Horny teen anal dildo ass fucking

Horny teen anal dildo ass fucking
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It was just another hot July, Friday night in Ocala. I got off work, cashed my check and grabbed some dinner at Aunt Fannies Resturant. After I ate, I went for a ride on my freshly rebuilt Shovelhead, a '80-80. I took the long way out thru the forest, then zig zagged down to Belleview, then back up 441 and stopped at Dick's Bar on the north side of town. It was around 9:30 when I pulled into the parking lot and a dozen or scooters were already there.

I entered the dimly lighted bar, grabbed a long neck Bud and put my quarter down on the pool table, there were two ahead of me. I watched as this chick, Georgeann, shot pool and beat the two guys ahead of me. As I watched her bending over to take her shots, seeing her tight blue jeans hug her cute, round, firm looking ass, very lewd thoughts ran thru my mind, I had an erection from hell.

Her boobs all but were falling out of the tight white tube top she had on. A small bulge of belly hung over her tight jeans. I love a woman with a bit of meat on them. Georgeann and her husband Tom were fairly new to Ocala. They had opened a small motorcycle shop in Belleview, Tom worked on Harleys, Britch and German motorcycles.

He was a big guy, about 6'3" and muscular, a good #200's, long haired and tattooed. He was 24 at this time. Georgeann was short, maybe 5 foot even, mid-back lenght curly brown hair, round faced, high cheek bones, chubby cheeks, full pouty lips, green eyes and light freckles across the bridge of her nose.

Pale skinned. Very Irish looking. She was somewat full figured, not fat, but slightly chubby. No beauty queen, not playboy material, but wholesome, like the girl next door. I know she had kids, but didn't know thier ages. I knew there was a infant though. She almost always wore t-shirts or tank tops to the bar, tight blue jeans and black engineer boots.

Her rack was hard not to miss, even in the baggy shirts she usually wore. When she did wear a tight tank top or tube top, especially this white one that was so tight, her boobs stood out very firm and straight, no sag.

Her huge dark nipples could easily be seen thru that white top. Her waist, while slightly chubby, was narrower than her hips, her ass was perfect and as thight as her jeans she always wore were, she sported a very interesting camel toe that clearly defined her box.

Georgeann was 18, but looked younger. It was my turn to challenge her at pool. "Shooting for drinks?," I asked as I racked the balls.

"Sure, I'm game," Georgeann asnwered with her usual killer smile. I hadn't really heard much about Tom and Georgeann in the few weeks they had been hanging around except tha Tom was a dam good mechanic on older iron and British bikes. That was until last Saturday. A buddy of mine, Roger, said he seen Georgeann and Tom leave Al & Joyces, another local Biker Bar, with Julie and Hank.

Nothing strange with that, right, but Julie rode behind Tom and Georgeann was on the back of Hanks bike and before they got on the bikes, there was a very long kiss but not between husband and wife. Roger and I assumed that the two couples did some ol'lady swapping that night. As I watched Georgeann break, I wished I had a ol'lady to swap with Tom. Georgeann was giving me a case of blue balls, bad. Georgeann didn't make a ball on the break, I made two, then scratched, Georgeann ran the table.

I bought her a rum and coke. She flirted with me the whole time we shot the game, Tom sitting just feet away talking with Richard and a couple of other bikers. Even after she beat me, she flirted with me and talked with me as the next in line racked up the balls. I watched Georgeann whip the next victim. Inbetween shots, she stood next to me and talked with me. After she won, she stepped down, givng up the table, excused herself with a huge smile, stopped by where her husband was sitting, then made her way outside.

I waited a minute, then headed to the door myself. Georgeann was leaning against the wall of the bar smoking a cigarette. She looked up when she saw me exit the bar. "Hi," she said with that adorable smile,"Billy Bob, right? You shot a good game. I'm Georgeann." "Nice to meet you, your pretty dam good with a cue yourself there beautiful," I said.

Georgeann's face lit up, "Aw shucks, flattery will get you laid.," she said, blushing slightly. I laughed, "in that case, gorgeous, why haven't I seen you wearing your crown, you know, the Miss America one, or for that matter, hollywood doesn't know it's hottest new actress is stashed away in Ocala," I gave it my best shot. She laughed, "ok, enough, I know when I'm being put on, so no more flattery, your not gonna get laid.tonight anyway, but.

.how about a blowjob, if you can keep your mouth shut?," she said. I was speechless. "Come on, I haven't got much time, let's go around the side.," she said, took my hand and pulled me around to the side of the building. She reached up and wrapped her arms around my neck, pulled me down and pressed her lips to mine.

My hands went to that wonderful ass, just as firm as I thought, then to her tits. Her tube top came down, I broke the kiss and fastened my lips around one huge, dark, very erect nipple and started to such. I was surprised when I got a mouthful of milk. I greedily swallowed and sucked some more, then she switch tits so I could suck the other.

Without pulling up her tube top, Georgeann went to her knees and started to unzip my jeans. I helped her and pulled my dick out. I ain't huge, I have about 6 inches and average in thickness, but the way she licked and sucked, telling me how big and nice my dick was, I felt like I had a foot of cock.

Georgeann easily swallowed me whole, she reached in and fondled my nuts as she sucked. I couldn't take it. I told her I was about to cum, she doubled her efforts and let me explode in her mouth.

She swallowed and milked every last drop of cum from my dick till I went soft. She stood, pulled her tube top back up, thanked me and said, "let's stand around front, in case Tom comes walking out." Once we were around front again, she pulled out another cigarette.

I lit it for her. "Dam hun, you got some tastey jism! I wouldn't mind a steady diet of it. Billy Bob, if Tom ever happens to ask you, just be honest, tell him I blew you, OK, don't lie, he'll get pissed, if you tell the truth, hell, he'll just say next time he'd want to watch, but just don't go up and tell him, or brag to anyone, ok, that would really piss him off," she said.

"Yeah, sure, if you say he woun't pull out a gun and shoot my hillbilly ass," I said. She laughed, "No, as long as your upfront, he's cool. He loves watching me with other guys and then joining in. Speaking of, if I could get Tom to invite you home with us tonight for some fun, how do you feel about fucking a cunt while her ol'man watches?," she asked. Fuck, I had no problem what so ever.

I told her so, then added, "hell Darling, if it was you, I'd drop my draws and fuck you in the middle of the whole fucking Bar!" "Your sweet, don't be surprised if Tom asks you, ok, but remember, if you tell anyone, we'll deny it and never again will I do anything with you, and that would be a shame, 'cause I really like your dick.," Georgeann said, then left me standing there as she walked into the bar.

I re-entered the bar myself, sat off to the side and couldn't stop checking out Georgeann. I wondered if she was as good a fuck as she was a cock sucker. Dam, she had a talented mouth and those tits!! That was the very first time in my 30 years I had sucked a milky tit, except when I suckled at my own ma's when I was a baby. About a hour after Georgeann had sucked my dick, I went back outside to get some air and smoke a joint.

Georgeann walked out a minute or so later. I offered her a hit, then we shared the joint, not talking, but just knowing smiles between us.


The joint was almost finished when Tom walked out. Georgeann introduced us. "Great meeting ya Billy Bob. So your the guy Georgeann wants to ball so badly, she said ya got some great tasteing cum," he said and it took me back, I didn't know what to say. "Hey bro, don't worry, I ain't pissed. Georgie says your willing to come home and play and that you'll keep your mouth shut, that right?," he asked. "well, um, yeah, I ain't gonna tell anyone.

Shit, to be honest, I've thought about balling her since I first seen ya'll a few weeks ago. She's one hot lady," I said honestly, then added, "hell, if she was mine, there's no way I'd share her." Tom laughed, then said, "Brother, the way I see things, I can't make someone want to be with me, I can't force someone to love me.

I sure as shit ain't got the time to play warden. I ain't gonna worry all day long if my ol'lady is cuckolding me.

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She wants other dicks, hell, even pussy, it's fine by me, as long as she doesn't lie or hide it from me. If she finds someone else that will make her happier, then great, I want her to be happy, thats love.

Sure, I'd be fucking devestated if she ever left, but not as bad as if she lied and cheated, then I'd be devestated and in jail for killing the cunt and what ever guy she was with. It works for us. I know she'll be home when I get off work, I know she's coming home with me even if she took on the whole fucking bar, and believe me, she's done it before.

So like I said, if ya want to come back to our place for some fun, it's fine by me, as long as you don't mind me joining in." "Ok boys, Tom, Billy Bob knows I love you and you love me and I ain't leaving you. Billy Bob knows if he keeps his mouth shut, we can have many nights of fun to come and I garantee you Billy Bob, your gonna know not only what my pussy feels like but my ass too.

So now thats that settled, I sure hope they finish our pool soon! It's fucking hot! I want to swim.," Georgeann said. I looked at my watch, it wasn't even 10pm. "Well, if you wanna swim, we can go out to the boat launch out in the forest.

The Game and Wildlife keep it pretty clear of Gators and even at night, the waters so clear, you can see if any are even close, what do ya say?," I asked. "Hell yeah! Let's go skinny dipping!!," Georgeann said like a little kid. We mounted the bikes, Georgeann behind her husband on thier 82-80 stripped down dresser and they followed me out Silver Springs Blvd, out pass Silver Springs Park, out Hwy 40 to the boat ramp, just before the bridge that goes over the Oklawaha River.

The place was deserted. We parked the bikes by a picnic table, before Tom or I could dismount, Georgeann had her tube top off and was topless. Those boobs were huge.

She'd later tell me her boobs at that time were 34dd, her wasit was 26 and her hips were 34. By the time Tom and I were down to our boots and jeans, Georgeann was totally naked.

My dick was rock hard. She did have a bit of chubbiness around her midsection, left over from having the baby. Her stomach had a bright red thick scar going from under her navel to just above the hottest, completely bald, chubby pussy mound I had ever seen.

Not a trace of any hair, not even stubble. God, if it wasn't for the c-section scar, I'd swear I was looking at a 10 year olds cunt. She smiled, "come on guys, I want to cool off!" I kicked my boots off, Tom did the same. I dropped my jeans, my dick sprang straight up, sticking out at a 90 dgrees from my groin. Tom dropped his and I got a bad case of peinis envy.

He had to be at least two inches longer then mine and easily twice as thick. What did Georgeann see in my little dick when she had a monstor like that???? Images of me on my knees, between Tom's legs, as Georgenn rode her husbands cock, reverse cowgirl style, me licking and sucking on his shaft and balls as it slid in and out of Georgeann and chewing on her clitty as he fucked her.

I wondered if Tom was Bi? Georgeann went towards the river. I yelled for her to hold up a minute. With the help of the overhead street lights that the state had in the boat launch, I studied the water and the shore on both sides. I threw several stones. No gators. I said one of us had to stay on shore and keep a eye out while the other two swam. I told them to go first, I'd keep a eye.

Georgeann dove in, Tom waded in till he was up to just below his neck. Georgeann swam over to him, wrapped her legs around him and began kissing him. Then she broke the kiss, pushed off him, swam, did a loop de loop, came up for air, then dove under. I watched as she skillfully took Toms huge cock in her mouth under water and swallowed his whole 8 inches, no problem.

She finally released his dick and came up, gulping in air, laughing as she did so. Tom kissed her. I watched his hands fingering her cunt underwater, the water is that clear. Then he waded out and watched as I dove in. I was nervous at first when Georgeann swam up to me, wrapped her arms and legs around me and began kissing while her husband was not 20 feet away on the bank.

She reached between our legs, took hold of my prick and rubbed it up and down her very juicy slit. She postioned my cock head at her entrance. I was not prepared for how tight her little girl looking cunt was. She forced her cunt onto my cock. I had never had a cunt as tight or as hot as Georgeann's. I held her, our lips pressed together, mouths slightly opened, tounges danceing as she slowly moved her hips back and forth, slideing her tight pussy up ad down my entire lenght.

The alomost weightless fuck in the water was fantastic. Everyonce in a while, I'd glance up at the bank and Tom would be standing there, strokeing his hard on. I was so close to cumming. Georgeann's breath was becoming more and more labored. She broke the kiss, leaned her head back as she moved her pussy faster and faster back and forth on my shaft, she started moaning, then almost yelling, "Oh Fuck!!

God Dam! I'm cumming, oh shit baby fuck my pussy!! . Tom, he's getting me off!!!!!" Georgeann pulled her pussy all the way onto my cock, my balls slapped her ass. Her huge, firm tits were squished against my chest, her face was buried in my neck, I felt her mouth sucking, almost biteing my neck as she grounded her cunt on my dick, her clitty on my pelvic bone.

She was pulling me as deep as I could with her legs that were wrapped around my waist and her heels of her feet dug into my ass. Georgeann rubbed her clit against me hard and fast as she climaxed, I couldn't take it, I let loose deep inside her. She slowly stopped her grinding, she lifted her head up and kissed me. "Dam Billy Bob, that was fantastic.

Your a great fuck. I hope you got more in ya.," she said, kissed me once again, then pulled her body away from me, my soft cock slipping out of her vice like pussy grip. Even in the moon light, I could see my sperm floating around the water.

"Hey you two, headlights coming this way," Tom yelled. Then he started putting on his jeans. Georgeann and I made it to shore and we had just put our jeans on, Georgeann was still topless when a Sheriff's patrol car pulled up. The deputy shone his spot light at Tom, then me, then on Georgeann who was standing there all innocent like in just her jeans.

Her big, milk filled titties glowing in the bright spot light. The deputy, a middle aged man, asked for our ID's, his hand on his gun as he watched us dig in our wallets. He took our drivers license's, ran the check, telling us not to move. That included Georgeann from putting on her top. He then ran the vins on our bikes. He went around to the trunk of the patrol car, popped open the trunk and took out a poloroid camera.

Standard procedure for most Florida police agencys. He took a picture of Tom from all four angles, recording his tattoo's, then me from three, I had no tat's on my back. Then he took several of Georgeann topless from various angles, even though she had no tattoo's. He handed us back our registrations and licenses. He told us to get dressed and if we wanted to skinny dip again, to come around later in the night and to make sure we had someone spotting gators.

He smiled, told us to have a good night. AS he was getting back into his patrol car, Georgeann walked over to him holding her tube top in one hand, she whispered something to him, then opened her small truckers wallet and handed him a business card.

He left smiling. Georgeann walked back smiling. Georgeann said she noticed the winged wheels on his uniform that ment he was a motorcycle cop. She told him if he stopped by the shop when he was off duty and she was there, she would make it worth his time, if he knew what she ment. "That's my girl! Always improveing relationships between us low life Bikers and those low life Police Bikers.," Tom said. I followed them to thier house, which they just moved into, it was right around the corner from Dicks bar, where this all started.

Right across from Donkey Dicks house. We pulled around to the side of the house and this cute little honey opened the side door. Georgeann dismounted, pulled off her helmet, Tom pulled inside, then Georgeann told me to go ahead and pull inside to. We pulled into a game room. They had a pool table in the middle of the room, a couch against a wall, shelves above the couch and on the other three walls, filled with books and Harley nick naks.

There was a juke box, a stereo and a pinball machine. Tom parked his SHovel against the wall next to a 48 panhead, I pulled in and killed my motor. The little cutie shut and locked the door. I took off my helmet. "Billy Bob, this is Jodie, Tom's little sister, Jodie, this here is Billy Bob," Georgeann introduced us. Jodie, reminded me a lot of another Jodie that hung around, except Tom's sister had light brown hair, the other Jodie was blonde.

The other differance was Tom's sister had a large rack, blonde Jodie had these cute little tiny cone titties with hersey kiss pale pink nipples. This Jodie was about 5'7", no more than a #100's and I'd say 30#'s of it was tits. Jodie measured, 32c-20-30, cute as a puppy, big blue eyes, very thin, tiny little butt that was filling out a pair of very nice terry cloth grey shorts and a small bikini top that showed off her huge tits on such a slender frame.

Her legs were thin, but well shaped and very fucking long. COltish comes to mind. "Ya got to keep it down, I just got the baby to sleep," Jodie said.

Tom plopped down on the couch, kicked off his boots and socks, then stripped out of his t-shirt, he invited me to do the same. Jodie and Georgeann went to get some beers. "Relax bro, Georgie's taken a likeing to ya. I turst her judgement in people, as long as ya don't go around bragging that ya nailed my ol'lady, she'll drain ya dick most anytime. Just remember, what goes on between us, or what ever ya see when ya with us is no bodies business but our own, if your not into it, then, man, ya ain't gotta do it, no one forces anyone to do anything," Tom said.

"I'm cool, I just can't believe my luck meeting ya'll. Your a lucky mother, Georgeann's got one of the best personalities I've ever saw in a woman," I said.

Tom laughed, "it ain't her pesonality that ya interested in, brother, she gives the best head and her fucking cunt is like a virgin 9 year old.

Me, persoanlly, I think we're gonna get along just fine." Georgeann and Jodie walked back into the game room. Jodie opened a bottle of bud and handed it to Tom, sat in the big man's lap, opened her own botle, put her arm around him and kissed him.

I could have sworn Georgeann said Jodie was Tom's sister, but right then, I didn't care, Georgeann had opened a bottle and handed it to me, then sat on my lap. She had changed from jeans to a pair of terry cloth shorts just like Jodie had on. WIth her arm around me, we began kissing. My hand went to her thigh.

I was surprised at how meaty it was. Thick and firm. Georgeann's hand that wasn't around my shoulder, began playing with my chest hair, then my nipple. I returned the favor. I pulled her tube top down and freed those huge firm tits. I felt the couch move, Tom and Jodie had gotten up and Tom pulled his jeans off and I peeked as Jodie took off her top and shorts.

Her pussy was as hairless as Georgeanns. With her thin body, long legs and those firm titties, she looked 12 years old, inspite of being 5'6". Tom sat back in a recliner that was in a corner, he watched Georgeann and I making out, me playing with her tits as his sister knelt in front of him and began sucking his huge dick. She didn't swallow his whole dick like Georgeann had done, but she was taking a lot more than half of it. I couldn't help but admire her cute, tiny ass, the shape of her hips and waist, those long, defined, coltish legs.

Georgeann stood up, she pulled the tube top over her head and took it off, then dropped her shorts. Now, in the bright light of the game room, I really got a good look at her perfect little, chubby pussy.

Not a hint of pussy lip showing, just a line where her crack was. I pulled her to me and kissed her as I grabbed her ass cheeks, then sucked on her nipples, drinking her milk as I forced her to spread her legs a bit to give me acess to her hot box. DAM! SHe was soaking wet, but still so tight I had to force my middle finger inside her.

I used my thumb to rub her clit and was surprised when it started to harden and grow. Georgeann had a huge clit, it grew stiff and hard like a minature dick, a good 3/4's of a inch. Hell, it looked like a tiny uncut dick with the hood partially over the tip, which looked like a swollen cockhead.

Georgeann spread her legs even more. I forced a second finger inside her and was rubbing my pinky on her asshole. Georgeann began moaning, then had a orgasm as I finger fucked her and had her left titty in my mouth.

"Ya doing something right Billy Bob, she usually takes longer to get off with a guy the first time, keep it up bro," Tom said winking at me. Jodie was now slowly strokeing her big brothers cock as she gave his balls a very sloppy tounge bath. Georgeann pulled away, told me that was great, thanked me and said it was her turn.

She knelt in front of me, together, we managed to get my jeans off. I had already cummed twice so far at Georgeanns talented mouth and inside her pussy, I had no problem getting hard again.


I was rock hard since she sat on my lap. Georgeann was looking in my eyes as she stuck out her tounge and began licking around my bopping cock head, her hands were on my thighs. She licked all around my head, then up and down my shaft.

She pulled my ass closer to the edge of the cushion, pushed my dick up to rest on my belly, then began licking my balls. After getting my nuts soaked, she gently took first one then the other ball inside her talented mouth and gently sucked and played with them, then managed to take both balls in her mouth. She was driving me crazy.

Then she did what no other woman had ever done to me, she began licking that little area just behind my nuts and before my asshole.

I never knew how sensitive that was. My cock was getting even harder. Then, she began toungeing, then rimming my asshole, something that only a few guys had ever done to me before. She was not only licking my ass, but sticking her tounge inside my butthole.

I thought I was going to shoot off without even touching myself.

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Then Georgeann went back to licking my balls, then my shaft, back to my cock head which she swooped down on, engulfing my entire lenght to the balls. She slowly moved her head up, so only my dick head was between her lips. She teased me with her tounge. I felt her finger probeing my butt, then when she swooped back down, swallowing me whole again, I felt her shove her finger up my ass and as she bopped her head up and down my whole dick, she began massageing my prostate.

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I lost it. I flooded her mouth with my cum. Georgeann gulped and swallowed, she didn't miss a drop. She kept sucking my dick, but it kept getting smaller. She let my cock pop from her mouth and smiling said, "I really do love your jism, Billy Bob! Thank you!!! I hope I didn't break it, I want it inside me again." "Oh Baby, I should be thanking you, I've never had a blow Job that fantastic before!!!! As for breaking it, well, I hope a few minutes recovery time will work, meanwhile, may I return the favor?," I asked.

"I thought you'd never ask.," Georgeann said as she laid up on the couch, her head on the far arm rest, one legs up on the back of the couch, the other spread as wide as she could flat on the floor to the side. Her beautiful young hairless cunt was totally on display. Still, her pussy was gaping, just this thin slit, no pussy lips peeking out at all. I knelt and dove in. I used every trick I knew, I sucked and pulled on her pussy lips with my tounge, I sucked her clitty, I chewed on her clit, I stuck my tounge as far inside her as I could.

Georgeann was climaxing non-stop. Not big orgasms, but a steady stream of short cums and she was very verbal about it too. Her pussy was so tight. So tastey.

When she grasped behind her knees and pulled her knees towards her shoulders, but as wide as she could, I knew exactly what she was hinting at. With her knees pulled back and spread, not only was her pussy spread and now finally gapeing open, but her cute little wrinkled brown eye was right there. I had never tounged a womans ass before, but I went to work on it while I finger fucked her tight hole.

Georgeann was yelling that it felt wonderfull and she was building to a huge climax. She shouted out how much she loved ass play and getting dicked up the ass.

I ate her ass, then slid my pinky inside her as my middle finger and pointing finger were deep in her cunt. I managed to force my ring finger inside her asshole with my pinky and was useing my thumb on her clit.

I moved up and kissed her, fingering her ass and cunt with one hand, my other hand was now working her tit over. I moved up and managed to slide my dick into her pussy, but left my fingers in her ass. I could feel my dick with my fingers thru the thin membrane that seperated the two passageways. "Oh GOD, YES!!

FUCK ME!!!," she screamed. Her head was thrown back, her face contorted, eyes closed, her mouth forming a huge 'O' as she climaxed. "Oh Fuck, I need it in my ass, fuck my ass Billy, shove that beautiful dick up my shitter!!!," Georgeann begged. I pulled my fingers out of her ass, pulled my dick out of her cunt and postioned it at her anal opening. Before I could even try and push it in, Georgean was shoving her ass back against my dick and the head popped in.

I couldn't believe in less than three hours I had fucked all three of her holes!!! I pounded her ass, it was getting dry, I tried ot pull out, but Georgeann said to keep fucking her she was just about to."Oh FUUUuuuuuuuuuuuuuucccccccCCCKKKKK!!!

I'm there.don't you dare stop mother fucker.Oh YEEEAAAAAHHHH I"MMmmmmm CCCCCUUUUMMMmmmmiiinnngggggggggg," Georgeann started shaking and her ass hole almost tore my cock off me.

I shot off inside her ass. We collasped, sweat dripping off us. Georgeann was showering me with kisses. I heard applause. I looked around, Jodie was rideing Toms cock, I could see it deep in her cunt as she faced him, her ass towards me.

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They had stopped, Jodie had her head turned straing to see us as Tom was clapping. "Encore, Encore, Magnificant.," brother and sister teased. I felt my face flush. "Never mind them, there just jealous!!," Georgeann said as I slowly slid out of her ass.

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I collasped back sitting on the couch. Georgeann sat up, then bent over and took my flacid, cum, pussy juiced and shit specked cock in her mouth and sucked me clean. That was so nasty!! I loved it. I pulled her up and kissed her, then pushed her back and ate her cunt and ass clean of the mess I made.

When I finished, Georgeann pulled me up and said, "Now, thats my kinda guy!" She gave me a deep soul kiss. We kicked back and cuddled, our hand roaming over each others bodies as we watched her husband and her sister-in-law fuck. Jodie was rideing Toms cock in long, slow rides.

Pulling her young cunt all the way off his dick and then plopping back down, Toms fat cock head spearing her cunt time after time.

Tom began humping upwards, meeting her pussy as it lowered, then he grabbed her slender hips and moved her up and down rapidly as if he was mastubateing with a toy. Jodie, who had been moaning in almost a whisper, began screaming louder then Georgeann did as she climaxed.

Jodie and Tom were sweating just as bad as Georgeann and I had. Tom pushed his sister down one last time and held her there as he lifted his hips.

"Oh Shit, I love feeling you shoot off in me!!," Jodie yelled. They began kissing, then Tom relaxed, sat back down and Jodie seemed to melt into his thick arms as they tenderly kissed each other. When Jodie started to climb off Tom's lap, Georgeann got up, told her to turn around quickly. Jodie did as requested and sat on her brothers lap, her back against his chest, her cunt just above his spent dick, her legs drapped over the arms of the recliner.

Her pussy was not so young looking anymore. The lips were very red and swollen, it was gapeing open, her pink insides clearly visible and everything was coated with thick white frosting, Tom's cum that was begining to leak out of her.

Georgeann knelt between thier legs and I watched her lap at Jodies cunt a few times, then turned and asked me if I wanted a taste. "Fuck yeah!," I said as I knlet besides Georgeann who had moved to the side.

I saw Toms cock up close, even soft, it looked huge, it was still, even bigger then mine when I was hard. "Go ahead, it ain't gonna bite ya," Georgeann said as she seen me hesitate. I started licking, tasteing this young girl and my new friends cum. My chin hit Toms cock several times, I wanted so bad to take him into my mouth. Then I felt Tom's cock start to harden, it hardened rapidly and was poking against my neck.

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I heard Georgeann laugh then say, "hey Billy Bob, I think Tom likes you down there. I think my hubby's queer for ya! Have ya ever been that close to a cock before Billy?," Georgeann stated and then asked. I pulled my head away from Jodies very tastey pussy with it's wonderful cum pie, looked around at Georgeann, smiled, turned around, hesitated a moment, then said fuck it.

The worse that could happen is Tom throws a punch at me and tells me to leave, or the best would be that Tom is as bi as I am. I gave Jodie another couple of licks, shoved a couple of fingers inside her, then pulled my head back so I could take Toms cock head in my mouth. I began sucking him, I took almost all of his 8 inches, Jodie was moaning, Tom was moaning, then I began moaning as Georgeann got behind me and began fingering my asshole with one hand and jerking off my soft cock with the other.

I got hard. Jodie pulled away, Tom was watching me suck his cock. Jodie laid on the floor between me and the recliner and somehow got Georgeann to place my dick in her mouth.

I sucked Tom, he grabbed my head and began face fucking me till he almost came. Jodie came up, grabbed my hand, led me to the couch.

She laid down, spread her legs and pulled me on top. I fucked her cunt for a good 20 minutes before I gave up. I couldn't cum again that quick, four times in one day was way more then I was use to. Jodies cunt was a lot looser then Georgeann's.

I don't know if it was because she was so thin, or if it was just genetics, but god, it was still some good pussy. That was the first night of a very long, kinky and adventuous friendship.