreamland within minutes.

The next morning, Amy woke to the sensations of an orgasm spreading quickly from her pussy, as it exploded in a line between her crotch, up through her belly, spreading into her chest, and finally into her head, the bright lights of her climax pervading every part of her consciousness. As sleep lost its grip on her momentarily, her body trembled and shook, and she had a hard time getting her breath. As scared as she might feel, she had missed waking up to her uncle making her cum, first thing in the day.

She reached for his head, knowing that it would be buried between her soft thighs, and pressed him to her, demanding that he lick and suck her clit hard as her orgasm expanded, then eased off the pressure as she flowed into post-orgasmic bliss.

She felt like it was minutes before she had regained sufficient control to trust her body to respond to her own will again. "Umm, morning, Lover" she cooed to the man that was still lapping her pussy.

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Ben continued to slurp at her entrance, remaining there until he had retrieved every drop of her love juices. As he found every other morning, he just couldn't get enough of her delicious nectar.

When he'd found all she had to offer, he lifted his head, kissed Amy's soft mound, then smiled lovingly at her. "Morning, Little One," he greeted her, "I think I needed that. After all these months of tasting your sweet love juices, I still can't get enough. Oh, by the way? I wanted to do that last night, but I guess I was more worn out than I thought.

Sorry, Precious, for making you wait, and having to come to bed without the loving you so richly deserve." "I think you just made up for all of it" Amy whispered.

"God, but you can make me cum hard, first thing in the morning. And you know what? When you're not here, I miss waking up that way. If you think you're addicted to my girl-cum, I'm here to tell you that my pussy is even more addicted to your tongue-lashings." With that, she reached out her hands, beckoning her uncle to hold her in his strong and protective arms. "Any chance I can have you all to myself for the day?" she queried. "I'd love to say, 'Yes', to that, Little One, but I just know something's gonna come up to ruin it all.

If it can be done, though, I could sure use an afternoon with nothing to do but love the woman of the house until sunset" Ben commented. It had only been three days since they'd been apart, but it felt more like three months, and he'd missed Amy every damned second of the time apart.

"You ready for a shower yet, or would you rather lounge the day away in this bed?" "What I'd like, and what's gonna happen, are probably two different things, aren't they?" Amy muttered. "Well, if I can't have that gorgeous cock of yours inside me, a shower might be a good idea. I'm covered in sweat, and feel like a ball of glue" and with that, she began to flip the covers back from where they lay across her lower legs.

"But right after that, I want to make you a special breakfast. You were shivering in the night, and I'm so afraid of you coming down with a cold, or the 'flu. You're taking three of those ginseng pills, whether you like them or not.

They do seem to help you fight off colds, don't they?" "They do? I thought it was the way you suck me off that did it" Ben quipped. "Maybe you should do that, as well, just to make sure." He chuckled at the implication. Amy gave him a soft punch on the shoulder, then leaned over to kiss the point of impact.

As soon as she lifted her lips from his skin, Ben wrapped an arm around Amy's shoulders, and pulled her close to him. "Now, how about that shower?" "May as well," Amy growled, "because I'm not going to hear the end of this until we do, am I?" With the covers now thrown off the end of the bed, she dragged herself to her feet, then pulled Ben's arm as an indication that he was going to join her whether he liked it or not. Before she could escape his reach, he grabbed her around the waist with his free arm and pulled her back onto the bed.

Wrestling with her lithe body, he rolled her onto her back, then kissed her hard, deep, and with all the love and passion in his soul. When he finally broke his possession of her lips, he raised himself up just enough to focus on her twinkling eyes.

"Now, you may get up, young lady, and don't you ever forget who's the uncle around here!" he teased her. Amy laughed openly, her uncle's mock threat sounding like the hot air it was. She wound her arms around his neck, pulled him to her, and kissed him as passionately as she'd received, her tongue twisting and turning inside him as she re-established her feminine dominance.

"You may be the uncle, but I'm the niece. Got it? Everyone knows that nieces rule, especially here in Ranchland!" she growled back at Ben. "If I get any more crap outta you, I'll have you yelling 'Uncle' before I'm finished! Now get that man-ass of yours out of this bed, and into the shower, before I have to smack you one!" Amy stated with an authoritative voice. Ben just laughed even louder, as he reluctantly pried himself from her arms and got off the bed. Turning as he finally managed to stand, he offered his hand to his niece, who promptly ignored it and got up under her own power.

"Thanks, Lover, but right now, I trust you about as far as I can spit upwind in a hurricane! You're liable to ravish me into a state of complete paralysis, if I'm not careful!" With arms wrapped around each other's waist, Ben and Amy headed for the shower. Amy grabbed clean towels while Ben picked up their morning shower robes. As he watched her gently swaying hips flow with her movements around the bathroom, Ben couldn't help but admit to himself that he was one lucky hombre, to have a woman like Amy to love and cherish.

God, but she could turn him on! The sight of her firm apple-shaped derriere caused his growing manhood to twitch, threatening to harden before he was even under the water.

By the time he did join her, his cock pointed upwards in a gentle curve. Amy grabbed the bar of soap, then spotted Ben's throbbing and twitching erection, and a wicked gleam flashed in her eyes. "Nice going, Lover" she scolded Ben. "You had the chance to fuck me in the bedroom, and you get hard now? You realize, of course, that I want that gorgeous meat of yours buried deep inside me, don't you?

So you've got your choice. There's three places that you can have me. Which one is it going to be?" Ben captured his niece in his arms, reaching for her breast with one hand as his other arm pulled her to him.

Her orb felt so soft and pliable, contrasting with the hardness of her erect nipples deliciously. Gazing into her eyes for a moment first, he offered her his lips, which she took readily, enticing him to search for her tongue, and sucking the offered probe into her mouth, where she ravished it mercilessly.

She could feel the hardness and heat of his cock pressing against her belly, and its presence there compelled her to rub her stomach against him. As Ben continued to fondle Amy's tit, she moaned in gratitude for his touch, pressing herself even tighter to his hand. The warm water cascaded over them, and she moved a hand down to reposition Ben's manhood between her thighs, the upward pressure of being engorged forcing his cock to push into the valley of her femininity.

Ben began to hump Amy's pussy slowly, his cockhead running past her entrance, spreading her love juices along the inside of her labia lips, and over the tip of his cock.

The heat of Amy's stimulated sex washed over Ben, and despite the water flowing over their bodies, he was bathed in her juices, the soft texture spurring him on more and more. With a combination of lustful want and loving desire, he felt himself enter his niece, her moistness removing any and all resistance. As she felt herself swell and expand to accommodate Ben's cock, Amy groaned deliciously while he filled her, his cockhead lightly pushing against her cervix.

Ben began to stroke in and out of her pussy, the delicate softness of her velvety lining caressing him sensuously. Amy began to match his rhythm as her hips bumped against her uncle's.

Their tempo increased, until Amy began to mewl lustfully, the friction on her knotted nub inducing that sought-after tingle in her pussy, then generating a rush of sensations throughout her body. Grasping her uncle in an effort to remain joined with him, she felt her orgasm explode like an electric shower in every corner of her being.

Even with the streaming of water over her, she let her head fall back as she screamed is lustful delight, her body wracked with spasming convulsions. Ben held his niece tightly, still pounding himself into the deep recesses of her body, aware of the fluttering of her vaginal walls on him, and the lifting of his balls, which filled his shaft with life-generating seed. As the base of his cock began to twitch and pulsate, he drove himself deep into Amy's sex, remaining buried to the hilt, while rope after sticky rope of his cum filled her, spraying into every nook and cranny of her heated sex.

Her screams were almost drowned out by his grunts of pleasure, the intensity of his cum almost strong enough to make him lose control of those muscles that held the two of them up. Slowly their post-coital glow replaced the lust-driven needs that had energized them. Ben held Amy close to his chest, both for physical support, and because she had become not only the centre of his world, but also the centre of the known universe.

Beyond their physical bodies, everything else was an abstract entity, in his mind. Their combined presence constituted the entire range of his comprehension, and he strived to keep it that way. For Amy, the swollen manhood buried deep within her became the most important outside stimulation to her whole body.

She was dimly aware of the softening of her uncle, still inside her quivering pussy. It was the mass of his manhood that made her feel complete. The strength of his arms around her, supporting her, holding her safe from everything else in the world, became the boundaries of her self-awareness. As Ben's cock continued to soften and withdraw from within her, she felt a loss, but the tenderness of his embrace gave her an anchor, to be held onto as she returned to a stable point of self-recognition.

Amy stretched up to Ben's lips, kissing them gently at first, then more insistently, as she tried to convey her love to this man that felt more important to her than life itself. She'd given herself to him, out of love, and had been allowed to possess his soul in reward. In her heart, she knew there was no better gift. "Mmm, Lover," she cooed softly, "the things you do to me. God, you have no idea how good you feel, buried deep inside me like that. And somehow, every cum you give me feels better than the last, if that's possible.

How's a girl like me supposed to resist such a wonderful man like you? Hmm?" "Resist? You wouldn't dare. . would you?" Ben queried with incredulity. "I couldn't resist you, even if my life depended on it" Amy reassured him. "Not sure how it happened, but we seem to have become an inseparable team." Ben was about to make a comment, but before he could utter a single word, his niece cut him off.

"Oh shut up, and just hold me, you big Meat-Ball!" Amy commanded.

Ben pulled Amy tight again, kissing her in desperate passion. The water was beginning to cool off, persuading both of them to get out of the shower before all the warmth was gone.

Breaking their kiss and shutting off the water, Ben gazed at his niece. A smile slowly crept across Ben's lips as he wrapped Amy in one of the towels, softly rubbing her body as he dried her smooth skin. He'd been out on the range too long, he told himself, and missed the love of his life more than he realized. In future, he'd have to make a point of being home every night, if possible. As he gazed at the beautiful young woman, she took the towel from him, and began to dry him off in reciprocation.

He helped her on with her robe, then wrapped his own around himself. "Come on, Meat-Ball," Amy called softly, "I need to make sure you get some food in that belly of yours. I'll bet you haven't eaten properly in days, have you?" Ben didn't say a word.


That guilty look on his face said it all. It took Amy very little time to make Ben's breakfast, and she served him coffee as well. But before he could take a single bite, she placed three ginseng tablets on the table beside him, then wordlessly motioned for him to swallow them. Ben had never been a big fan of medications, but he could tell this wasn't the time to object.

With resignation, he picked up the pills and downed them, then turned his face up to seek his niece's approval. She kissed his forehead, then moved to the other side of the table, and her own breakfast. The usual warmth of their mornings had returned, now that Ben was home again. "You know, I think I'm hungrier than I thought" Ben remarked.

"I guess I get a little testy when I don't eat properly. I'm sorry, Little One. Forgive me?" "Oh yeah, I forgive you. I couldn't stay angry with you no matter what you did. But please, try to remember to eat a little better when you're out on that range?

I need you back, safe and sound, and all in one piece" Amy told her uncle. They ate in silence, but Ben was aware that his niece seemed to be deep in thought.

He wasn't sure whether or not he should break into her reverie, but he'd never know what was on her mind if he didn't.

"Where'd you go, Little One?" he asked.

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"You're about a million miles away this morning. Something on your mind?" "Hmm? Pardon?" Amy replied as her attention returned to the here and now. "Oh, just thinking. Janice was over yesterday with Tanya, and I've had a bug in my brain ever since." She paused as she collected her thoughts, then continued tentatively.

"Remember I asked you about having kids? For some reason, I can't get that out of my mind. You still haven't told me how you feel about the subject, and I was wondering. Have you come to any conclusions?" Ben had given it some thought. In fact, it was all he'd thought about while he'd been out on the range. A part of him resisted the idea, simply because he'd become used to his world consisting of just Amy and himself. The concept of expanding that circle to include a son or a daughter had its appeal, though.

His biggest concern wasn't in making a decision, but in the consequences of making the wrong decision. He voiced his concerns to his niece, and they spent the next half hour discussing the subject, with no real conclusion.

Just as they were finishing their breakfast, there was a light knock on the kitchen door, and Amy went to answer it.

As she opened the door, Janice Taylor's worried face pleaded for an ear to bend, the look of consternation overriding everything. "Janice! Come on in" Amy greeted her friend. "What's with the long face? You look like you just lost your last friend." Janice entered the mud room, taking off her coat and boots, then casually greeted Ben, more as a courtesy than anything else.

Pouring herself a cup of coffee, she sat at the table, her silence beginning to worry both Ben and Amy. Finally, after composing her thoughts, she began to unburden herself. "Amy, we're pretty good friend, right?

I need to talk to someone about something that's come up at home" Janice started. "Would it be better if I made myself scarce?" Ben asked. "If this is something that's a girl thing, I can find lots to do out in the barn." His reluctance to leave the warmth of the house, and of his niece, was evident, even to Janice.

"No, no," Janice replied, "it's nothing like that. Well, maybe it is, but you'll find out eventually anyway, so you may as well stick around and hear it now. That is, unless you start to feel uncomfortable. If you decide to leave, just go. I'll understand." Her vague answer left Ben with a feeling of apprehension, but if Janice's news affected the operation of Ranchland, he wanted to know what they were up against. "So spill, already" Amy encouraged her friend. "Whatever it is has got you wound up like a spring, and that's not like the Janice Taylor I know.

Are you and Collin fighting, or something?" "No, we're not fighting. Hell, we haven't had a real fight for longer than I can remember. As a matter of fact, maybe if we did fight, I wouldn't have something to worry about. No, actually, it's just the opposite.

Collin and I have gotten closer to each other since we moved out to Ranchland than we've been in all the years we've been together. It's that closeness that's started a problem. Or, more accurately, another problem." "Janice, you're not making sense" Amy chided. "Quit beating around the bush, and spill, already.

What the hell are you rambling about?" "Well," Janice started slowly, her words catching in her throat, "when Tanya was born, we both decided that one wasn't enough. Collin would love a son, and I can't think of anything I'd love to give him more than that.

But we'd also like to have them a couple of years apart." Janice paused to overcome her trepidation at revealing more. Finally gathering he courage, she continued. "It's that spacing that's the problem. Tanya's not even a year old yet, and. . well. . I think I'm pregnant again" she trailed off. "Janice! Wow! Pregnant?" Amy cried in delight. "Damn, I'm so happy for you, both of you! Happy, and a little envious, too! How did it happen?" "How?" Janice began her reply.

"To the best of my knowledge, it happened in the usual way. But I was always under the impression that fertility was questionable as long as a woman was breastfeeding, so we never even thought about birth control.

More than anything else, I was concerned about the pills affecting my milk, and the results for Tanya. It looks like my information was wrong, though. I missed my last period, and this one's late, too. I'm just not sure how to tell Collin that he's about to become a Daddy again.

Hell, I'm not even sure he wants to be a Daddy again, so soon. What am I gonna do, Sweetie?" "As I see it," Ben interrupted, "there's really only two choices. Either you carry the baby to full term, or you don't. Knowing Collin, the second choice isn't really an option, is it, Janice? So, with that decided, all that's left is to let our newest father know all about it. Sooner would make more sense than later, because he's gonna find out eventually.

Women tend to grow swollen bellies when they're pregnant, which is a sure sign for most guys. You planning on waiting that long?" "Well, no," Janice opined,"but I haven't figured out how to tell him. I mean, do I just blurt it out? 'Oh, by the way, Honey, I'm pregnant'.

I'm worried about how he'll react. What if he doesn't want another baby right now? Then what am I supposed to do?" "Janice, are you listening to yourself?" Amy almost yelled in frustration. "Collin? Not wanting your baby? His baby? Jesus, you'd have an easier time asking the sun to come up from the fucking west!" she screamed.

"If that son-of-a-bitch even thinks about not being a Daddy, I'll. . I'll. . I'll cut his nuts off myself! That's about the stupidest idea you've ever come up with! And if it's not, it's a damned close second!" Amy stopped long enough to catch her breath, and to let some of her anger escape. "Look, most men are a little scared of the changes in the family dynamic that a baby brings.

You want to see the biggest chicken in the world? He's sitting right here at the table with us! But once they can get their heads around that change, they become walking, talking, blubbering softies! I've seen Collin when he's holding his daughter, and she's the second-most precious person in his life. Her Mommy's number one, in his mind, and always will be.

But there's enough love for the two of you inside him to encompass another one, and you bloody-well know it. So quit being such a chicken shit, and tell the man, already! Like Ben says, he's gonna find out eventually. Hiding it from him is only gonna hurt him, and that's not somewhere you want to go, is it?" Her lecturing finished, Amy plopped into her chair again, looking drained and exhausted.

She reached over to squeeze Janice's hand, indicating her support for her friend. Janice spent a few minutes taking in all that Amy had said, then began to smile slowly. As she relaxed, Ben added his support, too. He reached over the table and covered Janice's other hand, then lightly squeezed it. Janice looked from one to the other, then back again.

The look of relief spread over her face as she slumped back into her chair. "Thanks, Sweetie. I think I needed to hear that. And to you, too, Ben. Now, if you two will excuse me, I have a husband to talk to. Sure hope he can handle being a Daddy again, though." Janice left, leaving Ben and Amy to silently wonder what the other thought about starting a family of their own.

Amy already knew how she felt. Now, it was just a mater of convincing Ben that he wanted the same thing. . or things. He'd come around, she felt. It was just a matter of "when". "So I'm a walking, talking, blubbering softie, huh?" Ben broke into her thoughts. "What do you base that statement on?" "Personal observation, mostly" Amy replied. "I've seen you around Tanya, and maybe you aren't aware of it, but your eyes get that glazed-over, far-away look, every time.

You'd love a daughter, and I doubt you'd trade off a son, if we had a boy. But that little girl could wrap you around her little finger in seconds flat. Don't bother denying it, Ben Calhoun, because it's true. I know it, and deep inside, so do you." Walking around the table, Amy was aware of Ben's arms reaching out and pulling her towards him. He was about to hold and hug her, and she offered no resistance.

As his grip coiled around her, she returned his affections with a hug of her own. "Yeah, I think you're right, Little One. I'd never thought about having kids before now, but it seems to be the only thing on my mind these days.

You think we can learn to handle dirty diapers, early morning feedings, and all those visits to the doctor?" "Ben! Does this mean that you really do want kids? You'd better not be teasing me, Lover. I'd hate to go through nine months of carrying our baby, then have you tell me that you were just kidding." Amy exclaimed. "Me? Kidding? I'm the wrong gender, to start with.

. " Ben quipped. Amy scowled at his pun, but deep inside, she wanted to shout the good news from the roof-tops. The rest of the morning slipped away before anyone really noticed.

Collin's arrival at the ranch house after lunch was Ben and Amy's reminder that there was a world outside the walls of their ranch house. By the looks of the grin on his face, Janice had broken the news. "I hear Janice was over this morning, blabbing her brains out again" Collin began.

"Figures. Ben, why is it that we men are always the last to know?" "Because," Amy cut in, "it's always you guys that start these things. It's not our fault that you can't remember important stuff like babies!" Both Ben and Collin groaned at the remark. "Anyway," Collin continued, "that's not what I came over here for.

Ben, we got snow on the west ridge last night, and it looks like we're gonna get a real dump either tonight or tomorrow morning. Jim and I have all that new fencing up, and the Herefords moved down to the north-central range. Jim's gonna work with Tim and Josh to move the Longhorns this afternoon, and he says that you wanted them on the home section.

Is that right?" "Yeah, I'd like to be able to keep my eye on the Longhorns. They've never been through an Albertan winter, and I'd like to make sure we don't have any problems with weather" Ben confirmed. "Ben, they survived Montana, so they should be fine here" Amy jumped in. "It's not like they haven't experienced cold weather." "It's not the cold I'm worried about, Little One," Ben informed her, "it's how they handle Chinooks.

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I've seen entire herds almost wiped out because they couldn't handle the temperature differentials." "Chinooks? What's a Chinook, and why would it be a problem?" she wondered. "A Chinook," Collin started to explain, "is a warm wind that sweeps in from California, through Oregon, Idaho, and sometimes eastern Washington, then sweeps over the Divide and up the Rocky Mountain trench.

It can raise temperatures to as high as sixty degrees, and last from a couple of days to a week-and-a-half. But when it finally quits, everything drops back into deep-freeze mode.

That sudden drop from plus sixty to minus twenty or lower can be a real killer, literally. We know, from experience, that the Herefords can tolerate the sudden drop, but the Longhorns haven't proven themselves. Not yet, anyway." Amy listened to the explanation, not sure whether what she was hearing was the truth, or another cowboy's prank.

She tried to process the information, but there was still an element of skepticism in her mind. "Is there anything we've missed, Boss?" Collin inquired. "I'd hate to have to ride up to those western ranges in a blizzard, if we don't absolutely have to.

Even Tim's a little concerned. He and Josh are setting up the McPherson tent, in case they get caught out in bad weather. We all know what the first couple of storms can be like." "No, it sounds like you've got it all under control," Ben congratulated Collin, "but double-check how much hay's up on those two middle ranges, just in case.

Might haul some more up, so we don't have to fight that road while it's covered with snow. Oh, and I want to see all four of you home tonight, not out on the ranges. If it does blow in tonight, I'd feel a lot better knowing that you're all home and safe." Then, as almost an after-thought, he added, "And that includes both Tim and Josh, too. If I had to make a choice between cattle and ranch-hands.

. well, that's a no-brainer, isn't it?" It did snow that night, and the next day, and the day after that, too.

By the time it finally stopped, there was over two feet of the cold whiteness on the ground. For almost three weeks, Ben and the crew seemed to spend every waking minute making sure the herds were safe, fed, and watered. Amy, Janice, and Beth Allison had their work cut out for them, too. Between looking after Tanya, keeping their men warm, dry, and fed, and taking care of details to ensure a successful Christmas celebration, now only two weeks away, there was little time for anything else.

The weather relented, with only light snow flurries, as opposed to heavy snowfalls, but the mercury almost disappeared in the thermometer. Most days, they saw temperatures ranging from highs around minus five, down to lows below minus twenty-five. Tim and Josh kept the snow-blower busy, clearing drifts from the paths and driveways. It was on the fifteenth of December that Amy experienced the effects of her first Chinook.

The day started like any other day. Amy woke to that familiar tingling spreading from her clit, past her tummy, through her breasts, and finally exploding as bright lights in her head. She gasped desperately for breath as her body shook and trembled.

As she flowed into her post-orgasmic state of bliss, she became aware of Ben's tongue lapping and licking over her knotted nub, along the length of her labia, and dipping softly past her entrance. She revelled in the glory of his attentions, feeling his love as it encompassed every part of her.

She was also very aware that the room felt swelteringly warm. As her eyes slowly opened, she caught sight of Ben's head as he finished cleaning her of that delicious nectar that had become a morning staple. The love she felt for him grew in her heart, and all she could think of was that she really wanted to feel his arms holding and protecting her.

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"Morning, Lover," Amy greeted her uncle, "did you crank the heat up last night? It's like a sauna in here. Damn, but I need a shower, so bad right now.

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Care to join me?" "Mmm, I'd love to share a shower with a sexy young lady. . know any?" Ben teased. "And no, I didn't touch the heat.

Looks like we've got a Chinook moving in. I guess this'll be the first time you've seen one, isn't it? I'll check the thermometer while you get the bathroom ready. How's that sound?" As Amy struggled out of bed, Ben strolled down to the kitchen, looked out the window at the outside thermometer, and whistled lowly.

Returning to join his niece, he scrambled under the spray, and encircled Amy's warm body with his arms. She leaned into him, offering her soft, pouty lips for him to taste, kiss, and savour.

As much as he loved the taste of her love nectar, he felt addicted to her kisses, too. She melted into his embrace, and as the water warmed and cleansed her body, his lustful need warmed her soul. Lathering her uncle's chest and stomach, Amy felt his heat as it radiated into the stall. Her own desire flared to match his, and she started to run he fingers softly along his shaft.

Her efforts were rewarded with his hardening, the thick mass of him calling to her body. She could feel her response, as her nipples hardened, and her moisture began to flow in anticipation of being taken, and loved.

Ben's hands moved up Amy's chest, encircling her breasts, even as his fingers began to tickle and tease her nipples, pulling and twisting them, and eliciting moans of delight from his niece.

As he continued to pleasure her, he felt his manhood being directed towards her opening pussy. She rubbed his cockhead the length of her slit, moistening him with her juices, and spreading his pre-cum over both of them.

With a quick lift of her feet and ankles, she took him inside her, basking in the delight as she felt herself stretching and filling from the girth of his cock. Amy truly believed that she would never be able to get enough of her uncle. She felt him begin to slowly stroke himself inside her, and her hips involuntarily matched his rhythm. Soon, their pace had increased to the point where their hips slapped against each other, and the friction between them emitted itself over Ben's nut sac.

Their love juices dribbled down Amy's thighs, helped by the cascading water that ran in parallel rivulets. Amy felt that familiar tingle start in her clit, and she gasped deeply in response. As Ben pumped himself into her, the tingle grew stronger, spreading throughout her body as her orgasm gripped her tighter and tighter.

She was vaguely aware of a twitching at the base of Ben's cock. Then she lost all track of reality, as her body began to convulse and shake. Ben felt the quivering of Amy's walls as they fluttered and pulled him in a bid to take all of him as deeply as possible.

As his balls lifted, and the pressure at the base of his manhood increased, he recognized the imminence of his own explosion. He groaned and grunted with lust, then his steamy cream pulsed the length of his shaft, spraying from his hole as his seed coated Amy's quivering cunt on its journey past he cervix and deep into her womb.

It took all his strength to both stand, and support his lover as she screamed her joy in his ears. The displacement from his balls was immediately replaced by the intimate connection he felt with this gorgeous woman that had taken him to the peaks of Nirvana, joining him as they both soared through a private world of their own making. Moments later, the afterglow of their loving blanketed them, holding them in a warm and loving embrace.

"Mmm, I love you, Meat-Ball" Amy cooed. "You make me feel so full, so complete. I'll never get enough of you, ya know." "I love you too, Little One" Ben returned. "How one woman can be so special is almost beyond me.

You make me want you so damned much, it feels like I'm gong crazy when I can't have you. Sometimes, I wonder how the hell I ever got along without you in my life." Ben held Amy tightly to his chest, keeping her there as his cock softened, and finally slipped out of her.

She moaned disappointedly as the emptiness he left behind made itself felt inside her. Returning to their original purpose, washing the sweat off each other, Amy felt the humidity of the house coating her with its moisture. "How come it's so damned warm in here?" she asked Ben. "It's that Chinook wind, Lover. Thermometer's reading sixty-eight, last time I looked" Ben answered. "How warm? Sixty-eight?

Impossible! It was minus twenty-two when we went to bed! What the hell" she stated incredulously. "Get used to it, Little One" Ben explained. "We're in for a couple of days like this. Then just when we get used to the warmth, the arch will collapse, and we'll be back in the deep freeze again.

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That's when we'll have to keep a sharp eye on your Longhorns. Sometimes they don't adapt to the plunging cold very well, and the sudden chill kills them.

The Herefords should all be fine, because they're used to it. But we're gonna lose several of yours, unfortunately.

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That's the down-side of a Chinook." They dried each other off, but Amy's mind was on the coming loss of part of her herd. Even though her life was now centred on Ranchland, those cattle represented her last remaining ties to her parents, and the homestead they'd built in Montana. Then another thought raced through her mind.

"Ben, what's the date today?" she asked. Her question sounded completely out of context to Ben, and he looked her straight in the eyes. "Umm, it's the sixteenth, I think. Why?" he queried. "I should be starting my periods tomorrow or the next day. But my body just doesn't feel the way it usually does just before I flow." "Is that a problem?" he wanted to know. "Maybe. Maybe not" Amy began to explain. "When you ate my pussy this morning, that discomfort that usually signals that I'm about to start flowing.

. didn't happen. I just realized that. Mind you, I had such a strong climax this morning, and I'm wondering if I've miscounted. Even now, it's not as sensitive as it normally would be at that time of the month, and we just fucked each other senseless. You do that so well, too. Might be a part of why I love you, you Meat-Ball. But I am late. . I think. I'll have to keep track of my cycle for a bit, I guess." "Uh-oh," Ben moaned, with real fear in his voice, "does this mean I've got to get you into Dr.

Smith in a rush?" "Probably not for quite a while, you goof!" she admonished. "I'll have to make an appointment to go see her next month, though. Just relax, will ya? If I'm right, we're going to go through the same thing Janice and Collin are." "You mean. . ?" Ben quizzed, not believing what his brain was screaming to tell him. "Maybe" Amy said softly. "I won't know for sure for a few weeks yet.

If you get into town in the next couple of days, you might think about picking up one of those test kits. That could give us a hint." "A baby. . ?" Ben squeaked. "We're gonna have a baby?" "Oh, slow down, you nut!" Amy replied, a warm smile sneaking across her lips, and a loving twinkle in her eye. "All I'm saying is that I'm late. . I think. Let's see what happens between now and Christmas.

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If I haven't started by then, I probably am pregnant. We'll go see the doctor early next month, just to confirm it. Okay? Think you can wait that long?" "A baby! Wow!" Ben exclaimed in a much louder voice. "We're gonna have a baby! Damn it, Little One, I never thought I'd feel this way, but that's the greatest news I've ever had!

Holy shit! I'm gonna be a Daddy!" Ben's enthusiasm made Amy laugh at her uncle. She wrapped her arms around his waist and pulled him tightly to her, seeking his lips, and closing out the rest of the world from this special time. "Think you can handle a son or a daughter?" she enquired. Her uncle looked like he was about to homestead on Cloud Nine. "A son or a daughter? Wow! What's it gonna be?" Ben wondered. "God, I sure hope so!" was all Amy could answer. The sight of her uncle in his euphoric state brought tears of joy to her eyes, and a lump to her throat.

This could be the best Christmas present she would ever be able to give the man that she considered to be the centre of her life at Ranchland; a life of love, happiness, and above all, a place she could now call "Home".