Hot pee fetish babe tasting her urine

Hot pee fetish babe tasting her urine
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Summary: A girl's kinky slut fantasy life becomes VERY, VERY real. * What are your fantasies? What gets you off late at night when you only have yourself and your favourite toy? For me, my fantasy life is way more adventurous than my reality. In my fantasy life, I am seduced and made a sexual pet by Mrs. Walker, the hottest teacher ever. In my fantasy life, I am just getting out of my cheerleading uniform, when the whole football team walks in and has their way with me.


There are a variety of races, a variety of cocks and a variety of positions I'm taken. In my fantasy life, my boss uses me to close deals by either being a cocksucking cum swallower, a tight pussy to be used as a cum deposit, or an eager pussy-licker. In my fantasy life, I am forced to flash strangers, teasing men and women shamelessly with my shaved pussy and perky breasts.

In my fantasy life, I am a submissive, who obeys every sexual command any man or woman gives me. In reality, though, I had only done a few things.and almost always while drunk. My two college roommates had their way with me on more than one occasion; I flashed people at a bar on a drunken dare and I had anal sex with a boyfriend who I couldn't say 'no' to.

But for the most part, I lived in a fantasy world.until last weekend when everything changed. It started innocently enough when I hosted a gathering.

We have always taken turns hosting small parties the second Saturday of the month, and it was my turn to be the hostess with the mostest (and oh would I ever be!) I am always up for a good drunk, as I am still in my relatively carefree twenties, as is the rest of our gang from work. The plan was it would be a pot luck appetizer and a wine tasting party.

The two were a lethal combination for my slim body: not enough substantial food and sweet-tasting wine, which went down like water for me.


Like most of our gatherings, it included lots of sexual innuendo, lots of drinking, and lots of gossip. Rumours spread like prairie fire, especially when wine is involved.

By the time the fourth bottle of wine was empty, I was incredibly drunk and I knew way too many tantalizing tidbits of useless information about every co-worker who wasn't at the gathering. We then played truth-or-dare, something we had never done before. I'd invited my two closest co-workers Shelly and Tina, Tina's husband Frank, a co-worker named Jon, one of our college interns Simone and our computer tech Markus.

Shelly was a blonde bombshell that seemed to have a new young stud every week. It was actually shocking that she didn't bring anyone to today's gathering. She usually had some sweet fucking eye candy to drool about. Tina was a blonde too and also pretty, but shorter and less endowed in comparison to Shelly's double-D breasts, and shyer too. Tina's husband Frank was a firefighter who was built like a brick house, and I often fantasized about using his hose to cool me down.

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Jon was a poster boy for preppy. He could have easily come directly out of the pages of an Abercrombie & Finch catalogue. At our marketing office he was the male closer, and Shelly was the female equivalent.

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You would be amazed, or maybe you wouldn't be, how much sex appeal is used to close a deal. (I often wish I could be the closer.but I was the behind the scenes girl). Simone was a twenty-two year old redhead sex bomb intern who was clearly going to be a female closer one day. She was short, not even five feet, but her curves were ample, and she wore the clothes to showcase them perfectly. She also had a naturally sexy voice and I could literally envision her as a phone-sex operator.

Markus was the firm's super geek.


He wasn't Urkel nerdy, but he had the glasses and the lack of fashion sense. He was also the only black man in our circle of friends. And then there is me. I am blonde as well. I have blue eyes, very firm 34b breasts, a tight ass, a freshly-shaved pussy and an athlete's body. Actually, Shelly, Tina and I all have tight bodies, as we work out together and run in marathons.

We are also all in our mid-twenties, without kids and living a very active New York City life. Again, truth-or-dare was not something we had played before, so I really had no idea what to expect. The first round was tame as people all picked 'dare' and were forced to do a dance, or shoot a drink or a similar low-impact stunt.

But as we got drunker the game became more interesting and naughty. Simone picked 'truth'. Jon asked, "How many people have you slept with?" The redhead beauty smiled. "I can't say I know the exact number, but a dozen or so." "Slut," Shelly playfully teased her, Shelly easily being close to triple digits.

"It takes one to know one," Simone retorted, before asking, "Wait! Was the question men or people?" Jon asked, "Would the number be different?" Simone looking directly at me it seemed and said, "Oh, the number would be drastically higher if it included my lesbian trysts." I could feel a sudden tingle as Simone stared at me revealing she was bisexual. Shelly joked, "Bisexual slut." Simone finally broke eye contact with me and retorted, "Jealous?" Shelly, seemingly noticing Simone's and my brief moment, teased, "I think Bridgette wants to help you add to your list." I quickly came to my senses, none of them knowing of my submissive lesbian college past, and snorted, "As if." Simone pouted, "You wouldn't do me, Bridgette?" Deciding it was easier to play along, I faked confidence.

"Oh Simone, I would devour you whole." Simone smiled, "Be careful what you say sexy, I just may take you up on your offer." Shelly got us back on track, "Ok, you two cool it off.

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We have men here; let's keep our weekly lesbian slumber party conversations for another time. Markus, truth or dare?" "Dare," Markus replied. Shelly teased. "Dare again, hmmmm, what secrets to you have buried in your closet?" He shrugged nonchalantly. Simone dared, "Flash your cock to us." Markus, surprised by this, responded, "Are you serious?" "Deadly, I want to know if the big black man myth is real or not." Markus shrugged, "All right, I got nothing to hide." He stood up, dropped his pants, and unleashed the biggest cock I had ever seen.

It was at least nine inches and thick. It was impossible to believe such a geeky looking man could be hiding such a large package. Shelly complimented him, "Markus, where have you been hiding that snake?" The wittiest thing I had ever heard from him escaped his lips next.

"In my pants." We all laughed as he put his snake back in his hiding spot. Shelly was next and picked 'truth'. Markus asked her, "Have you ever been with a black man?" She smiled and responded back with a question, her tone dripping with flirtation, "Is that an offer?" "Maybe," he shrugged showing a confidence I only saw in him when he was talking computer shop. After an awkward silence, Simone pointed out, "Hey, you never answered the question." Shelly smiled, "Yes, I have if you must know." Frank chose 'truth' as well.

Shelly asked, "Is your cock as big as your muscles?" Frank, used to Shelly's forwardness, chuckled, "Big enough to keep many fires burning once I get my hose inside." The naughty innuendo had me wishing my growing fire could be quenched with a big hose.

"I need exact measurements," Shelly insisted. He shrugged, "I don't know. I am no Markus, but I am a solid seven plus inches." Shelly looked at me, "Do you have a ruler?" "Yes," I responded.

"Go get it," she ordered, as she often did. I stood up, stumbled a bit realizing I was drunker than I thought, and went to my desk in search of a ruler. I returned a couple of minutes later and Frank had his cock out and Tina was stroking it, getting it fully erect, apparently for the measurement. Shelly, in her usual authoritative tone, ordered, "Bridgette, measure Frank's cock." I looked at Tina who nodded her head in agreement and I went to the couple, bent down and placed the ruler under Frank's impressive fully erect cock.

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I tried not to touch his cock, but it was impossible. Tina lifted it up so I could get the ruler to the base and I measured Frank's cock. "Seven and three-quarters inches." As I moved away, Tina stunned us all as she suddenly took her husband's cock in her mouth for a few quick bobs.

When she was done she shrugged, "Sorry, I couldn't resist." I stared at them, suddenly turned on. Shelly announced, "Bridgette got turned on watching Tina suck off her husband." I quickly defended myself, "I did not." Shelly laughed, "You are practically drooling." I continued my denial, "I am not. I was just surprised by it." Tina looked at me and offered, "Want a taste?" "What?" I gasped, shocked by the offer.

Tina chuckled, "I'm kidding, Bridgette." I laughed back, but the thought in my head was I would love to feel that cock in my mouth or pussy.

The game continued, and it was my turn to be the center of attention. Frank, his impressive package back in his pants, asked, "Truth or dare, Bridgette?" "Truth," I answered.

Frank smiled, "Would you have sucked my cock if my lovely wife here would have allowed you to?" My face went instantly beet red and my pussy began to leak slightly at the thought as I tried to think how to answer the question. While I remained silent, Shelly pushed, "Bridgette, I think your silence has already given us your answer, but you need to answer the question." Attempting to be flippant, and over-the-top to make it seem all more outrageous and absurd, I responded, "Fine, yes I would sucked his cock until he sprayed his hot seed down my eager throat." Frank responded, with a smug tone I couldn't quite understand, "Good to know, Bridgette." Tina slapped my ass, "You slut." I shrugged, playing along in this crazy game, filled with sexual innuendo, "Maybe, but only if you offered me his sweet cock." I shocked myself and the gang when I finished by giving his still fully erect cock a gentle squeeze in his trousers.

Shelly chuckled, "Well, this game is really getting interesting." Trying to get the attention away from me, I turned to Tina, "Truth or dare?" "Truth," she smiled. Deciding to keep the naughty game going and answer the question that had my pussy all wet, "Would you ever actually let someone suck your husband's cock?" Tina, her smile shifting slightly from sweet to wily, "Do you mean would I let you suck his cock?" I quickly shook my head 'no', even though that was exactly what I meant.

"No, no, no," I stammered, "I was just keeping up the bizarre sexual undertones of this game." Shelly interjected again, "Sure, sure, Bridgette. We can all see the hunger in your eyes." Tina pushed me too, her tone playfully sinful.

"Do you want to fuck Frank too, Bridgette?" "What? No!" I gasped, desperate to get the attention off me. Tina burst out laughing, "I'm just fucking with you, Bridgette. But to answer your question, yes I would, and I have let other women play with my husband's delicious cock." Before I had time to filter her shocking answer, I let out an involuntarily, "You have?" Tina smiled, "Hmmmm, indeed we have." As I allowed this shocking revelation about Tina and Frank to spin in my inebriated mind, Tina turned to Jon, "OK Jon, truth or dare?" Jon shrugged, "You choose." Tina paused before saying, "Dare it is.

I dare you to kiss Bridgette. I think she clearly is in need of some loving attention." "What?" I blurted. Jon moved to me, "Come here, baby." I looked around as all eyes were on me. I stood up and walked over to the super handsome Jon. My panties now were completely damp as I was both mortified and turned-on by the sudden attention I was receiving. I reached Jon and he pulled me in and gave me a warm, passionate kiss. His hand also went to my ass and gave me a firm squeeze. Shelly broke the intimate moment.

"You two need a room, or maybe just a bed?" I broke the kiss, attempting to be casual even as my loins were heating up and distracting me from thinking straight.

I ended the awkwardness the best way I knew how, by announcing, "I have to pee." I quickly staggered to the bathroom, the wine really doing a number both in my head and on my bladder. When I returned to the living room, Tina handed me another glass of wine. Shelly announced, "While you were gone, Bridgette, we decided since your birthday is next week we are going to play a special game of Bridgette-enhanced Truth or Dare." "Say what?" I asked, confused. She flashed me a coin and said, "We will flip a coin and if it is heads it is 'dare' and if it is tails it is 'truth'." "OK," I responded, "but how is this Bridgette-enhanced?" "Because," she smiled, pausing for dramatic effect, "Every one of us will flip a coin and then ask you the question or give you a dare." The realization that it was all about me suddenly became crystal clear and I asked, "Why?" "Because it is your almost birthday and because you desperately need it." "How so?" I questioned.

She walked over and gave me a big tit-crushing hug, before whispering in my ear, "Trust me." Her hot breath on my ear made my sweet tingle start again and when she slid her tongue in my ear, my left leg gave out briefly.

Just as quickly as she teased me, she moved away and I sat back down on a chair taking a lengthy sip of my wine.wondering what the heck was happening.

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Shelly tossed the coin to Jon who flipped it and said, "Heads.dare it is." Acting way more confident than I was feeling, I quipped, "Go for it!" I followed this up by spilling wine on myself and cursing, "Oh for fuck's sake." Jon said, "Well apparently fate stepped in. My dare is for you to take off your shirt and leave it off." I looked at him stunned.

"Are you serious?" He shrugged, "That is the dare." I smirked back, thinking two can play this game. I unbuttoned my blouse and tossed it to him, my pink lace push-up bra now the center of every man's and woman's eyes. Instead of being embarrassed by the staring, I felt sexy and confident and the dampness in my pussy increased.

Simone joked, "What a cute bra, you must have been hoping for some action tonight." I blushed, attempting to be suave, "Well, a girl should always be prepared." "Indeed," Shelly smiled, her provocative tone unsettlingly me. Simone flipped the coin in the air and I watched it hit the floor, roll around, and land tails-up. She smiled, "Truth this time, Bridgette." Taking a long drink of wine, I confidently retorted, "Ask me anything!" "Have you ever dyked out with another girl?" I responded flippantly, "Haven't we all?" Simone inquired, "Do tell." I shrugged, ignoring the fact that I was my two roommate's submissive pet on more than one occasion back in the day, I answered, "My roommates and I often played." "And." Simone pushed.

"And what?" I asked coyly, enjoying teasing the beautiful redhead. "Did you eat pussy?" "I think that I have told the truth already," I replied. Shelly intervened, her tone demanding, "Answer the question, Bridgette." Always being the follower to Shelly, I quickly answered, attempting to be slightly crude, "Yes, I ate their cunts." "Get fucked by them?" the redhead delved deeper.

I looked at Shelly who gave a just-answer-the-fucking-question look. "Yes." "In the ass?" Simone asked the ultimate taboo. I nodded weakly in the affirmative. Frank picked up the coin, my face burning with embarrassment, my pussy burning with need.

He flipped the coin and caught it and showed it to me, "Heads." He paused, seeming to think what to dare me to do before looking at Shelly who gave him a slight nod. I was confused by the brief interaction, before Frank dared, "I dare you to give me your panties." I always got turned on by the thought of flashing and being an exhibitionist, so this was not a big deal. I quickly slipped my panties off and tossed them to him.

To my surprise, he put them to his nose and said, "Hmmmm, you smell delicious." I blushed yet again, as Shelly walked over and took them demanding, "Let me see." One of my best friends took my panties and took a long lengthy sniff at the crotch.

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"Hmmmm, I agree, they smell delicious." She then added, "And fuck, they are drenched. What is getting you all wet, Bridgette?" Suddenly everyone staring at me had me both excited and nervous, but I retorted, "I plead the fifth and it's not your turn to ask me a question yet." She smiled and said, "Oh it will be soon." Her tone dripped with flirtation.

Tina grabbed the coin and flipped it. It was tails this time. 'Truth'. Tina didn't even hesitate as she asked, "Do you ever fantasize about being the center piece of a boy and girl orgy?" I was flabbergasted by the question. I could have remotely expected such a question from Shelly, but from Tina.never. Yet, there it was just lingering there in the air, six people staring at me waiting for an answer to the absurd question. I answered, "Sometimes." "How often?" Tina questioned. I shrugged, "I don't keep stats." "More than once a month?" "Probably." "More than once a week?" "Sometimes." "Interesting," Tina said, letting her response to my humiliating answer linger for all to contemplate.

Markus grabbed the coin and tossed it in the air. It landed at his feet and I, now very drunk and unable to see to clearly, bent down to see what it was. Heads. Markus looked down at me deadly serious, at my subservient position, and dared, "I dare you to suck my cock, Bridgette." I gasped.

"What?" He began immediately to pull down his pants as he repeated, "I dare you to suck my cock, Bridgette. Don't pretend you don't want to." Looking at the big black snake, I definitely wanted to, although I even more definitely wanted it inside me. I was fucking hornier than I could ever remember being and desperately wanted to be fucked. Deciding 'fuck it', I grabbed his massive black rod and leaned forward, taking it in my mouth.

He moaned, "Good girl." Wanting to be a good girl for him, I bobbed up and down on his cock ignoring the audience, who were probably watching in shocked awe.

Soon I forgot them and I began to rub myself as I slobbered on his cock. I don't know if I was really good, or if he has a quick trigger, but in only a couple of minutes of concentrated cocksucking I felt a sudden spray splash the back of my throat. I didn't slow down and swallowed every last drop of his salty seed, all the while rubbing my clit attempting to get myself off.

Suddenly I was brought back to the cold reality.I had just sucked off a co-worker in front of a group of friends as Shelly announced, "My turn." Markus pulled his dick out of my cocksucking lips and said, "That was great, Bridgette. You are a natural born cocksucker." What does one say to such a compliment? Thanks? I remained silent, suddenly paralyzed by my actions. Shelly pulled me up and said, "For the last round of the game Bridgette, I am going to give you a buy one, get one free, deal." "How so?" I asked, staring into her hypnotic eyes, as her hand went under my skirt and to my wet pussy.

"I am going to give you one truth and one dare," she revealed. "OK," I replied mindlessly. "Truth first," she smiled, her finger easily parting my glistening pussy lips and sliding inside my wanton pussy. "Kkkkkkkk," I moaned, greatly distracted by her touch. "Do you want to eat my pussy in front of all our friends and then be ravished by the rest of the group?" "Desperately," I moaned, wanting everything she just said to happen.

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