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Japan male spank and free male male spanking movies and video clips
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The prerogative of backpackers is the freedom to roam. Unlike the normal tourist the backpacker independent and usually young and exuberant lives on their wits.

A discussion at a bar between travellers or that last minute cancellation of transport can lead them on a constantly flowing river of new and unexpected experiences. It was in once such Buenos-Aires drinking hole that Lara had negotiated a lift into the hills to a jungle topped adventure.

The man in his early thirties was a frequent visitor to this bar and many more around here. He was English speaking' probably an Australian maybe Kiwi and from his laid-back clothes and fantastic tan it seemed he had once been a backpacker too who had chose to remain in this fascinating place.

Lara had been reluctant to get to know him as it was clear by the opinions of others around that he was a bit of a ladies man. But on this night with only a few days until she moved on she let caution take the better of her and listened to his invitation to an exclusive sight.

"I take a selected few up to a secret spot about 30 miles into the jungle in the valley between Mount Acosta and Mount Paz.


There you'll find the most spectacular waterfall ever. Its kind of restricted by the government so only for small parties." Lara had smiled, listen, laughed and generally found him to be quite attractive and not the rogue she'd heard. He'd arranged before leaving that night to meet her with his jeep and latest lucky guest on the other side of town at noon tomorrow.

On parting she realised he'd not even made a lame pass at her. It seemed he was indeed a nice guy or so cock sure of himself he'd wait till later. Either way it had certainly attracted her interest to see more of him. Lara was no lovesick teen. At 25-yeasr-old this diminutive blonde had a stream of admirers at the high school were she taught. She was use to men 's eyes trailing to her firm bust rather than looking her in the eyes and found the more respectful attention of this adventurer man quite refreshing.

With a fiancée back home she wondered if a last fling could be on the cards. She'd being travelling for 3 months now getting the bug out of her system but soon it would be time to go home and settle down. As she walked back to her hostel that night the thought of romance ran through her mind but soon faded to idle fantasy as she slipped to sleep.

*************** It was noon when the cab slowed then stopped in the stifling hot square. The taxi ride had taken fifteen minutes from down town and after crossing the castle like Alcine Bridge the car had entered the "Villas" a place Lara had heard about. Lara asked again if this was the correct address as she now sat in the middle of the cities slum area.

The driver nodded a little disinterested. It was here in the lower west side of Buenos-Aires that shanty towns ran for miles of 2 and 3 storey huts and dark brick homes. The square was hardly that; the road uneven more a dirt track, the side streets like a maze, narrow and looking like open sewers.

As the taxi pulled away she looked for the meeting place an old bar with a footballers name. The bar was there just off a side street and as she neared she realised it was closed and had been for maybe years. "This is where we were suppose to meet?" Her mind was confused." Is there another bar with the same name?" From the square she heard whistles and shouts.

A noise she was use to; playful youths. A gang of boys aged from maybe ten to fifteen where smiling and hollering to her. Their bravado was evidently of a sexual nature and Lara felt a little uncomfortable standing here looking as sexy as ever With a rucksack on her back her sweaty t-shirt encased tits thrust up and out.

Her tight waist and great turned ass looked divine in jean shorts. Her thighs were strong from months of walking and in trainer shoes with her black rooted blonde mane she looked every part the schoolboys wet dream. She gave a nervous smile with her fabulous teeth then turned to move away from them heading a little further into the alley. But she was aware the boys had moved closer. The boys were still whistling and gesturing. Some of the bigger ones were holding their crotches sniggering making hip movements.

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She tried to ignore them moving faster; not running but a more urgent departure. But then she paused she didn't know which way to go.

All the tiny side streets looked the same. The eclectic collection of box shaped buildings seemed to curve in over the streets. Masses of washing lines, TV antennae and phone cables were strung between blocks like they had been disembowelled from the concrete homes. The sun was directly overhead and the intense rays were painful on her neck and eyes. The streets were full of barking and hi-fi music and these boys appearing more menacing now. She felt her breath becoming laboured as her nerves increased.

There were many narrow alleys that she dare not go down, all the while the boys edging closer. Suddenly a door opened in one of the many creaky old homes facing the bar and a leathery woman appeared in an apron. She has long black hair and a motherly figure. She was gesturing and shouting to the group of boys who in turn laughed back. But Lara noticed they had slowed and a few younger ones were now edging back and looking about finding something else to do.

The woman continued her barrage at the older boys who after a few seconds slowed then stopped too. Without the full gang they began to appear less confident and eventually in a volley of Spanish expletives turned and sauntered away as if they owned the street. Lara gave the woman a sweet smile saying thank you then looked back up the alley. The boys were still there at the moment disinterested but she could see one or two still sneaking a looking back.

She once again felt nervous; and seeing this the woman gestured for Lara to enter her house. "Oh no there's no need." Lara was about to say but the woman took her wrist. "I call you taxi." She explained, the young woman nodding in realisation. "Yes that would be best I think," the backpacker added feeling so foolish that she'd let herself get into this situation. "So much for the supposed waterfall!" She scoffed to herself making a mental note not to listen to jerks in bars again.

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Inside the home it was as expected the old air con hummed but struggled the rooms jumping between brilliant sunlight and low watt power depending on size and placement of windows. Washing was hanging from racks and the TV was playing a loud game show with a transvestite looking hostess rattling off in machinegun Spanish. "I'm completely lost!" Lara laughed following the woman up steps to her living area.

All the homes appeared to intermingle and already she struggled to tell if she was above another house or even looking from the window into the same street. Up stairs was a middle-aged man sat with a can of beer. He looked surprised wiping the beer from his beard his hand cleaned on his string vest.

The woman explained in Spanish the man looking concerned nodding. "It is very dangerous for tourists to be here." He said in passable English. The sexy teacher nodded starting to realise how reckless she been. The man waved his hand to reassure her. "All these street look the same, no?


It's easy to get lost and easier still not to get found." He stood with a groan of effort lifting his potbelly. "I will go find your friends." Lara smiled razing her hand.

"Its ok I'm on my own, I just need a taxi back to the city." The man smiled shaking his head. "Even more foolish on your own!" And then looked to the sky saying "ey yi yarrrr!" Once again she nodded with an accepting smile. "Ok no need to rub it in." She thought to herself still grinning like a fool. He pointed to her as he spoke to his wife.

Lara's Spanish was very poor and all she could understand was "phone" the woman nodded as he gave orders then turned to the ancient handset and began to dial. Surprisingly quickly she was connected and started a monotone conversation looking a bit nervous before nodding once again then putting the phone down. Lara waited for the woman to speak but instead she began to sort through washing Lara just stood not sure what to say.

"Your taxi is on its way", the man finally said. The backpack babe smiled saying thank you. The room was feeling a little claustrophobic now and she suggested she wait outside. His reply was concerned with something completely different. "Why do you come to our poor homes?" He asked a little confrontationally.

Lara stuttered in surprise. "I don't… I mean I was meeting someone." "Do you think it amusing we live this way?" He continued picking up his beer looking out into the street for the approaching car.

"No, no I don't I, just like to get of the normal routes, you know backpacking and all. Its nice to have an adventure and see the unusual." "Unusual?" His eyebrows rose, "we are freaks, no?" She raised her hands aware the conversation was getting a little out of hand. "Now wait on, I didn't say that at all I'm not trying to insult anyone." The man paused then seeing her face the sweat starting to bead added. "You can wait through there, its cooler than the street." Lara exhaled in relief.

She now felt uncomfortable but he appeared to have given up on grilling her and besides the boys were still out in the street so she nodded and said thank you. The girl dropped her rucksack and stepped through the door. It was a bedroom with a door to a dirty white tiled bathroom. The window to the street was grime covered and half barred with wood, most of the light coming from ceiling windows cracked and dirt covered showing glimpses of the brilliant sky.

Standing near one wall was a tripod and video camera on the other wall a tripod and umbrella shaped lighting equipment. The man was behind her and she tried to pull back out of the room realising that this room was no way the cool haven he had suggested.

Her body backed into his solid form like a roadblock. She suddenly felt herself pushed into the room the sexy girl sprawling on the bed. The man shouted something down stairs to his wife then he stepped inside closing the door. The TV noise became more apparent as the woman turned up the volume down stairs filling the house with a blanket of endless chatter.

Lara ran to the window but she could only see glimpses of people in the street below. She cried down but no one was even noticed. "What's going on? She stammered, realising she had made a huge mistake "In these neighbourhoods you need to make a living the best you can.

A woman like you on film will fetch a great price from the right person." She choked the words creating a knot in her stomach. "On film?" "Democracy is a great thing but there are those that miss the freedoms they had when we were a police state. Many powerful people still have needs and cravings for those decedent times." She looked confused. "Freedoms, what freedoms." "Secret police, government officials, military types; many who revelled in sexual humiliation." He explained that some were still very rich with the money they creamed in power.

"I used to work for some of those people now I still do but in a different way." Lara had stopped listen when he mention the word sexual. "For me it matters not whether we area junta or a democracy I am still poor and though maybe no longer powerful, they are still rich. He pointed to the camera. "When my associates arrive we can begin shooting." Lara looked wide-eyed at him the sweat becoming a torrent inside her fabric top.

Her mind had one thought…"WHAT?" The man made no more explanation instead moved in to grapple with her. Although fat he was much bigger and stronger and with a few well-placed swipes she was panting and groaning sprawled on the bed.

"Jesus no, what oh stop!" She spluttered the sudden ferocity a horrid surprise. The man straddled her back and ripped her t-shirt from her shoulder flinging the rag to the floor. He pushed her head down as she yelped in protest then gripped her shorts at the waist ripping them open then pulling the from her legs as she screamed in refusal.

"No get off me. What the hell do you think&hellip." He rolled her over gripping her kicking feet pulling her trainers until she was a sweaty near naked delight apart from a thong and brassiere. She looked down at her heaving bust but he didn't move to grip her ripe melons instead he pulled her arms behind her back and reached in a bedside drawer.

"Hold still!" he shouted. She felt the click of handcuffs pulled tighter making her shoulders pull back tits thrust in their cups. "Ouch!" Lara was pleading but he soon silenced that pulling a strip of ducting tape and pressing it over her mouth.

It was too late to talk her way out now. The man calmly made his captive get up into a seated position on the bed; the sexy blonde trying to pull her wrist free her sweaty chest bouncing inside her brassiere as she panted in horror. Her shoulder length hair was bedraggled over her face and he brushed it back into a sculpted mane as she snarled through the duct tape. "Now listen woman," he said menacingly. You're going to be in a movie.

A filthy snuff movie that I know I'll be paid lots for. No ones going to be interested what's happened to you. Well not unless they're jerking off watching it." Lara's eyelashes flared in horror as the man nodded. "Yes it will be a high price show but eventually some or all of it will get on the Internet or underground film clubs. Remember when we're doing things to you we will be filming. Remember many men will watch this over the years, coming in pleasure at your performance." Lara shook her head but seated as she was it was impossible to get off the bed and with one hand on her shoulder he kept her complaint and dominated.

"Oh God," she though her mind screaming, "I'm going to die!" The man smiled seeing her thoughts driving her crazy. "Just do what we say and we'll release you when we've finished." He quantified his reasons to calm her further." Even here bodies draw the attention of the police." He then laugh, "we might even drop you back to your hotel." Lara couldn't believe what was happening.

"Of all the houses to enter! An old junta thug who makes…porn?" She wasn't sure what he made just that he knew it would make him money.

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She wondered how she could have gone wrong. Was the tour still waiting for her to arrive in another bar nearby; the man she met last night looking disappointingly at is watch? They could be a hundred feet away right now and she'd never know.

She'd just wanted a little flirt and now she was sat stripped on some awful pot bellied mans bed. Then she heard noises down stairs; someone appeared to have arrived. The door opened as two men entered laughing with the older woman. They instantly stopped to admire the girl on the bed. This small well-rounded western woman, mouth taped, lovely blue eyes looking confused her hair a dirty blonde frame to strong boned features. The old woman was still talking as they closed the door on her face both men impressed with what they saw.

One was Latin, curly hair unshaven and younger than her captor. She noticed the similarities in their features it might have been his brother.

The other man was muscled with a shaven head, in his forties a big bull of a man. He gave a sick grin his American accent filling the room.

"Fuck she hot I didn't believe your old lady on the phone." The American dropped the big bag from his hand and he bent down hands on knees "High honey!" Lara pulled back tape still over her mouth. Looking to the older brother he asked. "Have you explained to her yet?" The greasy man nodded and moved over to the tripod switching on the light making the room a bright shadow less box.

He them moved to the digital camcorders flipping the viewing screen open the machine now showing a red light signalling it was recording. The American was asking for a beer the other brother standing hands on hips watching the woman sat in horror.

He looked mean and ready to pounce if she tried to get up. Lara mumbled under her taped mouth. They were acting so casual and in control. This seemed to make things more terrifying than the first assault. The big American ape came back beer half empty wiping his mouth. He closed the door the TV still very loud the sweat showing on his head.

"Fuck" he said annoyed with the oppressive heat as he opened his bag pulling out hoods. Lara began to wrestle with her cuffs a high pitch muffle from her taped mouth as her eyes saw what he was doing.

The hoods were black but wide like a big sackcloth bags. Once over his head it would allow his skin to breath a little.

Lara moaned through her duct tape as the other brother then did the same finally throwing a hood to the original man who appeared to have set himself up as director. The American explained as they all stripped. "Feel free to do and say what you want babe we'll edit or mute what we don't need later." The three men then stripped their pants so they only stood with t-shirts and string vests.

The big man moved to the side of the bed and slowly unpeeled her tape. Lara starting to babble as soon as her lips were free. "Ugggh please stop. I can't believe your…" The man pressed his fingers to her lips. "Shhhhhh! Save your breath for later babe." He looked down on her imprisoned cleavage and curvaceous hips.

Though blonde and fair skinned the sweat and heat had bronzed her well; almost Latin he thought. He gripped her black streaked mane turning her face to the camera.

"What's your name," he asked. She didn't reply he asked again with more menace. The cameras red light winked at her; blindly recording this obscene scenario. The younger man had riffled though her satchel and held her passport. "She's called Lara," he said. "An explorer," the director added from behind the camera. "Hey, a real life fucking tomb raider," his brother laughed amused by her appropriate famous female adventurer name.

"Not from the states either?" The big man said still gripping her hair tightly. She nodded aware the brother would answer for her. "A Brit." He said moments later. She nodded again. "Good!" The nasty yank drawled, "but were not in England are we? No were in some South American shit hole and you're our fucking toy." She noticed the younger brother also had a hand held camera and he was moving around the bed.

She tried to rationalise with the big bull man in some forlorn hope. "But you're an Ameri…" The man pressed to her ear out of reach of the cameras recording mikes.

"Got a taste for this when I was down here with the firm." He whispered then added. "But I'm freelance now, no one to fucking answer to." Lara gave a yelp as he pulled her down the bed the girl flat on her back. The big American pushing his bicep arms between her thighs and no matter how hard she tried he opened her legs easily her mound razing up at him. "An explorer eh? Well its time for us to do the exploring." His hand gripped the gusset of her thong and ripped it away.

"Oh noooo!" The camera closed in as his mouth pressed on her opening his tongue licking slurping pressing into her. Lara arched her back mouth open in a wailing pout tits almost busting from fabric. She raised her voice to high indignant tones telling him to stop, but she wasn't at school now. This thug was some type off old CIA operative now working way off the radar eking out a living and satisfying his lust in some sordid underground business.

His slurping noises filled the room and the other men filmed away delighted with her horrified face. Lara could feel his hard muscle probing pushing her lips open smelling her sweaty musk. The mask felt strange against her inside thigh the creaking of fabric bizarre. His biceps told her he could snap her body with brute strength let alone his expert training. All she could do was a tirade of expletives her voice getting higher and higher as his tongue got deeper and deeper.

"Stop you fucking filthy…uhhh!" The director was delighted with her snooty retort, he use that bit in the final cut. The yank knelt up and holding both her legs firmly at the knees pushed her into a wide V position. His cock was already thrust upright against his body and both other semi naked bastards were not far off the vertical too. The young hooded man pulled something from the bag the camera recorded as he plugged the socket in the mains the lead stretching to the bed.

The director focused on the big pink phallus in his hand. Lara could see it too. It was a 6-inch high device. The pink rubber had nodes, treads and ridges along its coke bottle width. Lara shook her head seeing its stubby shape. At its base was a big pink ball end housing what seconds later she realised was a powerful electric motor.

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The camera zoomed in as they switch it on. The can cock became a blur as it oscillated at ridiculous mains driven speeds. The phallus whined like a helicopter shuddering on the man's open hand his fingers feeling the intense buzz even through the ball base.

He tried to grip the shaft but pulled his hand away the sensation too much to keep a grip. Then he turned it off; the blur became a solid rigid mass of pink rubber once again.

"Oh Jesus no please, no you can't it won't uhhh!" As the yank held her legs open the other man spat on the cocks tip then began to press at her licked on pussy.

"This will drive you crazy," he drooled. She arched her back the big width not wanting to enter but each gasps of her body allowed a slight give.

Se was shaking her head aware that slowly it was…OooooooooH! She was swallowing it bit by bit the man pushing hard all eyes excited seeing the big pink ball end move closer and closer to her mound until. "Oh jesusssssssss! " The thing was all the way in her lips squealing her inside feeling stuffed beyond belief the ball end now pressed against her aching pussy rim.

Fingers found the button on the ball base and pressed. The thing sprung into life. The hum more strained now as the cock battled her inside for dominance. It groaned and pitched in intensity as she writhed on the bed screaming in sensation. It was like an earthquake in a her groin.

Lara's eyes were crossing her beautiful teeth chattering. She opened her mouth and out came an obscene retching gargle her voice resonating to the vibrators frequency. She was struggling to focus the insane cock feeling like a she'd swallowed a fast spinning washing machine up inside. Her muscles were crying out the vibration hitting everywhere at once with the same thunderous force. Her clit was feeling the pressure of the ball end the flesh nowhere to retreat to.

Her shaft within seconds was beginning to lubricate creating slight foam around the rim of her stretched pussy. The American had let go of her legs and her knees turned in trying to relieve the pressure. His finger trailed around her opening glistening with juice and he lifted up two dripping finger pushing them into her wailing mouth. The taste of her own juices and his filthy flesh was hardly noticed compared to her groin drilling.

Her lips were smeared with juice her tongue out in unbearable sensation rather than an attempt to lick her own wetness. The big bald man then straddled her tummy pushing his cock up against her bra pinning her in place making Lara moan like a slut. He waited for the camera to trail from her face then ripped open her bra. Her tits almost exploded out at him hard pink nipples the globes firm and hardening with growing arousal.

His cock pushed between then the man cupping the sides of each melon pushing them together slowly jerking his cock in her newly create sweaty valley. Her breath was becoming laboured and she gasped for help. The vibrator only had one speed - eye popping fast. The brother kept the ball pressed hard against her clit, she was wailing now near the edge of climax.

The yank pressed his hands on her tits. He could feel the vibration running through her body onto his palms his cock between two agitated glistening buns. "Fuck!" He gasped feeling the tingle in his hands; "anymore and your heads going to pop!" Her eyes said it all. She was coming on camera, a man old enough to be her father fucking his hairless cock between her tits, another bastard pressing a monster vibrator in her gasping snatch and a third recording it all his cock stiff as a board the view through the lens perfect.

Her back arched as she convulsed in spasm but the yank held her down like riding a bronco. She gritted her teeth then let out an enormous belly groan of sensation. Her eyes were on storks her mouth a wide gaping oval of horror her pussy a quivering mess seeming to melt around the awful buzzing rod. Her juices felt like she was pouring her insides out on to the bed and her clit had been inflated to a balloon popping size Her head thrashed, eyes rolling back and she screamed the orgasm raw and apocalyptic "Jez oh ohhhnoooooooooooooooooooooo!" The camera closed in as the big vibrator was switched off and slowly removed.

Lara groaned as it retreated from her hole the director getting a great view of a dark wide pussy void, sore and dripping with juice. Men's finger gripped her labia squeezing keeping her slit pouting a little longer the slime dripping out like sludge from a storm drain.

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The American grunted satisfied his cock was rock hard. He then lifted his ass and moved higher the tip pointing against her chin then sliding to her panting lips. The flagpole hairless cock waved in front of her nose the camera catching its size against her feminine features. The younger brother was also now on the bed helping with her legs. "Time to cool you off!" The yank said. Lara shook her head away from his member but she was running out of space as his pelvis reached her neck.

But before he pushed into her mouth he adjusted her position. He was pushing her knees up and back until both legs were back resting against her shoulders the big bear pressing down on her neck and shoulders with his body.

The ex operatice had one ankle pressed against her ear the brother doing the same with the other. This allowed the pinning man to pull her mouth towards his cock. Now start sucking bitch! He looked to the director, "can you see her ass?" The man nodded the camera zooming for a moment to her upturned winking sphincter the position making her ass cheek stretch wide and up behind the Americans bobbing butt.

"Let her swallow the drink." He grunted Lara not understanding. Then she felt it, cold and hard. The other brother had a newly opened beer bottle in his hand and he pressed the neck against her ass. Lara gagged on the cock as the glass tip touched her sphincter. The camera caught the neck pressing them entering her tight dry ass.

Pressed double like this the bottle pointed upwards waving from her ass the contents gulping into her anus in a steady glugging rhythm. She struggled to swallow at both ends. The man pulling her head onto his rigid member; the glass neck of the bottle making her bowels belch with a pouring of fizzy beer inside her. The cock pressed past her tongue Lara's luscious lips gripping the shaft trying to hold it entry.

The man pulled out as little the girl coughing then pressed hard then out beginning to mouth fuck his captive; each forward push clearly going as far as he could possibly manage.

"Yes oh good girl uh uh!" He grunted and gloated, "how's your ass? Sucking the bottle dry eh? The beer had almost fully emptied inside her hole the bottle neck showing fizz spitting inside as her rectum; squeezed out air with the rocking motion of the forced blow. The bro pulled out the bottle with a pop pressing his mouth against her ass licking her weakened anus the liquid dribbling down her crack. The camera focused on her anus and suddenly she began to shit beer the mans mouth catching the load the director encouraging them.

His brother pressed on her cheeks and continuous stream erupted in an arch onto the bed. His masked mouth lapped it in mid air like a drinking fountain. Lara couldn't see but she knew what the camera must. In her cock stuffed head she moaned to herself.


"I can't believe what's happening, I'm going to be on video doing this, my ass shitting beer, my pussy examined by thousands of excited eyes. The saliva was foaming around her mouth the young woman coughing and gasping the mans cock making her cheeks bulge as he thrust home He pulled out slapping the cock across her face Lara yelping her lips trailing saliva to his purple sore eyehole.

He climbed off her the Lara's legs suddenly free falling back flat but she had no time to move before he rolled her onto her side towards the window and camera. She tried to kick but both men had one ankle high exposing her slit the American was sliding behind her his cock curling up to her wide groin, she struggle but with no arms to use she could only moan as his cock head pressed on her pussy then with a hard hip thrust speared her snatch.

She could feel the fleshy invader opening her up, entering her unopposed but without invitation. Her inside wet and hot slurped on his length the man's cock like a steel rod. The camera zoomed in as his length pressed up inside her pussy Lara shaking her head in dismay. The brother held her ankle high as the yanks hand hugged around her body onto her big tits mauling in delight. "That's it babe lets go for it!" He thrust hard and she yelped her eyes wide then pouted as his cock began to piston fast and hard up inside her.

The bed began to creak and she gave loud gasps of indignity her thighs pulled wide her slit slurping on his cock "Uh no please uhhhhhhh!" She groaned, her tits twisted, the masked man licking her neck. But it was the noises of pleasure and grunts of carnal effort that made her want puke the most. He increased his pace the camera on his blurring cock then her face then to the other masked man holding her leg high his cock also rampant.

She gave a whine; a long whine as her body thrust and bucked. He had his hands on her hips now and as she fucked like a steam train her tits juddered up and down at almost gas driven speeds; her nipples a blur as he reach a crescendo of coupling. The bed was creaking and ratting to high heaven and it looked like it would collapse. Lara tried to twist the friction on her pussy intense but the brother held her ankle tightlyand push back making her groin press down even more on the Americans cock.

She gave the long groan as he made her vision double.

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But he didn't come, his cock suddenly slipping from her. He stood up to discuss with the rest; his cock stiff pink almost steaming. "Over the ass?" He asked "Yeah; standing?" And when finally agreed; " ok move bitch." Lara was pulled onto her face ass high, kneeling, the man standing now pulling her near to he edge of the bed. The brother grabbed her hair pulling her head up so she looked awe stricken ahead. The yank was now banging into her upturned rear her pussy stuffed full and tight.

Each forward thrust she grunted in a high pitch her body jerking as her head reared back the bro holding her mane like the reins on a stampeding horse "That's it milk me baby," the man demanded.

"Take it, take it all the fucking way up!" The director produce a bag out of nowhere pointing it in front of the camera. It was clear plastic which he tossed onto the bed. Lara was jerking forward held up by her hair tits swinging to and thro slapping under her chin as he increased to amazing furious speed. "Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!" Suddenly the man at his crescendo withdrew from her pussy with a sickening slop!

Massive and volcanic he grabbed his cock and pushed it into the plastic bag. His tip exploding as he wanked; white spay streaming out, big chunks collecting on the inside his balls swinging back and forth as he pumped 4, 5, 6 times into the clear receptacle. The bag filled with his spunk Lara's eyes in disbelief at his expulsion.

He was coming like a stallion. She gave a horrid groan as her neck was held back. The American placed the bag over her head stretching the plastic around her desperate face. He twisted the bottom so her face was enclosed in come filled plastic. The babe screamed the bag filling her mouth spunk pressed in her eye sockets, up her nostrils and on her beautiful lips. The men had changed places the massive bald headed man holding her neck and bagged head the younger Latin man pushing his cock into her slit from behind.

He was fucking up her now fucking hard doggie style; grunting with each stab the American vice like grip holding Lara's head in the airless bag. She was desperate the air sucked out the thing now vacuum-sealed. He ass thrust up with each rear pummel her mouth open pointlessly gasping at a thin plastic veil. The camera had moved behind filming fucking mans cock, ramming like a piston in and out of her cunt. Lara was rocking to the pumping motion her head twisting in the bag eyes and face smeared like makeup with stinking semen.

She was turning blue as the filthy young buck increased to a frenzied rate the camera focusing on his hammering pelvis. The brother withdrew he cock springing up the precome trail whipping up onto the camera lens. Moment's later his cock fired out over her arching desperate back the shot like party streamers the come hitting and exploding in pools of white like a military barrage on her bronzed skin.

As her vision began to cloud and darken Lara felt the rush of air as the bag was ripped from her sweaty, filthy face. She spluttered and coughed the stickiness almost unbearable in this humid hellhole.

********************* The director re-attached the camera to tripod then moved away, coming into shot. He bent down pulling her hair up making her face look into his eyes.

He slapped her cheek, two, three times showing disgust at the collections of white on his fingers, flicking the come away. "Who's in charge?" He barked. "Ugh you are," she gasped then repeated with a higher desperate tone as he slapped her again." YOU ARE!" The director nodded; then pointed to the wall. "Get up and bend over against it; its time for the next scene." ********************* E-mail me for pics of the lovley lara.

or suggestions for her next scenes. Finc