Erstaunliche bj von Nicole Aniston 1 4

Erstaunliche bj von Nicole Aniston 1  4
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Author's note: What to expect: This story is relatively straightforward erotica, including Male-Female-Female sex, cum-swapping, and some ass licking. It does include characters who are married, but not to one another. Stop reading if this isn't for you. Thanks! (c) J2Two. What a whirlwind of a convention. It hasn't even started yet, and somehow I've had the great fortune to have finally after years of daydreams, gotten my colleague Andrea naked.

We've just finished our very first time together in her hotel room. We fucked. I licked her pussy. She deep throated me and swallowed my cum. Now, we're heading down to the hotel restaurant to get a bite to eat. We were in for a big shock as the elevator door opened to the lobby.

It was a packed party central atmosphere, the packet-pickup and meet-and-greet banquet for the convention, with throngs of people, a live band off somewhere, and pretty much only elbow to elbow room to navigate. We see that there is a buffet table for convention attendees, so we decide to get our nametags, and just eat the buffet food instead.


"Andrea!" a voice calls out from behind us. "Andrea!" again, and we turn around to see Amie, a former manager from our company, who had left about a year ago for a big Vice President position at our company's biggest competitor. I didn't know Amie personally, but I knew who she was. Apparently, Andrea knew her quite well. They made their joking screaming hello sounds, hugged, and exchanged excited hi, how ya doin', how's everybody type greetings.

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I confess that another reason that I knew who Amie was because she was smoking hot, even in her very tasteful, expensive, and appropriate business clothes, she always looked good. I had masturbated to thoughts of Amie in the past.

"Do you guys know one another?" Andrea asked. I explained that I knew who Amie was, but we had never met, and Andrea facilitated our introductions. Amie had very sexy hands and a firm handshake, and the firm confident grip of her handshake made me imagine that sexy hand wrapped around my cock. The three of us chit chatted, and she walked with us to get in line for our name tags and as we got food. Andrea and Amie, I gathered, knew one another as friendly acquaintances and had worked in the same department at one point in the past.

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Although certainly my one-track-mind imagined Amie joining us for a threesome, I knew that I was already experiencing the most phenomenal luck having Andrea already, and wishing for Amie also might be reaching for too much. And I hadn't forgotten that the sooner we finish eating, the sooner we go back to either Andrea's hotel room or mine for more amazing sex.

Amie ran off to the bar while Andrea and I ate, and came back with three glasses of wine. I realized that after waiting so many years to get my hands on Andrea earlier that evening, I was also going to have to be patient with this dinner, because the lovely Amie didn't seem to be going anywhere. I didn't mind that much, of course, I'm at a table with two stunningly beautiful women, and I had already had great sex once that evening, and was going to get more from Andrea later.

There are worse things, so I enjoyed the conversation. I noticed that Amie was touchy-feely; she'd touch my arm, nudge Andrea with her elbows, and sincerely seemed to be enjoying our company. She even seemed to find me funny, because she laughed at all my jokes too. Amie's phone rang, and she apologized for having to answer it, and stepped away to talk. As she got out of earshot, Andrea leaned over and said, "Oh my God, she's got the biggest crush on you!", and chucked a bit.

I had been trying to figure out if it was my imagination or not, so it was nice to hear Andrea confirm my suspicions. "I might have to fight her off for you!" "Well, as long as the fight ends with you guys making out, the simple male in me will be happy." I joked. She laughed and rolled her eyes. I continued, "Actually, I'm not really into the whole 'chicks fighting then making out' thing. Just go straight to the making out part, wouldja? " Again, Andrea laughed, but by now, Amie was making her way back to our table, the crowd now starting to dwindle.

"I'm so glad we ran into you, Amie!" Andrea said. "We didn't think we'd run into anyone we knew!" "Same here, it is so great to see a familiar face. And now faces!" she said, acknowledging that she now knew me too. "I remember you from the kitchen." She said to me. She was right; it was usually in the kitchen at work where I used to run into Amie.

"I remember your healthy lunches." I said. When I used to see her in the kitchen, she was always making healthy lunches that made me feel guilty. "Hey, you've gotta take care of yourself, right?" Amie said.

"Well, you're doing a great job at that, both of you! You with your healthy meals, Andrea with her running. You guys look absolutely amazing!" Did I really just say that out loud? What was in that drink, I'm usually not so outspoken with brazen flattery.

However, my motto is that it's only flattery if it's not true. In this case, I was just stating facts, because these were two very beautiful and buff women. "Ohh, you're such a smooth talker." Andrea quipped. We all laughed. I was now having mixed feelings about ending the evening, but the prospect of getting back to the room for more sex with Andrea helped make the decision easier. The moment came where someone looked at their watch, someone else looked at their phone, and next thing, the ladies are getting their purses and we're starting to say goodnight.

Amie was in the same hotel, but a different elevator bank, and after a minute or two more chit chatting, we started walking in different directions after saying goodnight. As Amie started walking down the hall, Andrea and I looked at each other, and apparently we didn't even have to say a word. "AMIE!" Andrea said in a humorous very loud whispering tone. Amie turned around, and walked back toward us. "Yes?" Amie said. She seemed glad to come back and talk more.

Now much more softly and a little coyly, Andrea said, "Ummm. OK. Listen. We're going upstairs to, umm, have sex. Wanna come join us?" "Oh my god, yes!

Let's go, let's go right now!" Amie exclaimed. We headed to our elevator bank, and into the packed elevator full of conventioneers. Through sheer luck, Amie and Andrea were both standing directly in front of me, in tight enough quarters that we were practically pressed together. I couldn't resist reaching forward discreetly, and caressing each of their ass cheeks, one with each hand, with no-one else on the elevator the wiser.

Finally, our floor came along, and we climbed out and walked toward Andrea's room. "Ok, there's one really embarrassing thing." Amie said, obviously trying to find a way to explain something. "Ok, you realize I'm happily married. The issue is, my legs are all stubbly above the knees. And I can't exactly go home with all shaven legs, my husband would ask questions.

God, this is so embarrassing!" "Fine. Later on, I'll shave you." I intentionally left of saying "your legs", because whatever she had, I wanted to shave, but that's getting ahead of myself. As I said that, I also reached down to her knee, and slid my palm up her inner thigh. "Your legs feel spectacular. C'mon." "Yeah, c'mon!" Andrea piped up, and she leaned toward Amie and kissed her on the lips. "Let's get naked! And John's kind of a freak in bed too, so you'd better watch your back!" By now we were at the door to the room, and Andrea was getting the cardkey out.

As Andrea opened the door, I was hiking Amie's skirt up, even while we were still in the hallway. If anybody had walked by right then, they would have seen an awfully nice pair of legs and ass being caressed by my hand. As soon as we were inside the room, just in the little hallway right on the inside of the door, we were instantly intertwined into the three way kiss of my dreams.

Two stunning women.

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And me! And they weren't just being naughty for the sake of being naughty. Andrea was kissing Amie so deeply and with such passion, those two women were clearly craving one another as much, possibly more, than they were craving me. My hands inside Amie's skirt, I quickly discovered there was no underwear beneath her skirt and slip, and I was now happily caressing a muscular and very smooth ass cheek in one hand, and gliding my finger lengthwise between Andrea's cheeks at the same time.

I am assuming you realize by now I am an ass-man, and wow, I had two amazing asses right in the palms of my hand. "Naked time!" Andrea joked, and we stopped kissing and each of us hurriedly kicked off our shoes and got out of our clothes as fast as we could. I could not believe my luck, this was my every fantasy coming true all at once.

"Oh my god, that's hilarious!" Andrea said, bursting out laughing. Amie hadn't been kidding about her legs; she had some hairy legs, from a bit above her knees up to her upper thigh. But when a woman looks like Amie does, who cares if her upper thighs need to be shaved.

We all burst out laughing, and it lasted a good 20 seconds. "Don't you dare be mean to Amie's legs!" I said in sort of a baby talk voice. "They are beautiful!" as I dropped to my knees, wrapped my palms around each ass cheek, and pulled her to me, first kissing her somewhat long-haired upper legs, but quickly finding my way to plant a kiss right on her pussy.

Amie moaned a sexy moan, and parted her legs a little, so my next kiss was directly on the lips of her pussy, which was quite nicely groomed, it was just her legs that needed a good shaving. "I'm sorry. I was only joking." Andrea said in a mock consoling voice. "It's ok, I forgive you." and I could hear the sound of lips kissing up above me.

By now, the tip of my tongue had found its way to Amie's moistness. I turned my head, and right there was Andrea's pussy, so I kissed hers too. Two pussies, one me. This was a great day indeed. We broke for a second, and walked toward the bed. Andrea and I remembered our manners though, Amie was our guest, and was to be pampered. I guided Amie onto her back, right in the middle of the bed, and held Andrea's hand, guiding her to a position between Amie's legs.

Andrea didn't need to be asked twice, and she licked Amie's wetness eagerly. As a boy, I could have watched this all night, but Amie was right there, looking so beautiful and in need of a kiss, I lay on my side next to her, and we started kissing, as Andrea continued licking Amie, and reaching up with her hands to play with Amie's nipples. Amie and I kissed, and she reached out with her hand, and just as I had imagined earlier, firmly grasped my very hard cock and started pumping it with her strong hand.

After being so turned on for so long, I was producing a lot of pre-cum, which Amie naughtily played with, spreading it and rubbing it over my cock, using it to lubricate her hand's pumping of my cock. In a brief moment between kisses, Amie took her fingers from my cock, and sucked a little pre-cum off of them naughtily.

"Mmmmmm", she said, gazing into my eyes. I wanted to set the expectation that this night was going to be hot and sexy with no limits, so I kissed her deeply, knowing I'd be tasting a little of my own pre-cum on her lips.

We smiled at one another, just as Andrea made a sexy sigh too. We both looked down at her, just as she looked up from Amie's pussy, and it was a really nice moment between the three of us. "Don't stop licking." I said to Andrea, as I sat up a bit, and started guiding her hips around to rotate into a 69. She didn't stop licking Amie, as she cooperated, sort of crawling around by her knees in a circle, then swinging her thigh over Amie's head, to give her pussy to Amie.

From where I was, I got a great view of Andrea's cute ass, as Amie started licking Andrea's pussy. It was a bit too much to resist, so of course, I leaned forward, and planted a nice warm kiss right between Andrea's cheeks. She seemed to like it, so I did it again, this time adding the tip of my tongue to the mix. She seemed to like this too, and I certainly was loving it, so I stuck my tongue out, and gave her a big fat broad wet lick, all the way from just above the end of her pussy, up her crack, happily past her adorable little rear entry, then up to her spine.

This was amazing, and it went on for a delightfully long time but I needed to see what Amie's ass had to offer too. I climbed down the bed, to where Andrea's head was, and came in from the side, wiggling under Amie's leg to her ass, as Andrea continued licking her pussy. I found my way between her cheeks, and from the side, started to lick Amie's fabulous ass too.

I couldn't quite decide who had the nicer ass, they were both amazing. I decided that it would have to defer making a decision, but right now, my focus was shifting to getting my cock inside Amie's pussy.

I planted my butt on the bed, so that I could inch in without affecting Andrea's licking, and I wiggled closer and closer, until my cock was pressed against Amie's pussy.


Andrea was sucking on her clit, as I pressed and entered Amie. It was official. Best day ever. Sex with Andrea earlier that evening, including cumming in her mouth. Licking two beautiful women's asses.

And now, my cock inside Amie too. Life is good sometimes, and I started to glide deeper into Amie. Andrea decided to take a break from Amie's pussy, and turned around and over on her side next to Amie. "Fuck her. Fuck Amie for me. Fuck her good and cum in her pussy. And when you're done, I'm cleaning her up and sucking all your cum out of her pussy!" Andrea said, uncharacteristically loudly.

What was I supposed to do, not fuck Amie hard? Of course not! I shifted positions, to where I was propped up on my toes, and elbows and palms, and started pumping deep into Amie. She was so gorgeous, and the sight of Andrea right next to her was my every boyhood fantasy come true.

I'm also fortunate, in that I have a degree of control over things, so I was able to keep fucking Amie for a nice long time, and eventually, Andrea reached down and started also rubbing Amie's clit as I fucked. This soon put Amie over the edge, and her whole body trembled as she tightened up into a shuddering orgasm. I kept on lightly thrusting in and out of her, but unlike Andrea, Amie wasn't the multi orgasmic type, at least not right away.

"Fuck Andrea now, I need a little break. I want to watch your cock going in and out of her!" Again, I couldn't deny a request like that, could I? I decided to also try and fulfill Amie's wish, but repositioning so she could see everything. I climbed in between Andrea's legs, and my cock still glistening with Amie's juices, I put my cock right into Andrea, but in a partially upright position so Amie could see my cock going in and out of Andrea.

"You like seeing my cock in Andrea, don't you? You like watching fucking, don't you?" Amie was nodding excitedly.

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At this point, I was approaching my first breaking point, and I knew I needed to cum soon. The only question was where. And then Amie naughtily reached under me, and started fondling my balls as I fucked Andrea.

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That was it, I wouldn't be able to control myself any longer "I'm gonna cum!" I said. "Who wants my cum?" "Me, me!" Amie said. Andrea nodded in agreement, so I pulled my cock, now shiny and wet with Andrea's juice, and Amie lowered herself to suck Andrea's juices off of me. She took me deep, and again used her strong hand to pump my cock. Amie was speaking, even with my cock in her mouth, and I realized she was saying, "Give me your cum." At the same time, she switched gears into frenzy, and pumped my cock vigorously.

I lost all control, and blasted spurt after spurt right into her mouth.

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I heard sexy throaty noises from Amie as she made sure she collected all my cum in her mouth, then she pulled away, clambered her way up Andrea's body, and kissed her deeply, passing my cum into her mouth. Andrea kissed back, and they were clearly passing my cum back and forth.

Amie was a little bit above Andrea, so when it was Amie's turn to pass to Andrea, she could make a show of letting it hang and fall into Andrea's mouth. Andrea had to kiss deeply to push it back into Amie's mouth. It was the most beautiful and sext thing I had ever seen, and they kept at it for a delightfully long time. Eventually, they broke away, stared into one another's eyes, and both loudly swallowed.

They looked at me and smiled wickedly. I didn't need a second invitation, I leaned in for an amazing three way kiss, which also lasted forever.

There was still a bit of cum on both of their cheeks, and we all took part in licking everyone else's mouths and lips and cheeks clean. It was time for a little breather, time to talk a little, joke around, and bask in the warmth of the moment.

The room smelled absolutely amazing, the smell not just of sex, but of three way sex, of cum, of pussy, of sweaty beautiful naked women. It was going to be a great week. Amie and I started talking about her new company, then her hobbies, my secret crush on her from years back. A few minutes into our conversation, we were interrupted by Andrea's snoring. We looked at one another and laughed. I guess all those drinks had to catch up with her sooner or later.

"I guess we should all get some sleep, huh?" Amie said. "Well, eventually. My room's just down the hall though.

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I'm not quite done with you." I walked over to my pile of clothes, found my wallet, and got out the card-key to my room. I picked up my clothes and shoes, but remained naked. "Ready? We should probably walk kind of fast, being naked and all." "I'm ready for anything!" she said. I knew she was. And I had my eye on an awfully nice ass.

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Author's note: Comments are welcome. This story stands by itself, but there is a Part 1 as well.