Wütend Knechtschaft Hottie wilden Pochen

Wütend Knechtschaft Hottie wilden Pochen
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I grew up in a small town, living with my single Mom. I was about 12 and I spent a lot of my childhood spending time with my Uncle Tim, my moms younger brother and he acted kind of like a father to me but a lot cooler. He let me hang out with him and his friends and answered all my boy questions, once in a while he let me have some drinks, he was always cool. I got invited to go up north to my Uncle Tims cabin, and my mom let me go, little did I know what was in store for me. In the truck we had a little small talk, and I was asked if I had a boyfriend.

I explained that I liked a boy, and he liked me but I didn't know to do about it. My Uncle Tim told me I should kiss him. I was too scared to kiss, I had never done it before.

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I had just gone through my akward stage, I started my womens cycle about a year ago, and I had grown from a training bra to a A cup.

My uncle Tim said he had a girlfriend up by the cabin I could talk to and maybe she could teach me a few tricks on how to hook a guy. I was excited because I wanted to have a boyfriend and kiss and maybe have sex, I had seen my mom and her trashy boyfriends fooling around but I always got sent my room. We got up to the cabin about 8p.m. and got settled. My Uncle opened the fully loaded liquor cabinet and poured me a big drink, and told me to drink up, he would be back in a few mins, he was gonna go get his girl Kelly.

I sat and started drinking, I had never drank much but I liked the warm feeling I got through my body. I couldn't wait to meet Kelly, my uncle always had really good looking girlfriends, I knew if she had him she could teach me a trick or two. I finished my drink and was making a fresh one when my uncle returned, he introduced me to Kelly. She was very pretty, she looked to only be about 18, maybe, whatever my uncle likes em' young he always says.

They made some drinks and Kelly asked me what I wanted to know about boys. I told her I wanted to kiss this boy I liked, but I didn't know how. She told me she could help, she had me sit on the couch facing her and my uncle who was sitting behind me was now sitting behind me, he told me to drink up and I did.

I was feeling good and I asked for another, Uncle Tim handed me his and started to rub my shoulders, relax he said, after this you will be a pro. I was tingly all over and wondering exactly what was going to happen. Kelly reached over and gently put her hand on my chin and told me to slightly tilt my head when I go in for a kiss. She moved closer and told me to relax my lips and just do what she does.

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Kelly gently put her lips to mine, it gave me a chill - a good chill, my uncle gently rubbed the small of my back and told me to kiss her back that's the only way I will learn. I put my lips to hers and I felt her lips part slightly and I did the same. I felt her tongue gently sweep my top lip and go over my tongue, she moved her hand to the back of my neck and pulled me closer, I nervously put my hand on her cheek and carefully slipped my tongue into her mouth doing to her as she did to me.

I slowly pulled away and my uncle ased what I thought.

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I told him I liked it and he told me it was my turn to kiss her. I leaned in for the kiss and I could feel a slight tingle in my private area that sent shivers through my body. I kissed Kelly and it was great, she kissed me back, and it made me think of all the makeout sessions I have seen on t.v. As we kissed my uncle moved his hand from my back and slid them under my shirt, and slid them over and started rubbing my belly.

Kelly took her lips from mine and leaned down and gently kissed the side of neck, and under my ear then she gently whispered in my ear "What else would you like to learn?" I wasn't sure what to say, but I had goose bumps and I could feel that my panties were damp, something I had never felt before.

I was feeling good, I had never felt this before and it felt good. I told her to teach me whatever she thought I should know. She asked if I wanted to play a little game. I agreed and she handed me a drink and told me to get comfy. my uncle who at this time was sitting behind me with one leg on each side of me pulled me back to where I was leaning against him between his legs.


Kelly had left the room and my uncle asked me if I was having fun and I told him yes as I gulped down my drink, and I was feeling good. I couldn't wait for Kelly to return, I was excited and I did not understand why at the time.

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My uncle asked me if I was wearing my training bra in a teasing manner and I told him I did not usually wear a bra because they are uncomfortable on my newly devolping breasts. He just smiled and Kelly returned with a couple of candles and dressed - well barely dressed in some sort of nightie. I was surprised that just looking at her dressed like that excited me in a way I never felt before. My uncle informed Kelly I wasn't wearing a bra because I had sweet, sensitive new breasts and Kelly smiled and told me they would be gentle, I did not know how to respond, my uncle was hot, and was was he going to be touching me, I wondered.

I knew I would not mind, even though I knew it was wrong I always found my uncle Tim attractive, he was my oldest crush. Kelly sat on her knees on the couch in front of me, I was still leaned back betewwn my uncle's legs with my the back of my head on his chest. Kelly leaned in and started kissing me, this time it was more forceful, the kind of kiss you see on T.V.

before they skip to the next scene, Uncle Tim who still had his hands on my belly let his hands roam upward just below my breasts, I got a little nervous because a boy or man had never touched me there.

It all felt so good how could I say no? Not only that but I did not want to stop. Kelly gently bit my lower lip and kissed the front of my neck and down to the neckline of my tee shirt. I tilted my head upward and I felt one of uncle tim's hands slid over my left breast and the tip of one his fingers stopped resting on my very hard, sensitive nipple.


I felt a shockwave of excitement run through my body, my panties were so wet and i wondered if I had started, because I did not know at that time sexual excitement did that to a girl. Kelly slid her hands from my thighs to the bottom of my shirt and started pulling it up. I hesitated at first because I was embarrsed by my new tits but I gave in and leaned slightly foward while she removed it form my body which was a little sweaty with excitement. Kelly threw my shirt on the floor and ran one of her index fingers up and down my chest between my breasts.

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I watched her face closely, to try to read it to see if she approved of my small breasts. Kelly smiled and gently licked her lips while she stared at my breasts. Uncle tim put his hands on hips and pulled me back closer to him, I could feel a hard spot when the small of my back met his crotch.

I did not know much but I did know about erections, even though I had never seen one, I knew pants were not made with steel crotches. Kelly leaned down and kissed just above one of my breasts as one of uncle tim's hands slid to my inner thigh.

I was unsure of what to do, so I did nothing but wonder what was going on.

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Kelly kissed down to my unusually hard nipple and gently kissed it as she had done my lips, it felt good, she gently licked and sucked on my nipple. I felt a gush of wetness from my private area and tilted my head back and let put a uncontrolled quiet groan, Uncle TIm asked me if I liked it and all I could do is nod, my body was so tingly and I felt like I was on some kind of good high. Uncle tim started kissing the back of my neck and then my earlobe, then he whispered in my ear "I always wanted to be here for your first time, your mom is the one who taught me." I came from a pretty "un-normal" family, And my mom was like 8 years older then uncle tim.

I asked if my mom would be mad, if she would find out, because my mom always told me to find the right guy before I give it up.

My uncle Tim chuckled and told me my mom told him to teach me, she wanted to be sure I could keep up the family tradition. I always had thought about a few of my Mom's boyfriends in a naughty way, I guess I was getting just as good, being taught by the man my mom taught. I instintly knew he would be a good teacher because my mom got a lot of play. Kelly kissed and licked my breasts and I instinclually put my hand on the back of her head because it felt really good and I did not want her to stop.

Uncle tim slid his fingers into the crotch of my shorts and gently rubbed up and down going with the flow of my never been touched vagina. I quivered and felt my heart beat faster as my back arched, my hand tightened on Kellys neck and I gently whimmpered, Kelly pulled her head back and smiled "number one", lets see how many we can get out of you.

I was not sure but I think that was my first orgasm, if it was, I was game for more. Uncle tim told me to go with Kelly to the room and put on something a little more comfy. Kelly grabbed my hand and led me to the bedroom.

She bent down to reach into a bag on the floor and I got a peek of her tight ass and a tiny peek of her small vagina. I asked kelly if my vagina getting wet was normal and she stood up and walked over to me and unbuttoned my jean shorts and they dropped to the floor. I watched her hands as the slid them into he sides of my panties and as she started to slid them down my quivering legs I lifted my feet so she could remove my little girl star and flower panties, Kelly started kissing my calf and worked her way up my calf, she gently grabbed my left ankle and pushed it outward and I followed her lead, my legs were now spread making my body into a "Y", I had an sudden urge to lose all control of my body as she licked my inner thigh allthe way up to to my now soaking wet pussy lips, I looked down at the same time she looked up at me with those sexy blue eyes that you would see on a model and she asked me if I wanted I wanted a taste, not really knowing what she was talking about I said yes.

She immediatly stuck her tongue between my legs and started licking she gave a soft "mmm" sound and pushed me onto the bed, she crawled over my body and asked me to stick out my tongue, I did as she asked and she grazed her tongue over mine leaving a bit of extra what I thought was saliva on my tongue.

Kelly told me to suck my tongue into my mouth and see if I liked how it tasted. I did so, It tasted kinda different, I can't explain it but it gave my tongue a nombing feeling.

Kelly ran her finger over my lips and asked if I liked it. I told her I did and I would like some more.

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Kelly started rubbing my nipples and said I would get some more. She called for my uncle, then I noticed he was standing in the doorway, who knows how long he was there but just the thought of making him proud in my learning how to get a man made me happy. I got brave and asked Kelly if I could see her vagina, she kinda laughed which made me feel silly, but she saw mine.

Sure she replied but let Tim show you how to work one, Uncle Tim I said "Will you show me what to do?' Uncle Tim was now just in his boxer shorts, he reached down and grabbed his penis, maybe to adjust, like I said I have never really seen one. Uncle timm dove into Kellys vagina which he refered to as a sweet pussy.

He grabbed my hand and stuck out my index finger leaving the rest in a fist and he licked it and said " Let me tell you about the clit, it is small sweet and sensitive, it will give you all your pleasure, you have one, do you want to know how to use it?" I nodded and let him guide me, he sild my finger first between the soft moist lips of Kelly's "pussy", Kelly got a chill I could tell, he moved my finger in a gentle circular motion around a small swollen piece of what I thought was sink, but soon learned it was the money spot.

"Keep rubbing, but be gentle. If you want a taste of some more good stuff you can lick it, Kelly will tell you if it feels good." My uncle Tim said.

I wanted to tasted, to lick, to learn but I was afraid of not doing it very well. I figured I will not learn if I do not try. I slid myself down on all fours between Kelly's legs and I wanted to be sensual - all I know is what I see on T.V.

and I kissed her just below her belly button.My uncle Tim moved behind me and put his hands on my hips pressing his hard dick between my cute little12 year old ass cheeks - that's what he always called them.

I pushed my ass back up against him and kissed down over Kelly's smooth shaved area above the begginging of the slit opening to her sweet smelling clit.

I ran my tongue over the slit, but not penetrating into the folds, just a light little lick. Kelly put her feet on the bed lifting her ass up a little to make her pussy more accesible. Wit a day or two for the conclusion!