Alexa Grace and Bailey Bay interracialed

Alexa Grace and Bailey Bay interracialed
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"We made it!" Daniel jumped at the chance to get out of the car but was really let down at the lack of curb appeal offered by their new apartment complex. "LOOK AT THOSE PALM TREES!" his mother exclaimed.

Daniel smiled a quick smirk at his mother's optimism and enthusiasm while he unhooked his bicycle from the top of the station wagon. As he walked to the entrance of the apartment complex he couldn't help but think back to the long road trip, the attack at the motel, and his mother giving him a blowjob.

It embarrassed him to realize that the last woman to make him cum was his own mother. He let out his frustration in the form of a kick to open the swinging door of the apartment complex "AIYAAA!" The door swung open and smacked a man on the other side right in the head. "Oh my god! I'm sorry. Are you ok?

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I didn't realize." Daniel helped the man up and realized he was around the same age as himself. "Was that Karate? It really hurt! I'm Gene I live on the ground floor.

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You must be the new kid in 211." "Yeah, I'm Daniel.we just got in from Jersey. Look I'm really sorry I hit you." "I'm fine, really.

Looks like you've taken a punch or two yourself!" Daniel remembered the black eyes he was sporting from the stranger's punches back at the motel. "Yeah well you should see the other guy," Daniel bluffed with a laugh. "If you're not too busy unpacking, maybe you'd like to come to the beach tonight.


We having a little get-together.there will be girls." Gene said nudging Daniel's arm. "Yeah, maybe.I will have to check with my mom." "Ok, I will drop by your place in a couple hours. Later. Man, that was a solid kick!" Daniel felt the urge to apologize again, but simply lowered his head and continued to his new apartment.

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It wasn't long after Daniel finished unpacking when he heard a knock at the door. "Ma, I'm going out! I won't be late." Daniel could tell from the faint moans coming from the other side of his mother's bedroom door that she had unpacked her shoebox and was probing her pussy with one of the dildos that was packed inside.


He didn't wait for a response. The beach that Gene took Daniel to was somewhat secluded. On this night there were many of the boys and girls that Daniel would be going to school with.

It was a last day of Summer Break party. One girl caught Daniel's eye and he was amazed to see that she was watching him as well. "What's your name?" "Allie.with an 'i'" "I'm Daniel." She smiled at his quick response. Allie was wearing a classy blue swimsuit. It was a one piece but it fit her form perfectly.

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Her face was innocent and she spoke with hesitant sophistication. Her breasts were a small C, as far as Daniel could guess, but her ass was an A+. She made small talk and asked what happened to his eye. Daniel responded with a lie about winning a fight against a bully. As they talked they would casually bump into one another and this would send blood racing to Daniel's eager cock.

"You kinda have a tent down there," Allie chuckled, "I am coming off a break-up and I do NOT want my first day of Senior year one knowing that my jerk ex boyfriend was the last person I fucked. Do you want to start the schoolyear fresh with me?" Daniel couldn't believe his ears!

"Yeah, that's great," he clumsily resonded. "Let's go over to those rocks away from everyone else." Daniel felt like this was all a prank set up by Gene as payback for the kick; but he couldn't help going along with it, though. Allie led him by the hand to the rocky spot on the beach. "I.I don't have a condom," Daniel said breaking the silence. "There's no need. All girls in California are on birth control." They both laughed and Daniel leaned towards Allie for a kiss.

She met him halfway by standing on her tippy toes. As they kissed Daniel began touching her breasts from the outside of her swimming suit.

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She pulled her lips from his and bit her lip as she slipped her arms out of the straps of her bathing suit. Following her cue, Daniel slouched lower and began kissing the tops of her breast; slowly moving to her nipple. He sucked and licked her hard nipple and grabbed her other breast with his hands.

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She moaned slightly in the sea breeze as goosebumps sprung up her arms. Daniel untied his swim shorts and allowed them to droop below his hard cock. Allie tugged on it and ran her hands up and down the full length of his dick.

She guided him again to a spot in the sand that inclined up towards the rocks. Daniel sat in the sand and pulled his shorts down lower. Allie slid the lower portion of her bathing suit to one side exposing her beautiful, bald pussy.

She straddled Daniel's hips and guided his long, hard dick inside her slot. Daniel placed his hands on her hips and pulled her down to him so every inch was inside Allie. She breathed hard and let out a small wimper. Her pussy was so warm compared to the breezy night air.

Daniel let Allie set the pace, this was her idea afterall. She moved her hips in a circular motion at first and then began a slow up and down. She closed her eyes and Daniel could feel her getting wetter from the experience. " feel good," she said between breaths. He sat up and began sucking on her othe nipple and moved his face between her two breasts.licking and kissing there. He wrapped his arms around her lower back and she hugged his head pushing her boobs around his face. Daniel began lifting Allie a little to get the most out of each pump inside her.

She squirmed and gasped at this; Daniel could tell she was close to cumming.and he was too!! His first thought was panic, because he didn't want his reputation at his new school to be the "minuteman" but her pussy felt so good and the excitement of the moment got the best of him. He decided to go with it.

He quickened the speed of his hips while holding her waist pressed down close to him. She let out a raspy shout as she began her orgasm. Daniel felt her pussy clinch onto his cock and pulse with ecstacy. Daniel groaned softly as his load left him and shot into her cunt.

He continued to pump inside her as their juices mixed and made a watery slap with each slowing pump. Allie smiled in approval. "I'm sorry.I usually last longer." Daniel began. "It was perfect. I came.lets save the marathons for the bedroom." Daniel couldn't help but enjoy the hint that this would not be their only encounter. ** At the crest of a hill Johnny brought his dirtbike to a halt overlooking the beach.

The bonfire was still burning and music was still blasting as up beside him. "Looks like everyone is trying something new! Look." "Same bullshit party as always!" Johnny said.

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"Not there!!! There!" Johnny looked to the rocks and saw Allie replacing the straps of her blue bathing suit back on her shoulders. There was a guy with her that Johnny had never seen before. The kid was shuffling his feet in the sand. He looked nervous, out of place, and poor. Johnny felt his face flush with anger.