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CHAPTER 5 We had been there for about fifteen minutes--grabbing and groping each other, sucking tits and cunts and my cock—when I saw Mark standing off to the side of the pool. Mark is my Chief of Security; there were signs of concern on his face. I excused myself and climbed quickly out of the pool.

I grabbed a towel and walked over to speak with him. "What's up, Mark?" "We had a small ship go by about an hour ago. It was in much closer than necessary and it was moving slowly. We may have a problem." I clapped him on the shoulder and turned back to the women. "Everyone out…now. That's it; dry yourselves. I need to speak with you." I continued about five minutes later when everyone was huddled around me. "What we have here is idyllic—the Garden of Eden here on earth.

However, we are not immune to the outside world. There are pirates known to be about a thousand miles to the west. Mark and his men have seen a ship apparently checking us out. We can and will deal with any threat, but I need to know that you are safe. Just imagine what could happen if any of you were taken as prisoners or hostages.

"We're going to have a drill. Go to your rooms and wait for the alarm claxon. You'll know it when you hear it. Then I want you to hustle—and I do mean hustle—down to the fitness center.

Okay, let's go." All the women scrambled up and into the hotel. They knew I was serious. Twenty minutes later the alarm sounded and I timed their arrivals to the gym. In all, everyone had made it in far less than a minute. "Okay, Sam…you're on." Sam pulled down what appeared to be a fire alarm box, pressing her thumb to the glass panel behind.

A hidden section of the wall opened and we all walked in. A touch to another panel closed and sealed the door. "I will program in three other thumbs while we're here. This is where you'll stay in the event of an emergency. You can sleep on the couches if necessary and there are some futons in the closet. There are three toilets and two showers, plus every kind of towel or sheet you can imagine.

There's plenty of bottled water and even some canned juice and fruit in the refrigerator. There are nuts and candy bars, also. You are to stay here until either Mark or I or one of his team comes to get you.

The walls, floor, and ceiling here are three feet of reinforced concrete, built to resist a 5,000 pound bomb, something a group of pirates will never have. There's a special ventilating system that guarantees plenty of fresh air. "I want you to know that we have the means to repel a force of hundreds, if necessary. There are only two places to attack the island—at the dock near the employee dormitory, and along the beach here. Both are protected by reefs and there is a stone barrier that prevents a ship of any size from landing at the dock.

Our regular supply ship is required to stop more than a half mile from shore and unload into our shallow-draft tenders. The rest of the island is a vertical stone cliff almost a hundred feet high and the water below is extremely treacherous.

Only an idiot would attack us there. "We have sophisticated radar, torpedoes, and two Gatling guns and a naval five-inch gun among other things. All the employees—men and women alike-- have arms training and practice weekly under Mark's supervision." "Why haven't we heard anything, Master?" It was Carrie who spoke.

"Because the training all takes place underground. On top this looks just like a resort for the wealthy, but underneath it's like a military base. I became responsible for you when I invited you here." There were more than a few giggles at that remark, even from Sheena. "Okay, this may be nothing and if it is we've had a fun little drill.

If it is something we want to be prepared. I need to know you're safe while we clean out the vermin. Remember—nobody leaves this room until we come to get you. If one of you were caught by a pirate or whoever you'd be as good as dead. I would never want that." I opened the door and we returned to the pool, but the mood was gone. We hung around the pool until almost 6:30. I brought Marie back to my suite with me. She'd be leaving in a few days and I wanted to spend some quality time with her while I could.

Marie had, without a doubt, the biggest tits of the group, easily DD's and probably even bigger. They sagged a bit, but compared to her tall slender body they were not only lovely, they were extremely feminine. Unlike Carrie who would take it in any hole imaginable, Marie was strictly a vaginal sex woman. What she could do with that vagina was, however, nothing less than incredible.

I'd never met a woman who could hump as fast or as strongly as Marie. We had just stepped from the shower when she spoke for the first time. "I'm worried, Master. I'm worried about you. Please be careful." "We don't even know that a threat exists yet. Let's just enjoy ourselves and worry about that if and when it happens." I pulled her to me, my finger gently lifting her chin as her mouth opened for our kiss. One hand was wrapped around my back; the other found its way to my cock and balls.

She gripped and rubbed carefully as I pushed my forearm into her slit. I knew from experience how much she loved this. Her cunt rode my arm as she rammed her clit and slit into my muscles. "Oooohhhhh, Master may I please fuck you…please, Master." I reached around her and lifted her onto my bed, covering her body with mine. Her grip on my cock had strengthened as her passion rose to new heights.

Seconds later her legs were wrapped around my waist and she brought herself to my tip. I stayed there, holding myself teasingly until Marie rose to swallow my manhood in her womanly core. It wasn't long before she took me deep. I could feel my cock collide with her cervix on every powerful thrust. Marie drove her hips into me with both strength and ferocity.

It was this ability to rotate her hips that made Marie such a desirable partner. Every thrust was long and deep and tight. I could tell she was nervous. Normally, she would build slowly, sometimes taking thirty or more minutes to build up enough speed and pressure to make me cum. Tonight she was there in fewer than ten minutes. I was almost embarrassed when I came quickly. "You always do it to me, don't you?" I leaned down to kiss her. It was short as she broke it almost immediately.

"I'm sorry, Master; I'm really nervous." I just kissed her cheek and sent her back to the shower while I dressed. We walked together to dinner at eight sharp. I had all the tables moved together in a symbol of solidarity through what may become our crisis—our first in the more than ten years that the island had functioned. We began with cocktails, an appetizer and soup.

Conversation was subdued and when Alonzo walked in, an ammo vest covering his chest and a Colt 727 semi-automatic rifle over his shoulder, it stopped completely. "They're back, Boss—closer in and slower." "Any sign yet of intent?" "No…nothing." "Have we done anything to deter them?" "Not a thing, exactly as you ordered." "Good," I replied, then turning to my terrified women I continued, "It's not likely that anything will happen until later tonight.

I think we should finish eating—a good meal will help you if there's a long battle—then I'll want you to go directly to the shelter. Pick up any personal items you may want, like a book, first, if you wish, and don't forget your instructions. Okay, let's finish eating." I explained my motivation as I changed my clothes from my resort attire to my battle garb between courses.

"Now is the time for us to deal with an attack. I'm here and so is all the staff. We'll never be in a better position to deal with these criminals." All my girls hugged and kissed me before we were done. I was most surprised by Sheena who wept openly despite my attempts to comfort her. Once I was sure they were all safe I closed the shelter door and got down to business. Mark and his crew were more than capable of controlling the dormitory and airstrip area.

They have a Mark-52 five-inch naval cannon hidden on a jungle hill high above the dormitory that can swivel to cover almost the entire island including the cliff areas. There are also three torpedo tubes mounted inside the dummy crates on the outside dock. These can swivel more than ninety degrees and can be hard-wire guided as far as 10,000 meters—more than five miles.

There is also a mini-army of 37 male and 24 female soldiers, all NATO veterans carrying the same Colt 727 semi-automatic rifle that Alonzo had carried. It was a fantastic weapon, formerly used by U.S. Navy Seals before being replaced by a newer model several years ago. Here at the hotel we had fewer men, but we still had a few surprises for any invaders.

Our most important weapon was the naturally-occurring reef that encircled the lagoon. The trade winds made the waves outside the reef fairly large. The average depth at high tide was only three feet at most and the reef was an extremely dangerous obstacle, especially at night. And then there was the net.

There were a series of buoys about a hundred yards from shore. The women had all been instructed to stay inside the buoys. Under the water was an extensive net, five hundred feet long and a hundred wide. It was made of millions of stainless steel loops that had been plated with copper to prevent algae from growing on their surface. The net could be deployed in an instant using the very same high pressure hydraulic system that was used to control the largest and heaviest mining equipment.

Other than its strength the net's primary weapon was its weight. At more than 15,000 pounds it would sink almost any small boat and almost certainly drown anyone caught beneath it. Beyond the net's limits the beach was protected by the electrified fence which would funnel any invaders toward the dormitory where our forces were much stronger.

We followed the same procedures in regard to lighting that had been followed previously, turning them down in the early morning around one. Once the area was dark we broke out our night vision goggles and infra-red scopes as we sat, patiently waiting for our guests. There were only five of us—Alonzo, Max—our chef—two gardeners, and me. We all carried the Colt 727 and were equipped with night-vision goggles and infra-red scopes that could easily detect an enemy's body heat even in the densest fog.

I thought that the five of us could overwhelm even a hundred of the pirates from our vantage point outside my suite. The heavy steel hurricane shutters were closed on the lower floors and helped shield us on the top floor, as well. We had three openings through which we could fire if necessary. They came at three under a setting quarter moon that shone from behind their boats and reflected off the buildings. It would have been a good strategy if they hadn't made their intentions so obvious earlier in the day—and if we hadn't been waiting in ambush.

They had four boats—small ones—with four to five men in each, rowing or paddling. They had trouble right off the bat. The wind had veered during the night and was now blowing almost directly from the south, building the usual chop beyond the reef to three and four-foot waves.

I could see one of the boats founder in the reef, spilling the pirates into the churning water where the sharp coral would soon render them useless in an attack.

I listened to Mark's report as they approached. The assault on the dock area was progressing just as poorly. Their ship had run aground onto the barrier of multi-ton granite blocks, ripping open the hull and stopping the ship almost a half mile from its objective. The sudden stop spilled men into the water. I wondered how many could swim—probably not too many considering my prior experiences in the islands. The darkness and confusion wouldn't help either—neither would any rifle fire from my staff.

Alonzo pointed out the boats' progress. It was almost time to act. I rested my hand on his shoulder. His hand was on the switch. He fired the trigger once I had whispered, "Now!" The high-pressure hydraulics drove the pistons more than fifty feet into the air at an angle of roughly sixty degrees—seven and a half tons of metal flew up and over the astonished pirates.

The computer-controlled hydraulics dropped the net like a giant stone. They felt the horrible impact of the net just seconds later—no place to go but down.

The entire group of pirates screamed for fewer than ten seconds until they and their boats were forced under the waves. We could see no survivors, but that didn't mean there were none. We kept watch from the balcony for more than an hour and even retrieved several bodies from the water.

The bulk of that job would come tomorrow once we had retracted the net. Leaving Alonzo in charge of the small clean-up crew I drove through the jungle to the dormitory. Not surprisingly, Mark had everything completely under control. He showed me where the pirate's ship had struck the barrier. The bow was up on a fifty degree angle; the rest of the ship was underwater. A small group of pirates was huddled in the bow. Periodically, they would fire a burst toward shore, but as yet had hit nothing.

Our people were hunkered down awaiting orders. "What's the easiest way to eliminate them? I wouldn't want a stray shot to injure anyone." "Well, I guess either the Gatling gun or the five-incher. The Gatling would probably kill everyone, but the five-incher would also destroy the ship." "Let's try that." Mark found his radio and called the gun crew. The cannon could throw a shell almost fifteen miles.

At this range—just over a half mile-- I doubted they could miss. There was no need to rush. It was almost a minute later that the cannon's barrel barked and the ship's bow area disintegrated into dust a millisecond later. I instructed Mark to keep a sharp lookout for any survivors while I returned to the hotel. CHAPTER 6 I had no idea what to expect when I opened the shelter's door. My watch said it was just past five. I expected everyone to be asleep, but they weren't.

All my women were on their knees praying. They leapt to their feet and rushed me, several, including Sheena, breaking into tears when they saw that I was okay. I hugged each of them before speaking. "You can go back to your rooms now and sleep. Max will be very flexible tomorrow in regard to meals.

You'll find that the hurricane shutters are closed. I don't want any of you going outside until the area is cleared. There are at least a dozen dead men in the lagoon along with their boats and whatever weapons they had with them. Clean-up will begin at dawn. "Now, I don't know about you, but I'm beat." I held on to Sheena and extended my other arm to Bianca.

We walked out together and I closed the shelter door. The mood was celebratory as we walked up the stairs to our suites. I kissed each of the women good-night as I steered Bianca and Sheena to my suite.

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Once inside I used my thumb to unlock my closet and placed my rifle, pistol and spare ammunition inside. The rest of my gear soon followed until I was dressed in only a pair of boxers and my socks.

I wore underwear primarily because of the roughness of my combat outfit. As often as I used my dick I needed it to be in top-notch condition. A friction burn could really cramp my style. I was naked seconds later as my two new girls led me to the shower. I stood stock still as they cleaned me from head to toe. Then I leaned against the tile wall as they washed each other.

There were plenty of giggles as they tickled each other as though they were old friends instead of new acquaintances. We dried each other and climbed into bed. I lay in the center on my back with Bianca's head on my left shoulder and Sheena's on my right. They had just kissed my cheeks and snuggled close to my body when I fell asleep.

I woke hours later, unsure of how long I'd been asleep or of what the time was. I turned my head to the left to find Bianca on her side, her head supported on her right hand. Her eyes were open and a smile showed her nearly perfect teeth. A look right showed Sheena in a similar pose.

I smiled back. "What time is it?" "We think it's time you fucked one of us," Bianca replied. "And ate one of our pussies," Sheena added. "And who's going where?" "We threw fingers while you were sleeping. I chose 'odds' and won so I get my choice." "Okay, so what is your choice?" "Well, before coming here I was wondering what Michael Smith's cock would feel like in my tight little cunt. Now I don't care about him any longer so I want to feel you…again.

I'd love to feel another orgasm like you gave me yesterday." "Keep in mind that there were three of us working on you then…and one of us was tonguing your ass." "Hmmm, I hadn't thought of that." "I think I have a better idea.

How about I fuck both of you?" I positioned the two of them on hands and knees at the edge of the bed—Bianca on the left and Sheena on the right. "Okay, so you won, eh Sheena? You'll go first." I grabbed a bottle of lube from my night table and began to rub it into Sheena's puckered star.

It got the expected reaction. "Relax…it's only going to be my finger. You're nowhere near ready for my monster cock!" They both laughed, exactly as I had planned. My cock is big, but it's no monster. At seven and a half inches in length it's much longer than average, but dwarfed by any number of porn stars. It is pretty thick with a circumference of more than six inches. Truthfully, I wouldn't want it any bigger. I don't want to hurt anyone.

I want them to crave my cock, not fear it. I began to rub the head of my cock into her slit as I leaned over to kiss…Bianca. After all, they had to learn to share, didn't they? While Sheena was looking on in surprise and shock I drove deep into her pussy.

Damn, she was so tight. I withdrew a bit and tried again. All told I took five strong thrusts to bury myself into her. It was time—I slowly and gently pushed my finger into Sheena's anus.


There was resistance, of course. Sheena was an anal virgin, but I was determined to show her the delights of anal sex. I looked over to Bianca who, up to now, had been merely a spectator. "Go ahead, Bianca, kiss her…twist her nipples." She moved closer and a second later she and Sheena were engaged in a torrid kiss.

Bianca's hands found Sheena's swollen nipples. Now I was free to concentrate on giving Sheena the fucking of a lifetime. I fucked her pussy and ass with alternating strokes, concentrating on the thin membrane that separates the vagina from the rectum.

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It's thin and strong and surprisingly sensitive. I knew I had it exactly right when Sheena arched her back and growled like a wild animal. It was low and guttural and it continued for almost a minute until I reached around her leg, grabbed her clit with my fingers and squeezed for all I was worth.

Sheena shook like a rag doll in a tornado. Only my cock buried in her cunt and my arm around her waist prevented her from serious injury.

Pulling my finger from her ass and cock from her cunt I lay her gently on the bed. I washed both carefully in my bathroom before returning to Bianca. "Okay, Bianca—you're next." Her face was a mask of contradictory emotions. I could see that she was fearful, but, more than that, there was a look of incredible lust. She moved into place. She wouldn't get any help from Sheena—she was completely wasted—barely able to even move so powerful and all-consuming was her orgasm.

I moved in close behind Bianca and began to gently lube her asshole. Using my left hand for that released my right—my natural hand—to rub my cock, still hard from the fucking I'd given Sheena, into Bianca's slit.

I could tell by touching her body that she was almost ready for her second depilatory treatment. I'd speak to Sam about it soon. Bianca spread her legs to accommodate me as I slowly entered her tight cunt. I was halfway there when my finger entered her ass. I pumped her as I had with Sheena and with similar results.

I could tell that Bianca had had a finger or dildo there before. Indeed, she readily told me about her relationship with a university roommate.

Of course, I was pounding her poor cunt the entire time, getting her ready for the inevitable. She came hard—probably 'exploded' would be more accurate once I had forced a second finger into her. Spasm after spasm rolled through her body until she could no longer support her body with her arms or legs.

I lowered her gently to the bed. Moving my two gorgeous women ninety degrees I climbed back between them and pulled the blanket over us. They were already asleep; I joined them a few minutes later. CHAPTER 7 We woke a few hours later, showered and stopped by the dining room. I wasn't at all surprised to find all my guests waiting there for me.

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We all ordered something to eat. I ordered breakfast, but being after twelve, several had lunch instead. I spoke about the pirate attack once we had all ordered. "I realized that we might be susceptible to attack by pirates or even just thieves or kidnappers, or whatever when I planned the resort. Most of you've never seen the airstrip or dock, but I had more than twenty big barges loaded with huge blocks of granite emptied in a line about 600 yards from shore.

There's an impenetrable barrier there similar to the reef we have here. The clearance is never more than four feet, and usually less. Both of these protect us from a large ship landing on the island. "We have other weapons—torpedoes, two .50 Caliber Gatling guns, and a five-inch gun on top of the island's highest point at the dock.

Here we have something altogether different and altogether as deadly—a giant net made of more than a million links of stainless steel for strength and covered with copper to prevent marine growth. It's five hundred feet long and a hundred wide. All told it comes in at just over 15,000 pounds. Something that big can only be raised with hydraulics—eleven massive sets of pistons. When it is fully extended it falls to horizontal and sinks, sinking whatever is caught with it.

"We test the net once a month—at 3:00 a.m. when you're all supposed to be asleep. This is why you are only allowed to swim out to the orange buoys.

It's possible to become entangled in the loose folds of the net even when it's inactive just below the water's surface. "I know that I took you from your lives, but you know that I have every intention of returning you and in better financial condition than when you left. As you can see I take my responsibility for your safety very seriously.

I've spent more than eighty million dollars safeguarding you and all my staff." I had just finished when our meals were served. Alonzo joined us a few minutes later to inform me that the clean-up of the lagoon had been completed. The bodies would be buried at sea, far from our shores.

I put the matter of the pirates behind me and turned to the carnal pleasures of my guests, filling my "spare time" with the management of my financial empire. I was so engaged Tuesday morning when I received a radio call from Mark asking me to meet with a visitor on the dock. A visitor would mean a complete breakdown of protocol. No visitors were ever allowed here—only employees and my guests. I drove immediately to the other side of the island.

Coming out of the jungle I noticed that our supply ship had arrived and its captain awaited me. "Boss, this is Captain Noah." I shook hands as Mark continued, "He noticed the remains of the pirate vessel on our barrier and he has some important additional information for us." I suggested we move to Mark's office for privacy.

Once there Capt. Noah explained. He spoke in heavily accented English, "These pirates have been the scourge of the seas all around here for years.

It's good that you took care of them, but…they have another bigger ship with a longer range. If Mark's estimates of men killed are accurate they may be a bit shorthanded for a while, but they will be able to recruit others. Their headquarters are in a very poor group of islands. Indeed, much of the poverty is the direct result of the piracy which has destroyed any tourism that had always been their primary industry. Make no mistake—they'll be back…and in greater numbers." I sat back for a few minutes thinking.

"Mark, get Dan and Chad, will you?" He made the call and the pilots joined us a few minutes later. By then we were closely reviewing a map that Capt. Noah had provided. I reviewed what he had told Mark and me. "It seems to me that we have two choices—wait for what we know will happen—another attack—or go on the offensive. Is there any way we can use the Gulfstream to transport a torpedo?" "What does it weigh?" "A bit less than 3,700 pounds," Mark replied.

There was silence for a few minutes until Chad spoke and drew a simple line diagram with a pencil. "If we could build a cradle that would conform to the fuselage's lower surface and the torpedo on the other side it's possible, but we'd have to have something to hold it to the plane's body." "I know just the person we need," Mark commented.

He used his radio to call for Ray, a mechanic who maintained all the AC and other electrical equipment on the island.

He arrived about five minutes later, somewhat miffed at being taken away from his work until he saw the expression on my face.

Then he was all ears as we described the problem. "How much can this weigh?" I referred the question to the two pilots. "Chad answered after a moment's consideration, "We'll have to fly about 2200 miles so if we half-load the tanks we'll save a lot of weight and still have some leeway.

But…I think we'll have to fly low and slow which will take more fuel and then there's the extra drag on the torpedo. Oh yeah, how the hell are we going to fasten it to the plane and how will we release it?

Sorry to get everyone all excited over nothing." "Hell, boy, I already got that part solved; did that part first.

We got these nylon reinforced rubber belts that we use on the AC towers and on some of the refrigeration units, too.

I like to make my own belts—they fit a lot better than the ones we usually buy-- so we got a couple of 100-foot spools. They're plenty strong enough; each piece is rated at 2,500 pounds so two of them should be plenty. Here's how I see this working&hellip." He spent the next ten minutes explaining. When he was done I looked to Dan and Chad. As pilots they'd know better than anyone whether Ray's idea would work.

"Fuck, Boss…it's just crazy enough to work, but whoever is assigned to cut those straps had better be anchored in. The draft from the open cabin door could be enough to pull a person right out into oblivion." "Suppose we removed most of the cabin furniture," I asked. "That would help with the weight. Those cabin seats are pretty heavy. I think we could anchor the two passengers to the bases." We went through dozens of suggestions before settling on the bare necessities for the mission.

Finally, came the key question—who would open the cabin door and cut the belts? "I will," I answered. "You'll need help to get both of them at the same time so I guess I'd better join you." It was exactly what I expected Mark to say.

We were about to break up the meeting when Chad had a final suggestion, "We're going to fly east to west. Suppose we timed this so we flew out of the sun? They might hear us, but they'll never see us. We could release the torpedo ten miles out and turn back before they even know what hit them." I got up, thanked Capt. Noah and the members of my staff and was almost out the door when I remembered something. "Mark, tell everyone there'll be a $5,000 bonus for the pirate attack and each of you involved in this will get another $10,000.

That especially includes Ray who came up with this cockamamie idea." I turned with a smile and returned to the hotel, leaving all the detail work to those who knew infinitely more than I did. I said nothing about my involvement in the attack, but somehow all the women knew. I was met with steely stares when I went to dinner that night. Poor Sheena was in tears.

"Why Master?" "Simple, darling—to make sure you'll all be safe--both now and in the future if you decide you want to return. Actually, if all goes as planned it will be exciting, but boringly safe." My words did little to calm Sheena or any of the others. We ate in virtually total silence. I returned the following afternoon to check on the progress. Ray had fabricated the cradle that would bind the torpedo to the gulfstream. I checked both parts and they looked good—strong and secure, almost perfectly matching the diameter of the torpedo on one side and the bottom of the fuselage on the other.

There were three support beams five feet long and screwed together with the molded cross-pieces. All we needed now were the belts that would secure the whole thing together. Meeting with the others it was agreed to go on Friday morning. Flying at roughly 250 mph the distance to the pirates' lair would take us almost four hours. Near the equator there is almost always twelve hours of daylight and twelve of darkness regardless of the season.

Thus, we planned to hit the pirates at 6:45 a.m. when the sun would be about twelve degrees over the horizon. Take-off was scheduled for 2:30. Mark, I and the two pilots would be onboard no later than 1:30 so the team of mechanics would have an hour to winch the weapon into place.

Mark and I could sleep a bit on the plane so I planned to spend much of the evening with one or more of my women—the only question was…with whom? I could see how fragile Sheena was. She needed to be with me, to reassure her if nothing else. My second choice was Kathy. I hadn't been with her in more than a month. I loved her red hair and her creamy white skin. She had freckles on her face, arms, and legs, but none on her milky white breasts, ass, or abdomen.

I had just asked her to join me when she tiptoed up to kiss my cheek. "I'm flattered, Master, but I think that Bianca needs you more. Maybe you'll still be interested when you return." She stepped back and I walked to the crestfallen Bianca who lit up when she learned she'd spend what could be my last night on earth in my bed. I kissed and hugged each of my women before leading my newest acquisitions upstairs. I led them straight to the shower. Tonight I would do the washing—at first, anyway.

I ran the sudsy soap up and down Sheena's butt crack, pausing often to tickle her pucker. She laughed for the first time since I had returned for dinner. A couple of swipes with the soap at her breasts and cunt and she was done. I turned to Bianca who had waited patiently for me. There was something about this woman that I couldn't put my finger on.

I found her so intriguing. She bent over and spread her cheeks for me—now it was my turn to laugh.

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However, that didn't stop me from ensuring that her crack, asshole, and pussy sparkled. Next I addressed her breasts, then Bianca and Sheena double-teamed me and I learned how much fun it can be to ass-washed by two hot babes.

We were still laughing when I led them to bed. I placed Sheena on the bottom across the bed, her head nearest me and her legs facing away. Bianca I placed over her in the classic "69" position. When Bianca kneeled over Sheena's head her puckered star was at just the right height. She turned and smiled, knowing exactly what was about to occur, before attacking Sheena's tasty snatch. Sheena was already hard at work on Bianca.

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It was hard for me to reconcile this Sheena with the woman who absolutely hated me less than a week ago. Standing behind Bianca I lubed my fingers and eased them into her, moving them around to stretch and relax her muscles.

A third finger a minute later and she was ready. The best part of this—Sheena would have a birds-eye view. She'd be close enough to actually feel everything. A quick move switched my cock for my fingers. I was half-way into her bowel when I paused to wipe my fingers clean so I could grab and hold Bianca's hips for leverage. I began a slow, but steady, rhythm wanting to stretch this out as long as possible. I enjoyed giving pleasure as much as I enjoyed receiving and the expression on Sheena's face when she realized where my cock was—well…let's just say it was priceless.

I could tell from our movements that we were all getting pretty close. We had begun this journey moving like the well oiled parts of a complex machine.


Now it appeared that the parts were out of synch. We were erratic as Sheena squirmed under Bianca's assault and Bianca was reacting strongly to the onslaught of Sheena's tongue in her pussy and my cock in her ass. It goes without saying that Bianca's anus was having a tremendous effect on my cock. Sheena was the first to cum, screaming into Bianca's cunt. To her credit she continued licking and sucking Bianca. I was almost there so I reached around Bianca's leg and Sheena's head to grip and twist Bianca's clit.

She came hard with a massive convulsion as I made a hefty deposit in her bowel. She fell forward, but I directed her to Sheena's side. We lay there for several minutes recovering until my deflated cock slipped from her sphincter. I leaned up and looked across Bianca's inert body into Sheena's eyes. "Have fun? Feeling a bit better yet?" "Yes, I am having fun and feeling better, but I'm still worried about you…Master." "This is something I have to do just as I was outside with my rifle when we were invaded.

I can't ask my employees to do something that I'm not willing to do myself. Does that make any sense to you?" "I guess, but I'm still not happy about it." "I'm glad. You just told me how you feel about me…and a whole lot more. Let's see if we can rouse Bianca." "Was all this from her orgasm?

It's hard to believe she actually passed out." "Do you know much about human anatomy?" I continued once she had shaken her head. "Your anus has many more nerve endings than your pussy…even more than your clit. Those nerves can be a source of incredible pleasure or incredible pain if you're not properly prepared. I know you're a virgin there so when we're ready I'll have to go extremely slowly, maybe even use some graduated butt plugs to help you relax.

We're a long way from anal. I'm looking forward to our journey together." I leaned across Bianca to kiss her, tasting the remnants of Bianca's cunt on her lips and face. I began to rub Bianca's body and she responded slowly, eventually opening her eyes, but remaining dazed from her experience.

It was almost a half hour later that I was able to lead my two youngest acquisitions back to the shower. We laughed our way through some cursory washing, but I could tell that Sheena couldn't wait to get Bianca alone so she could ask her about her anal experience with me.

That would have to wait until tomorrow. It was after twelve when we finally retired, falling deeply asleep almost immediately. Alonzo woke me at 1:00 on the dot.

I slipped out from between my women very carefully. I retreated to the bathroom to wash my face. Shaving could wait until we returned. I dressed, adding my Sig Sauer 9mm and my fighting knife to my web belt. Three magazines for my pistol and another three for my Colt 727 and I was ready. Max had a thermos of black coffee and some jelly doughnuts for my breakfast. I ate quickly while Alonzo drove me to the airstrip.

The Gulfstream was out of the hangar and I could see some changes immediately. The door, normally two pieces that moved up and down for headroom and steps, had been removed. The torpedo was in its launching tube instead of hanging naked beneath the plane.

The seats, except for two at mid-cabin had been removed as had the carpeting. Just inside the door I could see two tracks and when I looked up I understood why. There in front of me was one of the .50 Caliber Gatling guns. I turned around to see Mark approaching. "I guess you've already seen the changes. We added the launching tube because it will be much easier to aim and deliver the torpedo with it.

Once it's away we can cut the straps and dump it without worrying about the straps getting caught in the engines." I'd never even considered that. "We added the Gatling gun because of something Capt. Noah mentioned when we returned him to his ship. In addition to the big ship they have a bunch of small outboard-driven boats. It was the small ones that helped them capture the bigger ones. If we can take them out the pirates could be out of business permanently." I had to agree.

It would only take a dozen .50 Cal. shells to completely destroy a small boat. The incendiary tracers could burn the boats to ashes. Best of all, the gun sounded more like an angry swarm of bees than a weapon that could shoot as many as 6,000 bullets a minute. "How much ammo do we have?" "Twenty thousand rounds—ten in each container. Should be more than enough to do the job." He had just finished when Ray stepped around the fuselage with two webbed harnesses.

He helped us into them and adjusted the buckles so they were tight. "Sorry, Boss, but they got to be tight in order to work. Thanks for the bonuses, too. Everyone's really thrilled. Just make sure you come back to sign those checks." He punched my shoulder then helped us into the plane.

We turned around so he could fasten the tethers to heavy D-rings. I found that I could just reach the tight bands holding the torpedo, but there was no way I could fall outside the doorway. We made some last minute preparations, most notably checking the weather en route. Dan told me we would take off at a much lower angle of ascent than normal because of the torpedo. Once aloft we'd climb to 1,000 feet which would give us enough time to react if any unforeseen problem should occur.

We'd drop to 100 feet once we were within fifty miles of the pirates' harbor and even lower at fifty miles. The torpedo had a 25-mile range, but we'd launch closer to ten for better accuracy. Once that was done we'd cut the bindings and move the Gatling gun into position to address the small craft. "That's a lot to do in such a short time.

Why don't we move the gun into position first? Then all we'll have to do is cut away the belts." Dan and Mark laughed.

"Damn, Boss—we're supposed to be the experts. Why didn't we see that? Let's move the gun up now." Fifteen minutes later it was done.

I'd have to maneuver around the ammo box to cut my band, but after practicing a few times we saw it would be no problem at all. I checked my watch. It was time to go. Dan and Chad moved forward to the cockpit. Mark and I found our way to the two remaining seats.

Sitting in the harness was uncomfortable, but I'd survive. Dan started the engines, warmed them up, and we pulled to the far end of the runway. Going this way meant the runway would end at the sea. All we'd need was speed to get airborne. Dan revved the engines, released the brakes and off we went. He later told me the open doorway was more of a problem than the torpedo.

However, we were soon at our cruising altitude of 1,000 feet. I leaned back for a quick nap, but I was too excited to sleep. The noise was incredible. Mark and I had to yell to be understood even though we were only three feet apart. We got up to see what it was like moving around while we were in the air. "Challenging" was the most apt term I could think of.

There was the wind buffeting around the open door and that very same action caused the plane to shift from side to side. I was glad we'd agreed to move the Gatling gun into position while we were on the ground. We returned to our seats and waited. Now that we were underway time dragged. There were times I thought my watch was moving backward. Finally, Chad came back, "One hundred miles. Get ready, Mark. I'll tell you when," he shouted. Mark and I moved up to the door.

We could barely make out the outline on an island far off in the distance. It was much farther than we'd be able to see once we dropped below a hundred feet. While 250 miles per hour may be slow for a plane we had to remember we were traveling at more than four miles each and every minute. Twenty minutes—eighty-plus miles—later Mark armed the torpedo using a small aluminum-colored remote.

Chad appeared in the cockpit doorway with his ten fingers spread. When he began to fold them we knew the countdown was underway. Mark pressed the launch button at zero and I could feel the plane react. The compressed air pushed death toward its still distant target. The torpedo's nose held some sensitive equipment, both sophisticated sonar and a magnetometer which would aim it to a strong magnetic presence, even at a distance of more than twenty miles.

Mark tossed the remote control over the side as we moved to sever the heavy belts that had held the torpedo in place. A single swipe with our razor-sharp knives sent the entire apparatus into the sea. Dan banked left for almost three miles then back right so we would face our targets and destroy any boats in the harbor as we ran almost parallel to the shore at an altitude of 100 feet or less.

As yet there was no indication that we had been noticed. Flying with the sun directly behind us had been a stroke of tactical genius. The torpedo sped along at 55 knots so we'd likely be gone long before it struck the big black ship. Suddenly, the Gatling spat. In those five seconds more than four hundred shells slammed into two boats moored behind the big freighter turned pirate.

Reacting quickly Mark continued his attack even before we had passed the ship. It was amazing watching as ten small boats were reduced to flaming splinters in seconds as the incendiaries ignited the fuel which the .50-cal. Shells had ripped from the tanks only seconds earlier. I knew we were done when Dan climbed out of the harbor and banked back to the sea.

We had just reached 1,000 feet when we heard a horrific explosion as the torpedo did its deadly work. The torpedo had cost me nearly $900,000 and when I saw the damage the almost 700 pounds of high explosive had done I knew it was worth every penny. Dan moved us to a safe distance before turning again so we could all see the harbor and the destruction we'd inflicted. In those few seconds the ship had sunk deep into the harbor mud—its decks now awash.

There were no dry docks or shipyard equipment here—no cranes, no pontoons, nothing. The ship would be there forever. The small boats were nothing more than piles of useless ashes and splinters floating on the gentle waves. We turned again for the run home as several pirates shot at us in frustration. There was no way they could hit us at more than five miles—a distance that increased with every second.

Now I did sleep—and well. CHAPTER 8 I woke just as we were landing. Nearly all the employees were there, eager to learn how the operation had gone. I left that to Mark and the pilots, grabbing the first Land Rover I could find.

I raced through the jungle. Parking just in front of the hotel I walked quickly to the pool—deserted--as was the beach. I checked the dining room. Where were these women? I finally found them—working out in the gym under Sheena's leadership. I stood outside for a few minutes unnoticed as Sheena ran her peers through their routines. Sweat glistened from their skin as I slowly entered the gym.

So intent were they on their exercise that it took several minutes before my presence was recognized. Then there was bedlam as I was rushed and hugged repeatedly and kissed over and over again with incredible passion. Everyone was involved except Sheena who held back until the others were done. Then, and only then, did Sheena approach me. I opened my arms for her and pulled her close as her hands found my head and she engaged me in a kiss—the kiss of a lifetime, one of many I'd received from her.

Breaking the kiss after what seemed to be an hour I sat in the middle of their circle and described the engagement. "Truthfully," I explained, "it was an anticlimax after all the planning we'd done. We dropped the torpedo at ten miles before positioning for the strafing run with the Gatling gun. We were gone by the time the torpedo hit.

It was less than ten minutes from dropping it until it struck. In less than that time we had also destroyed about a dozen small boats and were miles away. They never knew what hit them.

Once we were done I fell asleep in my seat until we were ready to land. That's all there was to it." I looked around and could tell that they didn't believe me. They just knew that there was more to it than that. There was nothing I could do or say that would convince them otherwise.

On the other hand I was back safely. That was all that mattered. I remembered my promise to Kathy, extending my hand and leading her away as Bianca and Sheena pouted. That was okay with me—they still needed to learn how to share. There was only one of me, but nine women to share my time and my body.

I had just closed the door to my suite when Kathy came into my arms for a long mind-blowing kiss, her tongue deep into my throat. "Please, Master, may I please you with all my body?" I knew exactly what she meant—it would be a long afternoon with at least four different kinds of sex before we were done.

Kathy was extremely creative. I laughed before responding, "I survived the pirates. I only pray I'll survive being with you." "Not to worry, Master, I haven't killed you yet. I enjoy being with you too much to ever harm you. I've always been amazed at how you manage to turn even the most recalcitrant kidnap victim into a willing and eager lover." "You mean…like you?" "Exactly like me.

This past year has been a real eye-opener for me. I had repressed my sexuality first of all because of my history and secondly because of my studies. I was so down when you took me.

I had run out of money for my PhD and I had nowhere to turn. I even considered suicide." I grasped her chin firmly, "Promise me you'll never think like that again. That would be such a tremendous waste.

You're a brilliant woman who's also gorgeous and sexy as hell, too." "Thank you, Master; I love you, too—not quite like Sheena or Bianca, but I do love you for everything you've done for me." "I think Bianca and Sheena are just star-struck. They'll get over it." "No, Master, they won't. You know I'm a Psych major.

I can tell the real thing when I see it. All of us love you, but it's different for those two. They might actually commit suicide when you release them. I might remind you of your long afternoon with me.

Shall we begin?" I just nodded as Kathy began do disrobe me. I placed my weapons in the secure closet, not because I didn't trust her, but because I'd never forgive myself if anyone were injured or killed due to my carelessness.

Kathy took my soft organ into her mouth, making it hard in seconds. She led me to the bed, lying in the middle and directing me over her chest. My cock rested between her symmetrical D-cup breasts and when she pushed them together she made her intentions clear.

I truthfully loved a titty-fuck with her. Her skin, like that of all my women, was extremely smooth, but hers had a texture that was somehow different. I cooperated fully with Kathy. I loved ramming my hot hard cock between her glorious orbs. It felt great, but we both knew it was only foreplay; she removed the pressure I'd need to cum.

She wasn't teasing me; this was a game we'd played many times. I wanted to hold off, too, to save myself for her pussy and her ass and whatever else she had in mind for me.

I reached behind my body to rub her crotch. Her labia were already swollen and we had barely started. I was hardly surprised to find her cunt wet. "Tsk tsk," I commented, "I wonder what you'll feel like when we actually fuck." "I think you already know from our prior experiences together.

Your cock will be swimming in me. That's why I'm saving anal for last." I smiled inwardly; Kathy was always a thinker. She always planned ahead. Kathy had been a spectacular student at the University of South Carolina when I first noticed her. Champ's report was extremely thorough. She was an orphan--her father dying in a mining accident, her mother only weeks later in a hit-and-run while walking home from the market.

Kathy had been at a neighbor's home at the time as she was every afternoon after school. Kathy had no relatives and, at ten, was not a likely candidate for adoption. She was placed in a foster home where her "father" repeatedly raped her until she was able to escape.

She lived on the streets until she was able to move to South Carolina, hitching numerous rides along the way, even exchanging sexual favors in return for a ride and a meal. She found herself in farm country in central South Carolina when her rides ran out so she hired on as a temp field worker until the farmer and his wife learned her true age. They agreed to take her in provided she attend the local public school. They were astounded by Kathy's grades in junior high.

She was, by far, the best student in her grade. She breezed through high school earning a full scholarship to the University of South Carolina where she majored in psychology. She graduated summa cum laude—tops in her class—and was looking forward to graduate school. All through school her total attention was on her studies. She never dated—not even once—even though she had matured into a beautiful and sexy woman.

She worked part-time to pay her bills, but that ended when the company suddenly folded. She was several months behind in her rent and electric bills when I saw her on her way to collect unemployment. Three weeks later she was here with me. Unlike many, she was eager from the start. I had truly saved her life. Now she paid me back whenever possible by using her fertile imagination to come up with new and exciting ways to stimulate me.

Kathy moved suddenly onto her side, but kept my erection between her arm and her body. I laughed as I realized this was my very first "armpit fuck." "Where do you get these ideas? This is actually pretty hot, plus I get to play with your tits, too." "This just came to me one night. I woke up and had to pee.

I put my hand under my arm while I was on the toilet and the idea came to me. I tried it with a cucumber one afternoon after lunch. Of course, I didn't tell Max why I wanted it, but it was good practice." I smiled to show my appreciation as I fucked her armpit repeatedly. Her light perspiration gave me just enough lubrication when combined with the pre-cum that oozed from my cock.

We kept at it for about ten minutes until Kathy flipped back onto her back, raising her legs and crossing her ankles behind her head. "I think you'll have your choice with me in this position. Choose wisely." I had to laugh.

Sexy Brunette BBW Emma Bailey Fucked by The Pool

"How could I go wrong? I think I'll go for a swim first." Kathy joined me in laughing as my cock plunged deeply into her in a single thrust. It wasn't that her cunt wasn't tight because it was. I'd never encountered anyone whose cunt oozed as much juice as Kathy's. I moved forward for leverage so I could pound her pussy then I moved back so I could run my cock over her sensitive G-spot with every thrust.

All this action had only served to make me harder and hotter. I wanted to cum and I knew where I wanted to do it. I dipped my fingers into her cunt alongside my cock and pushed them into her ass. First one and then a second stretched and relaxed her anus.

A quick exchange found me in her shitter, driving quickly and with force into her bowel. I pushed three fingers from my clean hand into her cunt and fucked both holes, my thumb finding her clit peeking from its hood.

Now was the time to kiss her and fondle her silken breasts. I pumped her four more times before exploding and drowning her rectum with my cream. A scratch of her clit with my thumbnail while I laid siege to her G-spot brought her quickly over the edge.

I could feel her body react—the tremors running up and down the length of her—until one overwhelming convulsion struck. It caused her to come apart. Her legs flew down and apart. Her head was thrown back; her scream was intense. In other words—it was just like every other time we'd made love.

Kathy was one crazy bitch! For a woman who had never experienced any kind of romantic or loving sex or even a kiss before coming to the island Kathy had been an extremely quick study.

That was hardly surprising considering her high IQ and her strong motivation for success. Kathy had been raped by her foster father. I saw to it that he was "taken care of." Champ and his team paid him a visit one night. He'd been drinking in a local bar and Champ struck up a conversation.

Soon, after buying a few rounds, the conversation turned to sex and the man bragged about raping his foster daughters for years. He even described Kathy to a "T" before going into graphic detail about his current ward. They laughed as Champ led the drunken rapist to the parking lot.

There the team abducted him in seconds. Once out of the town Malcolm sedated him, sliced his clothing from his body and castrated him. Then Champ broke both his legs with a galvanized steel pipe. They dumped him in the hospital's parking lot. His legs were fixed, but his balls were gone forever.

Kathy laughed and laughed when I told her about it. It was poetic justice. I lay back on the bed, pulling Kathy onto my body. We slept the rest of the afternoon away before rising for an invigorating shower before dinner. On the way down Stan, my electronics technician handed me a DVD. It was the message from Sheena's mother. I held onto it until after dinner. While the other guests retired to the hotel's lounge for a movie I took Sheena up to my suite.

Once in the door I handed the disc to her. She looked at me questioningly until it dawned on her—the message from her mother. I turned on the TV and pressed "PLAY" on the remote. Sheena leaned forward as her mother came into focus. "Should I start now? Oh…okay. Hi, Sheena, honey. I was really worried when your roommates phoned to say that you disappeared in the middle of the night.


Thanks so much for the DVD you sent me through your new employer. I wish you had told me that you were thinking of taking a job. Anyway, as long as you're happy…that's all that matters; now my news.

You know how I complain that nothing ever happens to me? Well, I have a lot to tell you. I can hardly believe it myself. It all began about three weeks ago when I stopped at the Coventry Tea Room for a cup. It was a cold rainy day…ha ha…just like every other day in Scotland, right? Well, the place was crowded.

I don't think there was another empty table so when this well-dressed gentleman asked to share my table I agreed. We talked for a bit and he told me he loved the sound of my voice and he wanted to hire me to do what they call 'inside sales.' It turns out he's the general manager of a big office supply company—the biggest in Europe. He hired me at 20,000 pounds sterling a year plus commission and a really good benefit package, too. I made another 500 pounds the first week and I should get repeat sales.

I have some really big customers and I'm getting new ones every week. "Now, here comes the best part—he asked me to dinner! He made it perfectly clear that my job did not depend on my acceptance, but I went anyway. I had the best meal I've had in years and he didn't even try to kiss me.

So, I kissed him. It was wonderful. I'm seeing him almost every evening now and I think that next weekend I'll let him have his way with me. I told you I had a lot to tell you.

"This is a pretty neat way to communicate—much better and faster than the post, I think. Will you send me a video back? I hope so. I was glad to hear that you had found a job. I think you could use a break from school. I hope you enjoy the work." Sheena giggled at that; I just smiled.

"I guess that's all for now, honey. Don't worry about sending me money, Sheena. Spend some of your fantastic salary on yourself. Buy yourself some new clothes. Bye, honey." The screen went blank as Sheena burst into laughter. "That's what I need…some new clothes." Then she turned to me, a tear in her eyes.

"Thank you, Master. That was extremely kind." I brushed the tear away with my lips just as Sheena leaned in for a kiss. I was reminded of Kathy's remarks. Could Sheena actually be in love with me?

I broke the kiss to whisper, "You're welcome. You can send your mom a message tomorrow if you like." "What do I do about…?" Her hand passed over her naked body. "We've got it covered," I said as I extended my hand and pulled her up from the couch. I led her to my bedroom where she thanked me repeatedly all night and well into the morning.