Two big cock fucking free download video gay then they suck each

Two big cock fucking free download video gay then they suck each
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CHAPTER 1 Hello everyone this is my first story.please leave feedback on how i can improve so i can write more an better thank you. She went outside 4 a ciggerette.she looked in her bag pulled out her packet of ciggerettes and took 1.took her lighter and lit it she put her ciggerettes and lighter back in her she looked up she glanced and saw a man,tall,shaved head,broad soulders.he asked her for a light she stuttered saying yes.Rumiging in her bag she found her lighter flicking it alight the stranger put the end of his ciggerette in the flame and took a deep drag.Ooooh thats better been dying for that for at least an hour.He carried on talking but she wasnt listening she couldnt take her eyes of him,his muscular shoulders and chest.she was trying to imagine him without his shirt on tanned with a sixpack she was thinking, as she looked lower she could still hear him talking but not really listening still, she noticed a bulge in his tight but nice fitted jeans,she took a short gasp of air her heart beating faster and harder,she slowly moved her head up moving her eyes back up his body until she got to his eyes.they were deep blue and staring directly at her breasts,as she looked down at them she coulld see why.her nipples were hard like never before pushing through her thin flimsy black top,no bra on his eyes were fixed to them she looked down at his bulge,now even bigger and very obvious she looked back at his eyes they were still fixed to her breasts.she slowly slid one hand across her waist and and up onto her breast and started to rub her nipple.his eyes widened lips open slightly as if he wanted it in his mouth.she slid her hand up to her top button and popped it open and the next button revealing her cleavage of her firm, pert dd breasts.his eyes widened further,he was throbbing in his throusers she could see his full size he was large,she moved closer to him and turned away from him.she moved her ass to his dick n gently pushed against it they both moaned at the same time.she could feel his big dick against her ass.she pushed harder.he slid his arm around her his hand cupping her breast gently squeezing it and pinching her nipple,she moaned a bit louder and pressed against him harder and he started to press harder to her.he poppped open the rest of her buttonstaking her blouse off.he cupped both breasts sqeezing them, pressing against her he started kissing her neck and the top of her back,she turned round and lifted his t-shirt off kissing his neck and chest down to his nipples puttting one in her mouth she sucked it and nibbled on it.she kissed him some more kissing and nibbling his other nipple.

Moving down she kissed his belly putting her tongue in his belly button.she put her hands on his knees n slid them up his thighs rubbing one hand on his dick she stroked the lenth of him from the end right back to his balls.she could feel him throbbing through his trousers,she popped open his top button and slid down his zip pulled his trousers to his ankles and smiled,looking up at him she took a deep breath, slowly opened her mouth and slid her lips over the end of his dick and sucked gently.he put his head back and moaned.she took him deeper working up and down his dick she cupped his balls gently massaging them everytime she went down on his dick.getting deeper and deeper down her throat making her gag,his balls slapping her chin every time he pushes his dick into her mouth,making him cum in her mouth,� .she takes his dick out of her mouth and starts suckin his balls one then the other suckin them harder each time.he looked down to her and smiled,she took his dick into her mouth once more suckin the dribbles from him,she stood up opened her mouth and kissed him.he kissed her back his tongue in her mouth shareing his dribbles.he slid his hands onto her bum and squeezed it pulling her close to him,he moved his hands round to her front and popped the buttons open on her skin tight jeans she could feel she was very wet, he slid a finger into her jeans and rubbed it over her clit,making her twitch,slid his finger out and put it in her mouth she sucks of her juices .he got on his knees in front of her and slid her jeans off,she put one leg up on his shoulder,her pussy opened,glistening in front of his eyes,� he opened his mouth and pressed his lips to her wet pussy, ,running his tougue over her pussy,he started to lick around her clit teasing her running his tongue between her lips,she let out a big sigh and started moving backwards and forwards on his tongue,as she moves faster he starts pushing his toungue inside her pussy with every move she makes he pushes deeper until his tongue is in as far as he can stretch it.she presses harder onto his face until she can hold back no more,she comes with an almighty scream then her pussy starts gushing, squirting her cum all over his face,she lifts her leg of his shoulder and he stands up and kisses her softly so she can taste her cum,she sighs, looks at him and smiles,then she turns arround and bends over parts her legs reaches through her legs and grabs his dick,moving it to her pussy and as she pushes back onto it she gasps taking his whole lenth and enjoying every slap on her clit she gets from his big heavy balls he sterts pushing harder and faster into her, he reaches round to her clit and starts to rub it,making her push harder against him,she reaches round and and squeezes his big balls,he pulls his throbbing dick from her pussy and laying down on the floor invites her to slide her pussy over his dick,she turns facing away from him and slides down on his full lenth, slowly working a rythum she slides up and down getting faster and harder until finally he shoots his cum deep inside her causing her to cum again,after they both finish she slides of his still hard dick sqats over his face and dribbles there combined cum over his face and when it stops dripping out she sits on his face again and sucks his dick until he is dry,they get up and she pulls some wipes from her bag they wipe themselves and he says pulling his jeans up ,your place or mine.

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to be continued.