Novia mexicana tetona de garganta profunda

Novia mexicana tetona de garganta profunda
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"You destroyed my life bitch and you stole my son from me and now it is time for you to pay for your shit whore!" I screamed in her face. "Realize it cunt that today is the day you die!" "But I didn't do anything wrong to deserve this" she replied. I hauled off and punched her in the mouth, knocking out two of her teeth in the process.

"You fucking lying cunt. First you deserve this cause you falsely accused your ex husband of rape. That is how you got me involved in your fucking life whore!" I hauled off and punched her in the nose, the sound of it breaking was like music to my ears. "Seeing you said he raped you, I have a little suprise for you before I kill your sorry ass. Seeing how you wanted to be raped by him, well." I go and open the door and in walk 2 dozen of the nastiest bums I could find on the street.

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I told them to go for it and they did. This cunt ex of mine had to endure each and every one of them raping her violently.

The deal was each was to take her but make sure she suffered extreme pain and they were following my words to a T. Three of them jumped on her and penetrated all three of her holes.


I could actually smell the unwashed bodies as they continued to rape my ex. One after another raped her, violently, viciously, making her scream in pain and agony. The whole time I am laughing at her, telling her she is getting exactly what she deserved. After all 24 bums were done with her I proceeded to my next torture. I re-bound her to a frame and bought in the horse. I had the horse mount her and it slid it's huge cock right into her asshole. She screamed in pain as the horse started to ream out her asshole, plunging it's dick into her again and again.

I again laughed right in her face as the horse continued it's pounding to her asshole, blood squirting from it as the horse reamed her out. Then it unloaded into her nasty asshole, flooding her with it's horse cum. Next I bought in two dogs and let them have their turn on the nasty bitch. All the time she is begging me to make it stop, but it never will. The dogs have their way with her, one pounding her cunt while the other slammed it's dick down her throat.

Whimpering when they were done, bleeding profusely from her asshole and cunt hole, she again begged me to stop. She said I loved her once so how could I do this to her?

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I hauled off and punched her right in the mouth again, knocking out more of her teeth. "You fucking cunt, you told me you loved me, then once you knew you were knocked up with my son, you lied to me. You went and had your fucking foster mother pay a magistrate for your fucking restraining order. You denied my son to me and me to him. You stole my money. You destroyed my life. I loved you with everything I had and you only used me.

So bitch, now your going to die and no one will ever find your fucking body either." I then shoved one of my fists straight into her bleeding cunt and the other one into her asshole and started to ream both holes out. I shoved my fists into her as deep as I could get them, all the way up to my elbows.

U loved hearing her scream in pain as I did this. After fisting her holes for about ten minutes I then went and got my louisville slugger.

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I hit her with it a few times, then taking the large end, I shoved it right into her nasty cunt. I had splintered it real well so as I shoved it in, the splinters embeded themselves into her cunt flesh. Again and again I shoved that bat into her hole.


When I had enough of that I then shoved it into her asshole and fucked her again with the bat. I then took it out of her asshole and shoved it into her mouth, making her lick her nasty shit off of it. I would alternate, shoving it in her asshole then into her mouth, making her eat her own shit.

After about a half an hour raping her with the baseball bat, I then switched to some more casual pleasures. burning her with cigarettes all over her, enjoying the screams that came from her.

Yes, I was loving the fact that I was making this evil cunt pay for her shit she did to myself and my son.

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I tortured her for another two hours, using all kinds of things to hurt her in the most degrading manner I could. I even shit right into her mouth and made her eat that too. I loved torturing this cunt bitch ex of mine. I dragged her sorry ass to the final degredation. I tied her spread eagle and then introduced her to my knives.

I slowly peeled a layer of skin off of her belly. I enjoyed her screams to no end. The pain I was causing her was nothing compared to the pain she had caused me, but I planned on making things much worse for this cunt.

I spent the next three hours slowly skinning one layer after another off her slimy body. After I took a layer I poured salt onto it, making her scream even louder in pain and agony.Everytime she passed out from the pain, I would throw cold water on her and revive her.

It was time to finish it.

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I looked her dead in the eyes and told her, "Enjoy your eternity in hell cunt cause that is where your going." I spit into her face" For the harm you have done to my son and I you are now going to die." I then shoved the knife into her cunt and slowly started slicing up into her. I sliced her right up the middle, her entrails spilling out of her now convulsing body. Watching this cunt die and knowing I was the cause of it bought real happiness to me.