Stunning chick uses her face hole to tame guys hard pecker

Stunning chick uses her face hole to tame guys hard pecker
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If you haven't read my previous story "Anastasia finally does it". I finally got my sexy wife to strip in front of men at a club and then got her to fuck a few of them afterwards. Her name is Anastasia and mine is Jacob.

We are both 22 years old and have been together for close to 6 years. She is very sexy with brown hair the most perfect perky B cup tits and a shaved pierced pussy. She is very sexy and now very open minded. Well she kept the job stripping on the weekends.

She told me she was hoping to see her new found friends again the following weekend. All week she was anxious thinking about what happen last weekend and what she wanted to happen this weekend. By Wednesday she was at the stores picking out what she gonna wear Friday night when she strips. She was going on three times and had to choose three different outfits. All I can is one of them was so sexy. We had crazy sex all week talking about what she wants to do this weekend.

She would tell me all day long her pussy is soaked she just cant stop thinking about it. She loved fantasize about the other men fucking her so hard. Finally Friday morning rolled around and she woke up and started ridding me telling me there's no stopping her tonight, I smiled and laughed. We got off real quick and jumped in the shower.

While we ate breakfast we were discussing the day. She told me her first dance was at 8:00 pm and told me to be there at 7:30. She said she was working till 12:00 doing a few dances.

She kissed me and left to start her day. It was really early I had lots of time to kill. I tried to keep busy but the damn day just dragged on forever. It was now 7:00 and I headed out for the club. I arrived like 20 after 7 there was no traffic. I walked in side and didn't see Anastasia anywhere, I just went got a drink and sat down by the bar.

I watched a few of the girls strip and one of them was hott. She was this cute little blonde with nice perky C cup tits. She danced around and took her skirt off and she had a tight ass, it looked like a little heart. After the blonde finished and turned to get another drink when the music changed to Anastasia song.

I quickly turned back around and there she is dancing around in her tight little shear black top that tied in front and a very tiny matching black mini. As she danced she started to untie the knot in her shirt and showed us all her tiny black lace bra that barely covered her nipples.

She danced around a little more and dropped her skirt and kicked it to the crowd(some lucky bastard got it). She had on a match black lace thong. She unhooked her bra and slowly dropped it and the who club must had starting whistle and making obscene catcalls.


When she was done with her routine she came out from the back just wearing the thong. She gave me a big kiss and said she hopes her new friends show she noticed they weren't there yet.

It was early still only 9:00 we had a few drinks together and watched some girls dance. She was about to go on for the second time so she went to get ready.

I sat back sipped my drink and continued watching the girls dance on stage. I went to the bathroom and came out and the music was changing to "Hot For Teacher" Anastasia came out in a sexy school teachers outfit.

She danced perfectly to the music got everyone into it and up next to the stage. As she danced and stripped she revealed she had on a white see-through bra and a matching thong. She took her bra off and if she came close enough you could see her pussy through the thong.

It was so exciting to watch her. After she was done with that routine she came around from back wearing a robe. She looked kinda sad she said that she only goes on once more that she hopes the men from last week would show up she has a treat for me and them.

Man I couldn't wait. By now she was really horny just from enjoying the men in the club watching her take off all her clothes for them.

She took me by the hand and lead me into the bathroom. Once in side she dropped her robe and she wasn't wearing anything underneath. She bent over the sink and told me to fuck her hard she couldn't wait anymore. I dropped my pants and stuffed my cock inside her. I pounded her pussy real hard for a few minuets and just when I was gonna blow she turned over and swallowed my entire load.

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She licked her lips and kissed me. After we were done in the bathroom we walked out back into the main room and noticed our friends were finally there. Anastasia hurried off to go get ready for her final dance of the night. I walked over to them sat down and we started talking.

They told me they hurried over here just to see Anastasia dance. They were previously at a new swing club in town. They said the place was pretty cool and maybe we all would go back once Anastasia done for the night. I thought it was a great idea. Just then the music changed and Anastasia came out for her final dance. She was wearing a sexy purple women's pant suit. As she danced around all sexy she ripped her pants right off and she had on this sexy purple G-string.

After dancing a little more she slowly unbuttoned the top and showed us all she had no bra on. Her tits were beautiful. Everyone was cheering her on she got up enough courage to take her G-string off. I couldn't believe my eyes, there was my sexy wife fully nude up on this stage for everyone in this packed club to see. After gyrating her pussy around all over the stage for a while she went in back came out wearing a sexy black satin robe.

She came right over to us and asked if we all enjoyed the show, we all nodded in approval. I told her that they mentioned a new swing club in town, she said she was interested. We all headed towards our cars. I went to open the door for her and she opened her robe showing me she was fully nude under the robe. I just kissed her and smiled. We got in the car and followed our friends to the club. When we arrived at the club it looked awesome.

It was lit up with a million neon lights and you could hear the music down the road.

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I thought to myself this is gonna be great. We walked inside and it was the main room. A lounge type room with a bar lining the entire wall. We sat down with our friends and grabbed a few drinks while chatting.

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They were explaining all the different parts of the club. It had rooms for people who just wanted to be there but not watched or it had rooms where you could have people watch if you wanted. The club also had rooms where all is allowed no inhibitions. There was one special room they explained. A willing female goes in the room blindfolded and tied up.

Anyone can do whatever they want for 10 min. and the girl can stay for 90 min. The club would also video tape anything you wanted to. We all agreed we 'd just go strait into the no inhibitions room. As we ordered a few more drinks the two girls Anastasia and Jessica(Steve's Wife)Head towards one of the rooms. Jessica is 5'4 115 lbs soft black hair sexy blue eyes flat stomach and perky B cup titties. I watched as they both walked away and when they got to a room they liked and Anastasia said to me #4.

We all gathered up our drinks headed towards the room. We opened the door and the room was packed. We eventually spotted our girls in the corner making out and feeling each other up. By the time we made our way through people my wife's robe was open and Jessica was sucking on her titties.

She started to finger my wife right there and my wife loved it she was letting out some loud ass screams. The girls were now practically fucking each there on this small couch. We noticed an open bed and the girls climbed in the bed in the 69 position. I went over behind Jessica and started to slide my cock around her pussy playing with her clit while Anastasia licks her clit. I slowly slide my thick cock into Jessica's tight pussy and I started fucking her really hard.

Then Steve came over and just slammed his cock deep into my wife's pussy. We fucked them while they ate each other out. That lasted a few min. before me and Steve blew our loads all over the both of them. As the girls cleaned up a little Anastasia whispered something into my ear. We told our friends we'd be back soon. She told me she wanted to go into the blindfold room have me watch it all and also have the club tape it for us. So we walked up to the bar asked for a drink and told bartender we were interested in the room and if the club could record what happens.

He said most definitely the room is open now. He took us to the room showed me where ill sit. He had to strap me down, he said some people cant handle it and flip. I assured I wouldn't but he still had to strap me down. Then he told Anastasia to take her robe off.

She dropped her robe and he started touching her all over saying everyone is gonna love her. She smiled put the blindfold on and she laid down. He just tied her hands up incase someone wanted to reposition her.

The lights dimmed and the music started. A few min. went by and the first guy finally walks in. About mid 30's he wasn't bad looking. He went right over and dove between her legs and was just munching away at her pussy.

He must have made her cum at least twice. As he got up to leave grabbed her tits and said she has an amazing pussy.

Then a women walks in.

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Late 20's blonde hair she was hott. She walked right over to Anastasia and said :your gonna eat my pussy you whore and eat it good". That just what she did the blonde sat on her face and my wife licked that pussy so well the girl squirted her female cum all over my wife's face.

After that another man came in about mid 20's and he dropped his pants right away. He fucking cock was huge at least 10 inches long by 3 inches fat. He climbs on top of my wife and stuffed his massive cock in her tight soaking wet pussy. He fucked her so her, her back started arching as she came again all over that massive cock.

He pulled out and blew his load all over her stomach and tits. The next came in he was early 30's very good looking. He walked nest to the bed dropped his pants and stuck his cock in my wife's face told her to suck it good. She sucked it like a pro. Right when she was gonna swallow his load he stopped her pulled out of her mouth climbed over her chest and started to titty fuck her. The last guys cum acted as lube.

He literally blew his load all over her titties in about 90 sec. So now Anastasia gets on all fours and another female comes in. She was a hot brunette she was already naked with nice c cup titties and her nipples are pierced. She climbs under her and now they are in the 69 position.

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They made each other cum after a short while and made the orgasm last the whole time. My wife only had about 20 min. left when these two guys walk in.

They both had big smiles on there face. One slid under my wife and told her to ride his cock. She proceeded to do so. Then the other guy came up behind her and slid his cock inside her pussy at the same time.


They both were fucking her so hard she started to scream in ecstasy. When the were gonna cum they sat her on her knees made her blow them till they blew their loads all over her face and titties. The bartender came in and untied us both she jumped in my arms telling me she loved it all. She went to the bathroom to get cleaned up while I got the tape.

I went back to find her and she was bent over in the hall with a line of guys waiting to fuck her. I got in line waited bout three guys and it was my turn. I fucked her brains out right there came deep inside her pussy. Told her it is late we should get going. We said bye to our friends gathered our things and started to leave. The valet brought us our car and my wife flashed him everything as she got in the car. We finally made it home.

We showered and by the time we got out the phone rang it was our friends. They said they were on their way over. They wanted to watch the tape and maybe make another(LOL).

That's another story for later. Leave good comments for more.