Bend me over and fuck my crossdresser ass

Bend me over and fuck my crossdresser ass
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This is a direct continuation of chapter 1. Enjoy! ***** Audrey lay there on me for a few seconds, regaining her strength before grabbing her clothes off the floor and heading out of the kitchen and to her room. "You mind giving me a hand?" I asked, still trapped beneath the enormous stone sink. Simon stood there awkwardly for a few seconds before dropping his lacrosse gear and moving to help me.


With me using my free left hand to push and Simon pushing as well, we managed to slide the massive object off of my chest and far enough to the side that I could wriggle my trapped right arm free. I stood up stretched out my cramped muscles. "So,'s it goin'?" I began, awkwardly. "I'm Josh.I came to fix the pipes.because the sink was broke.and Audrey asked me if I could help, so.yeah.

Well cool, I'll be on my way before this gets even more uncomfortable then it already is." I picked up my tool box and headed out of the kitchen and down the hallway.

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As I entered the main hall, Audrey exited the laundry room wearing a fresh spaghetti strap yellow shirt with no bra underneath which showed an ample amount of her creamy cleavage. She wasn't wearing any pants or shorts, but was wearing a small pair of black panties that stood out against her tanned skin and further accented her curvy hips and butt.

She walked past me and hurried up the stairs. I suddenly felt a wave of anger come over me and I turned towards her. "Hey! Audrey!" I called after her. "Hey yourself." She said, playfully and continued up the stairs. Normally I would have found that response extremely cute, but right now I was fuckin' pissed. I dropped my tool box by the front door and turned and jogged up the stairs behind her. She went into her room and I followed her in. "Can I help you?" she asked, nonchalantly, as she turned to face me with her hands on her wide hips.

"Can you hel.are you crazy? Do you realize we just got caught fucking? What if that had been your mom? What if your brother says something to your parents?" I demanded. "Simon won't say anything and my mom won't be home until later this evening. Besides we are both 18 so it doesn't matter" "You're missing the point.

You don't know any of that. What if your dad DID find out and decided to press charges against ME! You do know that I would most likely be the one to get in trouble from this. Do you realize that if I was convicted of a sexual offense, my life would be over? Bye-bye sports scholarship. I wouldn't get into a single division I college. " I was shaking I was so mad at this point. "Oh my god, you need to chill out. That stuff never happens anyways.

You are totally overreacting." I couldn't believe she was taking this so lightly and acting as if nothing had happened. I could feel the anger taking over me and I finally snapped. "All right, Audrey. You want to fuck around and have sex?

You want a taste of my cock so bad? I'll give you more than enough." I took her by the shoulders and pulled her down to her knees in front of me. "Wait Josh." "Shut up, slut! This is what you wanted after all." I buttoned my jeans and let them fall down my legs and stepped out of them, kicking them to the side.

Audrey was on her knees right in front her bed so I pushed her back on her heels, pressing the back of her head against the foot of the bed and keeping her from moving her head away. I had a perfect view of her beautiful cleavage from this angle above her and I was hard within a few seconds.

I stepped forward, pressing my thighs into her shoulders lightly and holding her against the bed. With on hand on the top of her soft head keeping her from turning either way, I took my other hand and guided my erect penis to her thick, full lips. They felt so soft and sweet against the head of my penis that I shuddered a bit and began to press forward. Audrey resisted a little at first but she must have seen something in my eyes that caused her to stop resisting and she allowed the head of my dick to slide past her pretty lips and into her soft, warm mouth.

I remembered back to the blowjob in the kitchen and how incredible it felt when she briefly gagged herself a bit on my cock.

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I was eager to have that feeling again but I wanted this to last. I lightly took a handful of her dark brown hair in my one hand and began to slowly fuck her mouth, pushing about an inch or two in and pulling back out only to repeat the motion. When I was younger, my father really put the fear of god in me about sex.

I think it was eighth or ninth grade when my talent in football was really starting to show itself and it looked like I might have some future in football that he st down with me to talk about my future. He told me about all the consequences that could come with sex in high school.

I could get a girl pregnant, I could get charged with rape (even if it wasn't), or, when I eventually became a senior, I could be eighteen and have sex with a seventeen year old which would land me on the sex offender list real quick. I was real worried about something happening, so I avoided dating and sex altogether and focused on my sports.

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That was why this incident had gotten me so infuriated. That said, I had never had blowjobs or anything, so these sensations were still very new to me and felt absolutely amazing. I began to lose myself in the pleasure and started fucking poor Audrey's mouth faster and deeper as she slobbered and gurgled around my thick meat. Eager to get deeper in her velvety mouth, I slowed down a bit and instead started pushing a bit deeper each time. At about three inches in, the same as when she blew me earlier, I hit her throat and her gag reflex kicked in causing her to gag.

I pulled back momentarily but pushed back in and caused her to gag. This time, I held in her mouth a few seconds just enjoying the sensations. I pulled out and she immediately dropped her head and coughed, saliva dripping down her chin.

I gave her a moment of reprieve but I was ready to keep going. I used the hand wrapped in her hair to lightly pull her head back into position and re-entered her sweet mouth and pushing right to her gag point, just outside her throat. I was eager for more and began to push slowly into her tight throat.

She looked up at me with her big, pretty green eyes and silently pleaded with me not to but I was beyond reason and consumed with pleasure and rage, a deadly combination. Every millimeter that disappeared past her lips just made everything feel even better. There was no stopping now.

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I kept on feeding my thick meat to Audrey, stretching her poor throat and emitting gagging sounds from her. Meanwhile, I was in heaven and was happy to continue shoving my thick cock down her throat.

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With a final push, I forced the last inch into her tight, teen throat and my entire shaft disappeared. Audrey closed her watering eyes as her inexperienced throat muscles convulsed and contracting around my dick, trying to expel the foreign object lodged in her windpipe. She tried to move her head off my dick, but I took her pretty head in both hands and held her in place easily. She looked so sexy. Her eyes shut tight and her beautiful lips stretched around the base of my cock, her nose pressed to my crotch.

I started fucking her face, slowly at first, but gradually picked up the pace.

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I pushed into her Audrey's mouth repeatedly, faster and faster as she gagged and slobbered all over my steel rod. it felt insanely good, but I wanted to try more and further enhance my pleasure. I retracted from Audrey's mouth and she bent over, coughing and choking. I didn't give her much break though. I was too fueled by rage and pleasure to let up now.

I wanted to be back in her. I NEEDED to be back in her. I wrapped my arm around her waist and picked her up, slinging her onto the bed.

I rolled her onto her back and pulled her shoulders around so that her head was hanging off the edge of the bed directly in front of me. I took hold of her throat, gently, with one hand to keep her in place and used my other hand to guide my erect and saliva covered penis to her mouth.

She was reluctant to open at first but I pushed insistently against her lips and she eventually relented and let me push inside. I began to throatfuck her hard and fast, fucking in and out of her mouth for about thirty seconds to a minute before pulling out to give her a break and then resuming my motions. Every time I pushed down her throat, I could physically see her neck expanding and bulging as my large cock roughly stretched her out.

I had been going at it for about 10 minutes all together and I could tell that I was gonna blow real soon but I wanted to try one more position before I shot my load. Removing my cock from Audrey's throat, I flipped her around on the bed but left her on her back. I climbed up onto the bed with her and straddled her chest.

She was still coughing and spitting but I didn't care and went straight back into her sweet, sweet mouth as quickly as possible. I leaned over her head to get a better angle and roughly shoved my cock fully down her throat. Audrey immediately gagged again and looked up at me with her teary eyes, pleading me to hurry up and cum. I was all too happy to oblige.

I gave her face a few more quick thrusts and then gave a final, rough thrust, pushing my entire cock down her throat. I could feel my orgasm coming so I just stayed in her for a while letting her convulsing throat muscles massage my shaft and head. She looked so beautiful with her lips taut around the base of my dick. It all finally got to me and I could no longer hold back my immense orgasm that had been building.

I let go and began to spew buckets of jizz straight down Audrey's throat and directly into her stomach.


I remember a couple of years ago, I was working with my father on some pipes in a basement somewhere when I accidentally hit a live wire with my wrench. I was instantly severely shocked and almost had to go to the hospital. My whole body tingled for hours afterwards.

That's the only thing I can compare to what I was feeling right now except instead of a painful tingling, it was extreme pleasure. Audrey's eyes widened and she tried to push me off with her hands, but I was too heavy.

I took her hands and pinned her wrists above her head and continued to let my orgasm flow into her. She closed her watery eyes letting tears slide down her cheeks. Her face was turning red from lack of oxygen, but I didn't even notice.


I was in heaven. Her tight little throat continued to contract and spasm, milking my cock for everything it was worth and then some. It took close to a minute for my orgasm to wind down and I shot the last couple ropes of jizz down Audrey's throat. I fell forward, exhausted and would have stayed there with my cock resting in its soft, warm holster if it hadn't been for Audrey's now frantic struggles to break free.

Suddenly remembering that she had been deprived of air for nearly a minute, I quickly climbed off of her chest, sliding my softening cock from her abused throat. She gasped for air and began coughing and choking again as she slowly recovered from the rough throatfucking she had just received. I sat down on the bed next to her and rubbed her back while she caught her breath. Now that I had finished, all my rage and lust had flowed through my penis and into Audrey's stomach.

I looked at the poor girl who I had just abused and suddenly felt terrible for what I had done. This wasn't like me to do such a thing, but I had been overcome with anger and attraction. Now that all of that was gone, I just felt bad. I hugged Audrey and tried to say sorry, but she had already passed out from exhaustion.

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Still feeling bad, I quickly tucked her in bed and pulled my pants back on. I looked down at her sleeping form before I left her room. She was breathing peaceful now and had a little bit of cum on her chin. I reached down and wiped it off before kissing her on the forehead and leaving.

I retrieved my toolbox from the entrance way before climbing into my truck and pulling out of the drive and heading home for the night. I went to sleep that night with the image of Audrey sleeping on my mind. ***** That's chapter two but we can't leave off on that now can we?

That means chapter three will be out ASAP! I hope you all enjoyed! If you did, be sure to rate my story and check out my other stories as well!

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