Me masturbo con las fotos de mi esposa

Me masturbo con las fotos de mi esposa
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When my daughter was a little girl she got hit by a car and even though she can use her hands and arms, she can't use them fully so she's sitting her next to me reading over my shoulder as I type her story out for her, she's been after me for nearly a year to do this, but it wasn't until now I knew what it was all about and I'm kicking myself for not going with it when she first asked me too.

Her name is Samantha or Sam as we've called her since she was born, I'm not sure if it was later she actually found out her name was properly Samantha or when but I've always called her Sam. Well she's still 16 and tomorrow she'll be 17 so this is my present to her, well ok one of the presents I have for her but this one is between her and I. She's lying in bed all cozy and warm with the sun just peeking through the partially opened curtains, she's trying her hardest to ignore the bright sun rays beaming in but it's hard when she hears a knock, she ignores it, she's lying there partially nude with just her panties on because she likes the way the brushed cotton feels against her nubile breasts and nipples, it makes them hard and she likes that because she loves fingering her virgin pussy until she explodes in a massive orgasm.

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I looked over at her and say really, you sleep like that or is that part of the story and she yells Daddy, get back to typing. So I snap my head and I see her smiling at me, she's slightly behind me but I can see her in the monitor and am watching her every move. She's slowly letting her hand slide down her stomach and then she stops as she hits the waist band of hr little bikini panties, she lets it stay right there as she pinches her nipple and making her groan she slide her hand under the waist band finding her moistening slit.

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When her finger hits the upper edge of her pussy she jumps but she knows it's a good jump and she continues sliding at first one finger into her folds then two and finally three are sliding up and down outside her wet slit.

Then her center finger goes into the folds and into her moist cavern, she coos as she's sliding her finger in and out of herself when the door opens and there stands her father, he's her rock and he isn't supposed to come in without being invited but here he is, standing there at the foot of my bed looking down at me with my eyes partially closed acting like I'm asleep.

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It's not until he comes around and sits on the edge of my bed and places his large hand on my bare shoulder shaking me gently that I act like I'm just waking, he says come on sleepy head, we have some shopping to do today, we need you up and going so get up and with that without warning he pulls the covers back before I have a chance to say or do anything, catching me topless and with my hand buried inside my panties and a finger buried in me.

I freeze, he doesn't, he's scanning me with a smile on his face and looking at all of me, I'm not sure what to do, he says nothing still, he raises his hand and places it on my left breast, caressing it like I've dreamt him doing so many nights in the past, he's carefully playing with my nipple and as he looks at my other hand he slides the side of the panties over and with his free hand slides a finger deep into me with my little finger still in there, it's too much for my young body to take in and I explode in a huge orgasm drenching us both as he smiles still saying nothing.

As I calm down and he's still got a finger buried in me and the other hand still on my breast he leans forward and sucks on it, he's got the nipple and part of my boob in his mouth and it makes me cum again and again, I can't stop the waves of passion rolling over me and I don't want to either.

Now by this time me the dad has gotten a huge hard on and luckily I'm under the computer table and hopefully she can't see me. Well so here we are, he's got a nipple in his mouth and a finger, no wait, he's pushing my finger out and away and he's putting another finger inside me, he's got oh my god two huge fingers in me and I feel like I'm going to cum again oh fuck, here it cummmmmmmmms and I'm rolling all over the bed as he keeps his fingers inside me.

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When I fall limp on my bed, he pulls out his fingers, licks them clean and without asking pulls down my panties and as I raise my hips to allow him this he takes them off me and tosses them on the floor, he stands up and with a huge tent in his shorts he pulls them down and now I'm lying there with this massive cock hovering above me that I'm so desperately wanting to suck and have plunged into me by my father.

I'm so wanting him to fuck me and make me his cum slut that I can't take it anymore and I raise my hand up, grabbing his hard cock and without permission I take it into my mouth and start sucking him off.


Now I've only practiced on a dildo at a sleep over at Kathy's house, we borrowed her mom's 10" dildo and with that we broke our hymens and learned to what we believed was to suck a cock. Hope I'm doing this right for my father's sake. Well he's moaning and not a painful; moan so I guess I'm with a few slurps in there doing this right.

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As I'm sucking and slurping his cock in and out of my mouth and he's still got his two fingers buried inside me causing me to stay wet and cum more than I'd expected too here I am sucking his cock which I do believe is almost if not as big as that dildo we used at Kathy's house.

He's groaning louder, he's begging me to stop or I'm going to get my first real taste of a man's cum and with that encouragement I suck harder and he groans letting pulse after pulse of his white gooey sticky stuff blast into my mouth and as I'm swallowing it as fast as I can it's too much, it' spilling out of my mouth around his cock and I feel it hitting my nubile boobs and it feels so damn good that it makes me cum once again. When he's done his cock goes limp, he's shaking from it, I must have done it right, he's smiling and his fingers are no longer buried inside me, that's a shame because I really liked them there.

When he opens his eyes, he leans down and kisses me, not on the cheek or forehead like normal, it's square on my cum covered lips and he's giving me tongue too, damn daddy, it's so fucking hot that I moan again and cum all over the bed.

He breaks our kiss, smiles saying nothing and for what seems to be an eternity we are there looking at each other until I whimper.

Daddy make love to me with that big cock of your, take my pussy and fill it full of your cum, please daddy, fuck me please as I open my legs and show him how wet I am as if he doesn't know by now. He looks into my eyes, he says still nothing, he pushes his cock back into my mouth where I start sucking him again and when he gets hard once again he pulls it out, crawls over me and lying on his back says come atop me and take me as you can and with that I straddle him, he's aiming his huge meat up in the air and as it hits my lips I shiver and then sliding back and forth letting him share my juices I start down on him and soon I've nearly gotten all of him inside me and he's smiling at me as I sit there adjusting to his huge shaft inside my little frame.

Now guys let me tell you, I don't care who you are, I'm hurting right now with my teenage daughter telling me this story and my wife gone from us, leaving us a year ago and I haven't had sex since, well, let me tell you, it's taking all I have not to jump her right now and fulfill this story for the both of us.

As I start sliding up and down his enormous shaft he's playing with my titties, he's rolling my nipples and now, OMG, he's pulling me towards him and sucking on them as I'm riding his shaft, it's too much, oh god I'm going to cum and then it hits me, wave after wave, I feel my juices flooding us both but he acts like it's normal, I can't believe I'm flooding us both and I still want him to cum inside me to fulfill my fantasy of having my daddy for my birthday.

I'm watching my daughter in the screen, and all of a sudden her hand that was on the computer table is gone and out of the corner of my eye I see her, she's got her hand inside her shorts and she's fingering herself right next to me, I can smell her juices she's so close, I'm not sure how much longer I can take this without taking her.

Daddy is helping me, I'm so weak from cumming so many times, he's got his huge hands around my waist now and is pulling me up and down, he's smiling but I also see that he's close to cumming himself, I so want his load in me, it's driving me nuts that he can hold off so long, I wish he'd just explode so I can snuggle next to him and have what we both have wanted since mommy left us.

He's going faster, the feeling of his shaft rubbing the walls of me is so fabulous, it's like the cucumber we use one time before we found the dildo, the little bumps made us all cum so quickly and so hard, he's doing the same thing with his shaft, oh no, here it comes again and I'm trying hard to fight it off but no good, I'm shivering and I fall face forward on him, he's smiling at me and he finally says oh baby, I'm getting close, do you want me to cum inside you?

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I look into his eyes saying oh yes daddy, fill your baby with your cum, make me a woman and from now on I'll be your woman to have anytime you desire me and with that he starts pumping load after load of his hot cum deep into my pussy, I groan as he groans, it's so hot but yet so exhilarating to have pumping inside me like that.

When he's done he lets me rest on him, his body is so soft yet rouged, his scent is intoxicating, and his cock, still buried deep inside me, I can feel every movement and even as it shrinks slowly in me, I'm curious so I slowly start sliding up and down him again, he smiles and asks, do you want it again and I shake my head yes and verbally say oh yes daddy, all the time, you feel so good inside me, I wish we never had to pull apart, he kisses me and he starts sliding up and down inside me and when he's hard he rolls me over and I pull my legs up around him and he is really pounding me like I've dreamt of for a long time, soon he grunts and delivers another huge load and this time it's his juices that I feel escaping out around his shaft down my butt crack and you know I wouldn't have it any other way because I love him so.

With that I looked into her eyes, I said is this a fantasy or is this real because right now baby, your story has me really worked up and from what I'm seeing so are you and with that I pull out her hand and replace it with mine and we do what she's told me in her story but this time it lasts all day and when we finally get out of bed she asks if we really need to dress anymore, I smile saying well if that's the case, I'm sure you'll be having me in you much more then, she smiles saying I wouldn't want it any other way daddy.