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Deutsche pornos dildo
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My wife and I have two kids, and although they are getting older, they still are not at the age to leave them alone. Usually, we only needed a babysitter on weekends that we had events for work. With my wife's job, we would attend weekend retreats and such. My wife and I both were fortunate enough to work from home during the week, and with the kids in school, the week days were pretty much taken care of.

We had a good life, and a close family. Everything was pretty routine, and just the way I liked it. Our routine was interrupted when my wife received a promotion. The promotion itself was not the problem, but rather the timing of the promotion. She received the promotion just a week before our kids got out of school for the summer. Her new job put her on the road a lot during the week, and with the kids out of school, my schedule would not allow me to be at home all day, every day to care for them.

We would need more than just a babysitter, we would practically need a live in nanny. April, my wife, put an ad in the local paper and posted our need on social media.

Almost immediately her phone began to ring. She also received numerous instant messages from people who wanted the opportunity. A couple days after posting the ad, April came into my small home office. She had a big smile on her face, so I knew that something good had happened. She walked over to my desk and sat on top of it.

"I think I have found us a nanny," she said while still smiling. I didn't respond. I looked up at her with raised eyebrows. She scooted over on the top of the desk so I was between her legs.

She placed her feet on the arm of my chair. I looked up her skirt to see she was not wearing panties, and I smiled. "Sarah, is going to be home for the summer. She said that she would love to move in and help with the kids. Isn't that great? The kids will be so excited." I rolled my chair closer to her, I was close enough to smell her scent. "Oh yes, that will be wonderful.

Will she be here before you have to leave?" I rubbed my hand up her inner thigh. She willingly spread her legs for me to touch her. "Yes, she will be here Friday afternoon. She has already told her parents." "Great!" I lowered my head between her legs. April was right, the kids were more than happy to find out Sarah was coming back. Over the next couple days, we worked on getting the old apartment above our garage set up for her. My wife thought it would be best for her to move into the apartment, so when she and I were both home, Sarah could have her privacy.

We also fixed up the guest bedroom, for nights that April was gone. That way she would have her own room on those nights. We wanted Sarah to feel as comfortable as possible. Friday finally arrived. My family was just finishing up dinner when the doorbell rang.

I left the kitchen and went to welcome our guest. When I opened the door, my jaw dropped. Sarah had changed so much since the last time I saw her. Sarah had always been cute.

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In the past, when she babysat for us, she wore glasses, and braces, those were now gone. Her long black hair, that used to flow down her back, was now chopped off just above her shoulders.

Her most noticeable change though was that she was no longer the skinny girl she used to be.


Sarah had curves, and they were in the right spots. Her hips were full and rounded and filled out denim cutoff shorts she had on. She also wore a red tank top. It was clear that she did not have on a bra. It was also clear from how firm her breast looked, that she didn't need to wear one. Her breasts were not big, but they were the perfect size for her petite body. Her legs looked toned and tanned, and her cute feet were highlighted with a girl pink nail polish. I probably stared longer than I should, and unfortunately she noticed.

"Mr. Derek, are you okay?" She smirked while placing her hand on her shapely hip. "Oh god, sorry Sarah, it's just you have changed, a lot," I replied apologetically. "For the good I hope." I nodded as I stepped aside and allowed her to come into our home. The whole family was glad to have Sarah back. My wife showed her to the apartment and then the guest room. After that, I helped her get a few things from her car and agreed to help her unpack the rest the following morning.

Then we all turned in for the night. I was brushing my teeth while April pulled the covers back on our bed. "Sarah looks good doesn't she?" If I would have said no, April would know I was lying and suspect something. If I had answered too enthusiastically, she would think I wanted to sleep with Sarah, so I played it safe and just nodded. I went and crawled into bed with my wife. I found it very strange that she continued to talk about how hot Sarah was.

The more she talked the friskier she got and within five minutes of me crawling into bed, we were naked and she was riding my cock. April had always been the conservative type. She looked good, even after two kids. Her hips were full and her breasts sagged a little, but she would have been considered a MILF by anyone standards.

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Our sex life was normal, we averaged about once a week, but that night it was much hotter than usual. "Oh god, I would love to have a body like that again," she moaned as the tip of my cock pressed into her cervix. "Those firm little titties, instead of these flour sacks." She pressed her breasts into my face. She continued to talk. I continued to fuck. It was hard not to think about Sarah, with April talking like she was.

When I closed my eyes, I could see Sarah's tanned little ass bouncing up and down on me. I gripped April's waist and thrusted upward. We climaxed about the same time. She fell onto the bed, and before long, we were both sound asleep. The next couple of weeks went by about as normal as they could.

April was gone Monday through Wednesday of those two weeks. When she was gone, Sarah took care of the kids, she cleaned up after them and fed them. I would cook us dinner every night. After dinner, each night, while I cleaned the dishes, Sarah would bathe the kids and put them to bed.

Afterwards, she would shower and go into the guest room. I would watch some TV, or answer some emails. Every night about ten, April would call to check in.

After her call I would go to bed. The nights April was home, it was pretty much the same routine, except Sarah would retire to the apartment.


Several nights, April would go to the apartment and stay a couple hours, talking with Sarah. Each night that she did, she would always come to be as hot as a firecracker. I wasn't complaining at all. We were having sex almost every night April was home.

It was not just our normal sex either. April performed oral sex on me at least once a week, that was something she had not done in years.I didn't know if she had the hots for Sarah, or if she was keeping me sexed up so I would not try anything with Sarah, either way, I liked it.

After the first couple weeks, things were so routine, that I rarely even noticed Sarah other than our nanny. I had gotten used to her tanned legs, flat midriff and perky breasts because she always wore shorts and tank tops.

She was just part of my daily routine. Around the first of June, I had a meeting in town. I suggested that Sarah take the kids to the beach. She agreed so I gave her some money and left while they were eating breakfast. I arrived back home shortly after lunch and went into my office.

Sarah called me on my cell about six. She told me the kids were worn out and asleep. She asked if I could meet her at the garage and help get them in. I agreed and made my way to the garage. I walked into the garage just in time to see Sarah slipping her shorts over her bikini bottoms.It was the first time I saw so much of her.

I stopped in my tracks and admired her tight body. She saw me, and I rushed to help her. She didn't put her shirt on so she was dressed in her shorts and bikini top. She was still damp from the beach, so the top was tight, and almost transparent.

Her nipples were clearly hard, and the sight had my male hormones on edge. After we had the kids in bed, Sarah excused herself to shower. I went back to the living room and attempted to get the images out of my head. April called, and I talked with her and after we finished, I felt calm enough to retire to bed.

I climbed the stairs and walked down the hall to our bedroom. I noticed something odd. In all the time Sarah had been working with us, she had always closed the guest room door. That night, however, it was open, and the light was on. I didn't think much about it and continued to the bedroom. When I passed the guest room, I didn't acknowledge anything different and passed by without looking in speaking to Sarah.

I had almost made it to the door of the bedroom when I heard her call me. I went back to the guest room. When I stepped into the door, the sight was even better than the one in the garage.

She was sitting on her bed, in only her panties and tank top. Her right leg was pulled up and the heel of her foot was touching the back of her thigh. She was painting her toe nails. Her panties looked to be a white thong, and although it covered what it was supposed to cover, the outline of her puffy labia was clearly visible. The way she leaned down, while placing the red polish on her toes, allowed the neck of her tank top to gape open.

I could clearly see her firm, perky breasts down it. When she saw me, she didn't break stride. She asked if she could have a couple hours off the next day to take care of something at her parents.

I couldn't speak. I was afraid if I had, I would have said something stupid, so I nodded. She thanked me and I turned to go to bed. That was the first night since April had started her new job, that I masturbated.

As I laid in bed, I could not get Sarah's body out of either of my heads. I closed my eyes, and stroked with the image of my cock slipping between her puffy lips. After I climaxed, I drifted off to sleep. After that night, Sarah started to feeling more at home. Each night after the kids were in bed, she would shower, and then come to the den and want to talk.

Each night she would be dressed in only her thong and tank top. Each night she would sit in the sofa and pull her legs up to her chest. The first week of Sarah's torture, April did not return until Thursday. When she returned everything went back to the way it had been. April would spend an hour or so talking to Sarah in her apartment. April would come to bed and we would fuck. The fourth of July week, April took vacation time and we went to Florida. We insisted that Sarah take some time to spend with her friends and family, but she refused.

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So she went with us. I am not sure which of us was affected more with her parading around in skimpy bikinis the whole week, me or April. After the vacation, things went back to normal. However, I had made up my mind, that I was going to ask Sarah to wear more clothes when she and I were alone. My conscience was really bothering me. I had never even thought about cheating on April before, but now it was a constant thought.

So the day April left, I thought all day about what I was going to say. I knew I didn't want to hurt Sarah's feelings. I ran several scenarios through my head and settled on one that I thought would cause the least damage.

Just like clockwork, around a half past eight, Sarah came parading through the living room in her tank top and thong. I noticed something different, she had a flushed look on her face. When she sat and pulled her knees up, I noticed a wet spot on the crotch of her thong. I took a deep breath and went over the scenario in my head. It was clear, from her look and the faint aroma that followed her, that Sarah was either horny or had just masturbated while in the shower.

This did nothing for my situation. "Sarah, we need to talk." "Okay, Derek, did I do something wrong?" "Oh no, it is nothing you have done. It is me." I waited for a response, but she only hugged her knees tighter into her chest.

"Sarah, you are a very beautiful young woman. I appreciate everything that you do around here, however, I am going to have to ask you not to walk around in only your panties." She seemed shocked.

I could see a hint of disappointment in her eyes and in her expression. The one thing that I had not wanted to happen, happened. I had hurt her feelings. "Oh, well I am sorry. You and April both told me to make myself at home. This is how I dress at home." "I understand, and I do want you feeling at home, however, when you dress like you are now, I have thoughts that are not appropriate.

I am married and old enough to be your father." A seductive smile came across her face. "So you don't want me dressing like this because I make you horny? Is that it?" She had me. I could feel the blood rush to my face, which was a nice change.

"Yeah, I guess that is it." "Okay, no problem. I will start putting more clothes on. I wouldn't want to be the reason you get all hot and bothered." She sat there for a few more minutes and then bid me good night. She jogged up the stairs, which caused her buns to wiggle more than normal. When she got to the top of the stairs, she called down, "Sorry about that, I couldn't resist." Over the next week, she did as she promised.

However, she began to flirt with me more. When she bent over to pick something up, she would look over her shoulder and smile. When she would reach up to get something out of a cabinet, her tank tops would ease up her stomach, again she would look at me and smile.

She was proving to me that even though she had more clothes on, she was still a sexy, seductive young woman. I was so glad when April arrived home. I met her at the door and hugged her tight. The weekend went by in a blur. Nothing too out of the ordinary happened. April and I didn't have sex but twice the four days she was home, so things were really getting back to normal.

Sunday afternoon, April and Sarah went to the store and bought groceries while the rest of us hung out at the pool. Monday afternoon, April left shortly after lunch. I continued to work, while Sarah and the kids did their thing. When Sarah came downstairs after her shower she had on yoga pants and her tank top. She sat with me until around ten and went to bed. On my way to bed, I passed by the guest room. I turned to tell Sarah, goodnight. She was sitting on the bed. She had removed the yoga pants and was in her thong and tank top.

"Derek, can I ask you a question?" "You just did," she frowned at my corny joke. I leaned against the door frame.

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"Of course, ask away." "Why is it that I make you horny? From what April has told me, the two of you have a pretty active sex life." I swallowed hard.

"True we do, but I am a man and you are a beautiful, sexy young woman. When you show off your body, it is only natural for a man to be turned on." "April is sexy too." "Yes she is, she is very sexy, and again, when I see her, she turns me on just as well, but she is my wife." Sarah, stretched out her legs, and pulled her left leg up to her chest.

Her puffy labia flashed into my eye sight. "You know, I have heard you and April." I was speechless. I didn't know where this conversation was going. I nodded. "She sounds like she really enjoys having sex with you. Actually she has told me." "April has talked to you about our sex life?" I found that hard to believe.

April was very modest and conservative when it came to sex. "Yes, when she comes to the apartment, we talk about everything." She let her leg fall to the floor and she stood up.

She ran her finger across her chest then up to her lips. My conscience was telling me to run, but my body would not cooperate. It was clear she was trying to seduce me. I was not sure I was going to be able to resist. She turned her back to me and reached across the bed to retrieve something.

What, I don't know. When her bare, tanned cheeks were presented to me, I gave into temptation. With her still leaning across the bed, I moved behind her. My right hand caught her under the stomach and I raised her cute feet off of the floor.

My left hand slipped under the thin fabric of her thong and I pulled it away from her puffy labia. She gasped in surprise, but she made no attempt to get away. She braced herself on her arms and lifted her upper body off of the bed. She pushed her ass toward me.

I buried my face between her tanned ass cheeks. My tongue licked up her labia and slipped into her wet vagina. I felt her muscles tighten around my invading tongue. She tasted heavenly. The coconut lotion from her skin mixed with her womanly juices made me drunk with passion.

She rolled over onto her back. I pulled the thong off of her. She sat up and quickly unbuckled my pants and pushed them down with my boxers. "No wonder April sounds so excited when you fuck her." She scooted back and raised her legs. She placed her cute feet on my thighs. She licked her lips as she guided her soft feet to my hard cock. She placed the soles of her feet around my cock and began to stroke me.

My hands went to her legs and I rubbed them up to her feet. I place one hand on each foot and began to fuck her soft, pretty feet. She pushed the straps of her tank top down her arms and pushed it under her breast. I could not believe how gorgeous she was with just her tank top around her stomach. Then the unthinkable happened.

"What the fuck is going on?" My erection went limp in record time. I tried to grab my pants and pull them back up, but when I reached down, I fell. Laying on the floor, I saw April standing with her hands on her hips. I knew I was fucked, and not in the good way. "So is this what goes on when I am gone?" She stepped closer to my defenseless body. I couldn't speak. All I could do was shake my head, violently.

I looked around and didn't see Sarah. April straddled me and looked down at my deflated cock. "I told you if I ever caught you cheatin on me that I was going to cut your dick off, remember?" I instinctively covered my package with my hands as she squatted down. She pulled my hand away with one of her hands and grabbed the base of my cock with the other. "Move your hand!" She ordered, and I reluctantly moved my hand.

She ran her hand up my cock and squeezed it, then began to slowly stroke it. Her stern look was replaced with a cheeky smile as her hand moved and cupped my ball. It was then that Sarah reemerged into my view.

She had removed her tank top and was completely naked. She walked behind April and unzipped her skirt. April raised her hips as Sarah slowly peeled it off of her. Life was coming back to my cock, but my head was still a little fuzzy. I was thinking I had a concussion. There was no way that I was experiencing that. Naked Sarah behind my wife, undressing her, while my wife was stroking my now hard cock. I watched as Sarah hook her fingers into April's panties and pull them down.

April continued to stroke me, as Sarah's hand rubbed against her labia. I wondered how long April had been bi. Those hours she had spent in Sarah's apartment, had they fucked? I don't know why these questions were going through my head.

I don't know why I even cared. I had two of the hottest women I knew, naked in the same room with me. As I watched Sarah's thin fingers slip in and out of my wife, I could feel my pressure building. April, apparently felt it to because she squeeze my cock tight to dam the flow.

"He needs a distraction or he is going to blow before we are done with him," April said to Sarah just before their lips met. I had never felt so much pressure in my balls, as I did when I saw them kiss. With her tongue in my wife's mouth, Sarah began to unbutton April's blouse.

Their kiss broke and Sarah moved and stood over my head. I could see her moisture glistening on her labia above me. Slowly her aroma grew stronger and her puffy lips moved closer. She was squatting over my face. The last thing I saw, before my vision was blocked by her sitting on my face, was her hand squeezing my wife's plump breasts. All I could hear was smacking and slurping. I felt Sarah's weight shift back and forth as she ground her hot, wet pussy against my face. She shifted and my tongue slipped into her honey hole.

I had never tasted anything as sweet. I assumed Sarah and April were kissing and fondling each others breasts while Sarah was all but smothering me with her hot ass and pussy. They giggled and moaned, in between the slurping and smacking. Sarah was really into riding my tongue. Her hips moved is a small circle on my face. I was pleasantly surprised when I felt something slide down my cock. It was April's fiery pussy. My wife was hotter than I had ever felt her.

She rode my cock like a woman possessed. The harder she went, the harder Sarah twisted and pressed on my mouth and tongue. I was but a tool for their pleasure. A cock and a mouth to help bring them to never before felt ecstasy, and I was perfectly fine with that. My sight was blocked by a tight round ass, my mouth was being covered and drowned with the sweetest pussy I had ever tasted, and my ears were listening to the sweet music of two beautiful women reaching their climax.

I do not know how I had lasted so long. Sarah and April's orgasms hit them almost simultaneously. When April's pussy contracted around my cock it was enough to push me over the edge. The three of us hit our orgasmic plateau. Sarah shifted back off of my face. I could see again.

April was still sitting on my spent cock. The mixture of our cum puddled on my lower stomach. With wobbly legs, she stood and fell back onto the bed. Sarah moved quickly and lapped up our cum cocktail on my stomach. The sight of this young beauty slurping cum off of me, revived my cock. By the time she had cleaned my stomach, I was rock hard again. Sarah looked at my cock and then back at April, as if asking for her approval.

April used her finger to beckon Sarah to her. As Sarah neared her, April pushed herself further up the bed. April spread her legs and Sarah dove tongue first into pussy.


April propped herself up on the pillows. I had mustered up enough energy to raise up to my knees. The sight in front of me had to be the hottest I had ever seen. Our tanned skinned nanny's head was buried in between my wife's pale legs. I watched Sarah's head move up, down and around as she tongued April's pussy.

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My eyes met April's and she smiled. She nodded just before I saw her eyes roll back into her head as she moaned. I took the nod as permission to join in. I climbed onto the bed and positioned myself behind Sarah. I looked up at April one last time. She was so far into to her erotic world that I was not sure she was even conscious. I placed one hand on Sarah's tanned back and the other positioned my cock at her vaginal opening. There was no doubt in my mind, that she was ready. I pushed my cock into her hot pussy, and she was so tight.

I heard a muffled moan escape her busy lips as my cock slipped deeper into her tight confines. When my lower abdomen touched her plump ass, my hands gripped her tiny waist and I withdrew halfway and then plunged back in.

As hard as I tried, I could not go slow. All the actions of that night had my male hormones pegged out. My hips pumped hard and fast.

My hands gripped Sarah's waist, pulling her to me with every inward thrust. Our bodies came together as one. I lifted one of my legs up to get leverage to push deeper into her tightness. Her pussy gripped me like a glove that was one size too small. Sarah somehow never missed a beat at pleasuring my wife. April had already had two orgasms and was very close to her third.

Once she hit her third, she pulled away from Sarah. She kissed Sarah on the lips. I watched as their tongues swirled around the other.

Then April rose to her knees and kissed me. Her tongue snaked into my mouth, as I continued to pound Sarah's hot pussy. I felt Sarah's pussy tighten around my cock even more. Her hot body began to tremble. She buried her face into the pillows that April had abandoned and she used them to muffle her scream. April moved behind me. She reached between my legs and cupped my swinging balls.

Her soft touch sent goosebumps throughout my body. It was enough to make the familiar feeling return. I began to moan and April recognized the sign of my approaching orgasm. "Don't cum in her, she isn't protected," she whispered into my ear. I nodded and continued to fuck the limp body under me. Sarah was spent. She lay motionless on the bed as I fucked her hard and fast. I hit the point of no return and quickly pulled my cock from Sarah's tightness.

I placed my cock between the cheeks of her plump ass and stroked it back and forth. I squeezed her cheeks together to envelope my slick cock. The first rush of cum shot half way up her back. The next couple barely shot out from the confines of her plump cheeks. I was rewarded by a hot kiss from my wife.

She smiled and helped me off the bed. We walked down the hall to our bedroom and we both fell onto the bed. April was out like a light. I lay there in our bed and looked up at the ceiling. How would we ever make it past what had happened? Apparently the ladies had planned it. Was it a once in a lifetime thing?

There was so many questions. Slowly I drifted off to sleep.