Gay boys porn vids After stuffing his slaves ass and cumming all over

Gay boys porn vids After stuffing his slaves ass and cumming all over
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The new guy friend of hers finally asked her out on a date. It had been several months that they have been talking to one another, they met shortly after I had given her permission to join a dating site online. She was honest about her self on the site, explained that she was in search of a friend, a lover, a boyfriend who was comfortable with the fact that she was a married woman. He had to be someone that understood that even though he could have part of her, he could love her and in turn have her love in return he would never have all of her as she belonged to another and always would.

The first few days she had a few messages and started to chat with a couple of them. She was having fun with it and was amazed at the attention she was getting but none of them were really catching her interest in a way she was hoping for. Until she got the message from him.

He was very forward and honest in his message, he was a bit older then her, he was looking for much the same thing she was, and he was married and he and his wife were in a very similar situation.

They had both agreed to allow the other to have someone else in their lives. My girl was instantly interested. This was the guy she had been hoping to find, well almost anyway, he was a little older then she was hoping for and he was not as in shape as she was hoping for but he made up for it in the way he chatted with her.

She loves to talk and has always had a thing for guys who can hold an intelligent conversation that had to do with more then just sex. He was genuinely interested in her and she was having a lot of fun getting to know him as well. Eventually they decided they should finally meet and made plans to do so on a day had to work so as not to take time away from her and I.

Just dinner and conversation she told me, we just want to see how we work out in person as we all know sometimes in person is a lot different then online. I agreed to the date and spent the next several days thinking about her first date. The day finally came and that morning she looked up at me with her big brown beautiful eyes and asked me if I think I could still handle her going out on a real date with another man. I told her that so far I was doing alright and asked her what she would do if she really liked him.

She said I had nothing to worry about because this was just a dinner date and conversation, nothing was going to happen other then that, she promised me she would be a good girl as she reached down and brushed her hand across my crotch and kissed me deeply, then pulled away and looked up at me and asked me to try and not text her or call her a thousand times that day while she was off on her date.

I promised her I would try to not bother her to much. She kissed me again, pressing her sexy body against me for a long moment and then turned and walked away towards her car. She was looking amazing, her perfect little ass swaying in the seductive way it tended to when she was feeling sassy, she was wearing a new sundress she had bought for me and that she knew drove me wild.

I wondered what she was wearing underneath it, secretly fantasizing that she was naked as the day she was born under that little dress but knowing she would not be so bold on a first date.


I headed off to work and it was probably one of the longest days of work ever. I tried to be patient and not text her but I broke down a few times and asked her how things were going. The first time she said things were going okay, they had ordered dinner and were just chatting.

The second time I texted her a few hours later she said they were still hanging out and chatting but she was having a lot of fun and really liking him. The third text I sent a little over an hour later all I got back was"phones dying, I am okay, having so much fun, be home later". I finished work later, head full of thoughts about what she was up to and wondering when she was going to be home. I headed home to wait.

I was in bed waiting, I had fallen asleep and woke up to the feeling of her sliding into bed next to me, I could feel she was naked, she smelled amazing, she was whispering to me, asking me if I was awake. I replied that I was and what time was it? She told me it was very late and she was out way past her curfew and she was in a lot of trouble. I was full awake immediately.

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I looked at her, she had mischievous grin on her face. What did you do I asked? Oh Daddy I had the most wonderful night, he was so much fun, such a gentleman and so sexy the way he treated me all night. He wanted a goodnight kiss after our date was ended and you told me that was okay but as soon as I started kissing him I forgot about the other rules you gave me and I could not stop.

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I started to get upset and was about to get argumentative when she reached over and took my hand and moved it between her legs, her pussy was shaved smooth, perfectly smooth and she was soaked.

She just looked at me and said she was so full of his cum and still so in need of more fucking. She knows what that does to me and she knows that saying that will make me forget any argument I may have had, I just shut my mouth and slid my fingers inside of her, she was soaked and started to grind on my fingers immediately within minutes she was gushing all over my hand, telling me over and over how good he fucked her.

Once she caught her breath she continued her story.

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She said she was making out with him in the parking lot and could feel how hard he was as he pressed up against her. She knew she had to have him, she had such an urge to have his cock she forgot about all the rules and the curfew we had set, all she could think about was his cock inside of her.

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She told me she lead him to her suv and crawled in the back knowing he had a full view of her panty covered pussy and ass as she wiggled into the back of the truck.

He was behind her and inside her of her before she could even turn around, just jumped in the truck behind her and pulled her panties aside and slid his very solid cock into her little pussy, he fucked her hard while pulling her hair with one and and pulling at her dress with the other, he was filling her with cum before she could even get a rhythm going.

The feeling of his married cock exploding inside of her made her lose it and cum several times before he was finished filling her. He collapsed beside her, his cock falling free as he did so and she told me she could feel his hot wet cum mixed with her own wetness running down her thighs. He pulled her down and to him and just held her, her thighs soaked with cum and his cock still throbbing against her.

She told me he apologized for being so quick and for needing to be inside of her but that he had been so horny for her all night long that when he saw her ass and pussy like that he just lost control. She said they just laid there in the back of her truck for another hour or so talking and laughing and enjoying the feeling of each other against the other. Then she realized what time it was and knew she needed to get home but she told me she also knew if she didn't come home fully fucked that she would be in more trouble then she already was.

Not wanting to be in more trouble she said she reached over and started to rub his cock again, it was instantly back to life, and he was pushing her down towards it.

She gladly took him in her mouth and started to suck him, she told me she did that for a long time just enjoying the feeling of his very nice cock in her mouth, playing with his balls, and slowly stroking him as she sucked him.


He eventually turned over on his back and she straddled him, taking his bare cock back into her. This time slowly, enjoying the feeling of him moving deeper inside of her, every inch stretching her even more then she already was, the first time was so fast she did not get to fully appreciate the thickness of his cock, maybe not the longest cock she had ever fucked but he made up for it with girth.

Once he was all the way inside of her she leaned forward and started kissing him, slowly moving her hips back and forth and enjoying the way he felt inside of her and the way he kissed her. She looked at me and told me she really loved the way his cock felt and wanted to stay like that all night.

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Hearing her say this to me had me ready to reclaim her, I moved closer to her to get between her legs, I needed inside that well fucked pussy while she told me about the rest of her night. She snapped her legs closed, looked up at me, and told me that if I wanted to fuck her I needed to be a good boy and clean up her pussy first.

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I just looked at her, knowing she really loved to have me eat her pussy after being fucked I knew arguing was pointless and did as I was told. She was still so wet, I was contemplating how I was going to eat her pussy with out covering my face in her and his wetness when she just reached forward and grabbed my head and pulled me into her, I could hardly breath she was so wet and I started to lick all her favorite spots.

She let out a soft moan and told me I was a good boy and continued her recollection of her evening. She said that being on top of him like that and making out with him helped her be in charge of the fucking and also the kissing distracted him enough that she kept him from cumming long enough to get off on his cock at least 6 times. She said that she was moaning so loudly that at one point he had to cover her mouth out of worry someone would catch them fucking.

His hands when not busy covering her mouth were all over her body, squeezing her ass, playing with her tits, her hair, back to her ass, on her hips trying to get her to fuck him faster, eventually his strength won out and he was able to gain control and get ahold of her waist good enough that he was able to slam his cock into her so hard he could not hold back any longer and they both came in unison. She collapsed on him and kissed him some more, she told me she was really enjoying the feeling of his body against hers, the way he held her, the way he kissed her, it was all very nice, and she had a hard time gathering herself and saying goodbye to him.

She told me that if her phone had not been dead she would have called me and begged me to let her spend the night with him. I could only mumble my reply as my face was still being pushed into her sopping wet pussy.

She was then pulling at me, pulling me up to her, telling me she needed me in her again, she needed me to make her mine again. I was not about to complain and my cock found its mark and slid into her very stretched and very wet pussy, I lasted several minutes and even managed to make her cum twice before I exploded inside of her, the feeling of her wet fucked pussy around my cock and the sounds of her moaning sending me over the edge.

I collapsed unto her as our orgasms subsided and she whispered to me that she could not wait until her next date, I just looked at her, smiled and told her I loved her.

We both drifted off to sleep.

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