Holly was born to fuck

Holly was born to fuck
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Dear Diary - I can't believe this happened! I'll do my best to remember every little bit. It all started on the way to the dance.

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Brad and Mike were late picking us up in the limo, and when they did finally get there, they were already drunk, and had most of the other guys from the team with them! I was pissed, but Courtney didn't care, so we just got in and shut up. The guys started passing around a bottle of vodka, so Court and I took swigs each time it came to us.

Brad had gotten me drunk on my 18th birthday too. Then John, one of the other guys, started passing around a joint. The combo of the booze and weed had me pretty relaxed.


Courtney and Mike started making out, really getting into it, like there weren't other people in the limo with us. Brad decided he wanted in on the fun too, so he turned towards me and leaned in for a kiss. The other guys seemed to not even be paying attention, so figured what the hell, and let Brad's hands wander as we made out. They moved over my breasts (over my dress of course), along my back and arms, and down my waist. He reached under my dress and up my thighs.tickling me.

He started rubbing my pussy over my panties, but the limo stopped, as we had reached our destination. I pushed Brad's hands away, and straightened myself out.


He seemed a little frustrated, but not upset. A little while later, after we had gone inside the hall where the dance was being held, Brad and I wandered outside to see what was going on. We found Mike, Courtney, some of the limo guys, and some other guys hanging out by the fountain smoking weed from a pipe and complaining about how much the dance sucked. Brad said that his parents were out of town for the week, and if we wanted, we could all go back to his place.

Everyone seemed to think that was a good idea, so we all got back into the limo. I was pretty drunk by now, so when Brad suggested I sit on his lap for the ride to his house, I didn't argue.

We started kissing again.and I was being a tease, sucking on his lips and kissing up his jawline to his ears, then nibbling his earlobes.

I could feel his cock hardening in his pants. I started hearing slurping sounds and moaning, and I looked over my shoulder to see Courtney on her knees in front of Mike, sucking his dick. And they definitely had an audience. I turned around so I could watch better as Court bobbed her head up and down Mike's long shaft. She was trying to take as much as she could. I was mesmerized by the sight in front of me, and I could feel my little pussy getting wetter and wetter. All of a sudden, Mike grabbed Courtney's hair and pushed her head down hard on his dick.

She tried to say something, but it was muffled.

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She struggled a little bit, but he held her firm. He started grunting and I knew he was cumming. Poor Courtney, she looked so helpless. Finally, after what seemed like 10 minutes, he left her go. She sat up and yelled at him "I had no choice but to swallow, you asshole!!" Brad thought that was pretty funny, and gave Mike a high five. Once again, the limo stopped at our destination. Evidently, Brad had made some phone calls, because there were already a lot of people at his house when we arrived.

The music was bumping, and tons of people, mostly guys, were dancing and just being rowdy. Brad, Mike, Courtney and I all went towards the back of the house, where the kegs were. After a couple glasses of beer Brad started dancing with me. He unzipped the back of my dress and pulled it down, exposing the corset like bra I was wearing. I was shocked and a little scared at first, but feeling too loose to care. He started kissing my neck and collarbone, going lower and lower to my chest, and then he unhooked my bra and let it fall to the floor.

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He'd never seen my tits, since we haven't been dating that long. He took one nipple in his mouth, and then the other.tugging at them with his teeth and sucking hard.

I saw that Mike and Courtney were watching and suddenly I got shy. I pushed Brad's head away and told him that there were people in the room. He sighed and stopped, but when he stood up, I could see his rock hard cock bulging in his pants.


I started dancing again and Courtney came up to me. Mike had taken off her dress, leaving her in nothing but her slip. She grabbed my shoulders and leaned in, telling me the boys wanted to see us kiss. I had never kissed a girl before, but before I knew it, her hot lips were on mine. She darted her tongue in and out of my mouth, and kissed me like I kissed Brad.

She walked me backwards to a small loveseat, where she sat me down and straddled me, kissing me harder and more intense. Then she started moving lower and lower, and I could hear chanting in the background from the guys, egging her on. She grasped my smallish tits and started licking my nipples. My head was spinning. I leaned back and closed my eyes. She stopped straddling me, and got down between my knees. She slid off my thong, which was the only thing I was still wearing, and started kissing me just above my slit.

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I was soooo wet. She moved her hands up my thighs to my little pussy, and spread my lips with her fingers, exposing my swelling clit. She blew on my hood, which made me jump a little. She gave a little giggle and then leaned it and flicked her tongue against my pink clit. I was in ecstasy. She continued to suck and lick and tug on my clit, and I could feel that I was going to cum.

I think I said "I'm going to cum" because she started moving faster and harder against my little swollen button, making me cum so hard I saw spots in front of my eyes.

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When I could finally see clearly again, Courtney had moved to a corner with Mike, and Brad was standing in front of me with his cock in his hand, slowly stroking it. I could see pre-cum glistening on the tip. He told me that that was the hottest thing he'd ever seen, and he asked me to suck his cock. I'd never given a blow job before, but I didn't want him to know that, so I tried to remember what I had seen Court do earlier. I grasped his shaft with one hand and started to stroke as I brought the tip to my lips.

I licked the pre-cum from the head, and he gave a little moan. I put the head in my mouth and swirled my tongue around it, then I slid as much of him into my mouth as I could. He started thrusting his hips, fucking my face. He sped up faster and faster and grabbed the back of my head, keeping it still. He pumped harder and faster, and I could feel his dick getting harder and start to twitch.

He told me he was going to cum and he wanted me to taste it. He slammed his cock into my throat, making me choke and tears well up in my eyes as I felt gobs of his hot jizz exploding in my mouth. I start to swallow as fast as I could, but it was too much for me and some dribbled onto my chin.

He started to soften and he pulled out of my mouth. Sucking him off and taking his cum made me so horny. It didn't matter that I was a vrigin. I needed to feel him inside of me. I told him that I wanted to feel his cock inside of my pussy, and he sat down on the loveseat. He told me to get on top of him. I had to confess then that I had never gone all the way before. He was surprised, and told me that he'd try to be gentle.

I climbed on top of him, positioning myself so that the head of his dick was at the very opening of my little tunnel. I was starting to get scared, but he told me to just relax.

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He grabbed my hips and started to lower me down onto him. It was so painful I wanted to scream, but instead I just gritted my teeth. He pushed his hips up, and pressed down on mine, trying to fit himself inside of me. Finally I felt him slide in. I let out a cry, and he pulled me down close to him. He stayed still inside of me to let me get used to him, and then slowly started pumping in and out. With every thrust, he'd go deeper, and although it hurt, it was starting to feel good too. He bucked his hips, and he went all the way inside of me.

I could feel his balls smashed against my asshole. He told me he didn't want to cum in me this way, and he lifted me completely off of him. My tight pussy felt so stretched and sore, but I enjoyed the feeling. One of the guys who had been watching Brad and I came up to me as I reclined on the floor, letting my aching kitty rest.

He asked if I'd ever fantasized about being with two guys at the same time. I told him that I had, but never thought it would happen. He told me he could make it happen, and laid down on a padded bench he had moved away from the wall.

I got on all 4's and crawled between his legs. His cock was rock hard, and standing straight up in the air. I took as much of it into my mouth at one time as I could. I moved my head up and down as fast as I could, making my ass wiggle. Brad got down behind me and started licking my stretched pussy, and tiny pink asshole. He got my little backdoor all slippery with spit, and he slowly eased in a finger up to his knuckle. He asked me if it felt good, and I shook my head. Instead of pulling his finger out, he spit on my hole and pushed it in a little farther.

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It was uncomfortable, but not really painful, so I let him continue. He started finger fucking my ass, while sticking lick and spitting on it. He stopped suddenly and had me climb on top of the other guy. He grabbed my hips and slid me down on the guy's cock. I was relieved that it was smaller than Brad's. I was facing the other guy, and he started pulling and twisting my nipples.

I felt Brad's hands on my hips again, and then I felt the head of his dick pressed up against my asshole. My eyes got wide, and the guy underneath me started rubbing my clit and telling me to relax. Brad pushed hard against my tight asshole, and I felt him smear something down there. He pushed again and I felt the head of his dick slide into me. I nearly hit the roof. The guy beneath me held me down by my shoulders and Brad bucked his hips, burying the rest of his cock in my tiny butt!

I started yelling at him to stop, that it hurt way too bad, but he didn't listen, he just kept saying that it would get better. He fucked my tight ass while the other guy was balls deep in my already sore pussy. Another guy came up and gave me a drink of tequila straight out of the bottle, and then another. The tequila burned my throat, but anything to take my mind off my ass been torn open. Brad slammed into me over and over.saying he was going to cum in my ass because he had never cum in a girl's ass before.

He slowed down some and starting making shallow thrusts. He squeezed my shoulders and pushed me down hard onto both of their cocks and said "Ohhhh fuuuuck". I felt pulse after pulse of his cock shooting his load into my virgin butthole. When he was done, he pulled out and stepped back so the other guy could finish. He pumped madly at my sore pussy, making me squeal and yelp. He pushed me off and told me to take his cum on my face. Stream after stream hit my lips, eyes and face, and some even landed on my tits.

He came so much. After that, I passed out. I woke up next to Courtney, who looked pretty worse for wear. I can only imagine what she'd done the rest of the night.