Bears vs twink and gay old sex first time Things continue to warmth

Bears vs twink and gay old sex first time Things continue to warmth
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Kelli was a 15 year old girl, her mother was always busy with work and her dad worked from home helping people fix their computers, she had matured quickly, getting her period and growing into her breasts at the age of 12, so by now she wore a size 32C and she noticed her dad (Jack) would stare at her whenever she entered the room, making her very uncomfortable so she would quickly leave and would keep her arms crossed over her chest if she couldnt leave the room. one time she came home from school early and was shocked to see her dad fucking her mom on the couch, she managed not to gasp and was slowly backing out of the house when her dad looked up and caught her, he smiled and held a finger up to his lips signaling her to be quiet as mommy hadnt noticed her yet, he shook his head as she kept backing up,signaling he wanted her to stay and watch, she was very uncomfortable and stared at the floor, her face getting very red as she heard her dad grunting, his hips slapping her moms as he pounded into her, she kept hearing her moms moans and it appeared she had orgasmed multiple times, but her dad refused to stop until Kelli looked up, he looked into her eyes as he slammed into her mom one more time filling her with his cum, he then nodded his approval for Kelli to leave and she dashed out as quickly and quietly as possible.

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Why had her dad fucked her mom in front of her, why had he made her stay, was he gonna tell mom, oh god that would be so humiliating. She stayed away from the house as long as possible hoping that would give her parents time to finish and get decent, hopefully she would be able to erase that visual from her head soon. when she finally went home her mom was back at work and her dad was upstairs working, she went into her room and began to work on her school work, she heard her dad coming downstairs an hr later and hoped he would stay away, no such luck, she heard a knock at her door and then he just barged in, he had no respect for her privacy, he couldnt even wait for her to answer before barging in, why bother knocking.


"yes dad?" she asked barely hiding a sigh of frustration "why where you home from school so early?" he asked sitting down next to her and stroking her back his hand running over her back, it kept grazing over her bra straps and she shrugged uncomfortably, subtly shifting so she was out of his reach "there was a malfunction with the schools computers and we couldn't do our work with them so everyone got sent home early" her dad looked at her disappointedly "that sounds like a load of bull, you arent lying to me are you?" she shook her head in confusion "no dad im not lying, why would i lie?" he sighed and put his hand on her hair, stroking "well you know me and mommy have our only alone time together when your at school, is that why you came home early, to disrupt that?" his hand started to fist in her hair and she got a worried look on her face "no dad i didnt know that, i swear there really was a computer problem you can check it out if you dont believe me" she grabbed at his hand and tried to pull his hand off, he just tightened his grip and lowered her head so she was face down on her bed "im really disappointed in you for lying to me, your gonna pay for that" he then pulled her pants down, his hand pushing her face into the bed as she struggled, then he pulled down her panties and pushed them down to her knees with her pants, he then pulled her over his lap, tucking her legs underneath one of his, pulling her hair hard when she tried to pull away "daddy!

daddy what are you doing please stop your hurting me!" her hands clasped and clawed at his hand on her hair, screaming when his free hand smacked her ass cheeks hard "its not supposed to be pleasant Kelli, you lied to me and this is your punishment, now let go of my hand" Kelli kept clawing at his hand now and he smacked her again harder, pushing her face into the bed till she struggled to breathe and finally let go, he then let her up for air "good girl now take your punishment like a good girl, and dont say anything to your mom or you can expect a lot worse, she has a lot on her plate and she doesnt need to deal with this" Kelli nodded whimpering and still panting for breath when her dad shoved her face into the sheets again and his hand began raining down harsh smacks on her ass, she screamed into the bed and thrashed her legs, squirming and crying into the bed, quickly becoming short of breath with her face shoved into the sheets, every so often her dad would lift her just enough for her to gasp for breath before shoving her back down, he smacked her ass till both cheeks were flaming red then he just started rubbing her ass, trying to calm her as her sobs shook her whole body, he let go of her hair and slowly pulled her panties back up along with her pants, she was to upset to feel his hard cock pressing against her side and he quickly shifted her off of him "now im gonna call the school and see what really happened and ill be back soon ok sweetie?" Kelli pulled away from him and buried her face in her pillow as she tried to calm down, 15 minutes laters her dad came back "sweetie im really sorry i spanked you, it turns out you were telling the truth, it just sounded like a load of bull to me, let me make it better" Kelli whined as she felt him slipping her pants and panties down again, trying to pull away "no daddy please dont touch me" he just dragged her to him and over his lap again "now Kelli calm down im not gonna hurt you, im trying to help, so just hold still" he began to rub some cold ointment onto her stinging ass, she cried out at first, but soon it started to help and she quieted and calmed down, wiping her tears away, when he finished rubbing the cream in he fixed her pants and panties again "you know Kelli while im sorry that i spanked you for something you didnt do, upon further reflection you did need it, you were very bad for watching while me and mommy had our private time together" Kelli jerked her head up, confused and a little angry "b-but dad!

you made me watch" he rolled his eyes and heaved a sigh "come on now Kelli why would i do that, that is very private special time for me and your mom, and here you are watching and now lying about why you did, do i need to remind you what happens when you lie, cause i thought we just covered that" Kelli whimpered and shook her head, her dad smiled and let her off his lap "good glad to hear it, dont let it happen again" he chucked her under her chin "now get up and make some dinner, your mom will be home soon." Kelli nodded and got up, she didnt want to get punished again, she didnt know what was wrong with her dad but she didnt want to push his buttons so she made spaghetti and when her mom got home they all sat down to eat, she couldnt help but whimper and wince as she sat, her ass stinging again, even the fabric of her clothing hurt her, her mom asked what was wrong but she just lied and said she fell down at shool, feeling her dad glaring at her and seeing his smile at her answer, apparently it was ok to lie when it covered his ass.

it was only a few days later when her dad was bugging her again, her mom had had to leave town the day before and she was gonna be gone for a week, he barged into her room while she was on the phone with her friends and told her to get off the phone, she did so quickly.

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"your on the phone too much" he said, grabbing it from her, it was probably somewhat true, but still why did he have to be so mean about it "fine" she muttered and grabbed her homework and started to work on it when she felt his hand fist in her hair and twist her head to face him "dont get attitude with me young lady i have enough problems with your mom out of town, i havent gotten off in 2 days so i dont need your smart mouth sassing me" eww she thought, really dont need to know how often you get off "ok whatever, sorry" she muttered trying to pull away from him but his grip tightened painfully and she cried out "you know what you can do with that smart mouth?

ill show you, you need to learn how to properly treat your dad" his free hand reached down and unzipped his pants and freed his already stiff cock from his boxers, he then lowered her head till her lips were pressing on the tip of his cock "open up!" he shook her head roughly and she whimpered, barely opening her mouth, it was enough for him to slip the head in though and he released a sigh as precum began to dribble out, shoving her head down and forcing her mouth open wide with his cock, she gagged and struggled to pull away as he forced his cock balls deep into her mouth, her face turning red, her eyes darted around in a panic as she struggled to breathe, gagging hard, he finally pulled out and she gasped for breath, seeing his cock covered in a big gob of saliva from her gagging so hard, she heard him chuckle as he forced her head back down and made her swallow his cock again "yea thats it baby girl, your mouth feels better then mommys, take my big cock" kelli was whimpering and struggling to pull away her one hand pushed on his lap as the other clawed at his hand on her hair, her eyes bulging as he pushed his cock into her throat and made her gag again, though she didnt gag quite so hard this time, he flicked her cheek with his free hand "now Kelli stop struggling and this will go a lot easier and faster, im gonna let go now and i want you to start sucking and licking my cock, and if you dont your gonna get another spanking, and from the way youve been avoiding sitting on hard surfaces im guessing your still a bit sore so i dont imagine you want that" kelli nodded her head frantically in agreement she really didnt want to get spanked again she was still so sore, she reluctantly stopped struggling and as her dad released her head she began to suck and flick her tongue up and down his length, she heard him groan and felt him lay back on the bed, his hand lightly stroking her hair "ok now start bobbing your head up and down, i want you to take my cock all the way in your throat, hold it there for a few seconds and then pull it most of the way out until only the head is in, every time, and keep sucking and licking it, understand?" Kelli nodded her head again, closing her eyes as she did as her dad asked just wanting to get this over with, her face red from gagging and the humiliation of giving her dad a blow job, she knew about sex of course but she had never done anything beyond making out with a few guys, watching porn and fingering herself a few times and she certainly never thought her dad would be the first guy she gave a blow job to.

after another few minutes he told her to use her hands to stroke the length of his penis while she sucked on the head, she complied and sucked half heartedly, earning another flick on her cheek as he told her to suck like she meant it, she nodded and started to suck and lick like he was a loli pop and she was eager to find the center, hoping this would make him happy, it did but only for a little while and then he told her to keep stroking him and suck on his balls, she kept stroking him but she deffinetly didnt want to suck his balls, that was just gross, he grabbed her hair and forced her head down, and when she cried out he pushed his balls into her mouth "suck!" she whimpered, tears starting to well up as she began to suck on his balls, they felt perky and heavy, and admittedly not as bad as she thought, but still it was her dad!

after a little while he used both hands to guide her head back to his cock and make her take it all into her throat again, he felt even thicker and she could feel a slight pulsing against her tongue as he began to move her head up and down while thrusting his hips, he was going hard and fast and she began to panic cause she knew what was gonna happen, she didnt want to swallow her dads cum and she could taste a lot more of the precum coming out so she knew it wouldnt be long, she struggled to pull away and pushed on his hips and hands, shaking her head helplessly, as he groaned and began slamming his hips against her face, then he froze and she felt a hot thick rope of cum shoot the back of her throat before he began pumping her mouth wildly as more and more sprayed into her throat, she couldnt breathe and her mouth quickly filled up, and he was still cumming!

"swallow it!" he shouted, jerking her hair until she reluctantly began to swallow, some began to dribble out of her mouth as she had a tiny mouth and it was coming out to hard and fast for her to swallow "you better swallow it all, dont let a drop go to waste young lady" he told her as he pumped out the rest of his load, even after he stopped cumming he held her down on his cock, feeling her throat contracting as she swallowed every last drop, finally he pulled out and she pulled away, gasping for breath and resisting the urge to run to the bathroom to throw it up, she knew she would just be in more trouble and to be honest it didnt taste horrible, but it was her dad and it was wrong, and she didnt know what to do about that.

he put his cock back in his boxers and zipped his pants back up, smiling at the drool staining his pants from where his daughter had sucked him off, he then grabbed her face, pinching her cheeks as he turned her to him "now you know not to tell anyone about that right?" she nodded quickly and he said "good because what you just did was very bad and slutty, and im ashamed of you enough without you going around and telling people that your such a slut you sucked your own father off when i was just trying to get the phone from you" she gasped and stared at her dad in confusion as he chuckled, smacking her cheek lightly before leaving the room, what the hell?

how did he turn everything and make it look like it was her fault!

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a week later her ass had finally healed and she could sit comfortably, her mom was home and her dad hadnt touched her for a while so she could almost forget seeing him fucking her mom and having to give him a blow job, or at least she tried to. she had one day where her mom was as usual at work and her dad had gone out somewhere, she didnt know where, nor did she care, she wanted to watch some porn and play with her pussy, she lay back on her bed and began to stroke her pussy through her panties as she pulled up a video, the more she got into it she moved her panties out of the way and began to push her fingers in and out of her sopping wetness, she was getting really close now and she rubbed at her clit and closed her eyes tight, not hearing the front door open or her door open as her dad came into her room, as usual without waiting for an answer or even knocking, she came hard, coating her fingers, her eyes opened slowly and she gasped and jumped up as she saw her dad at the end of her bed "now Kelli i knew you were bad when you watched me and mommy fuck and sucked my cock, but really?!

porn and masturbation?! clearly you are out of control and on your way to becoming a big slut, and i wont have a slut for a daughter!" he leaned over Kelli who was frozen in shock and embarrasment, pulling her hand from her pussy and lifting her fingers to her mouth "suck that nasty cum off" he muttered and she opened her mouth and began to suck and lick her fingers till they were clean "good, now look at your pussy!

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its filthy, cum dripping everywhere! you should be ashamed, i would make you clean that too but since i doubt you can bend like that I'm gonna have to do it" he shook his head and sighed as he bent down till his mouth touched her pussy, Kelli finally came out of her shock enough to try to pull away and cover herself, but her dad just grabbed her hips and pulled her closer "now Kelli you just hold still while i clean this up, dont make it harder then it needs to be" he then began kissing her pussy, licking softly as he cleaned her cum off the outside of her pussy lips, Kelli was squirming and biting her lips, it felt so good but she knew it was wrong and she didnt want to make a single sound of pleasure cause that would just make things worse and mean that something was wrong with her for enjoying it, hopefully he was done now "outside all good but the inside is still so filthy!" her dad exclaimed, spreading her pussy lips with his fingers as he looked and saw her cum filled pussy, shoving his tongue inside her and licking, slurping and sucking till she couldnt hold it back anymore and began to moan and buck her hips up against his face, so ashamed of herself but she couldnt help it, more cum began to dribble out of her and her dad pulled away looking at her, shocked with his lips glistening with her cum "Kelli really?!

such a slut, i think your enjoying this, look at it, theres freaking more cum!" he tsked as he shoved 2 fingers deep inside her making her gasp and moan loudly as he swirled them around then pulled them out, showing her his cum soaked fingers "look at that! i just licked you clean, there shouldnt be more of this, yet here it is" he shoved his fingers in her mouth for her to lick as he smacked her pussy hard, pulling his fingers from her mouth he shoved them back in her pussy and resumed licking and sucking until she came hard, cleaning that all out then pulling away and shaking his head in disgust, "that was a lot of cum, your such a slut ,it was just pouring out and filling my mouth, im your dad kelli, thats just wrong!


im gonna stop your sluttish tendencies now, i bought something for you while i was out" he reached down into a bag he had dropped at the side of the bed and pulled out a chastity belt, Kelli gasped and shook her head, still blushing furiously as she regained her breath and scrambled out of the bed trying to get away from her dad, he grabbed her wrist and threw her back down on the bed and put the chastity belt on locking it into place. "there now i dont have to be ashamed of you anymore, you can still pee and if you have to do anything else just tell me and ill unlock it long enough for you to use the bathroom and then it goes back on, got it?" Kelli nodded, defeated, maybe daddy really did want the best for her, maybe she really was the big slut, not him, it sure seemed like everything was her fault.