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Foxy robotic hot blonde babe pleasing two cocks deep throat blowjob big tits and facial
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She waited for him in the white satin robe that he loved. Jennifer wanted Darin to find her looking the way he loved to see her. Beautiful. Comfortable. He always marveled at the way that she could make the most casual clothes look fantastic. She sighed at the thought of him and tucked her legs up under her body and waited for him.

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Darin walked around the office; flicking lights off and making sure all the computers were shut down. He locked the doors up tight and made his way to his car.

He looked back at the huge building sitting against the dark sky and felt so proud. He worked so hard for so long and finally has something to show for it… a college professor. Jennifer walked to the window and looked out, anticipating Darin.

She walked through the house and made sure everything was perfect. She looked at the house and smiled, they really did such a great job on it. Her and Darin did a lot of the work themselves and their families helped out a lot. They were lucky, very lucky. Darin rounded the last corner and saw his house sit massively against the sky.

The lawn was well manicured and it looked so friendly. The size and all of its luxuries didn't take away from the comfort. She recognized his headlights coming up the drive. She smiled and breathed in deeply. She is also so excited to see him after all this time nothing has changed.

She sat on the couch and waited for him. He parks in the garage and comes in through the side door. He can see her on the couch looking towards the front door. He chuckles because he knows she's waiting for him to come through that door. He sneaks quietly across the floor and comes up behind her. Slowly lowering his head he plants soft kisses on her exposed neck and shoulder.

"Mmm… honey, you're home," she moans as her arms slip up and around his neck. "Yes, baby," he says between kisses, "I'm home." Jennifer tightens her grip on Darin's neck and pulls him onto her. "You know, she says… I had planned a surprise for you, but this wasn't exactly it." He sits up on her and unknots the belt of her robe.

As he slips the belt through the loops her robe falls open and exposes her swollen breasts. She leans up just a bit and lets the robe fall off her shoulders. Darin leans into her and takes her nipples into his mouth.

She throws her head back in passion and closes her eyes as she feels his hot mouth on her and his strong arms supporting her back. His mouth moves fast on her breasts as if he can't get enough of her. Her skin is sweet and soft in his mouth and she tastes beautifully. He breathlessly lies her back on the couch and looks at her.

"Baby!" she says in complete shock. "You are so amazing and I love you madly." She grabs his neck and pulls herself up to him and kisses him as wildly as she sucked her nipples and kissed her breasts. She throws her weight to him and nearly topples him over. "Jen!" Darin moans loudly, "what are you…" She silences him with her mouth and slides her body on top of his.

She unbuttons his shirt quickly and laughs as a few pop off and land on the floor. "I guess I'll be doing a little sewing later," she laughs as her mouth licks his chest and her fingers gingerly unbutton his jeans. She lingers for so long on his chest and stomach. "Mmm… honey," she growls as she slips his pants down to his ankles and exposes his beautiful cock. "Have I ever told you that you have the most beautiful cock in the world?" He begins to talk again and she silences him with her mouth.

She grinds her wet pussy into his leg as she kisses his mouth and caresses his body. His hands find her ass and help her move up and down onto him. They kiss and rock together for what seems like hours. She reached down and helps herself to his thick cock. Taking it into her hands and guiding it to her pussy.

She wets it between her lips and rolls it on and around her clit.


Jennifer sat herself up on her knees and hovered over Darin. Looking down on him, she held his eyes with hers and smiled.

"Oh, how I love that smile, baby," Darin said as he caressed and touched Jennifer's body. She closed her eyes loosely as she fell with all her weight onto his cock. Slamming into her with much force, Darin grunts softly and holds her tight.

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The shock of him inside of her overwhelms her and she breathlessly begins to writhe all around his cock. He is amazed by her passion and loses himself in her. He lifts her body gently and sits up, his back now against the couch. She smiles at him and wraps her long arms around his neck, leaning into him and pressing her forehead to his. She looks into his eyes and he stares back into hers as she grinds and grinds onto him.

His cock going wonderfully deep inside of her. She feels his hands on her ass and thighs. "Mmm…Darin," she whispers into his ear, "fuck me. I'm begging you to fuck me." He grabs her waist tightly and begins to meet her thrusts digging his hips into her as her thighs squeeze against his body.

Lifting her and watching her, Darin begins so suckle and bite her breasts. Her head falls back and her hair falls off her shoulders. His cock goes deeper and deeper into her with each movement. His mouth finds her collarbone and then her neck. Kissing and licking her as if his thirst for her could never be quenched. Jennifer slows down the pace a bit and just slowly, slowly rolls around in Darin's lap. She takes his face in her hands and just stares at him while his cock rolls around in her.

She can feel him swelling in her, growing larger and larger as their passion increases. "I love you, precious," she whispers lightly in his ear, tracing her finger along his jawbone. Jennifer continues to speak into Darin's ear, "I love how you make love to me and you make me feel so beautiful." She sees him blush and he tries to quiet her, but she won't hear of it. "You are a fantastic lover, Darin," she moans as his cock rolls around in her wet pussy.

"I can't take much more of this," Darin says to her, "you are making me crazy." Knowing how passionate he is and wanting to make his orgasm phenomenal she begins to be a little more explicit. "Darin," Jennifer says breathlessly, "I want you." "My god, Darin, I want to feel you explode into me… all your hot cum shooting into me." She hangs her head and looks at him through the top of her eyes, grinding into him and squeezing his cock as tight as she can.

He begins to pump her, harder and harder. His breath turns to gasps and his thrusts are short and deep. "Stop." She says. "I can't…" Darin tries to get words out, but she won't let him. Her mouth his hot and hard on his, biting his lips, sucking his tongue. "Don't cum," she says in a sinister voice.

"You aren't allowed." "What?!" Darin says in disbelief, "Not allowed?" He begins to fuck her madly, crazily. He watches her bounce up and down and her breasts rise and sink with her breath. Jennifer stops moving and squeezes Darin with her thighs.

"I said stop," she said, grinning at him. She reaches back and slips a hand beneath her, cupping Darin's balls and pulling softly. He lets out a loud squeal and looks at her.

"Do as I say," she tells him, leaving his cock in her. "Do not cum yet." Darin is turned on by her control and his cock swells and throbs, almost like an ache, a pain, but much better. Jennifer feels his cock growing in her and wants so bad for him to fuck her and cum inside of her, but at the same time she wants him to have an orgasm that he could never forget.

She takes his hand in hers and runs it along her body. "Darin, I want you to rub my clit," she instructs. "I want you to do it like this," she says, taking his finger and showing him how. "Touch my lips and between them," she says, gasping at his touch. "Barely rub your finger over the top of my clit, tease it." "Tease me, Darin," she says in a sultry voice. "Then press harder, in circles." "Tease my pussy, Darin," she says, shoving his hand between her legs. "Put your fingers into me." She helps him touch her.

Showing him how and teaching him. He always touches her in the right places and always makes her feel fantastic, but the idea of being in control and telling him what to do excites her. Jennifer takes Darin's hands into her and pulls them away from her clit. She slips them up her body and cups her breasts.

Then she guides his hands to her mouth and takes his wet fingers into her, tasting herself. "Kiss me," he says, "let me taste you from your lips, Jennifer." She leans into him and kisses him madly, pressing her lips firmly to his, tasting his tongue and her pussy together.

"I love you, Darin." She says, "so much." Jennifer slides Darin's thick cock out of her and falls to the floor between his legs. "Baby," he groans, "oh wow, baby." She begins to suck and lick her wetness from his cock. Biting his cock through her lips and pressing her tongue hard on him she devours his cock. "Mmmm&hellip. Darin," she moans loudly, "I LOVE having your cock in my mouth." She cups his balls in her free hand and begins to caress them with her thumb.

Letting his cock slip past her tongue and into her mouth, she swallows when the head reaches her throat. "Baby," he says sounding shocked, "I love THAT." His fingers lace through her hair and he holds her head as she slides up and down on his cock. She slips him out of her mouth and says, "I love YOU." She climbs back into his lap and whispers, "I want you to cum inside of me, Darin." "I want you to make love to me until you cum inside of me." "I want to take all of your cum into me," she says, "give it to me." Darin lays her down softly and spreads her legs wide.

Caressing her things and her belly, he beings to make sweet love to her. Jennifer lies back and relaxes, taking her breasts in her hands and smoothing them. Rubbing her palms in her nipples as Darin begins to enter her. "Your cock is so wonderfully hard, Darin," Jennifer says sweetly, "I love it." She runs her hands all over his chest and then takes them back to her breasts.

Touching him. Touching her. Feeling him inside of her. "Tell me, Darin," she asks quietly, "tell me how your cock feels in me. I want to know how you feel in me." Darin moans with delight, "Baby, you make me feel beautiful. That's how I feel in you. Beautiful. Perfect." Jennifer reaches down and rubs her clit as Darin slips in and out of her. She can feel him getting close and wants to cum with him.

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Her clit trembles at her touch and her belly quivers. Her pussy clamps down tightly on Darin's cock and a surge rushes through her nipples. "Oh Darin," she nearly screams. Jennifer's hands clasp Darin's ass cheeks and helps him into her. Slamming into her he can feel his balls tighten and his cock swell. A fantastic rush of wetness surrounds Darin's cock as he erupts into her. She grabs him tightly with her own orgasm, taking all of his cock and his cum into her.

He kisses her wildly as their bodies fall limp. Sweat runs between her breasts and with a swipe of his tongue, Darin laps it up and ends his lick at her nipple. His head falls to her chest and she runs her fingers around in his hair.

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Kissing his forehead she tells him, "Darin, you are so sexy and I love you so much." He sighs and smiles. Sweat dripping from his brow.

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He's so out of breath he just nods and kisses her breasts. "Now for that surprise, love," she says forcing him up off of her. "But honey…" he whines. Smiling, she takes his hand, "I think you'll like it." Jennifer wraps her robe around her and makes a tight not with the best around her waist, not bothering to lace it through the loops. She guides him to their master bathroom and opens the door. The scent of vanilla and roses drifts out the door.

"What have you done, honey?" Darin asks. He reaches for the light switch, but Jennifer stops him. "Wait, honey," she says reaching around in the darkness. A match lights and Darin catches a glimpse of their bathroom. He sees more candles and his eyes follow Jennifer as she lights more. The bathroom fills with dim candle light and the scent of roses and vanilla is light. "I love those smells together, baby," he says. "Smells good, doesn't it?" she agrees. He looks into the tub and notices the jets are lightly rolling the water around.

The bubbles catch the candlelight and toss it around the tub. Fresh as well as dried rose petals litter the water. "Baby," Darin says looking at Jennifer in the candlelight, "you are precious." She winks at him and leads him to the tub. She holds his hands as he steps in. The warm water mingles between his toes and his nearly hot on his thighs and sensitive cock.

Darin reaches up for Jennifer's robe belt and she stops him. "No, honey," she stops him, "just you." With a confused look Darin asks, "You aren't coming in?" Jennifer smiles widely and says, "No, baby.

Just you." She kneels next to the tub and begins to wash him. "Baby, no," Darin tries to stop her. "No," she says, grinning, "Darin, I want to." Jennifer kisses Darin's mouth and begins to run a soft cloth over his body. Tenderly washing him and gently scrubbing. Letting the warm water fall over his neck and back.

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Rinsing off anything bad that may have happened to him that day. " I love you, baby," Jennifer whispers running the hot cloth over his back. Darin's face meeting hers he plants a kiss on her cheek, "I know you do, baby, I know you do." Jennifer rinses him and helps him out of the tub. Starting with his hair she dries him with a soft fluffy towel. Running it over his strong arms and his belly. Down his thighs to his toes she pats and dries.

She stands before him, he's naked, and she's in her robe. They gaze at each other until he reaches for her face to kiss her. He lifts her head slightly and bends just a little to meet her lips. She pulls away and smiles, reaching out for his hand. She turns and leads him into their bedroom. He sees the same fresh rose petals sprinkled about their bed and onto the floor.

"Baby," Darin begins, "you spoil me." Jennifer laughs and replies, "Baby, you deserve it." She turns and sits Darin on the bed, he pulls her to him, parting her robe and kissing just below her belly button. She leans over and kisses him and pushes his shoulders back, sliding him up the bed.

She sits to the side of him and slips the belt off her waist, running the soft satin on his body, his entire body. She reaches under the bed and pulls out a bottle of massage oil. Warming it first in her hands she begins to work his legs and thighs, she caresses and rubs him deep and hard.

Planting little kisses before each of her touches she notices his cock begin to quiver and swell. "Roll over," she tells him, "let me get your back." She starts to rub his neck and shoulders with the oils, but just lets it run out on his back. Massaging down his back and to his butt she drags her tongue teasingly between his cheeks. The pads of her fingers dig deeply into his legs as she strokes his thighs and calves. She ends at his feet, caressing the ball of his foot and digging her finger deep into the arch.

Rubbing between each toe, she gently lifts his leg and begins to kiss his ankle. She plants little, sweet kisses up one leg and down the other. She gently rolls him over and climbs on top of him. She takes his hands in hers and raises them over her head. Quickly, she reaches for the belt to her robe and binds his hands together and then to the headboard.

"You still love me?" she asks, grinning mischievously. "Maybe," he chuckles, wondering what she's up to. She stands on the bed and towers over him letting her robe fall onto him. Her beautiful breasts hang wonderfully on her body, her skin creamy and taut and her beautiful pussy trimmed neatly. Standing over him, she begins to touch her breasts and her stomach. Pulling on her nipples with her fingers and moaning at the painful pleasure.

Darin's cock grows large between his legs and he tugs at the belt to free his hands, wanting and needing to grab his cock and stroke it as he watches her. "Honey," he says almost begging, "please free my hands." Jennifer ignores him and continues to enjoy her body.

She sinks to the bed gracefully and sits before Darin. She spreads her legs so wide and begins to fuck herself with her fingers. With her own hands, touching, entering, and feeling. Her pussy is wet and Darin can see the drips escaping between her lips falling to her thigh and then disappearing in a wet streak. Jennifer reaches between her legs and catches a drip of her pussy with her finger. Leaning forward she gingerly touches her fingers to her lover's swollen cock, watching the pre-cum pour out at her touch.

She looks Darin in the eyes and drags her wet finger down the length of his cock. "Baby," she says, "I love you." Darin wants to reply, but his cock aches so bad he can't speak all he can do is watch her. Jennifer fucks herself faster and harder with her fingers. Her hand disappears between her lips as her fingers get deeper. Her body is thrusting at her hand and Darin can feel the bed move with each of her thrusts.

She gets louder and louder and he can't take his eyes off her. She seems to not know he's there as she reaps the pleasure from her touch. Her head flies back and one hand reaches for the bedpost for support.

Darin tries to free him arms to help her in her wonderful experience, but he can't get free. His cock is big, hard and aching. He wants to cum, he wants her to cum. His mind is racing as he watches her, wanting to enjoy her, but dying at not being able to touch himself.

He can't recall his cock ever feeling this way. He stares at his cock, watching it swell and throb, wondering what he can do for it. He watches her, waiting for her to cum and hoping she'll touch him. He hears a squeal and looks up as Jennifer's pussy begins to pour onto their bed, her fingers still working hard and fast, not wanting it to end. She falls back in pleasure, her legs still spread and her lips so wet.


He can smell her and his cock is absolutely screaming for someone's touch. She leans up, sweat dripping from her breasts to her belly, she's winded her hair is damp. On her hands and knees she crawls to him. "Darin," she says slipping a hand between her legs, "taste my cum, Darin. Taste it. Taste me." She shoves a finger deep into her pussy and then immediately into his mouth. His lips and tongue pull at her fingers as she lifts them up and away, teasing him, then back down, satisfying him.

"Jen," Darin moans, "I have got to cum, please baby, my cock hurts." She ignores his requests and climbs up onto his face, smothering him with her pussy. "Taste me, Darin," she demands, "eat me." His lips and tongue go crazy on her pussy, it's hot and wet and tastes wonderful. Jennifer grabs their headboard and grinds her pussy into his face. "Eat my pussy, Darin." She cums again and again… wonderful, fast orgasms onto her lover's face and into his mouth.

She races off of him and kisses him hungrily, biting his lips and dragging his tongue out with her mouth. She notices the marks on his wrists from tugging at the belt and she can see the head of his cock is huge and swollen. "Darin, honey," she says as she unbinds his hands, "forgive me?" As soon as his hands are loose, he grabs her at her waist and flips her over as if she weighs nothing.

He takes his cock in his hand and runs it up between her wet pussy, soaking it with her juices. Lying over her back he supports himself with one hand and with the other he drives his wet cock into her ass. Her body quivers under him and his back arches as he fucks her ass hard and deep.

Ramming his cock into her, making her pay for tying him up and torturing him. He leans over and nibbles and bites on her back and shoulders, stopping just to kiss her neck and whisper sweet words into her ear. He knows he's about to cum, hard. He puts both hands on the bed and fucks her fast and deep. Her beautiful round ass shaking at each thrust and he can hear her moans and screams of pleasure. He takes one long slow stroke out and as he begins to explode into her he shoves his cock in her ass, deep, deep into her beautiful ass.

Releasing all of himself into her he collapses and reaches his hands under her warm body, cupping her breasts. "Honey," he says completely breathless, " I love you." She's quietly smiling as he lifts himself off of her, spreading her legs and planting one sweet, sweet kiss on her pussy lips. Rolling her over he lies with her, holding her and kissing her. They lie melted together and wonderfully in love. Jennifer looks back and Darin and her eyes shine brightly.

"So?" she asks, "do you forgive me?"