College fraternity teens suck gay cock in car

College fraternity teens suck gay cock in car
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The Adventures of Charles and I Chapter 1 I discovered the joy and pleasure of masturbation at the age of 12; I had masturbated for at least 6 months before I had my first orgasm. I enjoyed the feeling I got when I was 'jacking off' then I finally had an orgasm and was hooked. I went from masturbating once or twice a week to really jacking off at least once a day.

If I was out after dark I would beat my meat as I walked home or I would go into our basement and jack off. My mother had too know what I was doing because my sheets were starched from my night time ejaculations. Mom was cool and never said anything about my self service even when she caught me in the act; which was quite often.

I joined the Boy Scouts about this time because a bunch of my friends were members and was always telling me how much fun they had. I became very active in the troop and started spending a lot of time with our scout master who happened to be a fireman and worked in a fire house about 4 blocks from my house. Several of the troop members hung around the fire house where we worked on our merit badges with the help of Mr.

Jones. In April we were planning our spring camping trip; we were going to camp in a state park for 4 days. The park had covered areas where we would do our cooking and could get out of the rain it we needed too.

We were sleeping two people in a tent. I was with Charles, who was a good friend who I spent a lot of time with and had a lot in common with and Charles lived next door to me. We had three days out of school the second week of April and that was when our trip was.

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We left on Wednesday and drove to the campground; it was a wilderness site with a lake where we could fish and lots of forest to explore.

The covered area had 3 picnic tables and a place to build a fire for cooking; there was also a well for water. We had to clear areas to erect our tents and put our belongings away before we could get out and look around. I was in a hurry to finish so I could get out in the woods and find a place to be alone so I could play with myself. It took over 2 hours too get every thing put together and get firewood so we could have our fire that night.

Charles slipped away just before I was finished so I was left with Mr. Jones; I asked him if I could do anything else for him; he said I was free to go. I didn't have the faintest idea where anyone was so I picked a direction and headed into the woods. I wanted to be sure I was alone and wouldn't get caught when I started to masturbate.

I must have been about a half mile from the camp when I heard someone moaning and talking close by. I went toward the sound and saw Charles leaning against a tree; his pants were around his ankles and he was pounding his pecker as fast as he could. It was obvious that he was on the verge of Cumming; I was fascinated by this sight as I had never watched anyone else masturbate before.

I moved closer to get a better view and was soon close enough to touch him; Charles had his eyes closed and didn't know I was there. I must have made a noise as he opened his eyes and saw me; his mouth fell open and he turned bright red. Poor Charles didn't know what to do; he was a stroke away from Cumming; but here I was watching. I told him; "don't stop now" as I wanted to watch him shoot his load.

I couldn't believe I said that but I did; as Charles cum exploded from his cock I was mesmerized at the sight and couldn't take my eyes off his pulsating cock. I knew at that moment that I wanted to suck Charles until he exploded like that in my mouth. I had never had any thoughts of sucking a cock before but I was now.

Charles had pulled his pants up and asked me not to say anything about this to anyone. I promised him that I would keep it a secrete; then I told him that when he needed to jack off again to let me know so I could join him. I did have an erection from watching him so I removed my dick from my jeans and brought myself off; Charles watched with a smile on his face. That evening and night seemed to take forever to pass; eventually it was time to go to bed. Charles and I had put our tent on the lake side of the pavilion and the other guys were on the woods side so we were away from them.

We had flashlights so we could see in the tents; I was surprised when Charles took off all his clothes and lay on his sleeping bag. I always slept with my under ware on but seeing Charles nude I took them off too. We didn't say much at that time and were soon asleep; I woke up about 2 AM to the sounds of Charles jacking off. I could see a little because the fire was still burning; I asked Charles how many times he masturbated each day; he answered by asking me if I would suck him if he sucked me first.

I was excited by the offer and told him "Hell yes". Charles moved over to me and slowly took my erect cock in his mouth; I was in heaven. The feel of his mouth around my cock was unbelievable, I was afraid I would cum before he even had me all the way in. Charles started sucking and using his tongue on my dick; it felt so good. I tried to resist Cumming but it was a lost cause and I filled his mouth with my sperm; Charles took my load like a pro and swallowed all of it; I knew I would have to do the same when I sucked him.

Charles rolled over and I eagerly took his cock into my mouth; God it felt so natural; I sucked on the head of his cock then took the whole length.

I wanted to make him cum as fast as I had so I went after his cock as fast and as furiously as I could and after about 2 minuets I was rewarded with my first taste of cum. I managed to swallow all he gave me and was surprised at how good his cum tasted. I held him in my mouth until he was completely soft.

Charles and I were now more than friends now we were suck buddies. I spent the rest of the night running this day over and over in my mind; was I gay? I didn't think so; I like females and I fantasize about having sex with them. I definitely like looking at nude females. I have been spying on my mom and sister when I can; I have seen both of them completely nude; it was one of my masturbation fantasies to have sex with my sister, she was 16 at this time.

I also liked watching Charles masturbate and I really liked sucking his cock. I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I remembered I was awakened by Charles sucking my cock. He was laying with his head on my thigh and his hard cock in front of my mouth; I sucked the entire 5" in my mouth and started sucking him.

We stayed in this 69 position until we both filled our mouths with the others cum. What a wonderful way to wake up.

Neither of us said a word we just got dressed and crawled out of our tent. Mr. Jones was up and had a fire going with his coffee pot and a pot of oatmeal both cooking. He looked at us and asked how we slept?

We both answered that we slept like a log. He got a "I know what you were doing" look on his face and said that he was restless and didn't get much sleep. He then said that he had to go to the latrine about 2:30 that morning and he heard some strange sounds coming from our tent. I almost had a heart attack at the age of 13 knowing we had been caught; I glanced at Charles and he was as white as a sheet. Mr.

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Jones then told us he had heard the same sounds shortly before we came out this morning. At this time several of the other guys were heading over to get warm by the fire. After we had breakfast Mr. Jones gave us our chores for the day such as gathering firewood and cleaning up the camp site and who was going to make sandwiches for lunch. Charles and I got on the fire wood detail. We headed into the forest to get the wood; Charles was even more nervous than I was. He told me that if his father found out that he and I had blown each other he would kill him.

I told him that Mr. Jones wouldn't tell anybody about us because he was just guessing and really didn't know anything. This helped Charles some and we were able to get our quota of wood and head back to the camp area. Mr. Jones was sitting at a table when we returned; he said that he wanted to talk to us some where that was private. Charles asked what he wanted to talk about; Mr. Jones looked around to make sure no one else could hear and when he saw no one else was there he said that he wanted to discuss our acts of that morning.


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Jones told us he knew a place in the forest where we would be able to discuss this without being overheard. We followed him around the lake and up a seldom used path. Shortly we came to the mouth of a cave that was protected by a locked gate; Mr. Jones pulled a key from his pocket and told us to go inside.

After we were in he closed the gate and locked it. He led us a few yards into the cave then lit a lantern and we went further into the darkness. We were both scared shitless when we came to a large area where there were electric lights. Mr.

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Jones turned on the lights and we saw there were couches and chairs there and a lot of video equipment. Mr. Jones told us to sit down; he sat across from us and told us that he knew that we had sucked each other off that morning. He then asked if he could watch us. Charles and I both felt as thou a monster weight had been lifted from us. We both agreed that he could watch; he then asked if he could film us, we agreed. Mr. Jones told us to undress as he set up the camera equipment.

We both undressed and despite our selves got erections; then we noticed that Mr. Jones was also undressed. Charles and I both stared at his old man cock {he was probably 40} it was semi-hard and looked enormous to us. I learned later that he had a full 9 inches.

Mr. Jones told Charles to sit on the chair and I was to get on my knees in front of him so I could suck his cock and Mr. Jones could get it all on film. We got started with Charles cock lodged in my mouth which I was enjoying when I felt a pair of hands on my ass. The next thing I knew someone was probing my asshole with a finger; I felt some kind of lotion or something being rubbed on my anus then I was impaled on a hard cock being forced in my virgin ass; this hurt.

I raised my head from Charles cock and screamed from the pain; my head was pushed back and I was told to keep sucking. It only took a few moments for the pain to go away; Mr. Jones had his huge cock buried in my ass and was fucking me with a steady rhythm as I continued to suck Charles cock.

I was even starting to enjoy the feel of his member pumping in and out of my young ass. I could tell that Charles was about to fill my mouth with his cum as his cock got harder.

I took his balls in my hand and felt them getting tighter and tighter. I wanted him to hurry and ejaculate so I sucked harder and faster taking the full length of him in my mouth. Mr. Jones was fucking my ass faster and deeper as his orgasm approached; the thought ran thru my mind that shortly I was going to have a mouth full of cum and an ass full at the same time.

Charles filled my mouth with a huge load of his sperm almost causing me to choke as there was so much; I managed to swallow almost all of his cum but some ran from my mouth onto his balls.

I kept his cock in my mouth sucking it gently until it got soft; Mr. Jones was still banging my ass and I could now to feel his balls as they hit my ass on every stroke. He had reached under me and had my cock in his hand and was stroking it with the same speed as he fucked my ass. I was really starting to like the feeling of him inside me. He leaned forward and whispered in my ear that I was now his little fuck boy and then unleashed a flood of cum in my bowels.

He pushed his cock in me as far as he could; I could feel the power of his ejaculation as he squeezed my cock in his hand and held his body tightly against me. I was having strong love-hate emotions as I finally spilled my seed. I loved the feeling of having my ass fucked and I loved sucking Charles but I felt hated myself for feeling this way. Mr. Jones told Charles to get a couple towels from a table and wet them from a spring so he and I could wash up. Charles did as he was told and soon all external evidence of our fucking was removed.

Mr. Jones went to the refrigerator and came back with 3 cans of beer. We all opened them and took a big drink. Mr. Jones asked how I liked having sex with him; I said that I think I liked it after the pain went away. Charles said that the first time was the worst and that it got better after that. Mr. Jones explained that he and Charles had been having sex for awhile and that Charles thought that I would like it too.

Well he was right I did like it; as a matter of fact I liked it so much that I wanted to suck Mr. Jones big cock right then. I moved over and took his soft cock in my hand and started squeezing and pumping it until it started getting hard.

I got on my knees in front of Mr. Jones and started licking the big purple head; I probed the slit with my tongue and licked it like an ice cream cone.

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I kept this up until I had his cock hard then I took as much as I could into my mouth. This cock was so big that I could only get about 3 inches in my mouth and I was amazed that I had this thing all the way in my ass.


I put my hand around the shaft and started pumping as I sucked. I could taste the pre-cum that was flowing from the slit; it tasted like sugar water. Charles had moved behind me and inserted his little dick in my ass; after Mr. Jones monster had been there just a few minuets earlier I could barely Charles but I did like him being there.

I started stroking the cock in my mouth faster as I wanted to taste a old man's cum. Charles humped my ass faster and pressed hard against me as he squirted his cum in my ass.

Mr. Jones put his hand on the back of my head and pushed more of his cock in my mouth I knew I was going to strangle because I couldn't breath. Mr. Jones realized this and backed out a little then flooded my mouth and throat with his cum; I swallowed the first mouthful and struggled not to let any escape but I couldn't keep up as there was so much. I held onto the shaft of his cock with both hands as I sucked the last drops from the head of his cock. I was pleased with the taste of his cum; it was different from Charles as it was a little salty but it was still good.

Charles had gotten another towel and cleaned his cum from my well fucked ass and his cock. Mr. Jones complimented me for the blowjob I gave him and said that he hoped that we could have many more sessions in the future; I agreed as I definitely wanted to suck his massive cock again.

We got dressed and left the cave which I found out later was owned by a very rich man who used it as a place where he and certain friends could bring young boys for sex; they filmed all activities there and once a month had a gathering of members and watched the movies.

We didn't have sex with Mr. Jones for the rest of this trip but Charles and I made up for it with each other. I did fuck Charles in his ass and I kind of liked it but I would be the fuckee than the fucker. Charles also told me about the first time he had gone to the cave with Mr. Jones and how glad he was that I was willing to be part of this group.

I asked what group and he explained about the men that used the cave and how they liked to swap their boys with each other.

He also told me that they showed their appreciation with gifts and money. I will get into that story at a later date. Our camping trip ended on a rainy Sunday afternoon. When we arrived home Charles parents weren't home so he stayed at my house. Mom made us a snack and asked about our outing and if we had learned anything about the wilderness. If she only knew. After we finished our snack we went up to my room; Charles told me he wanted to suck my cock one more time so I dropped my pants and sat on my bed.

Charles got on his knees and took my hard dick in his mouth, Charles did give great head, and started sucking; I closed my eyes and was enjoying the sensations of having my cock sucked when I heard the door open and my sister scream. Charles damn near bit my dick off; he spun around and stared at Sue with a look of shear panic on his face. I was too scared to move; Sue then got a sick smile on her face and looked over her shoulder to see if mom was there and then came in the room and closed the door.

She looked at both of us and laughed then she said that we had been caught and now we belonged to her and would do what-ever she wanted or she would tell what we were doing. Sue looked at me and said she knew that Charles sucked cocks and she wanted to know if I did too.

I answered that I had sucked Charles cock but did not mention Mr. Jones. Sue said that she wanted to see me with Charles cock in my mouth; I pulled his pants down and took his limp pecker between my lips.

Sue wanted to know if I swallowed Charles cum; again I answered yes. Sue then asked if I had ever been with a girl; to this I had to answer no. Sue said that she wanted me to lick her pussy; shit, this was my sister and she wanted me to eat her pussy, I didn't know how to respond. Sue made it easy for me, she reminded me that she saw me getting a blowjob from Charles. She was wearing a skirt, she pulled it up revealing that she was not wearing panties and that she shaved her pussy.

Charles moved closer to me so he could get a better look at her cunt as like me he had never had a chance to see a pussy before.

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Sue asked Charles if he would like to eat her, he didn't answer he just buried his face in her vagina, Sue told me I could lick her asshole. I got behind her and put my face between her beautiful ass cheeks and started licking her asshole. Sue was telling Charles were and how to satisfy her pussy and telling me to put my tongue deep in her asshole.

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With her instructions and the 2 of us doing what she asked it wasn't long before my sister was brought to a satisfying orgasm. I asked if I could lick her pussy because I wanted to see how I would like it.

Sue gave her permission and sat on the edge of my bed and spread her legs; I got on my knees and gingerly licked her slit. Sue told me to start by sucking her clit and directed me to it. I put my mouth over as much of her vagina as I could and followed her directions and licked her clitoris; I put the tip of my tongue in her pee hole.

Sue soon had me eating her pussy like a pro. During this time she had removed her top and had Charles sucking her 34 D's. Between the 2 of us she had another orgasm; I had the pleasure of tasting her female juices as they flowed from her pussy. After this Sue put her top back on pulled her skirt down and told us that for first timers we had done pretty good.

She patted me on the head like I was her dog smiled at Charles and walked from my room leaving both of us with a raging hard-on. Since Charles was sitting on the bed and I was on the floor I got too suck him first. I took his cock in my mouth and started sucking furiously; I wanted to make him cum as quickly as I could because I wanted the taste of his cum to mix with my sister's pussy taste that was still in my mouth.

I got my wish; Charles was so turned by just seeing my sister naked that he blew his load almost immediately. I swallowed all that he gave me then I changed places with him; Charles was very good at cock sucking as he had a lot of practice so he got me off almost as fast as I had him. After I filled his mouth he sat beside me on the bed; we talked about my sister and how we were looking forward to our next session with her and wondering if she would ever let us fuck her. And looking forward to our next visit with Mr.


Jones. End of Chapter 1