Ass traffic mercedes gets butt pounded and swallows a cumshot

Ass traffic mercedes gets butt pounded and swallows a cumshot
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Fbailey story number 257 Open Leg Policy My wife and our two daughters have an open leg policy around me. If strangers are around they are perfect ladies but alone they sure can spread them wide. With or without panties I always get a fantastic view between their legs. It all started right after I married my wife. She obviously knew that I married her wonderful pussy and that her body just came along, as it's life support system. She made sure that whenever she sat down that her legs faced me and that I could see her panties, if she were wearing any.

That 'open leg policy' stayed in effect after our two daughters were born too. There never seemed to be any reason to change that policy and our two daughters just grew up with that in-house rule. Even when they were a fourteen-year-old and a thirteen-year-old and they knew better they continued to open their legs for me just like their mother does. Although their panties became more and more skimpy and much more beautiful to look at they continued.

It was almost an every day event for me to see part of their panties slipped partway or even all the way up into their moist slits. Then almost every night when they had changed for bed I got a look at their bare pussies. At night like that they seemed to enjoy sitting Indian style with their legs spread really wide for me and with their pussy lips opened up fully. I had watched their pubic hair grow, their pussies moisten, and then the pubic hair being trimmed away.

Although I had seen their pussies every single day of their lives I had rarely ever seen their titties. On my thirty-sixth birthday things changed. Before bedtime my three girls came down to greet me wearing nothing but a smile. They stood right in front of my chair. They had written on their pussy mounds, HAPPY on my wife, BIRTH on my oldest daughter, and DAY on my youngest daughter. My oldest daughter Ashley then explained to me that my wife had the biggest mound so HAPPY fit best on her, that BIRTH only fit on her mound because of the I not talking up as much room, and finally that DAY fit on her sister Bianca's tiny pussy mound.

As to their nudity Bianca explained that from then on they would be sleeping naked just like my wife and I did. My wife then said that they were ready for bed…but that I wasn't yet. Oh! I got it…it was my turn to undress. Well after seeing my three girls naked and being treated to my daughter's sweet looking breasts I was half-hard.

I decided that they might just as well see it now and get it over with because I was surly going to get hard often in the future. So I took my time undressing and revealing my long hard cock to my two virgin daughters. Bianca asked her mother if my cock really fit in her cunt. What! Then my wife explained that she had been having sex talks with the girls and that other names had been brought up.

To prove that fact Bianca then pointed at my erection and said penis, cock, Dick, boner, wiener, peepee, and hard-on. Ashley pointed at my wife's crotch and said vagina, pussy, cunt, slit, gash, twat, snatch, vertical smile, and snapper.

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Then Bianca told me that they had discussed it and that they liked the words cock and cunt best. Then Ashley told me that they wouldn't use those words in public.

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I told the girls that I preferred the word pussy instead of cunt. Once again Bianca asked her mother if my cock really fit in her cunt. When my wife told her that it really did Bianca told her to prove it. Without any hesitation on her part my wife pushed me into a chair, climbed up on my lap, and sat down on my cock sliding it all the way up into her pussy.

I could hardly believe what she had done, and right in front of our daughters too.


However being a man and having my hard cock up her warm pussy I sure wasn't going to make her stop. Soon enough I came, my wife got up, and then she explained all about cum, orgasms, and then had them taste it too. Of course Ashley asked her mother if my cock would fit in her cunt too. To which my wife told her that it would, followed by an explanation as to how a girl's vagina was able to accept some pretty large things shoved into it and babies pulled out of it.

Bianca was told that my cock would fit inside her cunt too. I was waiting for 'prove it' but fortunately it wasn't said. When bedtime really came around that night and I sent the girls up to bed it was Bianca that asked, if they could watch mommy and I make love again.

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Ashley told me that they liked making love, better than fucking, screwing, or getting laid. I looked at my wife and she just smiled. The girls had already seen us having sex once so it probably wouldn't hurt anymore if they watched us do it again, so I said okay.

The first time had been somewhat of a shock to me with my wife in charge but this time was different.


Now I would be in charge. I followed my three naked girls up the stairs and into our bedroom.

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I told my wife to go into our bathroom, pee, and clean out her pussy. She knew that I wanted oral sex and that a clean pussy meant that I would enjoy it that much more…and so would she. Both girls followed their mother into the bathroom and watched as she peed, douched, and washed her crotch for me. They had several questions, which she answered. When she came back into the bedroom I got off the bed and she took my place.

I watched as my wife got in the center of the bed making sure that her head was far enough away from the headboard and that the pillows were pushed to the sides. Then she rolled her hips up and grabbed her legs right behind her knees and opened them up offering herself to me.

Then she said the magic words, "Honey I'm good enough to eat." Well that was my cue to get up on the bed and poke my tongue into her pussy for a taste. She did taste good and I feasted on her hole, her inner lips, and on her outer lips. I even feasted on her tiny puckered asshole too.

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When the girls objected to my licking her asshole my wife told them not to knock it until they tried it. Then when she realized what she had just said she added, not now it's still my turn. I managed to eat her through two good orgasms while our daughters saw their mother squirm, shake, and thank God for giving me to her.

I knew that my wife was more than ready for my cock but she hadn't said the magic words yet so I got in position and just touched the head of my cock to her opening. She smiled at me, looked at our daughters, and then said "Honey I'm ready to be fucked." That was all that I was waiting for, I shoved my hips forward burying the full length of my cock into her pussy causing her to exhale loudly.

After that I just fucked her steadily until I could take it no more, then I just fucked her brains out fast and furious. She shouted out her pleasure to our daughters. As I lay next to her resting, my daughters told me that they were next. What! Yes, their virginity was part of my birthday present along with total nudity after supper from then on. I tried to explain to them that twice a day was about all that I was good for and that their mother got them both.

My wife just laughed at me and then my daughters jumped on me. Bianca sat her pussy on my face while Ashley sucked my limp cock into her warm mouth. Bianca asked me if her cunt was clean enough to eat.

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I really couldn't stop licking it long enough to answer her so my wife told her that it must be fine. Obviously I got hard again but my wife knew that it was probably the last time that day.

So she had Ashley sit on my cock while she held it for her. Ashley lowered herself on it giving me her virginity. She just rode it a minute or two before letting Bianca sit on it too, giving me her virginity. After that they took turns sitting on my cock and fucking themselves with it.

My wife told me to share my cum between the girls so when I fired the first shot up into Bianca I pinched my cock hard, pushed her off and then grabbed Ashley. She got the last few shots but at least she got some. At that point thirty-six was the best birthday of my life.

The End Open Leg Policy 257