Jessie fontana takes care of his nephew

Jessie fontana takes care of his nephew
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*Author's note-This is mine. This is the final chapter of the Sweet Revenge trilogy. If you haven't read the first two I suggest you do so. I hope you enjoy, and again this contains non consent, I do not condone it, and do not go out and do it. This will be posted on my account xxxArtemisDawnxxx o. and on the account ArtemisDawnXXX on* '.' thoughts Chapter 3 - The Aftermath I was arrested outside of my apartment. I'd just come back from a little "vacation" I took after my visit with Emily.

She told the cops 2 weeks after I left her laying naked beside her house. They got evidence and came for me. The little harlot promised she wouldn't tell, and now, I'm being sent to 8 years in prison for kidnap, assault and rape. My anger started to grow then, planning to keep my promise of getting her because she told. *** After my months of research on Emily, I came to learn about some things in her family.

The reason she lives with her grandparents is because 6 years ago her father was sent to jail on the count of murder, and her mother commited suicide shortly thereafter.

The thing that the court either failed to realize, or neglected to change, was the fact that the prison I am sentenced to is also where her father is housed. I know from my watching of his daughter that she visits him ever other weekend, so he most likely knows what I've done, and he'll most likely get back at me for it. *** Being led to my cell by the guard in a way is humiliating, I'm in shackles, do they expect me to try to eat the guy's face?

He lets me in, unlocking the big iron door, it swinging mournfully before me, foreshadowing my next 8 years. He undoes my bindings, and gestures for me to enter my prison. I walk in slowly, savouring the last feel of "freedom" and I sit on my bunk, resting my head on my hands, and notice I have a cell mate. He's laying on his bunk with his eyes closed, breathing evenly, either asleep or relaxing but either way not paying attention to me as I study him.

He's tall, about 6'7 compared to my 5'8, jet black hair, well muscled and tattoos covering his right arm. He doesn't stir as I watch him distrustfully. I do not expect my time here to be a happy one, and this guy looks vaguely familiar with the shape of his nose and cheekbones.

Finally he moves, turning and getting off his bed and coming to me. "So, you're the new guy huh?" He inquires. I nod. "What are you in for?" I smile slightly. "Things." I see a light dancing behind the mans gaze as he offers me his hand.

"My name is Corey Wolfe, you must be Jon Krauss." He says it positivly, a smile playing across his face, my heart stops. 'My.cellmate is Emily's father.Fuck!' I sit petrefied as he comes closer.

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"Speechless I see, well, that's too bad, from what my daughter tells me you don't like it when people don't answer you." All of a sudden he draws back his fist, it comes hurdling towards me before I have time to move. He gets me across my jaw, knocking me flat on the bed. He crawls on top of me, his dick poking into my backside.

"I'm going to do to you what you did to my daughter you sick fuck, and I'll make you like every bit of it." "You're not going to make me like shit." I try to sound tough but fail as I try to struggle away and he puts more of his weight onto me. "Me and my buddies will have fun with you." I freeze.'Buddies.?' "Hey, break it up you two, 'less you wanna go in isolation." A guard beats onto the cell bars.

Corey gets off of me as I sigh in relief. I rub my face where he hit me, feeling a slight lump forming there. Then I hear him whisper. "I will get you, and I will do it soon." I shudder as he walks back to his bunk, lays down, and pretends as if nothing happened. *** I lie awake, fearing when he'll get me. He knows everything I did to his daughter, and I can only imagine his retribution.

Nothing happens for weeks, he's cordial when forced to but otherwise ignores me. Although, every once in a while, I see him and his friends looking over at me, pointing and sniggering. I fear what will become of me, but at the same time, wish it would just get itself over with, so I can get done with my 8 years, and then be back for his daughter.

One day I see him looking, and I turn and wave to himsmiling at the dumbfounded look on his face. What I don't see is that expression melts into anger.

*** Every few weeks the guards pair us off to go and do community service, picking up trash and whatnot. We are kept under close watch, but the guards today are grouchy, and if you are good enough, can bribe them to let you alone for a few hours. As they call names, partnering people off, it finally comes to me, and who should be my partner of course? Corey Wolfe. I shudder as he comes over to me and smiles maliciously. I don't like that smile, it means he has a plan.and a plan about me.

*** I stab another can and put it in my bag. I wipe the sweat from my forehead on the back of my sleeve, we've been doing this for hours, and its swealtering. Corey hasn't done anything, we've done nothing but work, with an occassional break, I saw him talking earlier with a guard and felt my pulse race, but nothing seemed to come of it.

Oh how wrong I was. During our next break, I went to get a water bottle from the cooler and stand to the side, close to the tree line.

I don't see as Corey sneaks into the trees and then wraps his arms around me, one around my mouth, the other across my chest, and starts dragging me in. I try to fight back, but he's strong. He drags me through the trees, my feet trying to gain some traction against the ground so I can still his progress. We go deep, I can no longer see our faction and their noises are muffled by distance, then he releases me, throwing me onto the ground. "Mr. Krauss, its good to see you again.

My daughter sends her reguards." He chuckles as I stand and he pushes me over again. "Stop. Damn it!" I try to push back when he tries again, but he grabs my arm and twists it behind my back. "I told you I would get you. This, and what happens during your stay here, is revenge for my daughter." "Go fuck yourself Wolfe, like I did your daughter." He forces my arm farther up my back, making my eyes water. He doesn't say anything, but I can practically feel the anger and hatred, and possibly a little bit of pain, emminating from him.

Just then, he spins me around and I'm on my knees in front of him. Then he pulls something from his jumpsuit, and I stare at it in fear, and a hint of amusement. Its a shank, a real, honest to God shank.


It looks like sharpened plastic of some kind, but it looks extremly durable. He puts it to my throat. "Try anything, and you'll just be another life I have taken." I swallow loudly. I know he means it, when he was arrested, he killed 20 people in cold blood. Then he starts to unzip his jumpsuit, he's wearing nothing underneath as he shimmies it to his ankles.

I stare transfixed at his cock, its massive, about 10 inches, and the girth is horrifying. Some part of my mind takes a hit on my manhood, my 7 inches and little over average girth paled by comparison to this monster.

He puts a hand on the back of my head, urging me forward, I resist of course, not wanting that thing anywhere near my face. The shank is pressed harder to my throat, and I freeze. He takes the opportunity to come forward and press his dick to my lips. "Open Krauss." I simply stare at him, having no intention to do so. Then he pulls my hair, making me gasp in agony, and before realizing my mistake, he shoves more than half in my mouth and down my throat.

I gag around him, my eyes watering, as he starts face fucking me. He pounds into my mouth, I'm drooling, and doing all I can not to throw up. He moans as I continuosly gag around him., while he shoves himself down my esophogus.

I dare not bite him, or entirely resist, he still has his weapon pressed to my jugular, and I have no wish to die. So I just kneel there and take it, although all I want to do is spit the damn thing out, and wash the overly salty taste of his cock from my mouth. He glides his dick in and out of my throat, I'm not gagging as much now, and he's shoved his whole member into my mouth by then.

He has a rythme. He shoves himself all the way in, cutting off my oxygen, and vigourously fucks my throat, then he pulls all the way out, allowing me the breathe, before shoving himself back in.

My nose is almost constantly planted in his black pubic hair, absorbing his smell unwillingly. He has that musky man smell you get inbetween showers, and he has that sex smell coming from our current activity.

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I feel his balls tightening on my chin, and he starts pumping faster, allowing me less time to breathe, I hear him growling slightly in the back of his throat before he grunts, pushing forward, and holds my head down his spasming cock.

I try not to, but for fear of drowning, I start to swallow his load. He shoots spurt after spurt of cum into my mouth, somehow, I manage to swallow all of it.

Then he pulls back, slapping his softening cock across my mouth and cheeks. "Good job Jon." he chuckles slightly and starts to pull his clothes back on. 'That's it? I'm done?' I start to feel relief flood through me, I thought his revenge would be much worse, and I could handle what he did easily.

He starts walking away, leaving me. He waves his hand without looking back but saying. "I'll see you later Krauss." I freeze. 'Shit.' *** Once we got back, I was expecting him to do something else, he didn't however. For the next few days, he went back to our old routine, cordial but mostly ignoring me, pretending as if what happened in the woods never happened, which was fine for me of course.

I would gladly forget that ordeal. I pass my time by thinking of his daughter, what I'll do to her when I get out. My imagination running wild after what her father did to me, because of her telling him. I plan to get Emily, and I plan to do something even worse than I did the last time I saw her. I always think of these things at night, when I'm laying in my bunk while Corey lies across from me in his. I can't help but feel a slight sense of satisfaction of thinking of his daughter with him right there in the room with me, feels like a sort of payback.

For days after the blowjob, nothing happens, til one night when one of the guards gets sick, and the rounds are changed, it takes longer for anyone to pass by my prison.

I start to feel nervous.will Corey do anything? *** Its dark, the sun set over an hour ago, and its "nighttime" in the prison.

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This is the time everyone has to go to bed, I've been laying here for what seems like forever, just staring at the ceiling, trying to fall asleep but failing. I'm waiting for Corey to try something, but it seems as if he is asleep, it doesn't ease my mind however. He is a clever one. I hear the guard coming and I quickly close my eyes, breathing evenly as if asleep. He shines his light in on us, looking to see if we are doing anything we shouldn't. He sweeps its across the room a few times before the light disappears, and I hear him walking off until his footsteps fade.

Just then I feel a weight on top of me, pinning me down. My eyes fly open. Corey is laying on top of me smiling. "What the hell are you doing?" I try to struggle, then I notice he's naked. I try to scream, but then he shoves one of his socks into my mouth, then ties another around me so I can't spit the other out. My protests are muffled, and can barely be heard. The guard won't be back for another hour, and Corey can do what he likes to me within that time.

He unzips my suit, and slips it down my arms but otherwise leaves it on. He winds the arms of his jumpsuit around my wrists, securing them together, then he flips me over onto my stomach and presses against me. I feel his erection between my asscheeks. 'God, no! Please not this!' I try to struggle away from him, but its futile, he's strong, and he overpowers me easily. He grabs my jumpsuit again and starts to pull it down til its just below my ass.

I try to tell him to stop, and to yell for help, but its garbled from the socks, and comes out nothing more as simple. "Hmph's" I can do nothing to get away, or draw attention to myself, I'm more ways than one.

I hear a slurping sucking sound behind me as he start to suck on his forefinger, coating it with his saliva. Then I feel it pressing against my ass, and I start to thrash around under him, he keeps me still easily as he roughly shoves his finger inside. My agonized moan is muffled as he breaks through my tight muscles, stretching the ring painfully with his large finger, he starts pumping and I try to wriggle away gasping, he just grabs my hip and pulls me down, keeping me still. He keeps me in place as he stretches out my tight ring of muscles, even through my struggles, I can't get away from him.

I groan as he inserts a second finger. "Now, do you know how my daughter felt when you got to her? You bastard? Do you?" With each question he pumps harder, my ass starts to throb and I grunt in pain. Then I feel him pull his fingers out and he positions himself behind me.

I whimper when I feel his cockhead press agaisnt me. "Please.stop." I try to say around the sock in my mouth, but he seems to hear me as I feel the bunk shake as he chuckles. "You didn't listen to Emily when she begged for you to stop." With that he starts to force his way in.

My screams are muffled in my gag as my ass stretches painfully around him. He shoves 10 inches in my previously virgin ass. I try to push him out, but he continues pressing forward disregaurding my struggles. My hands claw at the bed as he violates my ass. Then I feel him still about half way in, and he starts to ease back out. Relief floods through me, a guard must be coming by or he wouldn't be stopping. My calm is shattered when he rams himself in, going balls deep in one stroke. I let out a blood curdling scream, which is muffled by my gag, as pain wracks through my body, spots dance beforeMy my eyes as he hits home.

My muscles try to force him out, but he stays firm, keeping his dick firmly in my deflowered ass. My ass feels like its being torn apart, his thigh squishing my balls against me adding more pain to the experience. I try to scream again for help but its futile. He starts to gently ease out of me again and I hear him groan. "Damn Krauss, you're so fucking tight." He grunts as he plunges back in and then he repeats the process. Pulling out slowly then plunging right back in.

All the while I'm screaming for him to stop. I cant help but notice that even though I don't want this, and it hurts like hell, I'm also starting to feel slight pleasure. 'Its from where hes rubbing against my prostate, that must be it.' As I stretch out more he starts gliding in and out faster, thrusting in harder and harder each time.

I keep screaming at him, he just chuckles and wraps a fist in my hair and pulls my head back. He uses this as leverege to get even deeper.

I try wiggling away again but its in vain as I'm practically immobile. I notice that I don't feel any pain now, just pleasure.

Is this what it feels lime when you body betrays you from an unwelcome invasion?

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Is this what I made Emily feel? I shake away the guilty thoughts. She did this to me, she ask for it and then gets me arrested, makes me lose everything. I glance back at her father my eyes narrowing.

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'I will get her.I will kill your daughter.' He's fucking me fast, his balls slapping against me. I then notice that my dick is hard, harder than its ever been.


I'm mortified with this discovery, I cant be turned on by this. Then I hear footsteps coming towards our cell. 'Finally, someone is coming to help me.' Wolfe doesnt stop and I cant help but think how stupid he is for not noticing or not caring. Then I notice it sounds like a pair of footsteps and I get slightly nervous. Two guard wouldn't be patrolling together, the jail is too understaffed for that. They come to our cell and I see that its a guard and one of the inmates.

The gag stiffles my scream as the guard opens the door letting him in and closing it back. Its one of Wolfe's friends, Charles is his name. "What took you so long Charlie?" Wolfe says looking over at his friends smirking, still violently thrusting into me. I see Charles start to take of his jumpsuit. "The guard I bribed took a bit more persuading, but I got him to come around.

So I guess I get his mouth huh?" He stands in front of me now, completley naked and removes my gag. I'm too surprised to scream anymore. "You said that's what you wanted after I told you of how good his throat is." I hear Charles laugh as he grabs a fistful of my hair with one hand, replacing Wolfe's, and grabbing his massive cock with the other.

"I know, just making sure." J feel both mean softly chuckle as Wolfe continues to pound into my ass and Charles positions his cock over my lips about to invade my mouth. "I better not feel any teeth, cumdump. " Charles says to me sternly. I loom at him and glare, then back to fear as he forces his cock into my mouth. He doesn't taste or smell all that bad, he must of showered recently. He shoves his cock in all the way, going down my throat and cutting off my air supply. Charles starts pounding into my throat in time with Wolfe.

I feel violated, humiliated and sick, and at the same time my body is really turned on. 'Emily.' 'No shes the bitch that did this to me, she will pay.' Both men are riding me for all its worth, and I start to unconsciously respond to their actions.

I suck in my cheeks, getting my mouth tighter around Charles, and I start to swirl my tongue around him. I also start pressing back against Wolfe, meeting each of his thrusts, getting him even deeper than he was before. "Well look at this, " Says Charles breathlessly. "He's already living up to his new name of cumdump." Wolfe smiles thrusting forward and I feel my ass really tear.

My eyes water and I scream wordlessly around Charles' cock. "I know, I'm surprised I though he'd put up a fight, oh well, he's a whore anyway, he's probably enjoying this.

I feel my blood running down to my balls and dripping on the bed. Wolfe uses it as more lubricant, shoving in even harder. The rip starts getting bigger, I bet my ass looks like a gaping hole.

I then start to feel Wolfe's cock twitch inside me and expand, and he starts to fuck me furiously, grunting and moaning with each thrust. I feel a pressure building in my own loins. 'Oh God, I'm about to cum, please don't let me.' But its too late, I groan and shoot my load onto my blanket beneath me and I hear both men laughing hard.

"Damn he really is a fucking slut, we're gonna have some fun with him the next few years." Says Charles and Wolfe grunts unable to speak as he comes.closer to his own release. He fucks even faster until finally he thrusts forward hard, grabbing my hips getting himself even deeper, and he cums deep into my bowels. I can feel each jet of his seed as it shoots into me making more of my own cum dribble out.

He stays that way for a moment, his cock twitching in my ass before it goes soft and slips out. He gets up and sits on his bunk then watches his friend continue fucking my mouth. "Might aswell enjoy the show now that I'm done Charlie. Have fun with him." Charles grunts in response, forcing my head down on his cock, I can taste his precum as it spreads across my tongue.

I feel blood and cum leaking out of my ass, a squirt of it jutting out everytime Charles thrusts. My throat tightens around him, wanting to feel him and at the same time, wanting him out and to finish quickly.

He pounds steadily into my mouth for what seems to me like hours, moaning and grunting as he cuts off my oxygen each time he sticks his dick down my throat. He pulls back once in awhile to allow me a breath before plunging back in. His grip tightens on my hair and he starts fucking me violently, not allowing me to breath anymore as he gets closer to cumming.

His balls are tight against his body and my face now, and I feel his cock twitching. He gets faster and faster until finally he comes. He keeps the head in so he can fill my mouth with his hot, salty cum.

The first two shots of his load end up in my mouth until he decides to pull out, letting the rest of it coat my face, hair and chest.

He grabs my chin, my mouth still full of his cum. "You better fucking swallow it." I glare at him in response until he pulls out a razor.blade and holds it to my throat. I quickly swallow, wishing the feel and taste would leave my mouth quickly. "Good cumdump. You better get used to it, you are going to be our toilet for the duration of your stay here, so enjoy it whore." He says then calls for the guard to get him. Wolfe and Charles laugh and talk about the prospects of using me.

I just curl into a ball, still naked and covered in cum and blood and curse myself for the enjoyment I felt during this. *** My sentence is finally up, a part of me regrets having to leave. During my stay here, I was he perfect toilet. I'm now a cumdump. After all that time I'm addicted to the taste of cum and the feel of a cock fucking my ass or throat, or jacking off a guy.

I take it all hungrily and willingly, craving it. Even though I enjoy it, I resent the one who this way. And I will now be able to get her once and for all. I had no money, so I used my new found skills to seduce a couple of men to get me where I needed. Emily's doorstep. I waited until nightfall to break in.

She was alone, there was an unknown man here that Id never seen with her before here earlier, but he left a few hours ago. I sneak in, she forgot to latch one of her windows and I slipped smoothly inside.

She's in the living room, dozing on the coucb, a book lying on her chest and she snores softly. I pull out the long knife from my back pocket and place it against her throat.

Her eyes fly open and shes lucky she doesn't jerk forward. "Hello Emily." I say pleasently. "Jo-jonathan?" It takes awhile to recognize my name, I'm so used to being called Toilet now that it seemed foreign to me. I smile at her. "I told you what would happen to you if you told anyone, and here I am to deliver my promise." "Please don't do this." "Master.I mean. your father, didn't listen to my pleas the first night he fucked me, I'm sure as hell not going to listen to yours." She starts crying.

I feel my anger boiling and I press the blade into her throat, making a nice cut and she starts bleeding quickly, its nothing fatal of course, at least for now. "Don't cry you lying slut! You did this to me!


You've made ne lose everything! You wanted me to fuck you in the first place! You just didn't want to loom like the skank you are, so you ruin MY life! You wont do this to anyone else you fucking whore! Now DIIIIIEEEEE!!!" I being the knife up above my head, planning to plunge it down into her heart, when all of a sudden I feel someone hit my side. I go flying across the room hitting my head on the fire place. "Emily you okay baby!?!" The mystery man from earlier shouts.

She mutters and affirmative, clutching her throat. My head is spinning and I feel somehing warming running down my neck. I try to stand and almost succeed before he comes over and relievers a swift kick to my face. He seems to get possessed and he continues kicking me, my stomach, my ribs, everywhere. I feel bones breaking and I cough up blood. Finally she pulls him away telling him to stop. My world is fuzzy and I feel out of place. I can hardly breath, and it hurts to do even that. My world slowly goes dark as I see them embrace after her calls 911.

He was her husband. This is the image I'm left with, two lover's embraced, one narrowly esacped death, crying on his shoulder telling him how much she loves him and he whispers it back. The last thought before my.mind goes blank is, "I didn't keep my promise." *Feedback is appreciated. I hope you enjoyed this and the rest of the trilogy.

I know it took awhile for me to post, but I was taking a short hiatus to collect my thoughts. I'm back now. And again, I hope you enjoyed.*